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Cellular cleansing and body detoxification starts with a liver, gallbladder and intestinal cleanse. The
following is a brief summary of the liver/gallbladder cleanse recommended in “The Amazing Liver and
Gallbladder Flush” by Andreas Moritz.
Preparatory Period: 1-4 Weeks Before the Liver Flush
Drink 2 Tsp of
Gallbladder Nano Detox
Liver Nano Detox
in water.
It is important to take
Gallbladder Nano
Liver Nano
to help soften stones and prepare these
organs for the flush.
Liver Complex
Gallbladder Clear
instead (capsules). In the book,
Moritz suggests that if you can’t tolerate drinking the high quantities of apple juice then you
should take Chinese Gold Coin, which is the component of
Gallbladder Nano
Take 1-3 Coffee Enemas and Use Castor Oil Liver Packs 2 times each week.
It is highly recommended to cleanse the intestines and strengthen/cleanse the Kidneys before
attempting this kind of flush. We highly recommend doing coffee enemas 1-3 times a week in
order to help clear stagnant materials from the bowel and stimulate liver detoxification.
Additionally we recommend using castor oil packs 2-3 times a week over the Liver/Gallbladder
area and Kidneys (roating the two site) in order to tonify and strengthen these organs.
Pre-Flushing Period: 5 Days Leading Up to the Liver Flush
You will need to purchase:
144+ oz apple juice (best is freshly pressed organic)
You’ll need to drink 24 ounces a day for six consecutive days. You may also sip on apple
juice throughout the day full strength or cut in half with water.
1 bottle
Gallbladder Complex
1 small container Epsom Salts
1-2 Organic Lemons,
optional for taste
4 oz Organic Grapefruit Juice (squeeze yourself for freshness but store bought, ok)
4 oz Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (high quality - cold pressed)
Immune Specific Herbs – as directed:
Days 1-6 :
Drink 24 ounces of apple juice for six consecutive days. The malic acid in the apple juice
softens the liver and gallstones. During this time avoid eating protein rich foods (animal products
especially), sugar, alcohol and cold drinks (you do not want to chill the liver). Also, take 6 caps of
Gallbladder Complex daily.
Day 5:
Take a coffee enema. This is very important to clear your colon otherwise stones may not pass
on the following day when you actually do the flush. Continue to eat your regular meals, except eliminate
all animal flesh foods (red meat, poultry, fish, etc.) and eliminate all oils and fats. For example, eliminate
cheese, olive oil, oily salad dressings, etc. You may have other condiments; for example, you may have
vinegar and sea salt on your salad. Take your regular supplements
this day.
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Flush: Day 6 to Day 7
Day 6 Daytime:
On the sixth day of drinking apple juice, start the day with a coffee enema and have a
very light breakfast. Do not eat any other foods or drinks after breakfast, except for organic, peeled
apples and water. Do not take any supplements. You may have as many apples and as much purified
water as you wish. Around 4 pm, stop eating apples. You can continue to drink water.
Day 6 Evening:
At 5 pm, make your Epsom Salts solution: Mix 4 tablespoons of Epsom Salt and 24
ounces of water, and divide into 4 servings. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice (to
neutralize the somewhat bitter taste of the salts). At 6 pm, drink one serving of the Epson Salt mixture,
then again another serving at 8 pm.
The purpose of the Epsom Salts is to help loosen the bowels and clear stagnant fecal matter in
the intestinal tract, by initiating bowel eliminations. This drink is used before the Flush to ensure
that the bowels are open so the Flush can download stagnant waste easily. It dilates your bile
ducts and prepares you for the olive oil and grapefruit juice mixture. After taking the Epsom salts
drink, you may experience a bowel movement immediately to several hours later, although for
many people, the salts act more as a bowel tonic rather than immediately producing a bowel
Day 6 Night:
At 10 pm, mix equal parts olive oil with grapefruit juice (4 oz of each). If you were instructed
to do so, add your herbs. Next, stand by your bed, drink the mixture, apply a castor oil pack over the
liver/gallbladder area and immediately lay down on your bed with your head elevated. Lie absolutely still
with your eyes closed for 20 minutes. (You may begin to feel the stones releasing and rolling across your
liver). After the 20 minutes you may fall asleep. You might wake during the night but set the alarm for 6
am in the morning, in case you don’t. Please try not to sleep in past 8 am.
You may feel a bit nauseous while sleeping. This happens when your body releases toxin which
have been stored in both the gallbladder and liver. Don't worry, this is normal and signals the
procedure is working. If you feel the need to vomit, do so, as this is a normal release of toxins.
For those who don't feel nauseous, don't worry, you just may not have had as many stored toxins.
Day 7 Morning:
Upon arising (at 6 am, no later than 8 am), start the day with another coffee enema and
drink the third mixture of Epson Salt, then the last serving 2 hours later. You will most likely find yourself
in the bathroom by this time, and if not, usually by 10 am. Your first elimination will be the meal you ate
from the previous day. Next you will eliminate mostly liquid, along with many, many liver and often
gallstones. You may start eating normally from lunch on this day. Make sure you are well-hydrated and
get at least 2 tsp of pink salt in your diet on this day to replace any lost electrolytes.
After Math:
It’s time to celebrate since you have cleansed your liver and gallbladder of stones and toxins.
You may also see additional stones for the next couple of days of bowel movements. It is also very
important to follow up your cleanse with another coffee or pink salt enema to ensure stones don't remain
in your system. Continue taking 6 caps of Gallbladder complex for 1 week after the flush to keep the
Gallbladder “neck” dilated and allow stones and debris to clear as smoothly as possible. The
liver/gallbladder flush should be repeated 3-4 times every 4-6 weeks, and it may take up to twelve
cleanses before you are stone free. Also, a teaspoon of Olive Oil a day will keep the bile ducts clean and
prevent new stones from forming.