Merly Dorey, AVN founder, harassment
Dorey, Meryl W.   Persecuted doctors

Interim AVOs granted against SAVN founder and member   Today, a magistrate in Ballina granted interim Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs) against Daniel Rafaelle, creator of the hate group, Stop the AVN and Dan Buzzard, an active member of the same organisation. The judge declined to grant an interim AVO against the third defendant, Peter Bowditch, but evidence will be provided and there will be another court appearance in November of this year. It is hoped that at that time, the AVO will be granted and the interim orders will be extended. I applied for the AVOs at the suggestion of the police after enduring a vicious and unrelenting campaign of threats and harassment from SAVN members for the last 3 years. The level of these attacks have increased exponentially since the AVNís victory in the NSW Supreme Court in April of this year.
These activities have included:
1- Phone calls threatening violence.
2- The use of pornography.
3- Threatening emails
4- Lies told about both myself and other AVN members and supporters
During the term of the AVO, Mr Buzzard and Mr Rafaelle will not be allowed to harass, abuse or threaten me. Should they continue their campaign, they will be in breach of the AVO and can be arrested.

[2011 Aug] Organising and Fighting Back by Martin Walker

Death Threats and Suppression of Vaccine Truth in Australia

[2010 Oct] Yet Another Blow For The Australian Vaccination Network As Their Charitable Status is Revoked by Christina England Meryl Dorey began to get death threats and mystery calls in the middle of the night. Then there were personal attacks against AVN advertisers, members and professional supporters and vexatious complaints to various government agencies. That is not forgetting the barrage of hate mails sent not only to Meryl herself but also the AVN organisation.

[2010 March] AVN Under Attack

Daniel Raffaele