Immunize Your Child Against Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

 By Fred A.Baughman Jr., M.D. 

ADD isn't an infection, so we can't make a vaccine and immunize the children. Be forewarned that ADD is not a real disease, but rather a contrived illusion of a disease, a marketplace tool, you can keep your child from contacting it.

Diseases are natural occurrences caused by infections, toxins, abnormal genes, cancer, etc., and are characterized by definite, detectable physical abnormalities. They are diagnosed and described (in journals) by scientific physicians caring for affected patients.

What kind of "disease" is this ADD -invented in 1980 in-committee, at the American Psychiatric Association? What kind of science is this? Despite regular announcements that it's "biological roots" have been discovered, no proof exists of a definite abnormality. It remains an illusion of a disease--a powerful, dangerous illusion. For parents to believe otherwise and allow the "ADD" label to be affixed to their child signals the end of normal childhood. Henceforth they are "diseased".

Should they manifest inattention, carelessness, disorganization, forgetfulness, distractibility, daydreaming, drowsiness, butting, blurting, climbing, fidgeting, talking, inability to be quiet, wait or say - Eureka! - "ADD" - a "brain disease", a "chemical imbalance of the brain" !

Next they [Psychiatrists] would "balance" the "chemical imbalance" of the brain, and CHADD (Children & Adults with ADD) and it's benefactor--pharmaceutical giant, Ciba-Geigy--have just the thing--Ritalin ! And other amphetamines too ! Without Ritalin, they warn, your child will never gain self-control, learn, graduate, mature ! Without Ritalin, ADD will last a lifetime and lead to "substance abuse disorder" (drugs and alcohol) aggression, violence and even murder ! All of this from a pencil-paper behavior checklist filled out by a second grade teacher--not one other piece of evidence can they adduce !

How could this be ? How can a behavioral check-list or any paper-pencil test prove the presence of a brain disease. The answer is that none can. Not ever ! That too, is deception.

The epidemic rages. All children are at risk. 10 to 15% nationwide, doubling every 3-4 years. In some classes 50% are on Ritalin. Invented in 1980, a half million were affected by 1988 and 4.0 million today. The Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) manufacturer's quota for Ritalin rose six-fold from 3,889 lb. to 22,902 lb. in 1995.

Why does the Center for Disease Control (CDC) who's business it is to diagnose and track epidemics, refuse to tell me whether ADD is a real disease or not. Why do National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) ADD experts Drs. Peter Jensen, Judith Rapoport, Alan Zametkin and Xavier Castellanos refuse to answer whether a physical abnormality has been found or not? Why in 5 years of asking, has Ciba-Geigy provided me with no proof that ADD is a disease. Instead they push CHADD - paid spokesmen and deceived believers - to the fore-front to misrepresent ADD to be a real disease and Ritalin to be safe and non-addictive.

However, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Food and Drug Administrative (FDA) did answer. Paul Leber, M.D. of the FDA replied, December 22, 1994, "as yet no distinct pathophysiology for the disorder has been delineated" (no abnormality has been found). Gene R. Haislip of the DEA answered, October 25, 1995, "We are also unaware that ADHD has been validated as a biologic/organic syndrome or disease." Why then, do the FDA and DEA collaborate in the drugging of millions of normal children? What business does the US Department of Education have encouraging (at the behest of CHADD) the drugging of normal children who come to them not for psychology and psychiatry but for an education. Are they bored, distracted and fidgety because they are passed from year to year without literacy, much less an education ? Are ADD and all of the LD's (learning disabilities) - not one a proven disease -- sought-after excuses for the massive educational malfeasance we have in the US today?

Keep in mind all of the above and you can keep your child from contracting ADD .

If a teacher or any school personnel suggest that your child has ADD and urges evaluation by a physician, advise them that there is no proof that ADD is a real disease (show them this document). If they persist, request a written description of the symptoms considered to be abnormal and beyond remedy by collaborative action of teacher and parents. And make clear that before considering such an evaluation, or any testing of your child whatsoever, that you insist upon having a school-to-physician referral letter that contains references to the specific scientific articles that constitute proof that ADD is a disease (such as those which the Ciba-Geigy, CHADD, NIMH, CDC, FDA and the DEA were unable or unwilling to produce and which I cannot find in the scientific literature.)

Should they refuse these requests but continue to coerce you to have your child medically evaluated, or condition your child's treatment in school and their education upon your acceptance thereof, write to your elected representatives, learn of organizations who combat the excesses of psychology, psychiatry and education, and make known your intention to seek legal counsel. In final analysis, it is the responsibility of the parents -- and only the parents -- to decide if and when to take their child to a physician.

In "Analysis of the Legal Issues Surrounding the Forced Use of Ritalin" (1993), states,

"Such a decision [to drug a normal child] affects the child's present educational opportunity and, more importantly, his health. It may also affect the child's ability to come to grips with his own personal developmental challenges. Any state attempt to regulate a child's behavior through chemical means, absent exigent circumstances, is a violation of the United States Constitution and should not be allowed."

The potential for harm to your child demands that you insist upon "informed consent" , [that you] document each step of the way, and [get] tape recordings of all meetings with school authorities. Ask the prevalence of ADD in your child's class? In the school? Document everything !

If you have already taken your child to a psychiatrist, or any kind of a physician, they especially are legally bound to provide you all of the information (in writing, please) you need about the diagnosis, testing, and treatment to execute a truly "informed consent." Natanson v. Kline (1960), holds that a physician administrating treatment without informed consent is guilty of malpractice no matter how skillful the treatment is administrated. For a physician to knowingly misrepresent a condition as a disease when it is not, is a flawed informed consent and is malpractice.

Whether your child will be considered normal or not is what is at stake. like it or not, you must question all that they do. You sent your child to school to learn to read and for education and that is what teachers are there for, not to practice psychology and psychiatry.

- Fred A.Baughman Jr., M.D.