T h e D R U G  S T O R Y 


 By  Morris A. Bealle

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1.      What Nujol Started

2.      The Spider's Web

3.      Government Gangsters


4.      Socialized Medicine  

       COPELAND BILL, 1935

        WAGNER BILL, 1939

        WAGNER-MURRAY BILL, 1945

        TRUMAN-EWING BILL, 1949

5.      The Racket In Cancer Control
6 Get-The-Money Boys 
Chapter 7  Dangerous Doses


8 Serum Publicity
9. Centuries of Progress

10.Enter the Medicine Man 

11.The Drug Chamber of Commerce

12. Closed Shop

13. Shakedown

14. Time Marches On


Chapter 1 What Nujol Started

"I firmly believe that if the whole materia medica could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind and all the worse for the fishes."

  Oliver Wendell Holmes, M. D.

Professor of Medicine at Harvard


Thirty years ago the Standard Oil Company became impressed with the methods of the big packing houses which used, processed and sold every part of the hog but the squeal.

Their sales research department went 'way back to the 1860's when "Old Bill" Rockefeller, the itinerant pappy of John D. (the first) and a patent medicine showman, used to palm off bottled raw petroleum on the yokels as a cure for cancer.

"Old Bill" was an upstate New York farmer until 1850. He moved to Cleveland then, entered the patent medicine racket and had himself listed as a "physician" in the city directory. In selling raw petroleum in a pretty bottle "Old Bill" did nothing new.

He merely took a page out of the book of other patent medicine fakirs who were then hawking their wares from the backs of wagons covered and uncovered. When oil was discovered in northwest Pennsylvania (1850) the jackals of the oil trade found there was more gold in the jeans of the gullible yokels than there was in working for it in the oil fields.

They began to bottle the raw petroleum and palm it off under various names as a cure for everything under the sun. The popular maladies of the day were liver complaint, cholera morbus, consumption and bronchitis. Among the names given this raw petroleum were "Seneca Oil," "Rock Oil" and "American Medicinal Oil."

"Old Bill" opened up a new field for himself. He called his bottled petroleum "Nujol" (meaning new oil) and sold it to those who had cancer and those whom he could make fear they would have it.

This sounded good to Standard's researchists. It sounded even better when they found it cost but $2.00 a barrel to concoct Nujol from crude petroleum. And that from one barrel of the raw stuff they could make 1,000 six-ounce bottles of finished Nujol. Instead of calling it a cure for cancer they called it a cure for constipation.

The latest trade catalog lists Nujol as going to the druggist at 28-2/3 cents a half pint (8 fluid ounces). The druggist thus pays about 21 cents for a 6-ounce bottle of Nujol which costs Standard Oil 1/5 of a cent.

These breath-taking profits from Nujol make it inevitable that America's largest and most ruthless industrial combine (the Rockefeller Empire) should soon add the drug traffic to its already vast production and sales domain. It wasn't until 1939, however, that the Drug Trust was formed and the upward curve in their drug profits began to assume the present gigantic proportions which today make it a macabre $10,000,000,000 a year business. How the American Drug Trust was formed by an alliance with its opposite number in Germany is almost a story in itself.

Soon after the present-day Nujol was put on the market it was discovered by physicians to be harmful. It robbed the body of fat soluble vitamins and caused serious deficiency diseases. Standard Oil checked the loss in sales by adding carotene (one of the fat soluble vitamins) to Nujol and claiming this overcame these injuries. Physicians disagree with the sales department of Standard Oil on this point.

And what of Nujol, now being sold to the public as a laxative.   For some years before his death Senator Royal S. Copeland of New York used to set up a radio microphone every morning in his Senate Office Building quarters in Washington, furnished by the American taxpayers, and plug this greasy concoction at $75,000 a year.

The New York Senator was a doctor of sorts. Although he possessed a medical degree he was never able to make a living as a bedside practitioner. He went into politics and made medicine pay in a big way. First he became health commissioner of New York City, then a Senator from the Empire State where he used the prominence thus gained to ballyhoo Nujol to unsuspecting radio listeners.

Today Nujol is made by Stanco, Incorporated, 216 West 14th Street in New York, listed in Moody's Manual as one of the many subsidiaries of the Standard Oil Company. Stanco's only other product is Flit, well known fly killer and insecticide, made from the same raw materials and by pretty much the same process.

When a German beer hall bum named Hitler began to plan his 1,000-year Reich, the powers-that-were in Germany didn't actually know that American politicians were going to solve their acute employment crisis by forcing us into the second world war to again save England's hide and Rockefeller's oil.   But they weren't taking any chances.

Germany's huge dye trust (or chemical cartel) known as the I. G. Farbenindustrie Aktiengesellschaft, enjoyed a monopoly on all chemical products manufactured in Germany. German IG made an alliance with American Standard Oil in order to control important patents. The general idea was that the two were to pool their processes. This was done in a one-sided way.

With the help of Standard Oil the German behemoth prevented American chemists from learning how to make synthetic rubber until after the Japs took the Malayan Peninsula and its vast rubber plantations. This almost lost war for the United States.

So, in 1939, when it became apparent that Germany would soon be unpopular in the United States, Standard Oil helped Hitler's Reich cover its American holdings in the drug and chemical field. The American IG was formed, by taking over the Sterling Products Company, the Grasseli Chemical Works (alias the General Aniline Works), the Agfa-Film Company, the Winthrop Chemical and the Magnesium Development companies.

Standard Oil took 15 % of the stock in the new German-American chemical trust. Efforts to hook the duPont company into this situation partially failed. Among the directors of this "cover up" company were Walter Teagle (President of the Standard Oil Company), Paul Warburg (a Roosevelt-Rockefeller stooge), and Edsel Ford.

Five hundred thousand shares of stock were issued to Walter Teagle. At a later Securities & Exchange Commission investigation Mr. Teagle denied his parentage of this stock, claiming he was holding it as a dummy for someone else.

When asked by the examiner who this "someone else" was he blandly replied he did not know, although he was under oath. Everyone else knew it was either one of the Rockefeller clan in person, or the Standard Oil Company.

The war was getting pretty close to this country. President Roosevelt was setting up the Pearl Harbor disaster, and had ordered our radar defenses let down at 7 o'clock every morning. History records that the Japs accepted this "opportunity'- to destroy most of the American Navy, made defenseless on orders from Washington.

At this jucture American IG Farben decided to camouflage its German parentage and sympathies, with the help of Standard Oil. It changed its name to the General Aniline & Film Corporation shortly before the Pearl Harbor attack. Before doing this, American IG purchased an undisclosed number of shares in the Ozalid Corporation, Schering & Company, Mission Corporation, Monsanto Chemical, Aluminum Corporation, Drug (Incorporated), Dow Chemical, Antidolar Company, Standard Oil of New Jersey, Standard Oil of Indiana, Standard Oil of California and the duPont Company. It took over bodily the privately-owned Hoffman-LaRoche Company.

Meanwhile, Sterling Drug gobbled up Winthrop Chemical, the Bayer Company, General Drug, Vegex (Inc.), Cook Laboratories, the Centaur Company and Alba Pharmacal Company.

Drug, Inc., owned by Louis K. Liggett (a powerful Massachusetts politician during the Hoover administration), had in 1929 taken over the Bristol-Myers Company, Vick Chemical, United Drug, Life Savers (Inc.), and the Liggett chain of "RX" Retail drug stores.

With Vick Chemical, Drug, Inc. (and the Rockefeller-Standard Oil-German IG Drug Trust) got the J. T. Baker Chemical Company, the William S. Merrell Company, the Jensen-Salsberry Laboratories, Prince Matchabelli (Inc.), Alfred D. McKelvy Company, Loeser Laboratories (Inc.), Taylor Chemical and the Sofskin Company.

When the American doughboys sloughed into Germany, and reached the industrial city of Frankfort, they were amazed to find intact all of the buildings and the huge plant of the German IG Farben Chemical Trust. American aviators, pinpointing their targets, had demolished every other structure in town.

What the doughboys didn't know was that the Secretary of War, one Robert P. Patterson, was a Rockefeller lawyer, appointed by President Roosevelt upon Rockefeller orders, fresh out of Dillon, Read and Company. The Dillon-Read concern not only is a Rockefeller subsidiary, but was the banking house that financed German IG Farben and attended to the financial details of forming the American "c6ver up" firm for the German chemical cartel.

American aviators, who gnashed their teeth at their orders to miss the biggest target in Frankfort, have never accepted the weak alibi given them from headquarters. Which was that this juicy and IMPORTANT target should be saved because the American Expeditionary Forces would "need an office building" when they got into Germany proper.

To show how the German Chemical Cartel and the Rockefeller Drug Trust affect the lives of most American people, Sterling Drug's 66 subsidiaries manufacture among other things Phillips' Dentrifices and Cosmetics, Double Danderine, Ironized Yeast, Andrews' Liver Salts, Ross' Pills, Mejoral, Astringosol, Campho-Phenique, Molle, Energine, Diamond Dyes, and many anaesthetics, vitamins, anti-malarials, sulfa drugs, analgesics, arsenicals, barbiturates, antiseptics, anti-bacterials and digestive ferments.

The Bristol-Myers Company makes Ipana Tooth Paste, Sal Hepatica, Vitalis, Ingram's Shaving Cream, Mum, Minitrub, Trushay, Peterman's Insecticides, Benex and Ammer's Powder.

Dow Chemical makes Epsom Salts, bromides and many other USP (U. S. Pharmacopoeia) products. Monsanto makes glycero-phosphate, vanillin, aspirin, saccharin, benzoic acid and many medicinals and "fine" chemicals. The Centaur Company makes Castoria.

Hoffman-LaRoche makes Allonal, Alurate, Antihistamine, Cal-C-Tose, Citro-Thiocol, Digitalis, Pantopon, Sedulon Cough Syrup, Presidon (sedative), Thephorin ( a phony hay fever nostrum), ViPenta Drops and Vitaminets. Hoffman-LaRoche is privately owned, and is part of the Swiss branch of German IG, set up in 1939 to prevent confiscation as alien property.

With these Rockefeller concerns having all of these things to sell, plus thousands of the 12,000 drug items described and advocated in medical text-books, it was the most natural thing in the world human nature and human greed being what it is for the Rockefeller Foundation to be changed into an instrument for "educating" medical students into the excessive use of drugs.

The Rockefeller Foundation was first set up in 1904, and called the General Education Fund. An organization called the Rockefeller Foundation, ostensibly to supplement the Fund, was formed in 1910 and an effort was made to get a charter from Congress.

Senator Nelson of Colorado smelled a mouse because the Rockefeller depredations in the Colorado coal fields were still a stench in the nostrils of all decent Coloradoans. When

Senator Nelson brought out the fact that the proposed Foundation had $100,000,000 for propaganda at its disposal, President Taft and his Attorney General vigorously opposed the charter and it was defeated in the Congress.

For three years the Rockefeller lobbyists besieged our national legislature for a charter and official respectability. Congress turned them down year after year on the ground that they would give no sanction to an organization with $100,000,000 to spend for commercial propaganda.

They gave up hope and did the next best thing. They got the New York legislature to issue a charter on May 14, 1913, through the "good offices" of the then State Senator Robert F. Wagner. With Rockefeller money and political influence this German born ideologist later became a Senator of the United States and one of the hammiest humbugs in the entire "New" Deal set-up.

It has long been demonstrated that the Rockefeller interests have created, built up and developed the most far reaching industrial empire ever conceived by the mind of man.

Standard Oil is of course the foundation industry upon which all of the other industries have been built. The story of Old John D., as ruthless an industrial pirate as ever came down the pike, is well known.

The keystone of this mammoth industrial empire is the Chase National Bank with, 27 branches in New York City and 21 in foreign countries. It has assets of $4,631,471,581 and outstanding loans of $1,511,607,158. The Rockefeller Empire now owns millions of shares of stock in America's leading steel, railroad, oil, tobacco, whisky, automobile, insurance, power, utility, drug and other manufacturing concerns.

Not the least of its holdings are in the drug business. The Rockefellers own the largest drug manufacturing combine in the world, and use all of their other interests to bring pressure to continue and increase the sale of drugs. The fact that most of the 12,000 separate drug items on the market are harmful is of no concern to the Drug Trust.

In addition to the companies controlled from Rockefeller Center, there are hundreds maybe thousands of others, indirectly but just as tightly, controlled through bank loans by Chase National. One of these is the Hearst newspaper empire. It doesn't take much "stepping out of line" to bring about the calling of a bank loan.

Advertising media records for 1948 list $1,104,224,347 as expended for national advertising on the radio networks, and in the larger daily newspapers and magazines. The aggregate estimate for all mediums is estimated at $1,500,-000,000. How 80 % of this sum is utilized and manipulated to control information on health and drug matters which finds its way to the reading public is told in another chapter (The Spider's Web).

There are many newspapers owned by independent-minded publishers or publishing corporations. There are others of course whose owners are of the milquetoast type, who like to straddle every issue and suppress altogether anything which might cause a controversy.

The most independent of newspapers are still dependent on their press association for their national news. There is no reason for a publisher or a news editor in Kalamazoo or Walla Walla to suspect that a story concerning health matters, coming over the wires of the Associated Press, the United Press or the International News Service is garbled, partly suppressed or only half true.

Yet it is an amazing fact that this is what does happen time after time, because all Associated Press "news" on health matters is censored, suppressed or garbled. The Drug Trust has one of its directors on the directorate of the Associated Press. The Rockefeller Foundation Director in question is Arthur Hays Sulzberger, publisher of the New York Times and therefore one of the most powerful of the Associated Press directors.

It was thus easy for the Rockefeller crowd to "induce" the Associated Press Science Editor to adopt a policy which will not permit any story to clear that is not approved by the Drug Trust censor, and the Drug Trust censor is not going to approve any article that can in any way hurt the sale of drugs.

The Journal of the American Medical Association on January 20, 1940, bragged that the United Press had been induced to issue a directive requiring all articles on cures and human health to "clear" through its New York Bureau and so-called science editor. The most ironical feature of this program is that these so-called "science editors" accept Morris Fishbein, dictator of the American Medical Association as an "expert" on medical matters.

The record shows that Mr. Fishbein never practiced medicine a day in his life, did not complete the internship part of his medical course, and could only make 48 in anatomy when he tried to pass the state board medical examination.

William Randolph Hearst was once a very independent publisher and amenable to no man's will but his own. But in the depression year of 1932 his great newspaper empire hit financial rock bottom. Result was that Chase National Bank took over many loans to "WR," including $25,-000,000 debt to International Power and Paper, and foreclosed on the Sage of San Simeon.

Because of the name he had built up over the years of sensational journalism, Willie was given the title of editor, $100,000 a year in salary and allowed to write any editorials and direct the chain's editorial policies in any way that didn't conflict with Rockefeller interests.

One concession was made to the Hearst ego one which has done little harm to the Rockefeller serum interests because of the careful way in which it is handled. Once a year he is allowed to bellow and fume and rant at the cruelty of vivi-section, but not at its futility and the harm done the human system by serums.

Since the Hearst empire owns the International News Service this sews up 100% the press associations for the Rockefeller Drug Trust, and accounts for the many fake stories of serums and medical cures which go out brazenly over its wires to all daily newspapers in the land.

Emanuel M. Josephson, M. D., a New York physician whom Fishbein and the Drug Trust have been unable to throttle or even to intimidate despite many attempts, points out that the National Association of Science Writers was cajoled or bought into adopting as part of its code of ethics this:


"Science editors are incapable of judging the facts of phenomena involved in medical and scientific discovery. Therefore, they only report 'discoveries' approved by medical authorities, or those presented before a body of scientific peers."


Since the medico-politician (Mr. Fishbein) who doesn't know where half the bones, organs, nerves and tissues of the body are located or even what they are is ranked by them as an "expert" the ridiculous nature of this code is apparent.

While each separate trust under Rockefeller control enjoys the best in press agentry, the propaganda of the Drug Trust stands out above all the others for sheer bunkment of the American public. Newspapers are fed with reams of propaganda about drugs and their "value," in spite of statements by honest and courageous medical men that few of the 12,000 pharmaceutical items made are of any value and most of them are downright harmful.

The truth about cures without drugs is carefully suppressed, unless it suits the purpose of the censor to garble it or just tell part of the truth. It matters not whether these cures are effected by Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Christian Science Practitioners or Medical Doctors who use the brains God gave them.   You never read about it.

In order to teach the drug and serum ideology it is necessary to teach that God didn't know what he was doing when he made the human body. Statistics issued by the Children's Bureau of the Federal Security Agency do not bear out this ideology. They show that since the all-out drive of the drug trust for drugging, vaccinating and serumizing the human system, the health of our nation has declined enormously, especially among children

Children are now given "shots" for this and "shots" for that, when the only immunity known to science is a healthy human body and a pure blood stream. Ponder these government findings:


Nearly hall a million children are affected by rheumatic fever.

Ten million boys and girls under 21 have defective vision.

A half million have orthopedic or spastic conditions.

Two million have impaired hearing.

Seventeen thousand are deaf.

Four hundred thousand have tuberculosis.

Seventy-five percent have dental defects.

Three out of every 100 draft registrants (18 and 19 years old) had heart trouble.

Three out of every hundred had a mental disease.

Two out of every 100 had a neurological difficulty.

Ten out of every 100 had defective vision.

One out of 40 had defective hearing.


These conditions didn't exist in the youth of today's middle aged and old people. Vaccination was the only unnatural practice then and most of us had enough vitality eventually to throw off the effects of this blood pollution. But if we had quadrupled or decupled this dose, as is being done to children today, our present middle aged people probably would be old and our present old people dead.

Under the aegis of Rockefeller Foundation funds medical colleges for the most part teach the names and supposed uses of 12,000 drugs. The medical student has to waste days and nights and months of his course learning the names and supposed uses of these items, when he could better be studying the human spine and ganglionic nervous system as chiropractic, osteopathic and naturopathic students do.

There is an old and true saying that he who pays the piper calls the tune. The Rockefeller Foundation pays the medical college pipers from the profits made by the Rockefeller Drug Trust and of course the Drug Trust calls the tune.

In its last annual statement the Foundation reports that, up to December 31, 1948, colleges and public agencies had been given gratuities totaling $446,837,527. During 1948 alone this vast sum was swelled by gifts of $32,930,458.91.

One cannot criticize a college president for accepting huge sums for educational purposes, but, college presidents are supposed to be smart. Obviously they are not. A smart college President would look behind gifts from a Rockefeller, for Old John D. was never known to give away more than a dime unless he saw big profits coming back.

He would find that all of these gratuities are given colleges which teach the use of drugs. If he went deep enough, if he asked courageous, intelligent and honest medical doctors they would tell him that about 11,990 of these drugs are useless and about 11,950 of them downright harmful to the human system.

He would also find that not a dime of Rockefeller Foundation money has ever been contributed to drugless colleges, whose students are effecting cures every day that hidebound foot-in-the-mouth medicine considers impossible, or at least miraculous.

The college president would ask himself why and he would come up with but one answer the Rockefeller Foundation is promoting the excessive use of drugs while pretending to be engaged in philanthropy. He would also find that the Rockefeller Institute (endowed with $50,000,000) is part of the Drug Trust team.

This "institute" engages in research and employs many high class and capable technicians but its activities are devoted mainly to finding new uses for Rockefeller drugs, to the end that more drugs may be sold and more profits made for the pharmaceutical houses.

The profits of some of these drug factories, especially those controlled by the Rockefeller industrial empire, are fantastic. The E. R. Squibb Company, during the war year of 1945 (when the serum racket was at its height, and the American armed forces were loading the blood streams of all draftees and volunteers with "immunizing" poisons), made net earnings six times its physical assets.

Moody's Industrial Manual for 1945 showed tangible assets of $7,366,488 for Squibb and net earnings for 1945 of $42,432,472. The profitable war had stopped in 1947. With the war profits, or else by book-keeping entries, the physical assets had increased to $14,416,783. The earnings had been reduced to $9,601,389.

By watering their stock, they had parlayed this $14,-416,783 of physical assets into 1,750,000 shares of stock, quoted on the Stock Exchange of July 1, 1949, at $28.00 a share. Squibbs thus has a paper value of $49,000,000, or 333% of its actual investment.

Take Parke-Davis & Company. Their operating income for 1947 was $16,766,060; their physical assets only $14,-990,626. These 15 millions of actual value has been parlayed into 4,896,700 shares of stock now traded at $28.87 a share, total $141,391,200 almost   1,000% of its assets.

And Sharpe & Dohme. Their 1947 operating profit was $5,263,236; their actual assets $6,247,552. Their 1,020,712 shares of capital stock was selling for $27 a share. Total   $21,559,224.

Lederle Laboratories, one of the larger of the biological manufacturers, in 1945 had an operating profit of $29,324,-525 and property worth $35,138,908. Common stock totalling 2,707,026 shares was so valuable that it was not listed or traded in on any known stock exchange.

In 1946 the entire concern was purchased by the Rockefeller-controlled American Cynamid Company and it helped to swell this chemical behemoth's 1948 income to $37,-491,894.

Sterling Drug, Inc., the main cog and largest holding company in the Rockefeller Drug Empire, and its 66 subsidiary companies, showed operating profits in 1948 of $20,-742,382, and physical assets of only $23,979,428. Its 3,890,-647 shares were being hawked on the exchange at $39 a share. This totals $151,735,233 of paper value, or seven and a half times the combine's aggregate assets.

Merck & Company had an operating income of $10,-120,053, according to Moody's, and physical assets of only $19,965,805. Its 2,200,000 shares of $1.00 par value common were quoted July 1, 1949, at $31.75, and its 190,000 shares of preferred at $106.50.   Total $90,140,000.

McKesson & Robbins showed an operating profit of $16,807,476 on physical assets of only $6,628,342. Its 1,-832,426 shares were quoted at $33.50 $61,386,237.

Charles Pfizer & Co., Inc., is a drug trust unit which makes "fine organic chemicals" for other units to process into various items. Its statement shows a 1948 profit, of $16,917,118 and physical assets of only $15,421,633. Its profit was 109% of its actual investment, which has been parlayed into 50,000 shares of 3 % $100 par value preferred, and 1,480,050 shares of common. The latter was quoted on the New York Stock Exchange July 1, 1949, at $45.50 a share. This gives the company's inflation, value as $72,342,275, or 475 % of its investment value.

A business which makes 6% on its invested capital is considered a sound money maker and its invested capital can usually be judged by its actual physical assets. Watering the stock can make its assets look as high as waterers want it to.

Here is McKesson and Robbins making, not 6% but 254 % of the actual value involved when you don't consider the water or inflated book value.

Squibb in 1945 made, not six percent, but 576 % on the actual value of its property. But that was during the luscious war years when the Army Surgeon General's Office and the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery were not only acting as promoters for the Drug Trust, but were actually forcing drug trust poisons into the blood streams of our soldiers, sailors and marines, to the tune of over 200 million "shots."

With the war over we find these profits reduced, but still many times higher than the "take" in any business this side of the numbers racket.   For instance, in 1948, Sterling made 87% of its physical value, thus inflating its stock structure and quotations to 632 % of actual assets.

Squibb showed an earning of 66% and inflation of 338%. Parke-Davis earned 112% of its assets, and showed inflation to 956 %. McKesson & Robbins, while earning only 39% of its assets nevertheless, by stock market manipulation, increased its paper value to 926 % of its actual assets.

An extended list of these inordinate profits from the drug traffic is given in another chapter of this book. Is it any wonder that the House of Rockefeller, the most rapacious industrial empire ever conceived by the mind of man, should take to drugs as a money maker, even if in doing it eventually makes the United States a nation of invalids.

Is it any wonder that the Rockefellers, and their stooges in the Food and Drug Administration, the U. S. Public Health Service, the Post Office Department, the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureaus, the Army Medical Corps, the Navy Bureau of Medicine, the Wagner-Murray-Dingell type in Congress, and thousands of health officers all over the country, should combine to put out of business all forms or therapy that discourage the use of drugs.

We have not gone to drugless practitioners for scientific information on the harmfulness of most of those 12,000 drug items which in the drug traffic the House of Rockefeller and its colleagues have for sale and is plugging with might and main through all of its high powered and well-financed publicity avenues. Let's go into the ranks of outspoken medical practitioners for our information.

The American Dispensatory lists over 12,000 items of drugs on the market. I am told by medical practitioners that to teach a student these 12,000 drugs or any more than (say) a certain selected 100 of them, is 99-44/100% a waste of time. But it DOES help swell the profits of the pharmaceutical houses.

Let us quote an authority on this subject, Dr. David L. Edsall, who was at one time Dean of the Harvard Medical School:


'I was, for a period, a professor of therapeutics and pharmacology, and I know from experience that students were obliged then by me and by others to learn about an interminable number of drugs, many of which were valueless, many of them useless, some probably even harmful, some others relatively valueless   all because they were still discussed in some text books, had never been discarded and were some times asked about by state board of medical examiners."


Arthur Robertson Cushny, M.D., former Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics at the University of Michigan, is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on Pharmacology. His text book "Pharmacology and Therapeutics" is recognized as the leading work of its kind in the world.   In it, Dr. Cushny says:


"The more advanced teachers of medicine have very properly abbreviated their lists of remedies, but the student on going into practice meets numbers of drugs previously unknown to him and not appreciating that these have already been tried and discarded by his teachers is tempted to fall into the slough of unreasoning empiricism.

"There is still a tendency, even among the educated, to ascribe therapeutic virtues to every new weed and every new product of the chemical industry.

"As long as the medical student has to learn the supposed virtues of a host of obscure substances, he will tend to use them in practice. This, in turn, necessitates their inclusion in the pharmacopoeia, which again perpetuates them as subjects of teaching."


There are a few outspoken Medical Doctors who will tell you point blank that, under this Drug Trust aegis, doctors are turned out of these subsidized medical schools like machines. From his earliest student days he is not allowed to use his mind or to think for himself.

He is made to follow certain well-formed grooves. He is not given time to discover whether the medicines and drugs he is taught to prescribe are of any benefit. He is told that "A" says this should be done in "X" illness, that "B" says such-and-such a chemical combination has beneficial effects when the patient is suffering from "Y" disease. Again let us quote from Dr. Edsall:


"Almost all subjects must be taken at exactly the same time, and in almost exactly in the same way, by all students, and the amount introduced into each course is such that few students have time or energy to explore any subject in a spirit of independent interest. A little comparison shows that there is less intellectual freedom in the medical course than in almost any other form of professional education in this country."


It takes courage for a medical doctor to come out and say such things. The Drug Trust has the American Medical Association so well organized, and it has such a dynamic spokesman in Mr. Fishbein, that a whispering campaign of amazing intensity is immediately started against him.

If he is a young doctor his practice is ruined. He can be kicked out of his county medical society on trumped up charges and the resulting publicity can make him look like an incompetent practitioner.

Among medical practitioners who have helped compile the technical information in this volume are the late Dr. Charles L. Loffler of Chicago, Dr. George Starr White of Los Angeles, Dr. Christopher O'Day of Honolulu, Dr. Carl M. Frischkorn of Norfolk, Va., Dr. George Franklin Smith of Chicago, Dr. William F. Koch of Detroit and Dr. Josephson.

Dr. Frischkorn says he never uses but two drugs sedatives and opiates, and these sparingly. He avers that there are times when the lack of them may do more to the patient's nerves than the harm the drugs themselves do.

Dr. Loffler often said that serums and vaccines put more toxins in the human blood in one administration than injudicious eating habits do in a year. Dr. Loffler was a blood specialist who eliminated toxins by the oxychlorine method.

Another progressive and intelligent medical doctor of my acquaintance has just been put through the wringer by his county medical society for espousing the principle of praying "for the millennium when the one-school-thought therapy may at least be broken and dethroned for all time." This particular doctor is no big help to the Drug Trust. He uses as few of these concoctions as possible and those only to meet ordinary medical emergencies.   He lists them as:


1.  Digitalis and other cardiac (heart) drugs;

2.  Sedatives (relaxers, rest producers);

3.  Hypnotics (sleep producers);

4.       Analgesics (pain relievers).


Dr. George Starr White has built up one of the largest medical practices in the United States by using the brains God gave him. He is independent of the Medical Chamber of Commerce, the Drug Trust, the Fuhrer of Medicine and all of their satellites. He doesn't give a hoot what they think of him, or try to do to him.

He says in plain words that the "benefits" of sulfa and penicillin have been misrepresented. That the term "strep throat" is hokum. That the socalled viruses are merely fancy words for the common cold words use to extract more money out of the victims of allopathic greed. I quote him:

"During the past year (1943) the medical profession has received warnings from practically all of the large drug houses, who manufacture sulfa drugs. These warnings state that the more widely these drugs are used, the more experience the profession has gained which is not wholly favorable to them.

"These tablets have been openly sold in drug stores. I have seen many an auto driver unable to steer his car, taken in as a 'drunk', when upon examination it was found that he had simply lost his power of orientation, from taking two or three sulfa tablets the night before 'to ward off a cold'.

"Many an airplane pilot has steered his plane into a mountainside, causing deaths of all on board. I have learned that, at least several of these dead pilots, had taken sulfa tablets to 'ward off a cold' the night before.

"Sulfa drugs have a tendency to cause the victim to lose his powers of orientation. He cannot reach with his arms and legs where he thinks he is going to reach. He cannot steer his automobile or plane where he thinks he is going to steer it. He cannot gauge depths above or below the surface of the earth. These drugs temporarily destroy a person's ability to judge direction or distance.

"Penicillin is nothing more than a bread mold, that our grandmothers used to grow in earthen crocks for making poultices to cure infected sores and sore throats, now known as a 'miracle drug.' The pharmaceutical cartel, in order to start a fad, took a short cut to make the mold and used it by way of the hypo needle to make it look more 'professional.'

"In making it quickly, with expensive machinery, they turned a natural curative product into a poison. By injecting it into the blood stream they contrived to poison the whole system, whereas ordinary bread mold, placed on the outside as a poultice, drew the poison from the blood.

"They have taken natural bread mold, and so 'refined' it that it becomes poisonous causing blisters, hives, arthritic pains and deposits of colon bacteria that never existed before."

The last annual report of the Rockefeller Foundation itemizes the gifts it has made to colleges and public agencies in the last 30 years, and they total just short of a half billion dollars. These colleges, of course, teach their students all the drug lore the Rockefeller pharmaceutical houses want taught.

Otherwise, there would be no more gifts, just as there are no gifts to any of the 30 odd drugless colleges in the United States. The amounts outlined in the Foundation's report cannot be ignored.

Harvard, with its aristocratic background and well-publicized medical school, has received $1,683,621 of this Drug Trust money. Yale got $674,743.

Johns Hopkins, down in Baltimore, Maryland, and its famous medical school has benefited since 1914 to the extent of $8,750,000 of Drug Trust largesse. On the Pacific Coast, Leland Stanford University in California leads the Rockefeller parade with $912,615. Washington University in St. Louis received $435,184.

Columbia University in New York City, which is so big the teachers don't even know each other, took $849,578 from its neighbors in Midtown Manhattan. Duke University in North Carolina got only $66,983, but then Duke didn't need any more because when power trust tycoon "Buck" Duke died, he left $40,000,000 to little Trinity College provided it changed its name to Duke University. It did.

Tufts College in Massachusetts received $151,817. Vanderbilt down in Tennessee $67,911, New York University $65,116, Memphis' colored Meharry Medical College $335,-000, Iowa State's corn belt knowledge factory $83,556, and Cornell University $465,607.

Many of our leading state universities, with tax supported medical schools, have their hands unnecessarily in the Drug Trust till and of course tailor their medical courses to suit the Foundation. We can mention the Universities of:


Alabama                                                                                         $ 40,000

California                                                                                    1,160,712

Colorado                                                                                            18,110

Illinois                                                                                              161,000

Indiana                                                                                              85,000

Michigan                                                                                           11,406

Minnesota                                                                                       216,643

Missouri                                                                                             17,250

North Carolina                                                                                35,000

Ohio State                                                                                          45,000

Oklahoma                                                                                          50,000

Oregon                                                                                                  9,000

Pennsylvania                                                                                 363,390

Southern California                                                                         4,000

Tennessee                                                                                            1,000

Texas                                                                                                   66,000

Utah                                                                                                       6,000

Virginia                                                                                              72,781

Washington                                                                                   383,900

Wisconsin                                                                                       334,800


This "missionary" work of the Rockefeller Foundation paid off handsomely to the Grim Reaper on February 18, 1950, when Death and Drugs rode at the controls of a Long Island (New York) Railroad commuters' train. Thirty-two passengers were killed and 116 injured, in what was up to that time the worst railroad wreck in recent American history. On September 11th, 33 Pennsylvania National Guardsmen were wantonly murdered, and 248 injured, near Coshocton, Ohio.

Both wrecks were caused by a drug. The lethal dose in the Long Island catastrophe was given the motorman by a railroad medic. In the case of the Coshocton wreck, the Drug Trust's culpability may never be definitely known. Within 24 hours the Pennsylvania Railroad retired the engineer who had passed five signal lights at 75 miles on hour ON A FULL PENSION and told him not to worry.

It is very significant that the Pennsylvania Railroad is owned and controlled bodily by the Rockefeller organization which also owns the Drug Trust. Interlocking directorates help in the control, but the fiscal agents are the clinchers. The last 13 bond issues of PRR, totalling $514,603,000 were all handled by such stalwart Rockefeller affiliates as Halsey-Stuart & Co., Lehman Brothers, Harriman-Ripley, Brown-Harriman & Company, Saloman Brothers and Hutzler, and the Evans-Stillman Company.

Thumbs down on any or all of these bond issues by the Chase National Bank would have simply meant there would have been no bond issue. Thus the Rockefeller controlled Railroad is complete and there will be no embarrassment to the Drug Trust because of the Ohio wreck.

The motorman who was the goat for the Long Island catastrophe has high blood pressure, so the Company medic said. Instead of cleaning the toxins out of his arteries and eliminating the disease, he was given capsules containing phenobarbitol, aminophylline and potassium iodide and then sent back to duty. Fifteen minutes before he reached the protecting automatic signal he fell asleep at his controls. And no wonder.

Dorland's Medical Dictionary lists phenobarbitol as a hypnotic (sleep producer). Its trade name is Luminol and it is the most popular of all sleeping pills. Many people take them and never wake up. Aminophylline is listed as a diuretic (to promote faster flow of urine). Potassium iodide is listed as an alternative for syphilis. The medic who did this listed in the Directory of the American Medical Association as a "specialist" in internal medicine.

In the Ohio wreck the story given this author by the engineer is the most fantastic he ever heard. This man piloted the Pennsylvania Railroad crack overland limited. ("Spirit of St. Louis") which crashed into the rear of a stalled troop train with horrible results.

In doing so he admits he passed a caution signal (which meant 30 miles an hour) two miles from the wreck, at 75 miles an hour and kept going until he was almost on the troop train. This in spite of a red fusee dropped by the troop train's flagman 500 feet before it stopped. Then the flagman was waving his red lantern, and threw a red flare. The near signal was red and visible for two miles but the engineer never saw any of them until (as he aptly said) it was too late.

An exhaustive investigation of the wreck scene by this author, and a complete examination of the Interstate Commerce Commission's record, indicate that the engineer was sound asleep when he passed all these warning lights.

He denied he had taken a cold tablet or sulpha drug. In fact he denied he had ever taken a doctor's prescription or patent medicine of any kind during his 67 years of life. The facts speak for themselves, as Drug Trust agents well knew when they had their railroad take care of things so promptly.

The Pennsylvania Railroad is 20 years behind the times. The major airlines of the United States found, the hard way, what used to cause their major disasters in which pilots ran into mountainsides, often in broad daylight. It was sulpha pills "to ward off a cold" or cold tablets to "cure one."

From August 31, 1940, to March 12, 1948, they had 19 of these "mysterious" wrecks which took the lives of 438 persons, according to the Civil Aeronautics Board. At that time the airlines issued orders grounding all flight personnel from 48 to 72 hours after they had taken a drug of any sort.

The results were more than satisfactory. There hasn't been a major disaster on an American commercial airline since.

With a nation still shocked at the Ohio tragedy, the Pennsylvania Railroad pulled another one out of its hat on November 23. This was the worst of all, for 77 LIRR commuters were killed in a rear-end collision at Richmond Heights and 332 were injured.

It was a replica of the other two. The motorman of the Death Train ran past red and amber lights of an automatic block system without slowing down. He ignored the red fuse and the red lantern of the flagman who had dropped off the rear of the stalled train. Obviously, he was sound asleep. This motorman was killed and cannot talk. This author has information that he had been loading up on sulfa pills or cold tablets, or some such concoction, which put people to sleep at high speed.

The PRR went into action almost as quickly as it did in Ohio. The Rockefeller Center crowd had its stooge in the State House at Albany (Governor Dewey) announce from a vacation spot in Cuba that he had "ordered" a complete and thorough investigation of the wreck. The little man with the Charlie Chaplin mustache got plenty of publicity for his next election campaign.

But here is the pay-off. Dewey announced that he had turned the entire investigation over to Robert P. Patterson, a staunch and able Rockefeller puppet who has spent most of his private life on the Rockefeller payroll.


Chapter 2  The Spider's Web 

"If you tell a lie big enough, and loud enough, and long enough, and often enough, the people will believe it."

     Adolph Hitler


Many readers of my books and magazines of the past have asked me how it is possible for the Drug Trust to prevent the printing of news about drugless cures, to exaggerate the efficacy of drugs, to falsify the record in the serum field and to send out garbled press stories at will.

I do not blame the average publisher for this as much as I blame the "system" which was created and developed, even before Upton Sinclair wrote his famous book on the press and press associations called "The Brass Check." Many times I've heard bewildered citizens say "you can only believe 50% of what you read in the newspapers."

I've heard others go beyond that and say you can't believe 25% of what you read in a Hearst paper or 5% of what you read in a communist sheet Marshall Field's papers, the former Stern papers, the present New York POST, COMPASS and DAILY WORKER.

It is the average American newspaper and the way it is taken for a ride by the Drug Trust that we are dealing with in this chapter. So, don't blame the publisher. Much less should you blame the reporter or editor if your paper let's you down as they did, say, on the Columbus polio story (described in this book) and on many other such items which never saw the light of day.

Many years ago a high pressure and high powered advertising agent named J. Walter Thompson began the system of influencing news thru huge advertising appropriations. Mr. Thompson tied himself up with the Rockefeller interests and the Morgan interests.

These two financial behemoths controlled so many companies between them that the Thompson Company, with the founder long since passed to his celestial reward (if any) now has the most stupendous business of any advertising agency in the world.

Standard Advertising Register for 1948 showed this firm having 95 large industrial accounts. Any agency having half a dozen considers itself lucky and well-to-do. To handle this business the J. Walter Thompson Company has eight branch offices in the United States and eighteen in foreign countries

branches in nearly all lands where Standard Oil's derricks rise.

Included in these accounts are Lever Brothers ($18,-686,329), Shell Oil ($1,221,183); Standard Brands ($3,962,408); Eastman Kodak ($1,861,493); Ford Motors ($11,-242,212); Johns-Manville ($955,398); Nash-Kelvinator ($3,721,529); Libby, McNeill & Libby ($4,180,338); Pan American World Airways ($1,027,569) ; Radio Corporation of America ($3,755,902) ; Kaiser-Frazer Motors ($5,048,934) to mention just a few.

Because appropriations advertising manufactured products nationally has reached an aggregate of a billion and a half, a number of other agencies are now participating in the business of the Rockefeller Empire, and of what is left of the Morgan Empire since J. P. (the Last) died.

A recent compilation by the magazine ADVERTISING AGE showed that the larger companies expended in 1948 for newspaper, radio and magazine advertising the aggregate sum of $1,104,224,347. For many years it has been estimated that the Rockefeller-Morgan interests controlled about 80% of this business.

This control is vested partly in those companies owned in whole or in part by the Money Trust, which also has its headquarters in Rockefeller Center. An even larger part of this control is represented in the hundreds of large corporations and combines that have to go, from time to time, for financing to the Chase National Bank, Guaranty Trust, National City and other banking houses controlled by, or closely affiliated with, the Rockefellers.

This huge advertising figure (over a billion and a tenth) is only a part of the story, but it is the only complete figures we can put our fingers on. It is broken down as follows:


$389,261,000 to the larger of our 1.873 daily newspapers;

$430,573,399 to 97 national magazines;

$46,709,683 to six magazine sections for Sunday newspapers;

$38,684,523 to 50 farm publications;

$198,995,742 to network radio stations.


This does not take into account the hundreds of non-network (independent) radio stations in the country, nor any of the 10,056 weekly newspapers, very few of which lack a quota of national advertising accounts. A conservative estimate of the total sets it at around $1,500,000,000.

Eighty per cent of this will add up to 1,200 million advertising dollars annually which apparently are controlled from Rockefeller Center by the owners and management of the Drug Trust, the Steel Trust, the Oil Trust, the Power Trust, the Insurance Trust, the Utilities Trust, the Metals Trust and hundreds of other powerful combinations in restraint of free enterprise.

The American Thought Controllers pay plenty of attention to the weekly newspaper. I well remember 15 years ago when I was running a county seat newspaper in Maryland, contiguous to the nation's capital. The metropolitan power company serving my community used to run a quarter of a page advertisement every week. They paid promptly and well, and this account took quite a lot of worry off my shoulders when the bills came due.

One day we took up the cudgels for some of our readers who were being given poor service and insulting treatment from the power company. It was our first experience in the realm of Hell breaking loose. The issue was in the mails only a few hours when the telephone rang and I received the dressing down of my life from the advertising agency which handled the power company's account.

Briefly and plainly they told me that any more such "stepping out of line" would result in the immediate cancellation of this contract, as well as that of the gas company and the telephone company.

I still remember what a tremendous letdown this was for me; how it opened my eyes to the meaning of a Free Press; how I then and there decided to get out of the newspaper business; how I began to seek a buyer and finally sold out at the best figure I could get and, of course, at a huge loss.

When I realize that this is what every newspaper owner is up against, and that where I had only a few thousands tied up most daily newspaper publishers count their investments in the millions, I really feel sorry for them. That is, all except the worms, of which the newspaper business has its share.

Now that I have made it clear how the Rockefeller interests handle the various mediums of public information, I am going to give a list of the 25 largest advertisers in the country and the amounts they expend with the various mediums. I am then going to show you how Rockefeller Center controls each and every one of these concerns thru what is called interlocking directorates. You have already seen how the well trained (in Rockefeller Methods) advertising agencies can handle "properly" so many newspapers, magazines and radio stations.

Here are the Big Twenty-Five of American Business:


Proctor and Gamble                                                                  $34,993,341

General Motors                                                                            27,086,514

Colgate-Palmolive-Peet                                                             18,773,213

Lever Brothers                                                                             18,686,329

General Foods                                                                              17,303,872

General Electric                                                                           15,058,P18

Sterling Drug                                                                            13.624.287

General Mills                                                                           12.098.061

Swift & Company                                                                   11,355,551

Reynolds Tobacco                                                                  11.271,136

Seagram                                                                                     10,009,967

Ford Motors                                                                              11,242,252

Gillette Razor                                                                            9,497,820

Liggett & Myers Tobacco                                                       9,243,336

Campbell Soup                                                                         8,992,115

Chrysler Motors                                                                        7,833,735

American Home Products                                                     7,695,340

American Tobacco                                                                   7,479,755

Philco Radio                                                                                6,992,155

Westinghouse Electric                                                            6,756,016

Miles Laboratories                                                                   6,410,513

National Dairy Products                                                       6,839,995

Bristol-Myers                                                                            5,703,862

Kaiser-Frazer Motors                                                             5,048,934

Borden's Milk                                                                             4,179,664


Of these top flight advertisers Lever Brothers, Sterling Drug, American Home Products, and Miles Laboratories manufacture drugs and proprietary medicines. Borden's and National Dairy Products are the two largest units of the Milk Trust, and the greatest beneficiaries of the pasteurization racket. This pasteurization racket is so lucrative that NDP can pay its president (L. A. Von Bomel) $150,000 a year for doing nothing much except going around and registering horror at the thought of anyone drinking raw milk.

No one claims that Rockefeller owns any of these companies outright except Sterling Drug. But that the House of R. has large stock holdings in most of them is attested by the personnel of the several directorates. When a Financial King invests money in an enterprise he always arranges to have a stooge sitting on the board of directors.

Let's start at the top with Proctor and Gamble. Its president is Richard Dupree, who also is a director of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and of the Coca Cola Company. This railroad is always in financial difficulties and going to Wall Street banks for financing and refinancing. That alone is enough to identify Mr. DuPree as a man whom they trust at Rockefeller Center.

The Coca Cola Company is also well-amenable to the Rockefeller will. The chairman of its Board is one Robert W. Woodruff, a director of the Guaranty Trust Company which was formerly a Morgan-controlled bank but which is now well under the Rockefeller thumb.

General Motors has as directors George Whitney (a House of Morgan partner), and Lewis W. Douglas of the House of Rockefeller. The Rockefellers thought so much of Douglas' usefulness to them that they had him appointed Ambassador to England, to control the flow of American dollars to that tight little island, to protect the Rockefeller oil and international banking interests over there.

Colgate-Palmolive-Peet has as a director George W. Merck, president of Merck & Company the drug behemoth whose stock structure has been inflated to 451% of its actual assets by the profits in the drug traffic. Also M. F. S. Russell of the U. S. Pipe & Foundry Company whose president (Philo W. Parker) is a big pipe in Standard-Vacuum Oil Company.

Lever Brothers makes Pepsodent and thus will do nothing to interfere with the fallacy that drugs and cosmetics and proprietary remedies aren't best for what ails everyone.

General Foods is so under the Rockefeller thumb that their dummy directors elected a director of the Chase National Bank (Amstin S. Iglehart) president. On GF's directorate are Robert P. Lehman (of the Rockefeller-controlled Lehman Brothers banking house), Carl Schmidlapp (another Chase National Director) and Mrs. Mary P. Davies of a famous family affiliated closely with the House of Rockefeller.

General Electric has on its directorate as the Rockefeller representative Sloan Colt of the Rockefeller-controlled Bankers Trust Company.

Let's look at both sides of the picture. Take the various directors of the Chase National Bank and see with whom they are tied up as directors:


Winthrop W. Aldrich (AT&T, Westinghouse, International Power & Paper, Metropolitan Life)


Earl D. Bapst (10 large insurance companies) Howard Bayne (Public Press, Inc., of Canada)


F. H. Brownell (Federal Mining & Smelting Company, Cooper Institute, Northern Pacific Railway, General Cable Corporation)


H. Donald Campbell (Consolidation Coal Company, Mathieson Alkali Works, Western Union Telegraph, American Smelting & Refining Company)


Francis W. Cole (United Aircraft, four insurance companies)


J. F. Drake (Pullman Company, Gulf Oil, American Rolling Mill, Rockwell Manufacturing, nine other oil companies)


Percy J. Ebbott (Nash-Kelvinator, Moore-McCormick Lines)


H. O. Havemeyer (Kennecott Copper, Braden Copper)

Austin S. Iglehart (General Foods) A. N. Kemp (nothing of consequence)


James T. Lee (American Express, Wells-Fargo, eight New York building and insurance firms)


Leroy A. Lincoln (Metropolitan Life) Arthur A. McCain (nothing of consequence)


Jeremiah Milbank (Metropolitan Life, Borden's Milk)


Arthur W. Page (AT&T, Continental Oil, Westing-house Electric, Kennicott Copper, Prudential Life, Panama Railroad, Southern Bell T&T)


Thomas I. Parkinson (AT&T, Consolidation Coal, Borden's Milk, Westinghouse Electric, five insurance concerns)


A.     W. Robertson (Reliance Life, Westinghouse Electric)


Laurence S. Rock (nothing of consequence)


Carl J. Schmidlapp (General Foods, Continental Insurance, Cuban-Atlantic Sugar, Rayonier Inc., Chicago Pneumatic Tool)


Lyne Selden (American Express, Wells-Fargo, Amrex Holding Corporation)


Robert C. Stanley (International Nickel, Canadian Pacific Railroad, American Metal, Amalgamated Metal, General Electric, U. S. Steel, Copper Development Assn)


Leroy A. Wilson (AT&T, C & P Telephone)


Robert E. Wilson (Pan American Petroleum, First National Bank of Chicago)


This kind of set-up is called by statisticians and actuaries the Spider's Web Chart. If a chart were made showing these concerns in question in a vertical column, and the various directors in a horizontal column, then a line drawn from each director to the concerns he is supposed to direct, the effect would look not unlike a spider's web.

As a result of this tight control of the nation's thinking from Rockefeller Center to these Industrial Concerns and Combines, to the Advertising Agencies, to the Mediums of Public Information, to the Reading Public a sum estimated by a census of manufacturers as equalling $10,000,000,000 in 1948 has been paid in to the drug concerns in the United States for drugs which, as we have shown, intelligent medical authorities consider, in large part, useless.

The enormous profits resulting from this enormous drug traffic dope traffic as some outspoken physicians call it have resulted in inflation of the stock structures of many of these Dealers in Death. Some have increased their stock structure as high as 20 shares to one. Others have just let nature take its course in the stock market.

We can get a very good picture of this from Moody's Manual of Industrials. Its current one shows, for instance, that Abbott Laboratories, by making an operating profit in one year of 87 % of its actual physical assets, has so inflated its stock that it is selling on the market for 632% of the company's actual physical assets.

It shows profits 139 % over assets by American Home Products (manufacture of Anacin, Kolynos, Bisodol and Hill's Cold Tablets), of 112% by Parke-Davis, of 109% by Pfizer & Company and also by National Drug and Chemical.

It shows a 1,839% inflation by American Home Products, a 926% inflation by McKesson & Robbins, a 750% inflation by Vick Chemical and a 632% inflation by Sterling Drug.

A random compilation of 15 of these large drug concerns is shown on the next page.

It was a wise philosopher who said "He who pays the piper calls the tune."




                                                                                                                                                    ings     Inflation

                                                                Actual               Operating                 Inflated            Over       Over

                                                              Physical                 Profit                Market Value      Actual     Actual

                                                                Assets            1947 or 1948             of Stock           Value     Assets


Abbott Laboratories                 .$23,979,428           $20,740,382         $151,735,433            87%     632%

American Home Prod                   5,965,160               8,309,587            109,827,172          139%   1,839%

Commercial Solvents                  17,632,367               7,217,884             36,916,292            49%      209%

Drug Products. Inc                            411,719                  233,922                   787,500            57%      190%

Emerson Drug                                 2,644,596               2,278,832               2,727,364           89%      103%

Lambert Pharmacal                       3,430,426               2,540,675              18.767,700            77%      547%

Lederle Laboratories                  35,138,908             29,324,525          Not Traded

McKesson & Robbins                    6,628.342             16,807,476              61,386,237            39%      926%

Mead-Johnson & Co                      5,823,410               3,225,682              76,900.000            55%      470%

Merck & Company                       19,965,805             10.120.052              90.140,000           51%      451%

National Drug & Chem                    919,919                  995,721                1,251,905          109%      136%

Parke-Davis                                   14,990,626             16,766,060            141,367,729          112%     956%

Pfizer                                               15,421.633             16.917,118             72,342,275          109%      475%

Plough. Inc.                                     1,346,161                  673,077                7,250,000            50%      540%

Sharp & Dohme                              6,247,552               5,263,236              27,559,224            84%      441%

Smith, Kline & French                    4,476,058              8,003.520                   807,295            No Par shares,

                                                                                                                              split 20 for 1, but not traded

Squibb                                             14.416,783               9,601,389              49,000,000            66%      338%

Sterling Drug                                 23,979,428             20,740,382            151,735,433            87%      632%

Vick Chemical                                 6,429.986               6.104.995             48.268.300            96%     750%


Chapter 3  Government Gangsters 

Since the regimentation of Medicine by quacks and medical gangsters in control of the American Medical Association, this organization has become one of the most vicious rackets in the country. A large majority of the people have lost faith in the medical doctor and look elsewhere for relief.

     Charles Lyman Loffler, M. D


The word "Protection" used to have a sinister meaning in Democratic party councils and propaganda. It meant the Protective Tariff, a pet issue of most of the business tycoons who financed the Republican party.

The fact that the protective tariff protected American labor as well as American industry was conveniently lost sight of by Democratic spellbinders. But with the coming of the Roosevelt Administration in 1933 the word "protection" quickly got lost from the Democratic Lexicon.

The Rockefeller interests, who financed Roosevelt's original foray into politics, also financed his 1932 blitz at Chicago and took over the direction of some of his major policies when he muscled into the White House.

Their yacht "Nourmahal" (owned by Vincent Astor of the Chase National Bank) was placed at his disposal for weekend parties. This was kept up until the Black subcommittee of the Senate intercepted radio messages from a Wall Street international banking house to Vincent Astor telling him what they wanted Roosevelt to do.

These messages were never made public. Senator Black, with every bit of a year and a half's experience as a police court judge, sentencing half-pint bootleggers to the Alabama chain gang, was made a justice of the United States Supreme Court. It was that easy.

The first large scale protection issued by the Roosevelt Administration was to the American and German dye trusts, a move that nearly lost World War II for the United States.

To make the record complete we should point out that just before the Hoover Depression placed Roosevelt in the White House, the Republican Administration itself was guilty of protecting the owner of a huge drug concern which killed over 5,000 people with a misbranded extract of Jamaica Ginger.

So it seems that the Rockefeller (Roosevelt) Administration merely picked up where the Mellon (Hoover) administration left off. But, under the Roosevelt aegis, a half dozen agencies of the Federal Government were turned over to the Rockefeller Drug Trust to do with as they willed. It is to these dishonest and corrupt agencies that this chapter is dedicated.



Nearly 40 years ago that old warhorse for the protection of the American Public from spoiled and poisonous food and drugs (the late Dr. Harvey W. Wiley) had a fine law enacted for this purpose. But the Drug Trust got its hooks into the government bureau which was charged with enforcing the law soon after Dr. Wiley's death.

This Bureau now known as the Food & Drug Administration is used primarily for the perversion of justice by "cracking down" on all who endanger the profits of the Drug Trust. The Bureau occasionally prosecutes, on its own initiative, smalltime opportunists who should be prosecuted. Thus in a few small cases the Bureau does good work.

Its principal activities, however, are as servants of the Drug Trust. Not only does the F&DA wink at violations by the Drug Trust (such as the mass murders in the ginger jake and sulfathiozole cases) but it is very assiduous in putting out of business any and all vendors of therapeutic devices which increase the health incidence of the public and thus decrease the profit incidence of the Drug Trust.

When the F&DA, whose officials all have to be acceptable to Rockefeller Center before they are appointed, receive orders to destroy an independent operator it goes all out to carry out these orders. The orders do not come from Standard Oil or a drug house director.

The American Medical Association is the front for the Drug Trust. The AMA furnishes the quack doctors to "testify" that, while they often know nothing of the product involved, it is their opinion that it has no therapeutic value.

Financed by the taxpayers, these Drug Trust persecutions leave no stone unturned to destroy the victim. If he is a small operator, the resulting attorney's fees and court costs put him out of business, which is just what the Drug Trust wants.

Occasionally the Drug Trust, and its Washington stooges, run up against a tartar one who battles them down to the last ditch. We can name several of these battlers offhand. First, Dr. Adolphus Hohensee of Scranton, Pa., known as one of America's leading vitaminologists.

Dr. Hohensee has a file of over 120,000 persons who have attended his lecture courses and who practice his advice on proper eating. Thousands of them still consult him and buy the vitamins which he processes and packages as dietary aids.

Needless to say, the Drug Trust has never lost an opportunity to "prosecute" him thru its stooges in the F&DA. The most recent harassment was brought in the U. S. District Court for Arizona and the methods used to convict him would defy the imagination of a movie script writer.

The specific charge was that when he shipped a consignment of vitamins from Phoenix, Arizona, to HIMSELF in Los Angeles (for his next series of lectures) he "mis-branded" them. Now comes the comic opera part which wasn't funny to the doctor.

The government had to contradict the reports of its own agents in order to even get into court. When the shipment was first siezed (April 10, 1945) the government chemist who examined it said they were "exactly according to label" and not misbranded. When the trial came up (February 17, 1948) the Food & Drug Bandits produced another government witness who denied the report of the first examiner.

The Drug Trust didn't think the Arizona district attorney was very bright, so they sent down from Washington (at taxpayers' expense) two other government "experts." They wanted the works put to Dr. Hohensee badly.

Ten local medicos all members of the AMA were put on the stand. Their stories were so alike as to give the impression that they had been well coached.

They reversed all known medical theories by "testifying" that "vitamins are not necessary to the human body." They were confronted with government bulletins to the contrary but merely wiggled out of that one by opining that these standard publications were outdated.

The government proved nothing. According to an affidavit in our possession, a government witness did actually tamper with the jury. Nothing about previous harassments of Dr. Hohensee in New York in a similar frame-up was introduced at the trial, but a jury woman averred that another member of the jury told this story to his colleagues, thus prejudicing the cause of justice.

A conviction of Dr. Hohensee and an $1,800 fine was secured.

But the court denied Dr. Hohensee his constitutional right of a new trial. And to further put the slug on him, the judge saw to it that he couldn't appeal the verdict in spite of this overwhelming evidence of a miscarriage of justice. He decreed that Dr. Hohensee must go to jail until he paid the fine.

This sounds more like Hitler Germany or Stalinesque Russia than like a country which is supposed to have our Constitutional safeguards to life, liberty and the pursuit of business. Now let's take the case of Col. Dinshah P. Ghadiali of Malaga, New Jersey.

Col. Dinshah has a system of healing by colors. Unlike the Hohensee vitaminology it is too scientific for our lay mind, but it MUST be effective because over 9,000 satisfied patients have taken his course and purchased his normalating apparatus at $90 per.

The Post Office's kangaroo court issued a fraud order against Col. Dinshah. This spurred the Food & Drug Bandits on. They announced they would find every Spectro-Chrome equipment they could and take it away from its purchaser and rightful owner. To do so they resorted to legalized burglary, claiming they were within their legal rights in taking private property.

But an Oregon judge failed to agree with them. He wasn't as amenable to the Drug Trust slug as the Arizona judge. The Food & Drug Bandits entered the home of William R. Olsen in Portland and forcibly made off with his apparatus.

Olsen hauled them into court. Their alibi was that they didn't think the machine worked that Mr. Olsen should have sent for one of those medical doctors (who promote the sale of drugs, serums and biologicals). The court ruled that whether or not the Food & Drug Bandits were correct in their opinions of the apparatus was beside the point.

A man's home is still his castle, the court ruled. The $90 worth of private property was returned to Mr. Olsen. The judge was kind to the Food & Drug Bandits. He didn't cite them to his grand jury for unlawful entry and burglary.

But the Drug Trust hooks were deeper into our judicial system than anyone could surmise. The Food & Drug Bandits appealed the case to the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals which ruled that a man's home isn't his castle after all, and that (in effect) an American citizen has no property rights if such rights interfere with the profits of the Drug Trust.

That is all anyone can make out of such an unconstitutional decision which, we understand, the honest judge of the District Court called "government's madness."

The Food & Drug Bandits did not stop here. Their orders from the Drug Trust were to destroy Dinshah at any cost. They were told to take him into court and frame him with the "testimony" of broken down medical quacks who knew nothing whatsoever about Spectro-Chrome.

This was done in the Federal Court at Camden, N. J., before a judge named Forman. This judge virtually acted as prosecutor for the Drug Trust as well as the judge on the bench. The defendant was able to find and round up 120 of his patients one-time sick people who had been cured by Spectro-Chrome. They testified to the facts to what they knew.

The "witnesses for the government" testified to opinions and admitted they had never tried Spectro-Chrome. The judge charged the jury not to believe the witnesses for the defense. He called them "deluded" people who, not being the bearers of medical degrees, didn't know whether they had been cured or not. Thus Judge Forman reversed all known rules of evidence which have been practiced in American and English courts since the magna charta.

A jury of morons convicted Col. Dinshah. The judge was as tough as he could be, but he was afraid to give Col. Dinshah a jail sentence. He so stated in words and said that if he did he would make a martyr of the Colonel and bring many others to him and his followers to be cured. He could well have added "and thus further decrease the profits of the Drug Trust."

Col. Dinshah was fined $20,000 and all of his private property connected with the manufacture and sale of Spectro-Chrome device was siezed and forcibly taken from him.

Take the case of Dr. William F. Koch of Detroit, one of the few practitioners in America who successfully handles cancer cases. When the Parke-Davis representative in Brazil became so incensed at him for introducing a science into that South American country that would cure cancer without drugs, radium, X-ray or surgery, he immediately cabled his headquarters in this country.

The Food & Drug Bandits went into action. They cabled Dr. Koch that they wanted to discuss his labels with him personally. Dr. Koch courteously, and at his own expense, came back to the United States to straighten them out. But they, didn't want to be straightened out. They had him framed before they started, and before he docked at Miami.

They refused to consider the evidence of accuracy he presented but threw him into jail at Miami, Fla., without a shred of honest evidence against him. In attempting to get the bond set at $10,000, the Florida D. A. said the Federal D. A. in Detroit had made this request by telephone, claiming Dr. Koch had started work in Brazil which he (the Detroit U. S. District Attorney) didn't want him to go back and finish.

Two long and costly trials were held the taxpayers footing the bill for the Drug Trust and Dr. Koch paying his own expenses. Nothing was proved by the "government," but a few morons on the panels caused both juries to be hung.

This failure was in spite on the fact that large sums of tax money were spent sending Food & Drug "investigators" through the country trying vainly to find "failures" from the Koch treatment. Or, at least, genuine failures.

In California, Charles M. Pierce invented a device which he called a slanting board. This was a table not unlike an ironing board, on which a person can lie with his feet 12 or more inches above his head. Dr. George Starr White of Los Angeles recommended it. I tried it and found it to be a wonderful relaxer.

I also found that it gave instant, even tho temporary relief from hay fever attacks. Altho it costs but $12.50, it was worth $1,000 to me the past summer when the heat turned the dust, in that geographical saucer known as the District of Columbia, into fine powder and made life miserable whenever I left an air-conditioned room or building.

Dr. White, in analyzing the board, says that the gravitational pull on our bodies tends to prolapse and thereby enervate the internal organs. It is only when we lie with the head lower than the heart, and the body in the inclined position, that genuine relaxation seems to be brought about. Also, he says, by use of the Slanting Board the blood circulation in the brain irrigates to a better advantage, washes out and clears up deposits and renews its normal functions.

Mr. Pierce has sold 11,000 of these boards in the last ten years and has yet to hear from a single purchaser that the device isn't all that is claimed for it. Yet, when the Drug Trust heard about it the Food & Drug Bandits went into action.

Nine times they cited Mr. Pierce before a Federal court at great expense to him and to the taxpayers. The last time he was fined $100.00, but suddenly this persecution stopped. Why?

TIME Magazine recently carried an item about the source of President Truman's unusual health and fitness. It said he used a Slanting Board every day and did a number of "pull-ups" on it. The Pierce Slanting Board is fitted with a foot strap by the use of which the user can exercise his torso in every way he (or she) desires.

The Food & Drug Bandits obviously were afraid of contracting a severe case of red face, should the President ever find out they were low-rating the device which keeps him in better health than a President has ever been known to be in at his age.

Bert Lowry in San Diego in 1921 invented a little contraption which might be termed a chiropractic self-adjuster. It is a simple device that fits under the chin and back of the head, with a rope and pulley to be attached to a joist, rafter or door jamb.

The user lifts himself up and off a chair which can do no possible harm. Actually it adjusts all subluxations (except the sacrum and coccyx) and the user can feel the vital nerve force flowing down the spine from the brain and into the vital organs.

I have used it personally for a year, feel ten years younger, do not fatigue easily any more; elimination, appetite and metabolism have improved 50%. Yet Mr. Lowry had to send me my device by express the Post Office had barred it from the mail privileges granted me, you, Mr. Lowry and every other law abiding citizen by Congress.

When the Drug Trust discovered that this little device could conceivably destroy perhaps 50% of drug sales, if it ever became universally known and used, they had the Food & Drug Bandits come down on Mr. Lowry like a ton of bricks. He was cited into court a number of times. He and the taxpayers paid a pretty bill for court costs.

This kept up until Tom Scripps, a "city father" of San Diego and a distant cousin of the famous newspaper family of that name, asked the Food & Drug Bandits in Washington what the Hell was the matter with them. He had a Lowry device in his own home, he pointed out, and was more than pleased with its benefits. Whereupon Food & Drug people called off the dogs.

But there are other Government Gangsters in Washing-ton operating at the beck and call of the Drug Trust. When the Food & Drug Banditti failed, the Drug Trust called in the Post Office Department which has effectively stopped the dissemination of these health-producing gadgets for the time being.

Mr. Lowry has been barred from use of the mails in either direction by the kangaroo court operated on a onesided basis by the Post Office Department. The author of this book has been barred from the mails also when he writes to Mr. Lowry. His mail is returned to him marked "fraudulent" and the government keeps the 3 cents which was paid for the express, Constitutional and statutory right to have this mail delivered.

There is no doubt in the minds of doctors who understand the spine and the ganglion nerve system that use of the Lowry Spine-Ease would stop the now fashionable "disc operations" the type which unnecessarily ruined the major league baseball career of Charley Keller of the New York Yankees.

The "disc" is nothing more than cartilagenous anterior process of the spinal column. By lightly stretching the whole spinal column, the sub-luxed vertabrae would strighten itself out something every competent chiropractor or osteopath can do with his hands.

To take out that cartilagenous cushion from a human spine is a crime in any language. It not only permits shock when the spine is bent forward in that spot, but permits more and often serious interference with the flow of nerve force to vital organs in the torso. But that is alright with the Food & Drug Bandits and the American Medical Association, because such a condition will bring the victim back to the offices of medicos who will have to use drugs to ease the pain and to cover up the effect for the balance of his shortened life.

The "protection" theme of the Food & Drug bandits sometimes varies. We have in mind the Ginger Jake Murders of 1930 and 1931, during the days when we had legal prohibition which prohibited nothing. Louis K. Liggett was national committeeman from Massachusetts, treasurer and a financial angel of the Republican party.

He was also the owner of the Liggett Drug Company, a large and wealthy pharmaceutical concern. The Liggett Company procured some sub-standard and dangerous fluid extract of Jamica Ginger. They began to distribute it.

Howard Ambruster, an importer of ergot who was having trouble with the Food & Drug racketeers, began to complain of these shipments of dangerous "jake." Since it contained alcohol thousands of people were buying it for beverage, rather than medicinal purposes.

Mr. Ambruster was told that it was a bootleg product; that the Prohibition authorities should handle it. The Prohibition authorities pointed out that they had to prove sales for beverage purposes; that it was sold by drugstores disguised as medicine only the F&DA could stop its sale.

Mr. Liggett was a power in the Administration. Nothing was done until people began to drop dead on the streets of cities and towns in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee where this deadly concoction had been widely sold to drug stores. All told 5,000 people were murdered by the Liggett company and the Food & Drug Administration. Over 30,000 were paralyzed and maimed for life.

This was before Hoover "prosperity" had hit the nation. The Administration was all-powerful. Efforts to have the Department of Justice do its sworn statutory and Constitutional duty met with stonewall resistance. Efforts to have Congress probe this disaster met with equally strong resistance.

As a sop to their consciences, the Food & Drug Administration had two wholesale drug dealers indicted and convicted, and given 6-month suspended sentences. The main culprit was indicted as "party unknown" and never brought to trial.

The worst case of connivance between Dealers in Death and Federal officials since the Ginger Jake Murders of 1930 and 1931 was the Sulfathiazole case of 1940. In the protected murder of a large number of innocent American citizens the Food & Drug Banditti had the active co-operation of Morris Fishbein and his shakedown racket.

A new product called sulfathiazole tablets was concocted by Winthrop Drug Company, one of the 66 subsidiaries of German Farben-American Standard Oil's drug cartel. Being made by this Rockefeller unit it was automatically under the protection of both the Food & Drug Administration and the American Medical Association.

Fishbein announced in his Journal of the American Medical Association on January 25, 1941, that . . . "Sulfathiazole-Winthrop has been accepted by the Council of Pharmacy and Chemistry for inclusion in its official volume of new and non-official remedies."

Every member of the medical profession who is unaware of the type of person Fishbein is regards such an "acceptance" as a solemn guarantee to them by officers of the AMA that an investigation has been made and that the product can be relied on for quality and efficacy.

This concoction was also approved by one Dr. J. J. Durrett of the Food & Drug Administration the official in charge of new drugs. Dr. Durrett being a Rockefeller-approved appointee was only doing what his undercover bosses expected him to do.

Four hundred thousand sulfathiazole tablets were unloaded on the market in December, 1940. These tablets were a mixture of the "germ destroying" sulfa drug and Luminal, the drug which puts people to sleep. Although the usual safe dosage of Luminal is one grain, some of the sulfathiazole tablets were found to contain five grains.

Many people who bought and took these Winthrops really did go to sleep. They never woke up. It was then discovered that, to be charitable, the Food & Drug Administration had been asleep at the switch. They had approved deadly tablets apparently without knowing what they contained. No one was ever punished, or even embarrassed, for these murders.

After reading of the banditry performed by Food & Drug agents and inspectors for the benefit of the Drug Trust, it is hard to believe that the Food & Drug Administration actually does good work when it confines itself to the duties allocated to it by Congress.

In the case of the small fry, or of firms not owned by the Drug Trust, the F&DA often cracks down on those who sell putrid food or adulterated and misbranded drugs and proprietary remedies to the public. We can name some rackets which the F&DA nipped in the bud. They will include:


Letz & Schramm mouse hairs and rodent skin in their apple butter;

California Packing Company decomposed sardines;

Lydia Pinkham for advertising a baby in every bottle;

Eraft-Phenix Cheese Corporation insects and rodent hairs in their product;

Edna Wallace Hopper for saying her restorative cream would take the wrinkles out of any face;

Eustis Packing Company for needling their tangerines;

Vita Food Products Company for selling wormy fish;

Everitt Packing Company for selling moldy catsup;

The Parmeda Company for saying their hair tonic will make hair grow.


These are typical of the routine jobs performed by the Food & Drug Administration. But we never hear of them stopping the sale of Bayer's aspirin, which is downright harmful, as shown in the chapter of this book entitled "Dangerous Doses" or of any of the other harmful and even deadly products sold by units of the Rockefeller Drug Trust.


Congress enacted a mail fraud law to protect the public against mail frauds and created the Solicitor's Office in the Post Office Department to administer it. But Congress never intended for the law to be maladministered, or used as an instrument for the Drug Trust's blackjack activities.

When a victim gets past the Food & Drug Administration by proving to a jury that the charges are trumped up, the Drug Trust then has the Post Office Department jump on him. There he has no recourse to a jury.

He is framed by Post Office officials and "convicted" by the POD's own Kangaroo "court." And then he is denied his Constitutional right to use the U. S. mails and his livelihood is destroyed.

Facts are not allowed to be presented. A customer patient, a purchaser, who has used the product complained against and who knows exactly how it works and whether or not it is good or worthless, is not allowed to testify.

There is a universal rule in courts of justice that witnesses cannot testify to their opinions only facts. Facts are excluded from the proceedings of the Post Office Department's Kangaroo Court.

In their place are allowed the bilious opinions of quack medicos, on the public payroll because they were failures at private practice. In many instances these quacks are forced to admit that they KNOW NOTHING of the product they are condemning. They claim they are "experts" and thus know everything without actually knowing anything.

This kangaroo court is presided over by a gentleman known as "the trial examiner." Some of these examiners have been good men, honest men, who know the whole proceeding is illegal and unamerican. One of them told us as much, but said he could do nothing about it, as his superiors required him to render a "decision" based on these unjudicial rules.

If there were any lawyers in the Solicitor's office they would know this entirely illegal because the Supreme Court has ruled so. It was in the Oct. 1902 term, in the case of the American School of Magnetic Healing and J. H. Kelly vs. J. M. McAnnulty, and is to be found in U. S. Supreme Court Reports (187-190), Page 90, officially titled 187 US 94.

Boiled down, this decision which is still the law of the land reversed the Solicitor of the Post Office Department and said he was NOT justified in issuing a mail fraud order "where the effectiveness of the treatment in question is a mere matter of opinion." It specifically added that the statutes are only intended to cover actual FRAUD IN FACT.

In the process of protecting the huge profits of the Drug Trust the POD occasionally prosecutes and puts out of business a real fraud. But there is no way to tell whether or not a product barred by the Post Office is actually fraudulent. That's the public's hard luck.

Such a threat to the Drug Trust profits is the Lowry Spine-Ease, that the Post Office has denied him and his customers, their statutory right to use the mails, even after the Food & Drug Bandits called it a day. Even the powerful Scripps family seems to have been unable to call off the Solicitors' Office from their protection racket of Drug Trust profits.

In the case of Col. Dinshah they have gone to unbelievable lengths embezzlement of $20,000, it would be called if performed by a private individual. Many of his satisfied patients, who had purchased his device for $90, did so with postal money orders.

It was the Colonel's habit to hold each such order a month or two before cashing them, to give the patient time to make a complaint if the device wasn't exactly as represented. When the fraud order was issued, he had approximately 300 money orders on hand and ready for deposit.

Without the slightest authority of law or morality, the Solicitor's Office of the Post Office Department have declared these money orders "worthless." All post offices have been ordered not to cash them, altho the government has the money, the customers have the devices and Col. Dinshah has never received a complaint that they are not just as he represented them. And satisfactory to the buyers.



Back in 1935, when the Journal of the AMA was caught printing fake pictures of what it claimed to be the Ellis Microdynameter, successful demonstrations on members of the House Committee on Commerce discouraged efforts to use Congress for this purpose.

Fishbein had induced Doctor-Senator Copeland to place in the Congressional Record a totally false description of the Ellis machine (described in another chapter of this book). "Plain Talk Magazine," of which I was editor, exposed the fakery of both the AMA Journal and Senator Copeland, thus blocking efforts to keep the micro off the market.

Secretly, Fishbein set out to do further damage to the Ellis people. When F. C. Ellis applied for a patent, to protect his invention from the jackals who always spring up when someone discovers or invents something of a valuable nature, he found that the Drug Trust had reached into the Patent Office also.

For eight years the Patent Office succeeded in stalling off any action on the invention. It kicked the thing around successively into eight different classification divisions, even pretending to think it was either a bolt or a nut. At one time it was gathering dust in the Bolts and Nuts Division.

One examiner after another told Mr. Ellis that the thing was definitely patentable, but that he (the examiner) was not allowed to approve issuance of letters patent. Mr. Ellis went from there to the Court of Patent Appeals with the same result. The Drug Trust apparently was represented on that body also.

Mr. Ellis was not to be intimidated, so he filed a suit in Federal Court at Chicago to force the Patent Office to comply with the laws of the United States. In this action he found an honest and intelligent judge (Barskdale) who insisted on hearing all the evidence and not just that which the Drug Trust desired presented to the court.

One of the exhibits of the "government" was a "report" of Mr. Fishbein, alias the Bureau of Investigation of the American Medical Association. This "report" brazenly said:


"The Bureau of Investigation has made no examination of the mechanics of the microdynameter."


Judge Barksdale asked the prosecution if it had any evidence and upon being told that the "government" considered that "report" evidence, ordered the Patent Office to issue the patent forthwith.



In 1922 the great international banking racket known as J. P. Morgan & Company laid elaborate plans for swindling the investing public thru the sale of billions of dollars in worthless bonds of foreign governments.

The overall plan was whipped up by the then Secretary of the Treasury and boss of the reigning Republican party Andrew W. Mellon. Mr. Mellon first gently tapped any foreign government on the noggin which showed any signs of honesty and (or) demurred against issuing bonds ordered by the House of Morgan.

When the bonds were ready to unload on the victim Public, Mellon had his bank examiners from the Treasury Department "suggest" to all national banks that the Morgan foreign bonds be bought as a "secondary reserve" and, if necessary, to call all good time-tested loans to local businesses. The net result was the closing of over 3,000 national banks when these foreign bonds were found worthless.

In order to extract the last possible dollar from the victim public the Morgan Mob decided to stifle all competition from independent brokers, financiers and firms. They had their affiliates, the investment bankers of the New York Stock Exchange, give $100,000 to a promoter to organize what was called the Better Business Bureaus of America.

Branches were organized in every large and many medium sized cities, and some of them set an all time high for hypocrisy and fraud. The announced functions of these bureaus was fine, but the announced functions were too often a cover up for activities which wouldn't bear the light of day.

Thru local publicity the BBB became known as an organization to protect the public against worthless securities and substandard local merchandize. The BBB was always careful to advise the purchase of securities unloaded by Morgan and his affiliates and discourage those sold by any other source. Locally they looked after the interests of those merchants who paid dues, and were often rough on those who didn't.

One of the BBB's first activities was to lobby thru about 40 state legislatures a standard Blue Sky Law. An amazing but raw feature of these BS laws was that they exempted securities listed on the stock exchange no matter how worthless they were known to be.

In the early 30s a committee of Congress caught some of these Wall Street burglars red-handed bribing the editors and financial writers of the large New York dailies including the Times and Wall Street Journal to print fake stories of worthless securities to "peg the market." Millions of dollars were lost by the victims of these "inspired" newspaper articles.

The BBBs were not above selling blackjacking services to the American Medical Association to aid in the Drug Trust's blackjacking of rival packaged medicine vendors.

The U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals, for the 6th Circuit, in a decision handed down in the case of the Raladam Company which had also incurred illwill of the Medical Fuhrer by refusing to be shaken down, showed how this was done.

It pointed out that the American Medical Association was engaged in a campaign against proprietary remedies which it "believed" should be used not at all or only under their "supervision." The court frankly said, in speaking of the Medical Bund and its Fuhrer (Morris Fishbein, Q.K.) :


"It has a Bureau for that and other purposes. When it is thought that a particular advertisement should be stopped the Bureau takes the matter up with the Federal Trade Commission and with the Ass'n of Better Business Bureaus which are scattered over the country. * * * The Better Business Bureaus explain to their local newspapers and to the general periodicals, that it would be wise to refuse this advertising. * * * "


This is not an indictment of all local bureau managers. Many of them are conscientious, as are some local directors. But the overall protection of stock exchange securities must go on.


Logan Billingsley of the Manhattan Board of Commerce, who had quite a setto with the BBB in the 1930s told a committee of the Congress:


"Many of our citizens lost their life savings thru speculation in stocks and bonds, and kindred securities, believing they were dealing in legitimate investment securities. More than 50 billion dollars have been wiped out thru depreciation over a short period of months. People are dazed by this situation and seeking to discover the cause."


E. C. Riegal of the Consumers Guild of America said:


"The Better Business Bureaus are the militant arm of the NY Stock Exchange. To call this nefarious system a racket is to compliment it. A racket at least has the honesty to declare itself, while the professed purpose of the Better Business Bureaus is 'public protection' at the pretended expense of self-sacrificing, self-righteous contributors . . . Slander, blackmail, extortion, hypocrisy, corruption, terror, timidity, suspicion and business paralysis these are the results."



When President Truman took over the Presidential reins and fired a few Commies and incompetents from high places on the Government payroll, many people were optimistic enough to think that he was going to do a good job. But he stopped far short of that, as recent hearings by committees of both the House and Senate have proven.

There is no record of him having cleaned out the Rockefeller appointees in the State Department, nor in any of the various agencies having to do with the public health. I list these, as follows, and ask pardon for those which I may have missed:


Food & Drug Administration

Federal Trade Commission

Solicitor's Office of the Post Office Department

U. S. Public Health Service

U. S. Veterans Administration

Social Security Board

Surgeon General of the Air Force

Army Surgeon General's Office

Navy Bureau of Medicine & Surgery

National Health Research Institute

National Research Council

National Academy of Sciences


The appointment of the head of this latter body is a concrete example of how the Drug Trust is given complete control of all of these agencies no questions asked, no quarter given (the public). Listed in the current Congressional Directory as President of the National Academy of Sciences is Alfred N. Richards.

The National Academy of Sciences is considered in Washington the allwise body which investigates everything under the sun, especially in the field of health, and gives to a palpitating public the last word in that science.

To the important post at the head of this agency the Drug Trust has had one of their own appointed. He is none other than Alfred N. Richards, one of the largest stockholders and directors of Merck & Company, whose inordinate profits have inflated the market quotations of their stock to 4 times the value of its assets.

Mr. Richards, who is making huge profits from this drug traffic, cannot be expected to look at any "scientific" discovery or advance except thru the eyes of the Drug Trust. Whether he knows it or not, his first question will be


"Will this, or will it not make more profits for Merck & Company?"


That he acts accordingly is proven by the fact that the National Academy of Sciences (I ought to quote the word "sciences") has never lifted a finger to try out the Koch treatment which has cured hundreds of cases of cancer, or any of the various DRUGLESS methods of treatment which should have high rating in any body which calls itself scientific.

In fact, Mr. Richards is part of the System which has made every effort possible to suppress these successful therapies.


Chapter 4  Socialized Medicine 

"A just government protects all in their liberty of choice."

     George "Washington 


Our current Socialized Medicine Bill (Senate 1679) will go down under its own weight if the newspapers of America ever dig behind its White House propaganda and let the public in on the salient features of this remarkable proposal.

First off, the bill is a thinly-veiled political pay-off to Oscar Ewing, our able (too able) Federal Security Administrator. Mr. Ewing has been claiming ever since November 6, 1948 thru the mouths of his friends and political henchmen that he raised more money for the Truman blitz of last fall than Louis A. Johnson, the money-getting whiz.

Mr. Ewing is now seeking the biggest political payoff ever asked in American politics. The bill calls for at least $5,000,000,000 a year for Mr. Ewing to control, spend, play with, politicate on and (maybe) use to run for President.

It calls for a 3% tax on every dollar of salaries and wages earned in the United States for the compulsory health insurance feature. In addition it calls for an unnamed percentage for dental and nursing insurance. A 4% grand total is not an unreasonable estimate.

The Department of Commerce tells us that the total 1948 payroll was $134,400,000,000 and that a total of 59,-378,000 persons were employed gainfully to draw this sum in wages and salaries. This means that each wage earner took from his employer (before income and other "new" deal taxes) $2,263 each on an average.

Four percent of $2,263 means that each wage earner will be compelled to pay $90.52 to Mr. Ewing to have his health insured. Something the Administration propagandists for Socialized Medicine have NEVER TOLD US is that one third of these 59,378,000 wage earners are already insured under efficiently managed health insurance plans of the Blue Cross and other privately run co-ops.

The Blue Cross charges each individual insuree 80c a month for his medical insurance and $1.10 for hospitalization. He can get both for $1.90 a month, or $22.80 a year.

Yet the Ewing Plan proposes to slug four times as much out of him for "health insurance" whether he wants it or not. While the bill vaguely guarantees the doctor of the insurer's choice, there is no guarantee that such a plan will be put into effect.

In fact, this is only 50% true. The "doctor of your own choice" means one approved for you by the Drug Trust one who has been trained to use enough drugs to bring about fantastic profits for pharmaceutical houses controlled by the House of Rockefeller, et al.


Should this socio-communistic bill pass, it wouldn't be out of the line of Drug Trust modus for physicians to be instructed what drugs to use, and how many, in each and every specific diagnosis.


The Bill taxes every wage earner in America but excludes at least 30 % of them from its doubtful benefits. In view of this fact, and that one-third of our people are already insured at 25% of the rates Mr. Ewing proposes to charge them, what member of Congress who knows these facts will vote for the bill ?

The 30 % who are excluded are those American citizens who have obtained better results from the drugless sciences chiropractic, osteopathy, naturopathy and Christian Science than from drugs and the medical theory of disease.

Socialized Medicine is but the opening wedge, hoped for by the Communists, to socialize everything under the sun in the United States. Communist dictatorship does not contemplate letting the individual citizen have anything to say about anything.

If you don't believe the parlor pinks and native "American" reds are behind this bill look at the names of five of the six Senators who sponsor the measure.


Claude Pepper of Florida, known as the Moscow Mouthpiece because of his vociferous admiration for everything Russian. He even goes so far as to advocate giving Russia the secret of the atom bomb.

Glen Taylor of Idaho, who was Henry Wallace's running mate of last fall on the Communist's Presidential Ticket.

William E. ("Pinky") Murray of Montana, whose entire record has been that of espousing causes with at least a pinkish tinge.

Dennis Chavez of New Mexico, with a record similar to Murray's, but not so active.

Robert F. Wagner of New York, German born tool of all Rockefeller interests, including the Drug Trust.


There is another name on the bill Senator Howard McGrath of Rhode Island. Sen. McGrath, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is in no sense either a red or pink. He appended his name to the bill to give it Administration and party sanction, because Mr. Ewing must be paid off for bringing in the money.

Since introduction of the bill for socialization of medicine, Senator McGrath has resigned from the Senate to accept the appointment as Attorney General of the United States.

In properly analyzing a controversial issue it is always advisable to examine those various special interests which are for and against it. In the case of Socialized, or Communized Medicine, which we have had with us since 1933 this is not hard to do.

There are four separate and distinct Special Interests plugging the 1949 version night and day, early and late, tooth and toenail. These four interests are:


1. The Drug Trust which aims, through its Washington stooges and medical dictatorship, to suppress all forms of therapy, exercise and diets which will reduce the use of drugs in any manner.

2. Incompetent medical doctors who see in S-1679 a chance to have patients, who have no choice in the matter, assigned to them; and a chance that the government will make for them what they cannot make for themselves.

3. The American Communists who see, in the possible passage of Communized Medicine legislation, the opening wedge to communize everything else under the sun.

4. Oscar Ewing, Rockefeller attorney, Federal Security Administrator who, under S-1679, would not only be the Czar of medicine, but will have the administering of a fund of probably five billion dollars a year with all the power, pomp, panoply, prestige, glory and benefits that go with $5,000,000,000.


There are three groups and entities that are opposed to it. The first two (groups) are permanently and unalterably opposed to it. The third (individual) is opposed only until they make him an offer of a Cabinet job to support it.


(1) The American public. People want to be allowed to choose their own doctor and modality. They object to paying politicians $90.52 for something they can get (if they want it) for $22.80.

(2) The doctors of America, who do not want to be regimented as their counterparts in Russia are.

(3) Morris Fishbein, spokesman for and director of the American Medical Association. Mr. Fishbein was very much for the first (Copeland) socialized medicine bill., which would have made him Secretary of Health. When Copeland died and the next such measure, by Sen. Wagner, named the Surgeon General, USPHS, czar of medicine, Fishbein hollered "cop."


A brief history of the various socialized medicine bills which have plagued Congress since 1933, is in order. It has often been said that the Tugwell Bill of 1933 and the Copeland Bill of 1934 were socialized medicine measures. This is not exactly true, even tho Prof. Tugwell a member of Frank D. Roosevelt's original 5-man Council of Clowns was a pinko with a yen to make America over. Both this, and the succeeding measure which bore Doctor-Senator Copeland's name, were schemes to emasculate the famous old Wiley Food & Drug Bill in order to protect wealthy and politically powerful manufacturers of dangerous doses.



Dr. Copeland's S-5, also known as the Fishbein Bill, was the first measure introduced to bring socialized (or communized) medicine out into the open. Under this a cabinet post of Secretary of Health was to be created. Sens. Cope-land of New York and Lewis of Illinois promised the job to Mr. Fishbein, whom it had been shown could make only 48 in an anatomy exam. The bill proposed to regiment all doctors in the country and do away with the drugless practitioners. Dr. Copeland didn't have what it took. Neither did his and Fishbein's bill. During the next four years it languished and finally died when both Senators also passed on.



Socialized Medicine appealed mightily to the parlor pinks and virulent reds of Washington. So, with the death of Dr. Copeland, the "New" Dealers decided to take the ball away from Mr. Fishbein and pass it to one of their own kind. Senator Robert F. Wagner, German born fascist from New York, one of the hammiest of the "New" Deal humbugs, was selected to front for Socialized Medicine.

They wrote a bill for him and he introduced it early in 1930. It was numbered S-1620 and called a "National Health Bill." Fishbein was left away out on his own limb. The Czar of Healing, under the Wagner Bill, was to be Tom Parran, fresh out of Rockefeller Center, then the Surgeon General of the U. S. Public Health Service.

Fishbein saw red and not the Roosevelt Administration type of red either when this bill came out. Overnight he became a bitter foe (on the surface) of Socialized Medicine. Since he hasn't been offered a cabinet post to change over again, he is still opposed to the Communization of America's medical doctors as we go to press.

The first Wagner Bill appropriated $35,000,000 for maternal and child health services, $60,000,000 for public health work and investigations, $35,000,000 for grants to states which would set up systems of socialized medicine. The bill also appropriated an indefinite amount additional if this 35 million wasn't enough.

In order that the "New" dealers administering this indefinite fund could do with it what they willed, the language of the bill was made as confusing and indefinite as possible, for it said:


"From the sums appropriated therefor, and the allotments made in accordance therewith, payments shall be made to such state which has a plan approved for each year or part thereof covered by the said plan. These payments shall be in such proportion to the total amount of public funds expended under such plan during each year or part thereof covered by such plan as is determined upon the basis of the financial resources of the state, not counting so much of such total expenditures by the state are . . ."


If you're not out of breath trying to follow this involved and meaningless grammatical conglomeration, read on:


"(1) In excess of $20 for each individual eligible for medical care;

"(2) Expended for the care in hospitals, institutions and other organized facilities and in cases of mental disease, mental defectiveness, epilepsy and tuberculosis;

"(3) Included in any other state plan submitted or grants to a state under any other title of this act."


What does all this legislative mumbo jumbo mean? Damned if we know. Well here's another section in which the writer seems to be trying to prove that the dictionary means exactly the opposite to what it says. Sec. 405, under the general heading of "Definitions," seems to say:


"The term 'temporary disability compensation' means cash payments payable to individuals and for not more than 52 weeks and with respect to disability not arising out of in course of employment."



The first Wagner bill having died a natural death because there were too few collectivists in Congress, the Senator from Rockefeller Center waited four years and then tried to slip another one by the national legislature. This was known as S-1606 and called the "National Health Act of 1945." It carried a catchphrase "Medical Care Provisions."

It would have made the Surgeon General of the U. S. Public Health Service the Czar of Medicine, so Mr. Fishbein took up the cudgels against it. This bill also carried the name of Senator James E. ("Pinky") Murray of Montana, an inheritor of great wealth who rode into the Senate on his uncle's money and then thought espousing collectivist measures the shortest way to fame and notoriety.

During the hearings on the bill Senator Wagner blandly told an inquiring Senator (Hill of Alabama) that the Bill was "all inclusive" and covered everybody, when as a matter of fact the hearings brought out the fact that over 30% of the people in the United States (patients of Christian Scientists and drugless practitioners) were ineligible to any of the dubious benefits carried in the measure.



In 1946 the Communists were feeling their oats and ordered an all out drive for socialized medicine. They decided that then was the time to get the camel's nose under the tent that adoption of Communized Medicine would be the first step toward communizing everything else in the United States.

In 1934 Franklin Roosevelt's entourage had secretly incorporated six corporations in Delaware, having the collective power to take over every business and profession in the United States. A tremendous drive, consisting mainly of mendacious propaganda, was put on in press and radio by the Commies.

Fishbein's outcries against the bill helped its proponents. The bill (known as S-1606) was bottled up in the House Rules Committee by Congressman Cox, the unreconstructed Democrat from Georgia, who (with two other Democrats) joined with the Republican minority in preventing consideration by the House while the collectivist lobby was at the zenith of its power.

The wind was taken out of the Communist sails that November when the voters gave a bad licking to many of their candidates and returned a Republican Congressional majority for the first time since 1928.

The bill was a horrific corruption of the King's English 78 pages of unintelligible gibberish. The objective of this type of verbal shortchanging is to give those who would have administered the bill an excuse (in their own minds) to interpret it any way they wanted. In the propaganda drive for passage no attention was paid to facts. Despite what the American public was told, here is the way the bill would have affected doctors:


"Sec. 205 (a). Any physician, dentist, or nurse legally qualified by a state to furnish any services included as personal health service benefits under this title shall be qualified to furnish such services as benefits under this title (except as otherwise provided in sub-section [c] of this section or in sub-section [f] of section 214, and this provision shall extend to any group of physicians, dentists, or nurses or combinations thereof whose members are similarly qualified."


According to the best research into German and Russian totalitarian methods, the pattern of which has been closely followed by most "new" deal policies, this is what the bill, if passed actually would have meant to the doctor:

Doctors would have been hired and paid by the government on a salary, per diem or per capita basis. They would have worked the conventional eight hours and couldn't have gone out on a call (even by St. Peter) after the whistle.

There would have been no incentive for them to have become skilled in medicine, because the qualifications for advancement would have depended on their dogrobbing and influence with politicians, instead of their skill or character of work done.

The doctor would have had little or no personal interest in his patients when it was decided for him by the commissars what and how many patients he would handle. He would have been paid the same, whether he did a good job or let the patient suffer and die by carelessness or neglect.

The Czar of Medicine, as called for in that particular Socialized Medicine bill, would have been the Surgeon General of the US Public Health Service, a Drug Trust minion who had never demonstrated any ability as a private practitioner and who had come to the Federal payroll direct from the Rockefeller Foundation.

Here is what the bill said about the American citizen who was to pay the freight:


"(b) Every individual entitled to receive general medical or general dental benefit shall be permitted to select, from among those designated in subsection (a) of this section, those from whom he shall receive such benefit, subject to the consent of the practitioners selected, and every individual and every group of such individuals shall be permitted to make such selection thru a representative of his or her own choosing, and to change such selection."


If the citizen in need of a doctor doesn't get dizzy trying to figure out what this section actually means, then he doesn't need a doctor. He's as healthy as a woodchopper. The "New" Dealers will interpret for him if he isn't and of course they will put their own construction on it. As Justice "Hot Dog" Frankfurter says even if Congress enacts a law that anyone can understand it still doesn't mean what it says.

It was impossible to tell how much money the thing appropriated for this experiment in socialism. The language was so confusing that one could have read it either appropriating a flat $4,000,000,000 a year, or $4,000,000,000 for each of the 48 states.




S-1679, which is now before the Congress, is called the "National Health Insurance and Public Health Bill." It is sponsored by all the reds and pinks in the Senate plus the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. It was written by Mr. Ewing and his two chief aids (Chairman Altmeyer of the Social Security Administration and Director Scheele of the Public Health Service). Both these gentlemen will be minor czars (or big commissars) in the proposed set-up.

Even though he hasn't been given a tumble by any member of Congress since Dr. Copeland died, you've got to give Qk. Fishbein credit. He's still in their pitching. At the 1949 convention in Atlantic City he had his own little pet resolution passed. It read:


"The American Medical Association advocates creation of a Federal Department of Health of Cabinet Status with a Secretary who is a doctor of medicine and the co-ordination and integration of all Federal health activities under this department, except for military activities of the medical services of the armed forces."


It is said that the delegates at Atlantic City voted for the Fishbein agenda with gusto, hoping that it might come about as a way to get rid of the Muckraking Mouthpiece of Medicine. As a matter of fact things had come to such a pass that the more respectable members of the AMA felt they had to muzzle him to some extent to save the association's face.

They couldn't wait for his physical disability to take him off their hands. They passed another resolution in which this All-American Quack was admonished to


1. Stop making public speeches on controversial subjects; not to speak at all without approval of the executive committee.

2. Eliminate all interviews and press conferences.

3. Submit all editorials on controversial subjects to the executive committee before publishment.

4. Discontinue his "diary" and so-called column "Tonics and Sedatives." These outpourings from a "doctor" who could not make 48 in anatomy were, it was said, offensive to dignified members of the medical profession.


The Ewing-Truman bill is diluted in order to assist in its passage. It is in seven sections, viz: Education of Health Personnel, Medical Research, Hospital Survey and Construction, Special Aid for Rural Areas, Grants to States for State and Local Health Work, Research in Child Life and Prepaid Personal Health Insurance Benefits.

This last title is the core of the whole bill, and it has the politicians of the "New" Deal licking their chops in anticipation of getting their hands on that five billion a year plus which the bill carries for "carrying on the work."

The first section of this title (Sec. 701) excludes between 30 and 50 percent of the people of the United States, by making eligible only individuals needing "medical services, dental services, home-nursing services, hospital services and auxiliary services." The term auxiliary services means X-ray, radium, pathological, chemical, and the type of a medical doctor known as a specialist.

Added participants under the term auxiliary are listed as optometrists and chiropodists. Patients will have free choice of their practitioner, just so they choose one from the group to which the first section of the title narrows it down.

That's what Section 703 says, but Section 704 tells a different story. Gobbledegook is resorted to make this additional requirement for eligibility so confusing and nonunderstandable that those administering the bill can interpret it to suit the needs of the Democratic party as long as it stays in power. Here is the exact wording. You figure it out. We can't.



Sec. 704. (a) Every individual shall be eligible for benefits under this title throughout any benefit year if

(1) he has received (or, in the case of income from self-employment, has accrued)

(A) Not less than $150 in wages during the first four of the six calendar quarters preceding the benefit year; or

(B) not less than $50 in wages each of six calendar quarters during the first twelve of the last fourteen calendar quarters preceding the beginning of the benefit year (not counting as one of such fourteen calendar quarters any quarter in any part of which the individual was under a total disability which continued for six months or more);

(2) he is entitled, for the first month in the benefit year, to a benefit under title II of the Social Security Act, as amended, or to an annuity under the Civil Service Retirement Act, as amended (5 U. S. C., ch. 14); or

(3) he is on the first day of the benefit year a dependent of an individual who is eligible under paragraph (1) or paragraph (2).

(b) Every individual, not eligible therefor under subsection (a), shall be eligible for benefits under this title during the remainder of a benefit year, beginning with

(1) the first day of any calendar quarter in such benefit year, if he has received (or, in the case of income from self-employment, has accrued) not less than $150 in wages during the first four of the last six calendar quarters preceding the beginning of such calendar quarter;

(2) the first day of the first month in such benefit year for which he is entitled to a benefit or annuity referred to in subsection (a) (2); or

(3) the first day in such benefit year on which he is or becomes a dependent of an individual who is eligible for benefits under subsection (a) (1) or (2) or under paragraph (1) or (2) of this subsection.


The bill calls for the administering of the act by a bureau of the Federal Security Agency known as a National Health Insurance Board. This Board shall be composed of the Federal Security Administrator, the Social Security Administrator, the Surgeon General of the U. S. Public Health Service, and three Presidential Appointees at $12,000 a year salaries.

The Board shall function under the Federal Security Administrator, thus making the Rockefellers' Mr. Ewing the czar of America's Socialized Medicine set-up. It shall make appointments of state and area boards, all of course to be appointed by the patronage chief of the Democratic National Committee with Mr. Ewing sticking his finger in the pie whenever and wherever he wants.

The bill appropriates, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1942, sums equal to three percent (3%) of all wages estimated to be received by the American people during such fiscal year: Plus sums equal to the estimated cost of furnishing dental services and home nursing as personal health service benefits during such fiscal year: Any further sums required to meet the expenditures made by the Administrator.

The bill further adds for the first year of this noble experiment, the fiscal year 1951, there shall be appropriated a sum equal to one percent of all wages estimated to be received during the said fiscal year.

This is the main bill which the Truman Administration is in an all-out drive, flanked by the Communists, to put over in the 81st Congress. It is a bill which Mr. Truman is merely fronting for, as they say in the best Propaganda Circles.

Let's examine the records of the three men who would admininster this 5-billion dollar fund. Mr. Ewing, of course, would be the boss with the other two somewhat in the figurehead, or "stand-in," class. Mr. Ewing has been a politician and a lawyer all his life with no experience in administering a million dollars, much less five or ten billion.

Mr. Ewing's record is mainly that of a Wall Street attorney, his principal clients being Standard Oil and the Aluminum Company of America. Being beholden to the Rockefeller interests, he is their candidate for Czar of Medicine because he can be depended on to see that the drug industry is the main beneficiary of socialized medicine. The Truman-Ewing bill is drawn up to this end.

Mr. Ewing has for many years been a member of the firm of Charles E. Hughes, Jr., which defended the Standard Oil Company at a Washington investigation in 1947. Standard Oil doesn't take a back seat to anyone in paying high wages for important work. During the war, Mr. Ewing represented the Aluminum Company at a stipend of $750,000 a year a fact which is of record in the files of the Truman War Investigating Committee of the United State Senate.

At the time this was brought out, Ewing was already plumping for socialized, or communized, or nationalized medicine (whichever you want to call it). Mr. Ewing's heart bled for the poor common man (so he said) who had to pay high prices for medical care. He suggested that doctors ought to be content with $4,000 or $5,000 a year.

Senator Brewster suggested that the poor common man needed legal services also; that maybe lawyers should also be nationalized; that instead of Mr. Ewing making $750,000 a year he too should be content with $5,000.

Ewing never forgave Senator Brewster for that crack. Instead, he bought the Bangor Daily Commercial in the metropolis of Senator Brewster's state. His son is in charge and the Ewings have declared war on the State's able Senator. They have vowed to defeat him when he comes up for re-election in 1952.

Arthur J. Altmeyer, the present Social Security Administrator, is a member of the National Youth Administration and a number of other organizations designated as Communist Fronts by the House Committee on Un-American Activities. At least his press agent says so.

Dr. Leonard A. Scheele, surgeon-general of the U. S. Public Health Administration, has been on the public payroll ever since he graduated from medical college. He has absolutely no record of achievement as a practicing physician, nor has he ever had any experience as a bedside doctor.

He was for four years connected with "cancer control" activities of the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Scheele's record was one of 100% futility in this post, just as the Institute's record is one of 100% futility in locating the cancer "bug" or controlling cancer in any way. After the war Dr. Scheele became Director of this same futile bureau, again with a record of 100 % futility in doing anything about cancer. For this negative record he was named Surgeon General of the USPHS in 1948.

President Truman recently issued a publicity blast written for him by some very good press agents of the interests that are trying to ram this bill down the public throat. It made the first pages of every newspaper in the country often with 8-column headlines.

It was replete with half truths and untruths. Mr. Truman never read the bill, or he probably never would have endorsed it. A letter to him by the author of this book asked why he proposed to tax everyone in the land and exclude half of them from its fuzzy benefits. This is the letter:





23 april 1949.                     

Mr. Harry S. Truman

The White House

My dear Mr. President:

I am preparing a book for fall publication THE DRUG STORY. In it will be included a chapter on socialized medicine, starting from its inception, the Tugwell Bill. I will appreciate the following information at an early date.

I have read thoroughly the text of your statement of April 22d, advocating a certain health insurance program. To those who know what this is all about the following sticks out like Notre Dame La the national football picture:

Why do you advocate taxing all of the people, yet leaving out more than 50% of them from the benefits to be derived therefrom?

You want more medical schools built You want this and you want that for medicine. Yet you do not want a single dime spent for chiropractic or naturopathic schools, not a single dime spent for these services.

Let me call your attention to the Illinois Medical Society's Journal which, in a somewhat exaggerated article, said that 85% of the American people prefer chiropractors, naturopaths, osteopaths and Christian scientists to medicos.

Why do you advocate taxing the patients of these very efficient professions and exclude them from the benefits to be provided by their tax money?

Awaiting your valued reply.

         MORRIS A. BEALLE.

            Unreconstructed Democrat.



Having never read the bill (S-1679) Mr. Truman didn't know, so he sent it the "Administrator for the program" in the Federal Security Agency. The Administrator didn't know either, but made a brave attempt to answer the letter. The only trouble was that the answer was 100 % at variance with the facts.

It said the bill DID include patients of chiropractors and osteopaths. Had the letter writer read the bill, particularly Page 104, he would have known the bill specifically excludes all but the patients of "physicians engaged in the general or family practice of medicine," medical specialists, dentists, nurses, medical technicians, optometrists and chiropodists.

Some deluded members of the chiropractic profession, with no idea of the wording of the bill, have followed the "New" Dealers and parlor pinks in plumping for S-1679: On the other hand, Dr. B. J. Palmer, president of the International Chiropractors Association, has done something practical toward correcting this part of it just in case the bill gets by Congress.

Dr. Palmer's background in this respect is good. He is owner of the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, and son of the founder of the science of chiropractic. Dr. Palmer apparently is a thorough worker because he took every practical step it was possible to take to have chiropractors included in any bill which might be passed.

George Sheridan of Tacoma, Washington, is the non-paid legislative representative of the International Chiropractors Association. Mr. Sheridan had Mon C. Wallgren, former governor of his state and a Truman crony, arrange an appointment with President Truman for Dr. Palmer.

Dr. Palmer had an audience with President Truman on July 13, 1949, and ably supplemented the letter this author wrote Mr. Truman April 23rd. Also I suspect Dr. Palmer pointed out to the President the large number of votes represented in the patients of 40,000 drugless doctors, and in the friends and relatives of these patients.

With the Presidential sanction (of going after these votes) in the bag, the ICA was not inactive on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue as the Capitol is called in connection with the White House. Mr. Sheridan took the case direct to one of his Senators Warren G. Magnuson.

Senator Magnuson lost no time going into action. By August 20 he had an "amendment to S-1679" drafted and into the legislative hopper of the United States Senate. This amendment first described Chiropractic Service as consisting of "the determination and adjustment of the subluxations of the spinal column for the purpose of releasing pressure upon nerves, as defined by the laws of the states."

It added the word "chiropractor" after the word "physician" in all parts of the bill, and added the word "chiropractic" after the word "medical." To cap the climax and make assurance doubly sure, the Magnuson amendment added that "the term medical includes chiropractic and the term physician includes chiropractor and the term medical services includes chiropractic services ..."

A report from England gave the Drug Trust much joy. Since Britain's Socialist government had socialized medicine, and made pills and drug concoctions "free," the British people had tripled and quadrupled their consumption of these unnatural products. Pill swillers the British people are being called. When you quadruple the 10 billion dollar annual drug bill of the American people you get the figure $40,000,000,000. Take 90% of that and you get $36,000,-000,000 profits.

Five substitute bills have been introduced, and will be presented to the Senate as "in lieu" bills when (and if) S-1679 gets to the floor of the Senate for debate and action. The most sensible is by Sen. Robert Taft of Ohio. It would consolidate the 44 overlapping Federal agencies, which have their fingers in the public health pie, and save much of that $1,250,000,000 which is wasted annually, according to the report of the Hoover Commission.

The Taft bill would make the administrator of these 44 consolidated overlapping agencies a doctor of medicine, but he did not fall for the Fishbein desire that the administrator be given Cabinet Status and Fishbein given the job.


Chapter 5 The Racket In Cancer Control 

"The 'credit' for introducing disease exploitation, as a means of tapping an endless flow of dollars from an unsuspecting public, goes to Harry L. Hopkins. First tried on the public on an extensive scale by the New York Tuberculosis and Health Association, of which Hopkins was guiding genius and director, it proved an instant and lucrative success for its organizers."

Emanuel M. Josephson, M. D.      


The best of medical statistics indicates that one out of every eight human beings dies of cancer. And it is equally a matter of record that cancer has increased manifold since the Drug Trust sold the medical profession on its highly profitable "immunization" program.

Koch and Loffler and Blass and Hoxsey have proven that cancer is a condition in which the blood stream is overloaded with toxins. They have cured cancer by cleaning these toxins out. Orthodox medical methods have never cured a case of cancer in all its history unless you consider that stoppage of the patient's sufferings by death is a "cure."

The reason medical orthodoxy cannot cure cancer is that it follows orthodox textbooks, and these textbooks say cancer is caused by a bug which medical science has failed to discover in 3,000 years of trying. The medical profession has further handicapped itself by following its political leaders in opposing successful methods which do away with the profits from the use of X-ray, radium and dope.

Dr. Loffler said point blank that much cancer is caused by vaccines and serums that these unnatural substances injected into the human blood stream deposit more toxins in one. "shot" than a year of injudicious eating and faulty elimination does. For this courageous attempt to spread the truth Dr. Loffler was forever damned by the Drug Trust and all its stooges.

Cancer is a terrible thing. Not only is the victim of cancer, who goes to a Drug Trust trained and dominated physician doomed to die, but he (or she) is doomed to suffer untold tortures before the merciful Death Angel appears. That is the reason that, after the methods of medical orthodoxy have given only temporary relief (most of this mental), opiates have to be administered for weeks or months before the end comes.

Because of the hopelessness and suffering involved, fear is the first thing that grips the cancer victim. Fear grips many who do not have cancer, for orthodox tampering with the many aches and pains of middle age seldom bring any permanent relief to those who eat at 50 as they were able to at 20.

This element of fear has been seized upon and turned into a handsome profit by some of America's highest-class racketeers. This is called the Fear Technique. Taking advantage of this fear of cancer, millions of dollars are collected every year by a dozen "non-profit" societies for the avowed purpose of combating cancer.

I defy any official of any of these cancer rackets, or any doctor who treats cancer in the orthodox way, to point to one single discovery that has made possible the prevention or alleviation or arrest of cancer by the expenditure of any of these collected millions.

This lush river of gold, which these societies collect each year from Americans rich and poor with humanitarian motives and hearts, does provide luxurious living for hundreds of high-class racketeers. Universal prevention and cure of cancer which will come only when the world is properly educated in the Koch-Loffler-Hoxsey-Blass methods will stop the flow of this river of gold and a good many racketeers will have to go to work for a living.

It is also a matter of fact that, as a by-product, these millions collected for "cancer control" have provided jobs for hundreds of well-meaning and honest medical technicians, who could be better employed in medical practices of their own. Certainly none of these technicians, highly trained and intelligent as they are, has gotten to first base in finding the non-existent cancer bug. If they were trained under a Koch, a Loffler, a Hoxsey or a Blass they could perform much for humanity.

Because the price of radium increased 1,000 percent when some enterprising medical business men started a fad in using it on cancer victims, too much money is tied up in radium now for those who own it to give up cancer futility without a struggle. And because the cancer victim before he dies helps bull the drug market, the Drug Trust will not consent to the naturopathic method of treating cancer without a similar death struggle.

Thus a medical doctor who cures cancer without using drugs, serums, X-ray, radium and the knife and he cannot cure it by using these "approved" methods not only suffers vile harassment from organized medicine but even worse from the Food and Drug Administration, the Post Office Department, the U. S. Public Health Service, the Federal Trade Commission and any other Federal agency, subservient to the Drug Trust, which can get its finger into the picture.

Honest physicians will tell you that cancer is incurable by orthodox medical methods that the medical profession cannot cure cancer. X-ray and surgery only prolong or shorten the life and agony, this supposedly being balanced by the comfort false hope gives the patients and their relatives for a little while.

This period of pain is profitable to the Drug Trust, which is the motivating force in opposing all cures of cancer without drugs. Five cents' worth of dope brings $5.00 retail, and the necessity for covering up the agony of the cancer victim helps not inconsiderably to swell the annual profits of the pharmaceutical houses.

It is also a fact that extreme agony follows the irradiation (by X-ray or radium) and that large doses and injections of dope then become necessary. That is why Drug Trust propaganda recommends "irradiation as an adjunct to surgery."

The comfort of the numbing gives false hope. The irradiation neuritis that follows ultimately kills, in spite of the enormous amount of opiates which have to be administered and which is bought by the patient at a 10,000% markup over its cost of production.

Cancer has been cured, but not by looking for a nonexistent bug, which is all those cancer control rackets do with the money donated by well-intentioned people. It has been cured by Koch and Loffler and Purdue by the medical profession, and by Blass and Hoxsie of the naturopathic profession, and a few others.

Each of these "unorthodox" physicians has cured cancer by the same general principle purification of the blood but by slightly different methods. They discovered that cancer is simply an extreme case of toxemia, just as the common cold is the mildest form of toxemia. A cold is something else the bug hunting medical profession has learned nothing about in 3,000 years.

Intelligent physicians, medical and drugless, will tell you that there is only one disease known to the healing arts. Its overall name might be TOXEMIA and it is called by 415 (more or less) different names, depending on where the inflammation (pain or distress) is located and who is doing the diagnosing (guessing).

Man doesn't catch a cold. He eats it. That's the reason the only way you can really cure a cold is to stop eating for a day or two, or go on a fruit or vegetable juice diet, until nature has a chance to clean out the accumulated toxins. Rest helps because exhaustion or fatigue makes it harder for Nature to eliminate the accumulated toxins.

The only way to prevent a cold is to eat judiciously and eliminate the residue of what you do eat. The diet should be balanced. A glass of celery juice or a stalk of celery a day will go a long way toward preventing colds, because celery not only activates the other foods, but is a cleaner and a rectifier.

Grammar school children also learn in the Physiology books that the spinal cord is the tree of life, the trunk line of nerves which begins at the base of the brain and ends everywhere in the body. They learn that inside our torso are "involuntary organs" which work whether we are awake or asleep, and which do not have to respond to our will to function in the manner of our legs, arms, fingers and jaws.

We learn that these involuntary organs the heart, stomach, lungs, liver, kidneys, bowels, etc. which are virtually life itself will stop working if our spinal cord is cut and the brain cannot send its impulses down to those organs. While medical science has been asleep at the switch, the drugless sciences have discovered that misalignment of those doughnut shaped vertebra of the spine, which encase and protect the spinal cord, can cause impingement of the nerves which feed the involuntary organs and great impairment of their work.

Thus a person whose system is filled with toxins, and who also has handicapped involuntary organs, gives nature a double load in trying to throw off toxins in the natural way. Proper spinal adjustments by a doctor skilled in this art often helps restore health as much as stopping the use of the stomach as a garbage pail.

We also learned in grammar school Physiology that there are three main avenues of elimination in the human body. These three are the bowels, the bladder and the pores.

Intelligent physicians, who aren't looking for bugs and who don't take the Drug Trust propaganda in the medical books too seriously, will tell you that when the toxic load is too great for these three primary eliminators, the next place Nature tries is the delicate nasal membrane. Then, we have a cold.

The nasal discharge for a cold is unpleasant because nature is getting rid of toxins for you. If there is too much of a load for your nasal membrane then some other organ is attacked and you have a serious condition. If it is in the appendix that the toxins gather you have appendicitis. If in the stomach walls or intestine you have ulcers.

If it comes in the form of general inflammation in the lungs you have pneumonia. If in the pleural cavity you have pleurisy. But when the condition becomes so bad that your whole system is affected, the toxins rush in enormous quantities to some part of the body and you have cancer. That means nature has given up trying to overcome the effects of your own stupidity and ignorance of natural laws.

That's the reason no operation, X-ray or Radium treatment has ever been known to cure cancer, however profitable such measures may be to hospitals, surgeons and the Drug Trust. The only doctors who have ever attacked cancer effectively are those who have attacked it through the bloodstream, by short cut or fundamental purification.

And because there is no such things as a cancer bug, all the millions given to cancer research foundations have so far been utterly wasted. This bug hunt will continue to get nowhere from now 'til Kingdom Come unless the research is put in charge of men who have proven that they know something about cancer.

Dr. Koch or Dr. Hoxsey or Dr. Blass (who are still living) could take the millions given any of the various cancer control foundations and put the brakes on that great scourage of the middle aged. The bug hunters can't.

Did you ever wonder why so few people have colds in summer? Or in Florida? Or in the tropics? The reason is that the pores work overtime in warm weather and in warm climates, and eliminate most of the toxins.

In cold weather the pores work more slowly. Thus the toxins pile up and the nasal membrane feels the first shock of a wise Nature's effort to overcome your own stupidity in eating.

A deluded medic, or a cancer racketeer (layman or physician), if he thinks you will respond to double talk will tell you that tumors are curable if removed in time. That is true, but a tumor is not a cancer anymore than a common cold is appendicitis. The cause is the same, but the physical aspects and effect are different.

A tumor is an accumulation of toxins confined in a membranous sac. Cancer is toxins running wild, and cannot be cured except by cleaning them out of the blood from within. Just why this merciful sac forms in some cases no one knows. But even when the tumor is cut out another one forms unless the patient takes steps to eat and eliminate properly, and prevent the accumulation of excess toxins in the blood.

A person who eats temperately and properly, whose metabolism and elimination is working as a wise nature intended it should, will never have cancer. Or a cold. Or any other disease for that matter. That is the principle on which Dr. Koch and Dr. Blass and Dr. Hoxsey work and effect their cures which make the drug trust and medical politicians see red.

That is why they are harassed and interfered with at every turn by agents of the Drug Trust on the payroll of the Federal government. That is why their cures are never mentioned in the Rockefeller controlled press, whose "science editors" in New York suppress all health stories which will not help the sale of drugs, serums, X-ray and radium.

Human nature being what it is, it was therefore inevitable that certain persons would take advantage of the Drug Trust's vigorous campaign against the curing of cancer by such unprofitable (to them) means as cleaning out the blood and removing the cause. Recent months have seen the best heeled and most extensive campaign to get the public to contribute funds to "cancer control" ever seen in this country.

The parties guilty of this current large scale racket are the American Cancer Society which was exposed as early as 1940 by Emanuel M. Josephson, M. D., of New York City in his fearless book entitled "Your Life Is Their Toy."

If any organization of business men not protected by the Drug Trust had been as guilty of the false advertising shown in recent weeks by the American Cancer Society, it would have been prosecuted for and convicted of obtaining money under false pretenses.

Prior thereto it would have been barred from the mails by the Post Office Deportment. It would have been harassed by agents of the Food & Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission. Better Business Bureaus all over the country would have shouted from the housetops in their local newspapers that it was a fraud.

Yet we find such statements as these, sponsored by the American Cancer Society and published sometimes free and sometimes for cash in reputable newspapers and magazines the country over.



thousands of Cancer patients are grateful to you. The money you contribuate to the American Cancer Society helps pay for the development of methods of treatment which are now saving about one-quarter of the people who are stricken with cancer people who otherwise might have died.


In the past year 75,000,000 pieces of publicity material containing wild statements of this sort cooked up in the mind of a high powered publicity engineer, have been sent out to the public in the Society's drive to milk the last possible dollar out of unsuspecting and charitably-inclined Americans. A catch-phrase, used in many of their press agent dreams, says:


"This year one quarter of all cancer patients will be saved by surgery. X-ray or radium."


Yet on Oct. 19, 1949, the Washington NEWS, carrying an account of the District of Columbia Medical Society's annual convention, said:


"Cancer specialists addressing the District Medical Society's scientific assembly yesterday were in agreement that the cure for cancer is unknown. Moreover, detection of cancer in most cases is still a factor of luck or accident," said Dr. Edward A. Gall.


As a result of this type of irresponsible propaganda the American Cancer Society took in $13,221,068 in 1948 from deluded Americans. Judging from the high pressure they are putting on now their 1949 'take" should easily beat that. They started in 1937 with a modest $111,230.

By stepping up their propaganda, they progressively increased their take each year until it reached $850,000 in 1944. With the war over they went to town and in 1945 netted over four million. The year 1946 saw it stepped up to ten million and 1948 to 12 million. Where it will end when the saturation point will be reached nobody knows.

It has become such a lush racket that 2,613 local units have been organized to teach volunteers how to get the money. The only "work" they can actually point to is the operation of 142 cancer diagnostic clinics.

That these cancer diagnostic clinics are merely adjuncts of the drug trust protectors of its profits is attested by the following fact. Not a single one of these "cancer diagnostic clinics" is equipped with the Ellis Microdynameter which has been proven by physicians who use it to diagnose cancer many months before any manual or personal diagnosis can.

Yet much literature of the American Cancer Society says "get an early diagnosis and be cured." While telling cancer victims this, the Society actually prevents them from getting the earliest possible diagnosis because the Ellis people have earned the enmity of the Drug People on two counts.

Number 1, an early diagnosis of anything by the Ellis machine will cut down enormously the sale of drugs. And, Number 2, because Mr. Ellis refused to be shaken down by the front man for the Drug Chamber of Commerce, as told in another chapter of this book.

Four years ago, when I was writing a chapter on the cancer racket for my book "Washington Squirrel Cage," the American Cancer Society was telling the world, thru the Science Editor of Hearst's Universal Service (Gobind Behari Lai) that no cure for cancer has been found. They blamed it on lack of funds. Evidently this falsehood didn't bring enough funds, so this year they are reversing themselves and claiming that one fourth of cancer cases are cured by these ineffective "orthodox" methods.

I'd like to introduce at this point another witness for the people Dr. Francis Carter Wood, professor emeritus at St. Luke's Hospital in New York. Until the name of the present American Cancer Society was changed in 1944 in its program to go after every dime and dollar wring-able from the American public he was its vice president. Dr. Wood says:


"Radium will not cure cancer. It only destroys cancer tissue within a certain radius, but does not drive the disease from the blood."


No wonder Dr. Wood is not vice president of the Society any more.

The Drug Trust considers the American Cancer Society so important to a large part of its profits that it has placed on the society's Board of directors none other than Winthrop W. Aldrich, head of the Chase National Bank and Rockefeller's financial hatchet man. Mr. Aldrich's name is given an element of respectability because on the same board are the names of 28 other laymen from all parts of the United States, many of them highly respected American citizens.

Included in this list are such names as Gen. William J. Donovan, a war hero, and Gen. John Reed Kilpatrick, an immortal Yale football player. All of these 28 citizens permit their names to be used to give respectability to a racket because they have no idea that the Society's cures of cancer are absolutely nil.

The American Cancer Society doesn't believe its operations would bear the light of an intelligent investigation. It has refused to cooperate or join with local community chest drives, because some of these local chest groups are rather inquisitive as to where the money they solicit from their townsfolk goes.

Instead, the Society says it wants to reach 75,000,000 contributors and take in all the money themselves. As part of its Fear Technique it claims 22,000,000 living Americans are doomed to die unless it gets this money.

Let's hear a courageous medical doctor who hasn't been intimidated by either the Drug Trust, or its powerful subsidiary the American Medical Association. I quote from Dr. Josephson:

"Associations have been formed to 'control cancer.' They have been more successful in controlling the cancer business. If they incidentally increased the financial returns on their doctors' investments in radium it must be said that the price of radium increased 1,000% when they began to use it on cancer victims that was hardly unexpected or undesired.

"The more one studies the situation the more one is inclined to wonder whether the true function of cancer quackery on a higher level or on a more lucrative financial plane. They boost radium and surgery as the only 'cures' for cancer. They serve to give a monopoly of the cancer business to the cliques of doctors and dominate them. Some even count their annual profits in six figures.

"These doctors proclaim themselves 'authorities' and 'specialists' in cancer. They systematically deny everything that does not emanate from themselves and add to their cash incomes. Since these fakers would be 'robbed' of their livelihoods and incomes by any effective means of preventing cancer, they can be depended on to promptly 'reject' any method which might be discovered. As 'omniscient authorities' they vehemently scorn and discredit any such possibility. They hopefully insist that the cancer problem will be with us forever.

"Cancer Associations do not use the funds they collect for the relief of cancer victims or for the payment of institutions for their care. The money collected has been used for the payment of salaries to the medical bosses, to other personnel and for publicity, propaganda and advertising (for more contributions).

"They have succeeded in establishing a censorship of the press by alternately wooing and pandering editors. With the aid of the press they maintain a constant hysteria and phobia among the public, a constant flow of patients into the office of doctors posing as 'cancer specialists' and the flow of millions of dollars into their coffers."

This propaganda pattern was overdone by the American Cancer Society in Washington recently when their paid press agent (a Miss Evelyn Young) gave out a sensational story to the newspapers about herself. "Evelyn followed her own advice," the story yakyakked, "took the cancer test and was saved."

According to her own press agent yarn, she was found to have "erosive tissue" which, if not cut out, could result in cancer. Evelyn averred that she was going to the hospital the next day and have her erosive tissues (whatever they are) cut and thus be saved. The story, of course, made the front pages of at least her local hometown papers.

Nothing in this press agent yarn gave any inkling to what "erosive tissues" were or how they were likely to "develop into cancer." Being a curious person I sought information, not from a "cancer expert" who never cured a case of cancer in his life, but from one of the few doctors in America who do cure it. Dr. William F. Koch told me:


"The erosions that lead to cancer come from child birth injuries that have never healed, due to infection. If the biopsy showed suspected cancer it could be but a hyperplasia from the chronic infection. If it showed cancer in an early state( the press agent yarn was not clear on that point maybe purposely) then she either has no cancer and it is a frame-up, or if it is cancer the remedies they suggest to use are the bunk and she will die. On the other hand, they may know she has no cancer and in the years to come they will say, 'See we cured her by early operation.' "


Dr. Koch was speaking for the medical men who may read this, and in medical language. I also asked another learned doctor, of the drugless field, who speaks lay language. Dr. W. A. Budden, director of the Western States (Drugless) College, read the press agent yarn for me and replied:


"I imagine the author of the article means 'cervical erosion.' This is a process of repair occurring at the entrance of the cervical canal. What happens is that the ordinary friction resisting pavement cells which cover the entrance to the cervical canal are replaced by others of different shape, i. e. columnar. This process does not heal readily and may go into the formation of small cysts. I suppose that everyone who develops cancer may be said to have been in 'a pre-cancerous stage' before the malignancy became noticeable, and to that extent cervical erosion may be considered 'pre-cancerous' where the malignancy develops on the site of the erosion. I have been unable to find, among the authorities, any number who consider this condition as a necessary prerequisite to malignancy. In fact, one W. A. D. Anderson, M. A., M. D., F. A. C. P., goes so far as to say "the initial phases of cancer have not been found in areas of erosion or laceration.'"

"What purveyors of tripe our newspapers have become!"


Dr. Budden doesn't know half of it. The cancer society press agents in the East have adopted the methods of the circus ballyhoo artist in the type of "sensational" attention-catching stories they plant in the willing and gullible press.

One such story was planted thru the United Press, and its "science" editor in New York. It was headlined "Atom Cocktail Checks Cancer, Restores Patient." And we find such tripe as this "Rimless Glasses Blamed for Cancer."

Another one by the United Press, out of South Bend, Ind. The headline "Some Success is Reported in Search for Cancer Killers." The story follows with this kind of hocus pocus: "Dr. Campbell, who was recently awarded $7,200 by the National Cancer Institute to continue his work, is using the alkaloid Colchicine, a poisonous substance obtained from the meadow saffron plant, in attempting to synthesize a cancer-killing compound."

This kind of press agent stuff has never cured a single cancer case, but it has brought many thousands of dollars into the coffers of the American Cancer Society. That's why they pay their public relations firm so handsomely.

In exposing the way the Society handles the press, plants its own fradulent "news" in our mediums of public information and prevents the truth of the Koch, Hoxsey and other cancer cures from appearing, Dr. Josephson continues:


"It (the cancer society) won the hearts of editor members of the National Association of Science Writers by bestowing on the Association (of science writers) the Clement Cleveland medal for 'outstanding work in the campaign to control cancer.' In presenting the medal, the Society spokesman gushed that doctors working in cancer feel they are safe in giving to the public through the science writers such facts as they are entitled to know and use. 'To which the spokesman for the Association of Science writers humbly responded 'Now that you have given us a medal put us to work.' The Cancer Society has done that.

"The Society has free access to news columns. The reliance of editors on it for cancer news is tantamount to censorship. Weekly, and sometimes daily, the Society and its officers break into the news columns with some announcement however insignificant and trite, true or untrue."


How true Dr. Josephson is has been attested in recent months with many "news stories" about "discoveries" in the field of cancer cure, planted by the Society in its all-out drive for funds.

The American Cancer Society believes in the principle of the 5-and-10 cent store tycoons great wealth is achieved from millions of small sales. It is but natural that a racket as lucrative as the ACS should have its imitators. It has, but many of them scorn the dimes and dollars which the American Cancer Society eagerly goes after and grabs.

There are those high-class racketeers who go after nothing less than a six or 7-figure take. Their modus operandi is more subtle and lucrative. They find a wealthy victim who is dying of cancer. They gain his ear, often by crossing with gold the palm of the physician who is leading the victim on to his death by telling him there "is no cure except X-ray, radium or surgery."

They tell the victim what a great thing for humanity it would be for him to leave part or all of his fortune to their "society" (often not even yet formed) which will "some day find the cause and cure for cancer." It is hard for a dying person to resist such suave blandishments.

The deaths of Damon Runyon, beloved sports writer, and Babe Ruth, the great homerun king of Baseball, have been used for a similar purpose. A well-known radiorator has raised, it is said, about $3,000,000 for the Damon Runyon Cancer Fund.

There is a Babe Ruth Foundation operating now for the purpose of exploiting the death by cancer of the throat of the great Sultan of Swat. Not a dime of this money will ever do anything about controlling or alleviating cancer. What isn't used for "administration" and salaries will be used to hunt the none-existent cancer bug.


Four years ago I published the names of nine "cancer foundations" financed mostly by wealthy victims of cancer. They were:


International Cancer Research Foundation

(Philadelphia) $2,000,000

Crocker Cancer Research Fund

(New York) $1,400,000

Anne Fuller Fund

(New Haven) $65,000

Jonathan Bowman Fund

(Madison, Wisc.) $400,000

Henry Rutherford Fund

(New York) $200,000

C. P. Huntington Fund

(New York) $100,000

Bondy Fund

(New York) $100,000

Charles F. Spang Foundation

(Pittsburgh) $100,000


An interesting example of how wealthy people are induced to part with their money by these cancer racketeers is the case of William H. Donner of Philadelphia, one of the ex-fathers-in-law of Elliott Roosevelt. Mr. Donner gave $2,000,000 which has been used for salaries, quarters and expensive but useless laboratory equipment. Some of it was also used for press agentry which made Mr. Donner believe some tall tales. In a letter to this author Mr. Donner said:


"Fundamental scientific research directed toward determining the causes of malignant diseases has been the main interest of this foundation since its inception. There are hundreds of individuals in this country today who are living proof that surgery, X-ray or radium do cure cancer."


As every intelligent physician knows, Mr. Donner has been "taken for a ride" and for a $2,000,000 ride at that.

The medical doctors have a stereotyped phrase to cover their non-success: "Operations, radium and X-rays are the three recognized treatments for cancer." The doctor does not add "but medicine also holds that your cancer is incurable."

Cancer comes back in nearly ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, according to one of the late Drs. Mayo, of the Mayo Clinic. But the medic who failed always has what he thinks is a good alibi. "The patient came too late." Often the stricken patient returns to the same doctor. The doc doesn't dare recommend an operation again. Instead X-rays.

Perhaps two months of temporary relief; and then the malignant growth breaks out again, growing this time like a fire drenched with gasoline, due to the X-rays quickening of the growth of the cancerous mass.

Operation has failed, X-rays have failed. But there is radium left. A few treatments, more high fees. Again a temporary relief and then more dreadful pain than ever. The doctor purringly gives the suffering patient a box of white tablets, and tells him to take one every two hours; and so he sends the patient home.

The relatives go to the doctor; what can the patient do next? If they still have money, the doctor probably recommends such-and-such a clinic. Another high fee, from the patient, almost on the brink of the grave now. This fee is split fifty-fifty with the local doctor who has shipped the dying patient on.

Home again, with more temporary relief from more X-ray and radium, which deadens the tissues temporarily as morphine deadens the nerves. The patient is still getting worse. By this time, the relatives have gone to the doctor and demanded an honest expression from him: they are utterly aghast when he says:

"I am very sorry, but we have done all we can for him. Give him the morphine pills whenever he experiences extreme pain, as I believe that the end is near. Medical science knows no cure for cancer."

But naturopathic science does.

Dr. William F. Koch of Detroit began the treatment of cancer in 1918. Since cancer is but an extreme case of toxemia, and since all other diseases are but toxemia in different forms of manifestation, it was natural that he should begin to cure other diseases later. Among the diseases which still have the orthodox medicos fumbling and bumbling, which Dr. Koch cures simply and quickly, are arterio-sclerosis, rheumatism, arthritis, infantile paralysis and tuberculosis. In order to cure, Dr. Koch first got at the cause of disease which he explains simply thus:


"The human body normally is not afflicted with disease. Poisons come into the system from food, living habits, air and various opposition forces in nature with which everyone is bombarded. The oxidation system burns off these toxins and keeps them from harming the body. Something may happen to keep the oxidation system from functioning normally. The poisons remain in the system and cause a reaction, namely disease. If one man has certain weaknesses it may manifest as cancer. In another as tuberculosis, and so on, depending on the type of toxin which has invaded the body. The immunity process is impaired, and the oxidation mechanism must be restored to burn off the accumulated toxins. The Koch treatment consists of a cleaning regime to eliminate poisons from the bowels, and to cleanse the liver and organs by diet. This is accompanied by cm injection of Koch anti-toxin which acts as a catalyst (or stepping up agent) to help restore the oxidation mechanism so that natural immunity is again enjoyed. As this takes place the disease leaves, since it cannot exist in a body whose oxidation mechanism is functioning as the Creator intended."


Dr. Koch put his finger on probably the main fundamental of disease "sometimes something happens to keep the oxidation system from functioning normally." Toxins that are eliminated never harm anyone. It is when they pile up in the bloodstream that trouble comes.

Shock, like as wet feet or cooling off too suddenly when the pores are open and the perspiration is flowing freely, will stop the skin elimination abruptly, causing nature to detour through the nasal membrane. That is why some people think you "catch cold" when your feet get wet.

There are seven emotional states of the human mind that interfere and seriously with oxidation and even with digestion. They are fatigue, grief, disappointment, fear, anger, hate and frustration.

But the greatest deterrent to oxidation and all other forms of elimination probably is a mechanical imperfection of the spine known to drugless physicians as "subluxation" of one or more vertebraes. Any good drugless doctor can diagnose and correct this in a matter of seconds. No medical doctor can do it at all, as their books tell them that the science of chiropractic "taint so."

A subluxation seriously interferes with the flow of nerve force from the brain to the involuntary organs. When this happens those organs only work on half time and oxidation and digestion and elimination is slowed down. When the chiropractor removes this obstruction, the body works normally again. Scientific spinal manipulation is therefore even more of a preventive than a cure.

The hundreds and hundreds of cancer and other cures which have been effected by Dr. Koch since 1918 have brought down on his head the wrath of the Drug Trust, and of those medicos who have thousands of dollars invested in radium and other totally ineffective agents.

The Food and Drug Bandits in Washington were put to work. Dr. Koch was arrested in April 1942 and forced to submit to a trial which lasted five months and cost both him and the American taxpayers many thousands of dollars. He proved by restored patients that he was making no untruthful claims; the "government" was unable to prove a single charge against him.

The jury refused to convict, but the Drug Trust was adamant. Their stooges in Washington made him stand trial again in 1948. After another five months of repetition and recrimination the case again ended in a mistrial.

For five weeks the government paraded a group of witnesses, none of whom knew anything about the Koch treatment. Their testimony was that which is not allowed under any known rules of evidence that they didn't believe it would cure ... it wasn't the accepted way to treat cancer . . . this . . . that . . . and the other thing.

But the Drug Trust wasn't through. They ordered their stooges in the Federal Trade Commission to obtain a "temporary" injunction in Federal Court at Detroit, designed to hamstring him and his discoveries and work. This "temporary" injunction has lasted seven years. It has been used principally to intimidate other physicians who use the Koch method and cure patients of cancer quickly and inexpensively and interfere with the overall picture of Drug Trust profits.

Dr. Koch is at present in Brazil, doing his work for humanity where it is appreciated more much more than in the United States, where government agencies are controlled by an Invisible Government of industrial behemoths.

When Dr. Koch went to Brazil he turned his clinic and practice over to a religious group which is now shielding the Koch treatment from the Food and Drug Bandits with the first amendment of the Constitution freedom of religion. The Christian Medical Research League has been formed to arrange for the treatment of all cancer victims who wish the Koch treatment and cure.

The Rev. Sam Swain, a United Brethren minister of Akron (Ohio) is president of the League which is composed of representative pastors of a dozen different religious denominations. Religion is political dynamite and the Government Gangsters are, at this writing, racking their warped brains to find a way to serve their master, the Drug Trust.

So far they have limited it to intimidating many of the 2,000 medical doctors who have tried the Koch treatment and found it effective. They are browbeating those who don't kick the F&D agents out of the door into turning over the ampules of the Koch treatment which they may have on hand. This is a calling known as highwaymanship or burglary when committed by gangsters without government badges.

The reason for this unbelievable harassment of Dr. Koch, and of physicians who use his glyoxylide treatment for quickly curing up cancerous conditions, is obvious. Statistics show that the average cancer patient pays $7,500 TO DIE.

The list price of one injection of glyoxylide is $100, and it takes only a few injections to oxydize the toxins which form the cancerous growth. If the patient cannot pay $100 he pays whatever he can. The organization which now has control of the Koch treatment furnishes all of its physicians sufficient ampules to take care of all bona fide charity patients.

Supplementing this little item of $7,500, a book entitled "The Birth of a Science," published by the Lutheran Research Society of Detroit, says:


"Untold millions are invested in hospitals, drugs, radium X-ray apparatus. No wonder it is the popular thing to pound into the public mind the idea that there is not the remotest possibility of a cure for cancer except with radium, X-ray or surgery.

"This claim has been demonstrated to be entirely false. Yet the public are given such articles as appeared in the SATURDAY EVENING POST on December 21, 1946, which stated ". . . a doctor who claims to know an effective treatment for cancer not involving surgery, radium or R-rays is an ipso facto quack."


In this one statement the Satevepost raised the qualities that made Ananias famous to its zenith. They have invented the Double Lie in one statement. The Koch treatment, and the Loffler treatment, and the Hoxsey treatment, and the Blass treatment, and other natural treatments, DO CURE CANCER. Surgery, radium and X-ray HAVE NEVER CURED A CASE OF CANCER. As proof of this I will quote some prominent medical men.

Dr. D. C. MacFarlane, testifying as a throat specialist before Cancer Commission for the Province of Ontario, Canada . . . "The only treatment I have had any experience with is X-ray and radium and they have both been most unsatisfactory."

Dr. C. Everett Field, Director of the Radium Institute of New York . . . "Blindly we have been attacking cancer in its advanced stage with surgical effort, only to find prompt recurrence after removal."

Dr. L. Duncan Bulkley, senior surgeon of the New York Skin and Cancer Hospital . . . "Cancer is not a surgical disease. Neither surgery, X-ray nor radium have changed in any way whatever the ultimate mortality of cancer in 40 years."

Dr. W. A. Dewey, former professor of medicine at the University of Michigan ... "In a practice of nearly 45 years I have yet to see a single case of cancer, save a few semi-malignant epitheliomata, cured by surgery, X-ray or radium."

F. W. Kannel, M. D., of Fort Wayne, testifying before the Ontario Cancer Commission . . . "I was badly discouraged with my first 24 years experience with surgery and X-ray and radium. I was glad to find something (the Koch treatment) that would cure even a few of them, and I do say that it has cured a few."

Dr. Warren H. Lewis, former professor at Johns Hopkins medical school . . . "We might as well face the fact that as yet we know little of the cause of cancer. Radium has been a disappointment."

Dr. Charles Lyman Loffler, who died last year, treated people in a not so dissimilar method to Dr. Koch's. Dr. Loffler's understanding of disease was the same. He would first take a drop of his patient's blood and analyze it in a test tube for toxins.

He then gave an intravenous injection of oxy-chlorine and all tests shortly thereafter (which I saw) showed a marked drop in the toxin-content of the blood. Loffler's cures of cancer patients brought down on his head the wrath of the Drug Trust and the personal spleen of their Chicago stooge. Morris Fishbein. Dr. Loffler's work is now being carried on by his then understudy, Dr. K. F. Murphy (25 East Washington, Chicago).

The first victim of Drug Trust persecution to win a victory in courts was Harry Hoxsey (4507 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, Texas). In personally investigating the Hoxsey cures, I have seen photographs of external cancer completely cured after several weeks' treatment.

But it stands to reason that a cure which can clear up cancer of the nose or tongue can also clear up cancer of the stomach or intestines. A score of these photographs showed beyond peradventure of a doubt that each of these victims had had a serious external cancer and was completely cured.

The Hoxsey treatment is based on the fundamentals of disease, just as is the Koch and Loffler and Blass technique, and the methods of thousands of naturopaths and other drugless physicians. Instead of administering cleansing agent intravenously, Hoxsey gives it through the mouth. In his clinic at Dallas he employs medical physicians but physicians who have taken off the blinders placed by the books prepared for them by the Drug Trust when they were in medical college.

It is a matter of court record that in a recent harassment action brought against Mr. Hoxsey in court at Dallas by the Drug Trust, pathologists of the American Medical Association were forced to admit (under oath) that the Hoxsey treatment has cured a melanoma carcinoma a type of cancer which AMA medico-politicians had testified at the same trial was "incurable."

It was, of course, incurable by methods approved by the Drug Trust.

It is a sad commentary on our Army officials that the Hoxsey treatment is used by the Mexican Army Hospital to cure cancer, while he is not allowed to cure cancer of American soldiers. These unfortunates are doomed to die by the Army Medical Corps.

Sen. Elmer Thomas of Oklahoma is one of the few men in public life who have the courage to defy the Drug Trust and its smear bund. In a letter to Mr. Hoxsey, he said:


"It seems that the medical fraternity is highly organized and that they have decided to crush you, if at all possible. I have had a few 'rounds with the heads of the medical organization as well as the Public Health Service here in Washington, and it seems that public officials are afraid that if they make any move, or say anything antagonistic to the wishes of the medical organization, they will be pounced upon and destroyed. In other words, public officials seem to be afraid of their jobs and even of their lives. This presents a most serious case, and I am at a loss to know how to proceed. I am of the opinion that what the medical organization does will be repeated by the several state organizations in the event any Congressman or Senator started out to publicly oppose their program. I have done what I could to have your remedy, or at least the record of your accomplishments, considered and passed upon. But, to date, the authorities here have refused to act."


The Blass Treatment is fundamentally similar to the other successful methods. Dr. F. M. Eugene Blass (Long Valley, N. J.) first gives his patient a thorough internal cleansing. His method is to add to, a rectal syringe full of tepid water a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoonful of white powder he has formulated known as Sanazon.

The patient lies on the right side and this enema never makes him sick, as enemas frequently do when given unscientifically in some hospitals. It is held a half hour before the bowels are voided and when they are they become usually as clean as those of a newborn baby.

He puts his patients on a diet of fruit juices and water for anywhere from three days to a week, depending on the extent of the accumulated toxins. He examines the stool for mucus and other results of injudicious eating and faulty elimination.

Since May 11, 1948 the medical bund of Pennsylvania has been trying to squelch the Drosnes-Lazenby Cancer Clinic (4774 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh). On that day the Clinic completed its experiment on cancerous animals and started to cure humans of cancer with a preparation they named Mucorhicin.

Mucorhicin is a wheat ferment which melts the tumor and passes it out through normal methods of elimination. Wheat is one of the greatest healing agents of all time. Wheat was the basis of our grandmothers' bread mold cure for this, that and the other thing. It is also the basis of present day penicillin a widely hailed "wonder drug" which medical science has succeeded in making into a poison which, in most cases, does more harm than good.

It is practically the same thing Dr. Waldo Jones (Myrtle Beach, S. C.) uses in the cure of cancer, polio, TB, arthritis, neuritis and other cases which medicos have pronounced incurable. Dr. Jones, a naturopath-researchist, adds some well known herbs which certainly don't detract from its effectiveness.

The Lazenby Clinic has been curing many cases of cancer. They have even cured some "terminal cases," which the medics have given less than two weeks to live. When this good news spread through Pittsburgh, the City Health Officer and the Allegheny County Medical Society had conniption fits. The Drug Trust had looked to them to keep down this sort of thing, and they had fallen down on the job.

The Clinic hires two medical licentiates who are so enamored of the results they are getting that they told Mr. Drosnes their medical books were all wrong. And they are proving it every day.


Chapter 6 Get-The-Money Boys 

Get money; still get money, boy; no matter by what means.

     Ben Johnson 


With the American Cancer Society showing how easy it is to get the money to the tune of $13,000,000 a year in ever increasing gulps it was inevitable that this method of living off the fat of the land, without doing any work, should spread.

Today we have "non-profit societies" collecting money for the "control" of nearly every disorder under the sun. Next to the cancer crowd the Anti-Tuberculosis Association probably is the largest one, with the infantile paralysis racket not far behind.

We have societies for the "study" and "control" of arthritis, rheumatism, mental health, vision, psychoanalysis, optics, infantile paralysis, tropical diseases, orthopsychiatry, cerebral palsy, blood transfusion, multiple sclerosis, biochemical research, epilepsy, diabetes, pure milk, infantile paralysis and tuberculosis.

The Anti-Tuberculosis Association, while the late Harry Hopkins was general manager, showed how millions could be collected from suckers and not a dime spent for anything but salaries and alleged expenses.

The multiple sclerosis gang got itself reams of newspaper publicity last spring by bringing the widow of the late Lou Gehrig, one of the finest and best loved baseball players who ever lived, to Washington to tell a committee of Congress that they should appropriate funds for the anti-sclerosis "control."

The money collectors, who use cancer, polio, tuberculosis and heart trouble as their bait, have many branch offices in the various states, counties and cities of the country. Needless to say people with such a lush racket as this go after the dollars, as well as the big checks, in a high pressure manner. They don't miss a bet.

The American Cancer Society reports county units of 2,613 in the 3,067 U. S. counties, with collectors and contributors "enrolled" to the number of 1,319,478. It's stated aim is to have 75,000,000 contributors. The American Cancer Society has an active rival in the National Cancer Foundation with swank offices at 101 Fifth Avenue, New York.

In preparing this chapter we wrote to 27 organizations in New York which were in the "association or "foundation" business. Also 12 in Washington, seven in Chicago, two in St. Louis and three in San Francisco. We courteously requested statements of their annual budget, amounts spent for promotion and collecting, sponsors and statements of accomplishments if any.

Many of them replied in kind. The National Cancer Foundation, however, was wary and refused to send this information until and unless we told them "how we proposed to use this information."

Next to the cancer control racket the tuberculosis business is the most profitable to its professional promoters. The District of Columbia unit sent us its annual report, but the national body just ignored our request. This report showed that the District of Columbia Unit was administering its collections honestly only $12,831.98 of the $146,206.98 collected in 1948 being used for administration.

That's not the way Harry Hopkins, the late but unlamented "gentleman racketeer" of Franklin Roosevelt's White House Council of Clowns, taught 'em. Hopkins was a lifelong charity broker and de luxe parasite. There is no record that he ever earned an honest dollar in his life.

His administration of the affairs of the New York Tuberculosis and Health Association, in the late 1920's and early 1930's, was an object lesson in protected pickpocketry. This association for many years has been making an appeal to the public for funds every Christmastide. They "sell" you T-B seals, to be ostentatiously attached to your Christmas mail.

When Mr. Hopkins took charge big salaries and large expense accounts became the rage and in 1931 not a dime contributed by the public was used to even remotely do anything about tuberculosis. It was all used for salaries and expenses. Dr. Louis I. Harris, then Commissioner of Health of New York City was an "ef-officio officer" of the Association.

That meant his name was used to give the racket respectability and he was supposed to be not too inquisitive about the operations of the Association. However, he WAS inquisitive and as a result of his findings he wrote the following letter to the New York TIMES which was published on June 8, 1932:


"So for as I have been able to discover during many years of intimate contact an utterly insignificant fraction of the several millions collected by the N. Y. Tuberculosis & Health Association during the past decade and a half has been used to supply diagnostic care, medical treatment, sanitorium or hospital care, or any of the necessities of tuberculosis patients or their families. In fact, I am confident that none of the money is used to assist those suffering from tuberculosis."



Contrast this fact with the wide and spectacular appeal sent out by Mr. Hopkins and his fellow gangsters the previous December 15th (1931). It was in the form of a simulated telegram and was headlined "Sav-A-Life-Gram." It said:




This "Thomas W. Lamont" was none other than the chief partner of the House of Morgan, which used to vie with the House of Rockefeller for the leading role in milking the American consumer, with collaboration of faithless public officials, elective and appointive.

Even such an honest outfit as the District of Columbia TB Association makes but little inroads into the disease. The reason is simple too much Drug Trust. None but medical doctors are taken into the "war on TB" and because of their lefthanded methods, the only persons cured are those who are stronger than their neighbors and to whom a period of rest is one thing needed to conquer the "great white plague."

Naturopaths have found that tuberculosis is a mucous disease. Laymen, who have watched a "lunger" spitting his life away in a sanitarium in the mountains into a sputum cup have also noted that it is a mucous disease. Not so the medics, who have been taught to drug and drug and drug. Of course, in the final stages the pain is so great that dope must be given to ease the victim's sufferings.

Dr. Carl S. Frischkorn of Norfolk, Va., who is both a doctor of medicine and a doctor of naturopathy, successfully treats tuberculosis patients by first taking them off the orthodox milk and raw eggs diet. Milk and raw eggs produce more mucous than anything else, yet we find the honorable medical profession feeding these items to T-B patients as they hawk and spit their lives away.

A New York State sanitarium announced once that it was successfully treating patients the same way. This story must have slipped by the Drug Trust censor (science editor) in New York for it never appeared but once to our knowledge. I quote from Dr. Frischkorn:


"The causative factors of tuberculosis are as follows. It is a mucous disease with a streptococcic infection, before which the medical profession's accepted remedies are helpless. The streptococcic gets in the lungs. With the associated constipation and weakened kidney condition elimination is left to the lungs. When a lung cell is blocked it dies. To get successful treatment the patient must immediately go on a diet free of mucous-forming foods. Raw foods are best Very little bread and practically no meat, eggs or fish. This may seem strange to those who have been taught to stuff the stomach with heavy foods to 'keep up the strength'. But the main object of naturopathic treatment is to free the body of deadly mucous or culture media."


The most highly publicized of all money collecting rackets has been that of infantile paralysis, technically called poliomyelitis. This was but natural, since a President of the United States had it and shook down a certain John J. Raskob for $50,000 to establish an alleged mecca for polio victims at Warm Springs, Georgia.

Every January 30th from 1934 to 1945 reams and reams of ballyhoo went out exhorting everyone in the United States to give a dime, or a number of dimes, in honor of the Roosevelt birthday that "some little child might walk again." No financial report of the 1934 campaign was ever given to the public by the crowd of political racketeers who conducted the "drive."

The best and most reliable grapevine reports were that $8,000,000 was collected and $1,000,000 sent to Warm Springs. But very little of subsequent collections were ever sent there, where the public was informed it would go. I have before me a report dated April 21, 1939, signed by. E. E. Boone, Jr., Administrator of Warm Springs Foundation. He said the only proceeds from these "Birthday Balls" and ballyhoo collections the Foundation had ever received were:


1934 $1,014,443

1935 Nothing

1936 $122,721

1937 $325,000

1938 Nothing

1939 Nothing


The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis replied to our letter with its annual report for 1948. Its total income was $11,055,112.04. It gave to various agencies in "grants and appropriations" $6,056,096.55. General administration expenses were $315,150 and $131,702 was spent for publicity.

To a number of universities it gave for virus research $2,079,901 which, the whole history of Drug Trust medicine indicates, is a waste of good money. This is not a reflection on the personnel or sponsors of the Foundation who apparently believe they are doing a "good work."

Infantile paralysis is a debility disease. It strikes in epidemic form in the dog days of August, when everyone's vitality is at its lowest ebb. It strikes mostly in the Southern states where long hard summers, beginning in April, sap the strength and where the dietary habits of the denizens are not of the best.

There is nothing anywhere in the report to show that any money was given to the Sister Kenney Organization which has demonstrated that the Australian Nurse discovered a system of curing many polio cases much more quickly than was ever possible by orthodox medical methods. Instead of embracing her system of cure, she was insulted and slandered by the louty head of the American Medical Association and told she "wasn't wanted in this country." Qk. Morris Fishbein was speaking for the Drug Trust, since the Kenney method discarded drugs of any sort.

A few polio sufferers get some impermanent benefits from the Foundation when it purchases and delivers iron lungs for those whose lung-feeding motor nerves have been affected. But, what little good they do by the purchase of iron lungs, etc., is offset a million times by its refusal to let any patients in its care be treated by proven and tested methods which cure this malady quickly and completely.

To keep patients in hospitals and wheel chairs and months and years is more profitable to the drug trust and its satellites than to cure them in 48 hours or a week. For this reason the Infantile Paralysis Association sees to it that this is NOT done.

I can quote as an example a 19-year-old student of Ohio State University, by name Mary Lou Barnes. If anyone doubts these facts they can contact the young lady herself, or her mother, at 116 Blenheim Street, Columbus, Ohio.

Miss Barnes was attacked by polio one day last August, apparently as the result of taking shots of vaccine reputed to cure colds. Vaccine has not and never can cure colds. It merely dams up inside the system those putrid toxins which nature is eliminating from human systems which have violated her eating and elimination laws.

When the innocent Miss Barnes stopped the natural elimination of these toxins thru the nasal membrane, outraged nature sent them to another part of her body, together with the additional concentrated toxins contained in the cold vaccine. It was too much, and this huge toxin load soon began to attack the motor nerves of her right leg.

When this member started to become numb and useless she sent for the family physician. Fortunately for her, he was a medical doctor whose natural intelligence had not been permanently warped by his textbooks.

The pronounced attack started on a Friday morning. By evening there was no doubt that she had infantile paralysis. I have talked to the doctor in the case. Her entire right leg was numb and insensate useless. Her right arm was beginning to go the same way.

This physician has asked me to withhold his name because he knows what the whisperers of the American Medical Association will do to him if it becomes public. He had used the Koch treatment successfully in cleaning toxins out of the blood and clearing up cases before cases with which orthodox medicine and druggery have been helpless these many years.

He gave Miss Barnes the Koch treatment at 11 Friday night. By six p.m. Saturday sensation began to return to the leg, and the arm affectation had completely vanished. By Sunday night complete sensitivity had returned. By Monday night she was walking again. By Thursday she was back at her studies at Ohio State University.

The students there saw to it that the Columbus newspapers found it out. One of them the DISPATCH printed the story in its noon edition, with a photograph of Miss Barnes showing that she had been completely cured.

Then all Hell broke loose in the Dispatch Office. The editor was called by the Drug Trust representative in Ohio (maybe the city health officer, maybe the medical society). He was raked over the coals so badly that he killed the story in future editions, and had every copy of the noon edition destroyed as fast as it was returned to the circulation department.

Instead of printing the truth, next day the Dispatch came out with profound and confusing statements from the city health officer and other medical quacks who knew nothing about the Koch treatment, but did know that it was under the ban of the Drug Trust and the American Medical Association.

To the dismay and chagrin of the Drug Trust, the story had been given to the Associated Press by the DISPATCH. Being a spot news story, out of an Ohio member's office, it was not cleared thru the "science" editor in New York. It found its way into several hundred daily newspapers in the country.

The technique was the same in those cities and towns as it was in Columbus. Frantic statements from local health officers and secretaries of medical societies were given great prominence in these "erring" papers. These statements warned against using the Koch treatment, which is under ban of the American Medical Association the great front for the Drug Trust.

Staffs in Detroit were better trained, but not so the radio stations. Two of them broadcast the news item they had received from their press associations. For three successive following days the Detroit newspapers published "warnings" from the city health officer against using the Koch treatment.

And what was the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis doing all this time? I quote from one of the newspapers which carried the attacks on the Koch treatment:


"The American Medical Association stated flatly that there was no drug known that would prevent or affect the course of

polio. The AMA viewpoint was backed also by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis."


It has been learned that the Polio Foundation will not permit the Koch treatment to be used on the patients it sends to Children's Hospital in Columbus. Yet they are, as this is written, practicing the scare technique in Columbus. Wire covered barrels painted red, white and blue decorate many street corners in the Ohio capital. The city's newspapers exhort their readers to put money in these barrels for the "polio emergency."

The money thus collected is used partly to prevent quick and permanent cures of infantile paralysis. This seems to make the word "racket" a rather weak one in describing the National Association for Infantile Paralysis.

The polio racket at times employs the same circus press agent stunts engineered by public relations brains for the cancer crowd. Recently a New Mexican man traveled (or did he hitch hike?) from his home town to Washington in a wheel chair. At each town he didn't fail to visit the newspaper offices.

Many of them took his picture in the wheel chair, and published it in well known sob-sister style to get the unsuspecting public to contribute money to the infantile paralysis exploiters. In Washington, D. C, he searched (in the newspapers at least) for a cousin "whom he had not seen in 12 years." Press agents for the polio racket dubbed him "the wheel chair wayfarer" and newspaper headline writers fell for this plug.

One of the best unspectacular press agent stunts of modern times was the cancelling of the Yale-Fordham football game of Sept. 27, 1949. Both teams had horrible 1948 seasons; hence the box office return promised to be a bust. So the management of both teams were induced to announce that the game was being cancelled because three cases of infantile paralysis had been discovered on the Yale campus. That's the scare technique developed to its utmost.

At the height of the 1948 polio "season" the Associated Press sent out a story, which albeit timely, was pure propaganda for drugs. It said "exercise plus use of the drug curare appears to speed recovery from the crippling effects of infantile paralysis, two doctors reported today."

Curare is made by Merck & Company, whose annual profits exceed half their total assets. Obviously, this propaganda was dispensed to help Merck dispose of its "on hand" and "frozen" supply of this drug. How convenient (and profitable) for the Drug Trust front (Rockefeller Foundation) to have interlocking director (Arthur Hays Sulzberger) with the Associated Press.

"Sympathy for the victims of heart trouble is profitable for some people. The American Heart Association is well-heeled and far reaching. It failed to send a financial statement to us. Recently a rival sprang up in the National Heart Committee, 237 Madison Avenue, New York.

Near-page advertisements in daily newspapers were used in May 1949 urging the Senate of the United States to appropriate $32,000,000 for heart and cancer research. As part of the technique of raising money and plenty of it this advertisement was used as a wedge to get large donations from 70 wealthy citizens including James A. Farley, Bob Hope, Sam Goldwyn, Fibber McGee, Molly, Grant-land Rice and Bernard Gimbel.

Those big names some of them obviously people who contribute well to the political campaigns of both parties must have hypnotized the Congress. An appropriation of $10,725,000 was made from the Federal Treasury for this great indoor sport of searching for non-existent bugs.

An additional $5,350,000 was appropriated for real estate and buildings in which to conduct this particular bug hunt. The American taxpayers will stand for anything if it is properly ballyhooed.

The advertisement failed to state just what "heart research" could be done with the requested $32,000,000 that hasn't already been done. Physicians have had a pretty good knowledge of the heart ever since the first dissection of a human body.

Those who have not been blinded by Drug Trust propaganda have a pretty accurate knowledge of the heart and how it works, not to speak of the several forms of heart trouble, the least serious of which is fatigue. Rest not digitalis will cure this.

But when a patient develops a thrombus or an embolism it is indeed serious and if not PROPERLY treated will inevitably result in death. In order to treat a thrombus or an embolism it is necessary for the physician to know what caused its formation.

An embolism is a clot which has formed in the blood stream and which moves. A thrombus is a clot which has stopped moving and has gotten stuck in the heart valves, causing instant death. An embolism which grows becomes a thrombus and is more likely to get stuck in the pulmonary artery than anywhere else.

A blood clot is nothing more nor less than an accumulation of toxins. The only way it can be cleared is by cleaning out the blood stream either by naturopathic (dietary) methods or by the short cut of the Koch or Loffler treatment. Drugs might stimulate the heart to faster action (temporarily) but they only add to the toxin load, being poisons themselves.

The other form of serious heart trouble is valvular. In this type toxins form on the leaves of the heart valves like barnacles on a ship's hull. They prevent the complete closing of the valve, thus forming the leak. 32 million dollars will do nothing about this.

There is a National Arthritis Association with headquarters in Chicago. Its spokesman is Judge A. B. Frey of St. Louis. It seems that the gold prospecting in this organization must have looked good to a group of New York medics who had formed the American Rheumatism Association for the purpose of collecting money from the public.

Judge Frey's public relations counsel arranged a dinner at the Hotel Astor in New York, sponsored by Spyros P. Skouras, President of 20th Century-Fox pictures. 20th Century does a raft of advertising, so the Times, Herald-Tribune and Sun in New York gave the party favorable publicity, as did TIME magazine.

The rheumatism racketeers descended on Judge Frey and convinced him that they had him surrounded. He merged with the Rheummies and they called the combination the Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, Judge Frey agreeing to discontinue his money-raising activities and let the new organization have it all.

This foundation uses the scare technique in a big way. Its circular has a pair of crutches and a wheelchair for a frontispiece. Its leading display type says "Conquer the Crippler .... Give." All thru this circular these lines shout at the reader


"Save From Suffering As Well As From Death"

"Save From the Fear of Crippling Deformity"

"Deliver a One-Two Punch at the Great Crippler by Sending Money"

"Your Gift Fights the Crippler 2 Ways" (This phrase was stolen from the Bromo Seltzer radio ads).

"The Crippler That Kills"

"The Suffering of 7,000,000 People Can Be Cured."

"A $2,000,000 arthritis and rheumatism fund is needed to launch this attack."


Judge Frey writes that none of the officers or trustees are on the payroll. That doesn't answer the question as to what they intend to do with that 2 million bucks, or whatever sums this fear technique pries out of the sucker public It is the history of these rackets that no money is ever spent on intelligent methods of cure or prevention. Rather it is spent looking for a non-existent bug and to buy drugs and other items that make the drug companies rich.

Arthritis springs from the same cause as all other forms of disease. Injudicious eating and incomplete elimination, sometimes aggravated by spinal distortion. In this form of toxemia the toxins gather and cling to the gristly ends of the bones in the joints, making it painful to move any articulation of the body which happens to be a focal point for toxins.

Cleaning out the blood is the only cure. Giving money to "foundations" has never effected a single clearance. During their drive for funds the World's Worst Columnist (Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt) was solicited to help and she devoted her whole "column" to silly discussion of arthritis something she knew less than nothing about.

Just ten days before this Roosevelt blurb appeared, other phoney stories of arthritis "cures" were planted in the press associations and sent out to every newspaper in the country by so-called (or mis-called) science editors. The Hearst International News Service told of a "new drug for relief of arthritis which yields dramatic results in from four to eight hours."

This press agent yarn went on to say that it is a hormone secreted in the adrenal gland, that only five grams of it exist in the world and that it was discovered at the Mayo Clinic.

The United Press yarn was somewhat different. This one called it "aureomycin," said it was a "wonder drug" and "may prove to be a weapon in the battle against arthritis."

The Associated Press story capped them all. Its "science" editor let the Drug Trust's publicity firm take the usually dignified AP into the realm of circus press agentry. It was a press agent for the Georgia sweet potato industry who wrote a poem about the famous Southern yam.

It purported to quote General Sherman's commissary as claiming that the Yankee Army, in its fabled march from Atlanta to the Sea, lived totally on sweet potatoes, served in some 30 different forms. The recent Associated Press story went way beyond that.

"Tropical Yam Cheap Source of Arthritis Drug" was the headline in a usually conservative Eastern newspaper. The yarn went on to say that "cortizone, the new wonder drug for arthritis, can be made from a plant growing at our doorstep the tropical yam or sweet potato" and "it offers a new and cheaper source for the rare and costly drug."

We think the Drug Trust pulled a boner on this one. The way the yarn read might make arthritis sufferers, who still fall for drug propaganda, start eating quantities of sweet potatoes instead of having their Drug-trust-educated doctors prescribe cortizone.

Nevertheless, and all of this propaganda notwithstanding, arthritis at this writing continued to be a painful but not fatal effect of man's abuse of his digestive and eliminative organs.

Diabetes is another "reward" of a mis-spent youth in eating habits. It is a scourge of the middle aged and is nothing more nor less than impaired kidneys, in which other organs have to work overtime to do much of the work nature had planned for them.

Insulin is a stimulant and, when accompanied by' Spartan eating habits, prolongs the life indefinitely of the diabetes victim. The New York Diabetes Association would still be helpless to do anything about diabetes victims, past, present and future if it could collect a billion dollars a year from the public. In fact, lush living by its promoters would probably end up with all of them having diabetes.

The New York association is a branch of the American Diabetes Association, which works out of Boston and has planned an all-out drive for funds October 10th to 16th 1949 which it has designated as "Diabetes Week."

The Public Relations Director of the N. Y. Diabetes Association answered our letter seeking information, by being wary also. We were told to write to a doctor in Brooklyn and tell him just what kind of a book "The Drug Story" was going to be and our purpose in wanting to include any information about the organization. We didn't waste the time.

The most neglected group of humanity's sick people are the mentally ill. The brain is one part of the human body that no amount of dissection practice, research and instruction has ever been able to fathom. Mental patients are generally put into a public or private mental institution and too often forgotten.

The National Mental Health Foundation in Philadelphia was originally formed to raise funds for three outfits the National Committee for Mental Hygiene, the World Federation for Mental Health and the National Mental Health Foundation. The drive failed.

We also have listed the American Psychiatric Association and the Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis, both working out of New York. No information has been procurable from either of them. They just ignored our request for seven weeks then wrote they didn't want "to be included" in this book.

The United Press gave a plug for a drug called myanesin, manufactured by the Biorganic Laboratories of Brooklyn. This apparently is a new concern, not yet listed in Moody's Industrial Manual.

The plug went "Research worker said today a new drug is helping treat an increasing variety of mental illnesses. The drug is called interchangeably myanesin or tolserol. It has relaxing effect on the nervous system without causing drowsiness. The latest report on its use included experiments on patients suffering from anxiety, psychoneurosis, hypomania, alcoholism, morphine and heroin addiction."

Nothing was said about the harm such a drug would do to the human system.


There is one Association in this field which is obviously not a racket. It is called the American Equity Association, with headquarters at 1303 Fairmont Street, N. W., Washington. This association, which is privately financed, specializes in exposing outrages perpetrated on patients in mental hospitals many of them perfectly normal but railroaded to institutions by greedy relatives or political opponents.

The Director, one Sam Friedman, has little but contempt for medical racketeers who make a lush living posing as mental experts, or "psychiatrists." Mr. Mr. Friedman has a standing offer of $1,000 to each and every one of these psychiatrists who can prove he is not crazy. So far he has not been taken up on this offer.

Mr. Friedman is well backed in his low opinion of medical doctors who extract huge fees posing as "psychiatrists," by George Van Ness Dearborn, M.D., Ph.D., of the U. S. Veterans' hospital in the Bronx, N. Y. Dr. Dearborn says:


"In 1926 in the United States, 3,211 physicians declared themselves psychiatrists, and of these probably not a dozen are technical, professional, i. e., real psychologists, truly scholarly in the science. Psychiatrists as a group not only have no detailed knowledge of the mental process, but what is far worse, they have never developed an interest in the almost mystic intricacies of the mind. This remains well nigh a shame to medical education, however, 'soon' it is to be atoned for now by adequate instruction in psychology."


The American Hearing Society operates out of Washington. It must be well heeled because we have been swamped with large quantities of printed literature about its activities and personnel. We believe them to be a sincere and honest group, but rather unfitted to expend money by which anything can be accomplished.

Its financial report for 1948 shows $12,773.30 collected and all of this expended for various forms of administration except $580 for lip reading teachers and $89.43 for auditory training and speech teachers.

A drive for funds for multiple sclerosis "control" was instituted when Mrs. Lou Gehrig, widow of the famous baseball player and homerun specialist who was reported to have died of that malady, was brought to Washington in the spring of 1949 to "testify before a Senate committee."

Mrs. Gehrig honestly thought she was helping future victims of the form of toxemia which killed her husband while his doctors were looking for a non-existent bug instead of cleaning out his blood.

The U. S. Public Health Service is responsible for the most ridiculous story about bugs yet to appear in the public prints. It still has intelligent physicians laughing.

The story was that two doctors "working on 200 human guinea pigs in Lorton Reformatory near Washington succeeded in isolating some 'particle' of stuff maybe a virus which causes one type of cold. Further, they can grow this substance in eggs." It preceded this infantile hokum by calling it "the latest scientific hope that the common cold may some day be either quickly curable or preventable."

Dr. Carl Frischkorn, Legislative Chairman of the National Medical Society, suggests that if this is the best the Rockefeller-trained "scientists" of the U. S. Public Health Service can do they ought to shut up that shop and save the U. S. taxpayers the $276,330,000 which Congress appropriated in 1949 to support such a crazy house.


Chapter 7  Dangerous Doses 

"I find the medicine worse than the malady."



Self-medication can be dangerous.

It may be hard to believe this, in view of the laws we have on our Federal statute books designed to protect the consuming public against adulterated, spoiled and even mis-branded drugs and food.

If the Food and Drug laws were honestly and efficiently administered by the Federal bureau paid to do this the U. S. Food and Drug Administration self-medication would be as harmless as playing beanbag with your Aunt Nellie. These laws are neither honestly nor efficiently administered.

The F&DA is engaged primarily in (1) Putting out of business any honest manufacturer or vendor of devices which will increase health and interfere with Drug Trust Profits and (2) protecting those units of the Drug Trust which manufacture and sell harmful drugs and misbrand them.

Secondarily, the Food & Drug Administration, when it gets around to it, stops the small fry from violating the Food & Drug Laws. It is the purpose of this chapter to show how protection is granted such concerns as the American branch of the German Chemical Cartel (trust), which is controlled by Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company.

Among the many harmful products this firm manufactures, right under the noses of the Food & Drug Administration, is Bayer's Aspirin. The author of this book possesses a degree of Doctor of Medicine, but he got it (unsolicited) under as shady circumstances, to say the least, as Morris Fishbein got his. Therefore, I never use it, never claim medical knowledge.

I have gone to a distinguished and learned Philadelphia physician drugless branch (Dr. James I. Bradsley) who has made a study of all dangerous doses which have come to his attention in his practice. The analyses of these concoctions are Dr. Bardsley's.



(Bayer's Aspirin is made by the Bayer Company, a subsidiary of Sterling Drug, Inc. Sterling is the large holding Company, then called Sterling Products, Inc., taken over by Standard Oil and American IG, when the Rockefeller Drug Trust was helping the Hitler Regime emasculate the chemical part of America's defenses.)

Bayer's Aspirin like St. Joseph's Aspirin, Hexin, Orangeine and other such concoctions is a DOPE. There are many Aspirin dope fiends in hospitals, sanitariums and asylums.

These dangerous little white pills cover up, but do not cure headaches, toothache, neuritis, lumbago, sciatica, nervousness and colds; in fact any kind of a body pain, including the discomforts of the female period.

Aspirin is doubly dangerous. In covering up the pains it gives the victim a false sense that everything is all right. He will then not bother to remove the cause, which is excesses of many sorts, principally of eating or drinking.

All of these disorders, which we are falsely told Aspirin will cure, are accompanied by pain. Colds are accompanied by even more insistent warnings from Nature that you are committing excesses. All pain occurs through the nervous system.

Through the sensory system is the only way Nature can inform you that something is wrong in your body, and that she needs assistance. So, instead of heeding this warning you just take an Aspirin, and inform Nature to go dig a hole and jump in then get out the best way she can.

If a pain gets beyond control, and you have tried everything else to stop or ease it, an aspirin could be used as an emergency, and is a little safer dope than others. But it should never be used as a habit.

Have the case corrected as soon as possible. Pain is only a symptom, and NOT a disease or a condition. Just because you rid yourself of the pain is no indication that you are cured or even improved. You have done nothing except COVER UP the pain.

To deaden these pains you have to DOPE the nervous system, as the pill really cannot be directed to the painful part itself. Therefore, the COMPLETE nervous system has to be doped to deaden the one part. You are informed that this will do you "no harm." They further inform you that "it will not harm the heart."

The free use of this drug is a big reason why the increase in heart disease and kidney diseases is occurring in leaps and bounds. This dangerous chemical is a cause of many kidney diseases and conditions, as it gradually eats away the cellular tissues of that organ.

Try putting a piece of aspirin in a cavity of a tooth to relieve pain, and you will see how quickly that tooth will disintegrate. Figure then, what it will do to the delicate cells inside your body.

Advertisements used to say that "Bayer's Aspirin does not harm the heart." As a matter of fact Aspirin is known in Pharmacopoeia as ACETYL SALICYLIC ACID.


Every physician knows that acetyl salicylic acid WILL HARM the heart when enough is taken, and that it has a deleterious effect on the digestive tract, kidneys, nerves and skin.

In 1935 the Federal Trade Commission cited the Bayer Company for claiming Aspirin doesn't harm the heart. I have no record of the Food & Drug Administration which leans over backward to "protect" the public against piddling false claims ever noticing this type of Bayer advertising.

Howard W. Ambruster, a New Jersey ergot importer, was responsible for this Federal Trade Action against Sterling Drug for false advertising claims. Unfortunately, the Commission (unlike the Food & Drug Administration) had no power to order discontinued concoctions as harmful as Aspirin.

But the Food & Drug Banditti have religiously steered clear of doing their sworn duty in the Bayer case. Sterling Drug is owned by the Standard Oil Company. But the F&D Bandits did put the works, in 1933, to a small concern in Little Rock, Ark., for making the identical claims that Sterling did for their own brand of aspirin.

Mr. Ambruster, in his book "TREASON'S PEACE," points out that the Commission forced Sterling to accept a cease-and-desist order "thus admitting that every single therapeutic claim they had made for the safety and curative powers of Bayer's Aspirin was false, misleading and illegal.

Nine months after Sterling Drug ceased and desisted from falsely claiming Aspirin didn't harm the heart, members of the Medical Society of New Jersey passed caustic resolutions criticizing the action of the American Medical Association in officially protecting the makers of this harmful potion and accepting advertising with these false claims in it.

Belatedly the AMA's Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry slapped Fishbein and the makers of Bayer's Aspirin on the wrist with the following, in their 1935 report:


"The indiscriminate use of Bayer Aspirin, as urged in the advertising, is inimical to public and individual health, both directly and indirectly. Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is potentially a dangerous drug and its unqualified use as a home remedy should be undertaken, originally in any case, under the guidance of the family physician whose knowledge of the personal characteristics of the individual patient can alone render such use safe and advisable.


With the FTC ban on against these false claims, the Sterling company changed their advertising "come on" claims to "Aspirin dissolves quicker in a glass of water than any known headache remedy."



(Sal Hepatica is manufactured and sold by the Bristol-Myers Company. In 1928, Louis K. Liggett organized Drug, Inc., as a holding company for Bristol-Myers, Vick Chemical, et al, under the overall control of Standard Oil's Sterling and American Farben)


Sal Hepatica, Alka Seltzer, Bicarbonate of Soda, Milk of Magnesia Tablets and similar concoctions all come under the same category. They stress the alkalization fad, which was used to ingrain their alleged but false remedial properties in the public mind.

Advertising writers really went to town in making the public alkali-conscious. Advertisements shouted:


"Come over to the alkaline side. Be wise. Alkalize. Be modern use the laxative that combats the acidity. Alkalize and good health is yours. It is the cure for what ails you. It will rid you of that dark brown taste. Free you of that foggy feeling. Stop the jitters after a hard night."


These advertisements told the readers, just as surely as though they had used these words


Go ahead have a good time. Half kill yourself. Drink all you wish. Stuff your stomach and bowels till you nearly burst, All you have to do is to alkalize and by doing so, rid the body of everthing but your organs. The organs don't mind.


Can these alkalizing agents harm? Most assuredly they can because too much alkaline is worse than too much acidity. The human anatomy has the power to regulate its own alkaline reserve, and tries of its own accord to correct the results of injudicious eating if given half a chance.

It is obvious that the ordinary healthy person does not have to fear acid intoxication or acidosis. Nothing that we eat or drink can furnish a volume of acid that will endanger our acid base balance. It is only by wilfully drinking a large volume of acid, or taking tremendous amounts of certain acid drugs, that the alkaline reserve can be threatened.

In certain specific diseases however, acidosis may occur and when it does often causes death of the patient. If you have any of these conditions all the Alka Seltzer, Sal Hepatica, and Bicarbonate of Soda in the world will not cure you.

The symptoms of acidosis and its treatment are a far cry from the advertising gibberish that insults our intelligence daily. Fogginess, loss of pep and a "dark brown taste" in the mouth are NOT symptoms of acidosis. These symptoms may be caused by a hundred different ailments, as any doctor will inform you.

White Rock which advertises "the alkaline side" is just a simple mineral water that tastes and acts like ordinary vichy water. In some people it may have a mild laxative effect. It will not pull you over "to the alkaline side" because you are already there.

Sal Hepatica is a crude cathartic. The active ingredient (Glauber's salt) is chiefly used by horse doctors and is used in dye houses. This salt is a powerful irritant and no salt should be used except in an emergency. Glauber's salt is the last thing in the world a doctor would use to combat human acidity.

Alka Seltzer is the boldest of all frauds. It consists of Aspirin compressed into an effervescent tablet and therefore has all the exalted properties of an Aspirin tablet, dropped into a glass of seltzer water.

Its vendors claim it will relieve or cure colds, headaches, neuralgia, rheumatic fever, dissipation, overindulgence, sour stomach, heartburn, fatigue, nervousness, sleeplessness, alcoholic excess all of which (if we believe the advertisements) are caused by excess of acidity or deficient alkalinity.

This as we have seen is nonsense. These symptoms are caused by many acute and chronic diseases in which acidosis plays no role whatever and you may be neglecting these dangerous conditions and bringing about a more difficult job of curing them by SMOTHERING THEM with alkalines.

It is a matter of record that the Bristol-Myers Company, one of Sterling Drug's little brothers in the Rockefeller-German Farben combination, found itself also on the nether side of a "stop lying" order by the Federal Trade Commission. I quote again from Mr. Ambruster's excellent book:



"The Bristol-Myers Company presented a number of fine targets for the Federal Trade Commission sharp-shooters. Much of it was so fat with absurdity and glamorous untruth that, when the Commission finally went to work on it, it was like shooting ducks in a barrel.

"Five of its best known products were brought down with cease-and-desist (stop lying) orders. They were Sal Hepatica, Ingram's Shave Cream, Ingram's Milkweed Cream, Minii-rub and Vitalis."


The Food & Drug Administration, as usual, was looking the other way at these misbranded products of the Drug Trust.



(Vick's Vatro-Nol is made by the Vick Chemical Company. The Vick concern was absorbed by Drug, Inc., just at the time the Rockefeller drug trust was forming their giant combine to help Germany win the chemical side of World War II. Drug, Inc., was part of the Standard Oil-IG Farben cover-up group.)


Vick's Vatro-Nol is not the only nostrum which is dangerous to use for the common cold, or for grippe. Among many such are Campo-Lyptus, Chlorestone Inhalant, Hill's Nose Drops, Macy's Nose Drops, Mistol, Pinoleum, Rexall Nasal Spray, Silver-Col and 666 Nose Drops.

When you are suffering from la grippe, "flu" (influenza) or a common head cold, one of the most ineffective and often dangerous things you can do is to use nose drops.

Nose drops may stop the "running" of your nose and if they do they are downright dangerous. What they actually do then is to lock the poisons, which nature is trying to expel from the body through the natural eliminative organs, back in. It doesn't take more than ordinary intelligence to see how dangerous this is.

You actually develop the original condition into a dangerous and deep seated pathological disorder or disease. Death sometimes results from the locking of poisons within the body.

When Nature wishes to expel poisons from the system, she should be allowed to do so and the drainage passages should not be sealed by any such nostrums as nose drops. You would not think of stopping up the bowels; and you would think it silly if someone told you to block the urinal passages of the kidneys.

Yet Nature's safety valve, the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, you dam up and seal, and force the poison nature is expelling back into the body. The result is that if no greater disease develops, your cold or Grippe will take many, many days longer to overcome.

Dr. Carl Loeb, writing in the Service Bulletin of the Actino Laboratories, Chicago, said:


"For the last few weeks the Chicago Health Department reported pneumonia as the highest cause of death from communicable diseases. Next in line is tuberculosis, but pneumonia showed three times as many deaths as tuberculosis.

"Pneumonia is decidedly on the increase, especially in young people and children. Thousands of children will die from this disease in the coming year, and the primary cause of death in many will be due to murder by mineral oil nose drops.

"Mineral Oil nose drops have absolutely no value in either preventing or curing a cold. In most instances, they will not even give relief. When ephedrine, pinene, menthol or adrenalin is used in combination with these drops, they give a sign of temporary relief due to the odor or astringent action of these drugs, but more often the careless use of nosedrops has carried a localized infection into the sinuses."


The presence of mineral oil in these drops is often responsible for lipoid pneumonia when these oils are administered by mouth and in the nasal pharynx. They may be aspirated into the trachea (wind pipe) and ultimately reach the alveoli and produce lymphoid pneumonia.

Unscrupulous money-mad manufacturers and ignorant doctors advise the use of mineral oil in nose drops. The value of all nasal sprays and gargles is questionable. Informed practitioners are rapidly discarding this practice.

Therefore, if you wish to head yourself into a more drastic disease or condition, you cannot take a shorter route than by the use of nose drops.



(Epsom Salts are made by Dow Chemical. Dow Chemical is one of the many drug firms absorbed by the Rockefeller interests when American IG Farben changed its name in 1941, and formed a "protective alliance" with Standard Oil to disguise connection with Hitler Germany.)


This saline product has been on the market for year8, but all salt products are poisonous to the bowels. If they were not, nature would not try to get rid of them as she does.

The salt, irritating the mucous lining of the intestines, causes them to flood secretions the same way the eye would do if you had something in it. This additional liquid has to come from somewhere, so it creates a drainage on the other glands of the body.

This is why you get thirsty, your lips get dry, and your hands lack moisture. Then, after taking salts, whether it be Epsom or Pluto Water, or Jad Salts, or Crazy Crystals, etc., you are more constipated afterward. The normal secretions are dried up, and it takes Nature a while to restore them. In the meantime the body is weakened.

Therefore, purgatives of any kind, whether salt or otherwise, should only be used in an emergency. A sensible diet plenty of fruit and green vegetables, copious draughts of hydrant water will prevent and cure constipation.

In selling their deadly doses to the public some of the advertisements say "Amazing double action." What they mean is that the bowels and liver both react to the salt water. They could even go so far as to say "quadruple action" and be just as right. It affects the stomach, liver bowels and pancreas, not to speak of the glands of the mouth, throat, rectum, spleen, etc. in fact all secreting glands of the body.

Nowhere in the advertisement does it say that it CURES constipation. As a matter of fact it doesn't. The patient has to continue taking this purgative in greater and greater quantities to get any movement at all.

The ads generally end with words to this effect "Cleanse your system of health destroying poisons this sure, quick way." It fails to inform you how the poisons accumulated in the first place stupid eating habits. Correct this and you will never get hooked by such advertisements.



(Another nostrum of the Sal Hepatic-Alka Seltzer type is Bromo Seltzer, manufactured by the Emerson Drug Company whose Drug Trust connections are attested by the presence on its directorate of Alfred G. Vanderbilt and K. A. Bonham.)


Bromo Seltzer is composed of bromide (dope) and seltzer, which is composed of sodium carbonate (soda water). The carbonate acts as an alkaline, and the bromide as a depressant.

Why slow up functional activity? Why dope the organs and slow them up, when they are trying so hard to unload the poisons in the body? Why keep them in the body longer, to do more damage? For that is all Bromo Seltzer does.

And don't forget. To dope an organ you first have to dope the nervous system the master and controlling system of the body. By doping the nervous system you force the organs to work that much harder. Since this includes the heart, it is no wonder there is so much heart trouble.

Bromo Seltzer advertising is the type of false and dangerous advertising that finds the Food & Drug Administration either looking the other way or sticking its head in the sand like an ostrich. All of these deadly products are manufactured by units of the Drug Trust.

But let a famous vitaminologist, who teaches people to eat so that they won't be hooked by these charlatans or by systems which use drugs, ship some vitamins to himself at his next stop, and he is hauled into court by the Food & Drug Bandits on the charge of "misbranding" his own product. The interests of the Drug Trust are looked after first, last and foremost by the F&DA.


* * * *

Now here are some other "remedies," made by smaller concerns who apparently have drug trust connections which are well hidden. Frankly, we cannot point to the connection of such firms as Thomas Leeming & Company, Grove Laboratories, Pharmaco, Inc., Kondon Manufacturing Company, the Carter Products Company. But the presumption is that there is a connection, as long as the Food & Drug Administration permits them to advertise such dangerous nostrums and to tell only half the truth in their advertising copy.


(Thomas Leeming & Company)

The skin is the largest eliminating organ of the body. The functions of the skin are as follows:

PROTECTION: It is composed of a hard horny material which withstands ordinary pressure without affecting underlying structures.

SENSATION: In the skin are located most of the end organs of the special sense of touch.

RADIATION: The skin serves to radiate heat and thus maintain the bodily temperature at the normal.

RESPIRATION: There is a slight exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen on the surface of the skin.

SECRETION: The skin serves to secret an oily substance by means of the functional activity of the sebaceous glands.

EXCRETION: It eliminates sweat by means of the sudoriferous glands contained in its structure.

The skin absorbs nothing. There are three layers of it, and it is 1/16 inch in thickness.

Being sure then that the skin is an eliminating organ, did you ever try to make water run uphill? If you have, you have found that it is a fairly hard job.

Now, having the facts at our finger tips, I believe we can safely say that you cannot rub anything into the body through the skin.

The body, through the skin, is throwing out poisons every fractional second of your life through the pores. The oil glands of the skin are covering the surface with its substance continually to keep it pliable and soft. So you may as well try to make water run uphill as to try to rub anything in through the skin.

The skin is a protector to keep poisons and material out of the body. If this were not so, and the skin were an absorbent and allowed material to penetrate its surface, we would have to watch very closely the materials we handled, as we would kill ourselves. The chemist, and druggist would have to wear thick rubber gloves.

Household Ammonia is used by the housewife daily as are other chemicals used for house cleaning. She does not wear rubber gloves all the time, and millions never at all. Yet you would not think of drinking ammonia, would you ? It is poisonous, is it not?

Well, if the skin absorbed it, and if it penetrated the skin, into the body and blood stream, it would not make it less poisonous, would it?

You say "Why, I have used these rubbing chemicals, such as Baume Ben-Gay, Vapo-Rub, Liniments, and all kinds of rubbing materials and chemicals, and have found that they give me relief."

Do you notice how many times that rubbing has been used? All these materials specify rubbing. They do not say "Just pour it on, and let it set."

They say RUB it on, RUB it in, RUB until it evaporates. They do not say, "Pour it on, wait till it absorbs, or leave it till it penetrates."

Now we have the true meaning, and the true action of all these Liniments, Ben-Gays, etc. IT IS THE RUBBING THAT HELPS, and does the trick, where you get relief.

Because the material evaporates, does not mean it penetrates. The rubbing stimulates the vaso-motor, and brings blood to the parts and assists in relieving the congestion in the area.

Without the rubbing all the patent applications ever made would do no good. Thus, my friends, another truth is "out."


(Grove Laboratories)

The correct name for a cold is coryza, or acute rhinitis. It is an acute inflammation of the nasal cavities. This condition does not occur over night or by getting your feet wet or sitting in a draft. These shocks only bring it to a head. The beginning of it has been many weeks or months before, by allowing the system to "run down" and poisons to accumulate in the system.

The mucous membranes of the nose and throat become inflamed and swollen; then begin to "run." Nature will unload these body poisons at the nearest surface mucous membrane, this being that of the nose and throat.

The old saying is "A cold is three days coming, and three days going." This should be a rule. To stop a cold the first day is doing damage to the body by forcing back into the body these poisons which Nature wishes to expel.

Look out for future trouble if you do this. The nasal passages should run freely the first 24 to 48 hours. If this is allowed then your cold will clear faster, and you will protect the other organs of the body.

An advertisement of Bromo Quinine says "Stop a Cold the First Day. Drive It Out of Your System." You will not "drive it out of your system" by this method, but you will drive it back in. They tell you it is an "internal infection," which is correct; but their "internal treatment" is wrong, as is also their advice.


What is Bromo ? It is Bromide. It is a salt of hydrobromic acid the bromides of calcium, iron, ammonium, potassium and sodium, used in medicine. They allay nervous excitement, and are employed as sedatives.

What is a sedative ? An agent lessening functional activity.

What is Quinine ? It acts as a stimulant to the nervous system causing, in large doses, cerebral congestion and lessening of the reflexes. It is a slight respiratory stimulant and a depressant to the circulation. In large doses it causes ringing in the ears, a feeling of fullness in the head, dizziness, slight deafness and sometimes disturbances of vision.

These pills also contain a dope or depressant called Acetanilide. With all this going on inside of you, what chance has Nature to throw out the poisons?

Two dopes and a stimulator.

A cold is the result of a condition, more fully explained in the chapter "The Racket In Cancer Control" in this book. It is only secondary. Bromides treat results not conditions. This type of "therapy" is doubly dangerous.


(Pharmaco, Incorporated)

A Feen-A-Mint ad reads "My Headache Tired Feeling Banished."

It fails to add "so long as I take Feen-a-Mint all the time." This of course would sound too much like business. The other way they are doing you a favor, and someday after curing all cases, they will be forced out of business for want of customers.

They forget that there are about 2,000 laxatives and purgatives on the market, and all are doing the same thing poisoning the digestive tract.

But how do they know, or you know, that "that headache" you are suffering from comes from constipation? There are headaches that come from liver, kidney, nervousness, eyestrain, sinus, stomach, tooth and ear conditions, etc. So they tell you to purge the bowels to cure them.

Now they start story telling on the other companies to sell you their product. They say:


". . . harsh 'all-at-once' cathartics will have to go" and "no cramps, no griping, no bad after-effects."


So everybody is wrong except Feen-a-Mint. I wonder what the other fellow says about Feen-a-Mint. This is the way we get the truth.

But Feen-a-Mint forgets that they use phenol in their "delicious" gum, thus we have the first part of their trade name "FEEN." Then they add a little mint to kill the flavor, thus we have a phenol-and-mint, or Feen-a-Mint.

And Phenol, I believe, the chemist will admit is a poison and an irritant.

And in the end, Feen-a-Mint tells you "how the children love it."

Whether or not children love it may be a moot question, but there is no question about the harm it will do to a child's insides. A child cannot stand chemicals in its little system any more than an adult can, and in fact LESS. I have seen little bodies torn down by the continued use of laxatives in children.

Many stomach, bowel and liver conditions have been caused by laxative irritants. Do not forget. To move the bowels with a chemical, it has to be an irritant; and to be an irritant, it has to be a poison to the body.

It is hard to tell which, if either, is worse on the delicate membrane of the intestines saline products or the chemical type in which category Feen-a-Mint stands. Salt irritates the mucous lining of the bowels, causing it to flood secretions and thus draining much needed liquids from other parts of the body. Feen-a-Mint is mostly chemical which has a tendency to permanently injure the delicate parts of the human system.

Phenol is just another name for carbolic acid. People often gulp down raw carbolic acid to commit suicide. This is a sure way because it quickly eats and destroys the lining and often the wall of the stomach.


(Kondon Manufacturing Co.)

Just another version of the old story damming up and keeping in the body poisons which Nature is trying to get rid of. Kondon's Nasal Jelly is said to stop the nose from running, when it should run for at least 48 hours if Nature has her way. The Menthol and Balsam in the product are soothers good in their way, but the stopping of the discharge, before Nature has cleaned the toxins out of the system, is criminal.


(Carter Products, Inc.)

Your grandparents maybe your parents couldn't take a trip 50 miles from their home without seeing livid red advertisements of Carter's Little Liver Pills painted on numerous barns and outhouses. This caused a foreigner on a visit here to opine that the American people must be the most constipated in the world.

Carter's advertising material claims to cure all the ills of your liver by waking up "your liver bile." But it isn't that simple. Again their advertisements will say "Laxatives are only makeshifts." This is the most truthful part of the ad.

Carter's Little Liver Pills will not solve the problem of liver conditions, which are usually caused by eating foods that are too rich for the sedentary habits of the eater. They wouldn't cure them even if Carter's pills were Big.

For they, too, are only makeshifts.



Turns' advertising writer tells you it is "The Smart Thing to Do" to take Turns. Then he tells you stories on the other fellow who is selling alkalines, because "physicians have long warned may make the tendency toward acid indigestion."

The hardest thing in reading these advertisements is trying to find who is the biggest liar. Would your medical doctor give you a prescription for your stomach ailment, and then tell you to go home, and eat all the fancy and rich foods you wish and expect to cure you of your stomach ailment? You laugh at such a statement, but that is just what you are doing and others are doing when they take Tums.



The next well advertised organ is the stomach. This poor organ takes the load of everything. The foods you eat, whether good or bad, then on top of that all kinds of medicines and nostrums that it can stand. We wonder many times how it ever stands the treatment that it does not deserve.

Now these fellows come along and tell you how to load it up more, and he will sell you something so that "you can get away with." He does not tell you how to correct your stomach ailment, for he does not know, but he tells you how you can eat rich pie and gravy, then antidote it, and to hell with the stomach.

This is like the straw that broke the camel's back, something eventually has got to go and it is generally your stomach.



Ex-Lax is the most conservative of the group. They give you a little good advice. Further they say "If you need help in keeping your bowels open." They are not telling you to continue to take it right along as the others have done, or led you to believe.

Ex-Lax like all other laxatives contains phenolphthalein. This is phenol and phthalic acid. Phenol is another name for carbolic acid.

Now you have the true story why laxatives do you harm. And of why there is so much cancer of the stomach, bowels and liver. That's why I say that they should only be used as emergencies.



There are many cures on the market for obesity, or excess fat. Excess fat is undesirable on the human frame for more than one reason.

The most important is that it shortens the life by making double work for the heart, and that it slows up physical and mental processes. This naturally, is the last one those who take obesity cures care about.

Excess fat on women tends to detract from their attractiveness to the male sex and from the envy of their sisters. Therefore, that is the FIRST CONSIDERATION of those who seek obesity cures and the strongest reason why they risk their lives to take them.

There are two ways of getting rid of fat the easy (or short) way and the hard way. Most people take the easy way, even tho it is dangerous to the health.

The hard way is dieting and exercise, rational living and obedience to the laws of nature. This isn't as easy as it sounds, especially when one has developed a synthetic appetite for rich fattening foods and natural foods are much harder to get.

The easy (and quick) way is by the chemical and drug route. This is also an easy way to the undertaker's or the cemetery, but few people who want to reduce quickly bother about looking into this feature. Neither do they seem to realize that catering to their unnatural desire has developed into a profitable racket.

Not only do I condemn advertised packaged obesity "cures" but I condemn prescriptions for drugs for this purpose given by registered physicians. You can't outwit Nature you can't "get around" Nature without paying dearly for it. The ignorant medical doctor is just as dangerous as the packaged medicine salesman or vendor.

Let me quote from a well known medical magazine known as "AMERICAN MEDICINE." Let any medical doctor laugh this off.

The old expression "While we are trying to cure one disease we are causing another" should be their slogan.



In recent months a flood of "cold cures" have come on the market and have been heavily advertised in our daily newspapers. Most of the material claims in these advertisements have been outright false, yet there has been no effort by the F. & D. A. to curb this false advertising.

The Reason: Most of these concoctions are made and sold by units of the Rockefeller Drug Trust.

The apparent effect of all are based on the same principle the damming up inside the body of the toxins which nature is seeking to eliminate. The inevitable danger is that when more toxins are added, nature later will cause a more serious condition in its eliminative efforts.

The difference between pills and vaccines is that the pills merely dam up the toxins; the vaccines not only dam the toxins up but add enormously to the toxin load, often destroying kidney cells and causing serious heart conditions.

Many advertisements refer to their deadly concoctions as "miracle drugs" and "wonder drugs." This is. good sucker bait, but the wonder is that the patient survives many of these "treatments." Often it really is a miracle.

There are as many names for these dangerous doses as these are pharmaceutical houses making them. All are based on the drug Histamine which locks up the poisons in the body and prevents elimination through the mucous membrane of the nasal passages.

Since a cold is caused by what you eat and do not properly eliminate (as you have already noted on Page 78) any fool knows that the way to cure a cold is to rid the body of its accumulated toxins. And that locking these toxins up isn't ridding the body of them.

Histamine has been used by the medical profession for years and is known as a dangerous drug to use. Its effects are similar to those of quinine. You become dizzy. You stagger. Your mind becomes dull. Your body reflexes slow down. The overstimulated bloodstream affects heart action. And the re-damming up of the toxins in the body affects the entire system.



Chapter 8 Serum Publicity 

"Doctors can't explain how prevention is brought about by vaccines and serums. They are not content to vaccinate people who come to them, but they ask the states to pass laws to compel everybody to be vaccinated. I might as well ask the state to pass a law to compel the people to hire me to try their law cases."

     Clarence Darrow.     


In the year 1945 the larger serum companies of the United States reputedly made net profits of something like $143,000,000. These are the figures which TRUTH TELLER Magazine quoted from NEWS-WEEK Magazine.

NEWS-WEEK ought to know. It is a Rockefeller-owned, Rockefeller-controlled, Rockefeller-dominated and Rockefeller-edited news weekly. It was launched by the House of Rockefeller in 1934 as a rival to and possible antidote for TIME, then owned by the House of Morgan.

When J. P. Morgan (the Last) died his financial empire went into an eclipse. The Rockefellers took over TIME bodily and built them a huge ornate office building in Rockefeller Center. It is known as Time-Life-Fortune Building. The five main stockholders of Time, Inc., are directors of Rockefeller-controlled banks. A sixth is Irving Trust Company. Henry Luce (the dummy editor-in-chief) is but a very minor stockholder and stooge "director".

Making serums and vaccines is therefore a serious thing for the people who are making such profits out of these deadly concoctions. Selling them is even more serious. Not only do they spend millions in open-and-above-board advertising, but they resort to high powered publicity schemes and hoaxes to chisel newspaper space, often on the front pages.

High-priced and high-powered public relations firms are employed fulltime for these chores. It is a well known fact that many people believe what they read in the news columns of newspapers, tho few pay any attention to editorials. Not all people know that only 50 % of our nation's "news" is trustworthy.

There have been several publicity stunts for the sale of serums which stand out in the history of the public relations profession. The one which drew most headlines, and the most lineage for the public relations actuaries to brag about, was the famous Nome (Alaska) dogsled publicity stunt. The free advertising diphtheria anti-toxin got from this one single publicity stunt couldn't have been purchased for $10,000,000.

The Drug Trust representative in Nome succeeded in putting on the telegraph wires the yarn that there was an epidemic of diphtheria in that frozen municipality. And, horrors, there was no serum to save the lives of the rest of the city's 3,495 inhabitants.

Apparently the Drug Trust had carefully planned this press agent stunt. A dog team was in waiting at Seattle, a few bottles of serum loaded, and a single driver was ready to mush the huskies on to Nome. The lead dog was given the name of "Balto," one that fitted readily into newspaper headlines. To the accompaniment of news-photographers' flash pans, the one-team caravan started.

Then the press agents went to work. Daily and hourly bulletins of the alleged progress of the dog team were fed to the press associations though no one ever explained how the Drug Trust press agents knew so accurately the location of the dog team in the snowy wastes hour by hour and minute by minute. In fact, the press associations didn't even ask.

Newspaper editors, not knowing of the hoax that was being perpetrated upon them and their readers, gave these inspired bulletins banner space on their first pages. Before the sled team got to Nome, the dog "Balto" was America's hero.

The whole country prayed that "Balto" and his courageous dumb colleagues would reach Nome in time to save those 3,495 courageous Eskimos and white men from choking to death from dread diphtheria. Ministers of the gospel throughout the land helped this hoax along by having their congregations pray that the strength of these dumb brutes would hold out until "Nome was saved." It was a great press agent yarn one of the greatest in the history of press agentry.

When the dog team got to Nome it was found that only five persons of 3,495 had diphtheria or even what was diagnosed as diphtheria. To carry this hoax to almost unimaginable heights the Drug Trust propaganda firm paid for and erected in Central Park, New York City, an oversized statue of the mythical dog "Balto."

With solemn ceremonies, connived with and condoned by the city fathers of Gotham, this statue was given an "unveiling" on December 16, 1925. The New York newspapers played it to the limit, thus selling many

more thousands of dollars worth of horse pus for the serum companies.

This press agentry didn't stop there. Morris Fishbein, the Drug Trust's able stooge in charge of the American Medical Association, kept the propaganda going. According to him:


"The development of the diphtheria incident in Nome brought a flood of inquiries from such papers as the Kansas City Star, the Detroit News, the Associated Press and others .. . Opportunity was thus given for the dissemination of a vast amount of information regarding diphtheria anti-toxin, its use, and general knowledge of the manner in which scientific medicine works in the control of epidemics."


Next in magnitude to the Nome Hoax, in the brilliant annals of the public relations field (racket division), was the death of Floyd Bennett, one of America's hallowed pioneer trans-oceanic fliers.

Floyd Bennett, his system loaded with toxins probably as the result of too many nights on the banquet circuit which is one of the penalties of being famous contracted pneumonia while trying to rescue a German-Irish flying team which had been forced down in the frigid wastes of New Foundland.

The Drug Trust press agents persuaded Charles Lindbergh, then at the height of his popularity as the Lone Eagle who first flew the Atlantic single-handed non-stop, to fly to the stricken Bennett and carry several white mice and some pneumonia serum. The white mice, of course, were taken along to add to the bedazzlement of newspaper editors and readers in the publicity splurge.

The flying airplane took but a short time; hence this stunt couldn't make the headlines for days as the slower moving dogsled to Nome did. Lindy made his journey in jig time but the serum was as ineffective as any other serum Floyd Bennett died.

Then the Provincial Secretary of Canada, the Honorable L. A. David, caustically scored those who were responsible for the publicity stunt. He absolved Lindbergh from any complicity and commended him highly for his motives.

But, the Provincial Secretary said, the flying of serum from the United States was totally unnecessary, for the Dominion of Canada had plenty of serum of her own. He said there was a general feeling in Canada that advantage had been taken of a tragic situation under guise of charity and that Mr. Lindbergh had been ruthlessly used as an advertising medium.

Bringing the subject down almost to date the rawest publicity stunt pulled by public relations firms for the biologicals manufacturing business was in New York City in February and March of 1947.

On February 25 Eugene LeBar, a Mexico City importer took a bus to New York City. On March 10th he died in one of the city hospitals. The diagnosis was "hemorrhagic bronchitis." Somewhere between that date and April 10th the Rockefeller public relations firm, recently assigned to the American Medical Association because the upward spiral of drug trust profits wasn't spiraling upward fast enough, had a brilliant idea.

Senor LeBar, they reasoned, during his long trip had been in the same atmosphere with thousands of people from El Paso to New York. Why not drum up a smallpox scare all over the United States and make ten million more dollars filling the nation's blood stream with cow pus and horse filth.

With New York's publicity-loving Mayor, William O'Dwyer, as the spearhead, this is exactly what they did. The bronchitis diagnosis was changed to one of smallpox 30 days after Senor LeBar's demise. Mayor O'Dwyer ordered everyone in New York vaccinated, although he had no more power to do this than Mahatma Gandhi had.

The Associated Press put the story on its wires in a big way, its "science" editor going allout to exploit this latest in "science." Of course, that didn't make AP Director Arthur Hays Sulzberger of the Rockefeller foundation mad with his editors.

All the dopes and dupes in New York formed long lines in front of every police station and every doctor's office and had five years lopped off the other end of their lives. Newspapers and health departments all over the country, following the O'Dwyer publicity spread the serum hoax, and exhorted their own dupes to "get vaccinated." Thousands upon thousands of them did.

One public relations firm for the drug trust planted a fake story that President Truman had himself vaccinated before coming to New York to address a newspaper convention. Altho this was denied by the White House the denial, as usual, never caught up with the lie.

The police station vaccinations cost the taxpayers of New York City $850,000 and those who went to private doctors even more. The Drug Trust undoubtedly added ten to fifteen million dollars to its 1947 profits.

The question of whether or not serums, vaccines, antitoxins and biologicals really prevent anything is not merely an issue between the drugless and the drug-dispensing cults of the healing arts. Serious doubt on their efficacy has been cast by medical men themselves. That they have done outright and downright harm on many occasions cannot be denied.

J. H. Tilden, M. D., of Denver had this particular empiricism of his profession in mind when he said:


"The science of medicine is unique in one thing, if not in anything else. That is that it has succeeded in fooling those who practice it. In this is the power of continuity. Medical science of today is a creed. Believing in its dogmas is of more importance than to study and find out whether they are true or not. It is easier to get the mental food prepared and, if possible, predigested by the authorities than to form your own opinion by hard study."


When one forgets the dogmas, and the authorities, and looks in the face the downright facts of vaccination where it has been performed on a wholesale basis one gets the idea that Dr. Tilden, and others who refuse to accept without investigation the theory of "immunization" by infection, have something there.

It is a matter of fact that smallpox was little known in the Hawaiian Islands until Capt. Cook discovered them in the name of the British Crown and doctors of the King's Medical Society began to vaccinate every little brown man there they could catch. Smallpox has come into its own in Hawaii ever since, according to the records.

A worse situation existed in the Philippines. When Admiral Dewey drove the Spaniards out of the P. I.'s in 1898, and when two years later Gen. Funston had rounded up Aguinildo and his little band of protesting patriots, the Army medicos were sent to the Islands with instructions to vaccinate every little brown man they could catch. It meant huge profits to American pharmaceutical houses.

So what happened ? Every little brown man they could catch was vaccinated and inside of three years smallpox had increased tenfold in the Philippine Islands. I quote from William Howard Hay, M. D., who needs no introduction to the medical or drugless professions:


"The true figures on vaccination for smallpox have never got before the public, though they can be seen in the files of the various departments of the army as well as the government, if one cares to ask for them. If the record of vaccination in the Philippines alone were ever to become matter of general knowledge it would finish vaccination in the whole country, at least among those who are able to read and think for themselves.


"After three years of the most rigid vaccination, when almost every little brown man had been vaccinated from one to six times, there occurred the severest epidemic of smallpox that the islands had ever seen, with a death rate running in places to almost seventy per cent, and in all well over sixty thousand deaths. Did you ever know this before? Assuredly not.

"Yet it is found in the government records in just this form. Manila and the surrounding province were vaccinated most thoroughly, also they showed the highest case record and death record of the whole archipelago, while some of the outlying country was not so thoroughly vaccinated and escaped with proportionately less disease."


In checking Dr. Hay's figures I went to the Army Medical Library in Washington. I found that the regular annual report on Philippine Health, with facts and figures about every disease and the activities of American health authorities in the Islands, for the years 1899,1900, 1901 and 1902 had been removed from the files and stacks of the Surgeon General's Library.

The clerk in charge tried to be helpful. He, too, was puzzled at the missing volumes. After both of us spent half a day futiley trying to find them, under the presumption that they might have been misfiled, we had to give up. But it was obvious to me that this looting of public records had been perpetrated to prevent anyone from quoting verbatim from them to support Dr. Hay's statement.

I am told that the missing volumes also revealed that 674 of our vaccinated soldiers in the Philippines in the four years ending in 1901 contracted smallpox and 249 died. "Does vaccination prevent smallpox?" didn't seem to be a $64 question there. In fact, it was no question at all.

We have some later statistics on the Philippine Smallpox Front. In the years 1918, 1919 and 1920 after 20 years of compulsory vaccination the greatest smallpox epidemic in Philippine history occurred, with 162,503 cases and 71,453 deaths.

In the province of Rizal, which surrounds Manila where the representatives of the vaccine companies had headquarters, they had a death rate of 67.24 per 100. This was three and a half times the death rate shown in any part of the archipelago before vaccination came to the Philippines.

Broken down for 1918 the report shows that 3,285,376 Filipinos were vaccinated, 47,369 came down with smallpox, 16,477 died. In 1919 they more than doubled each operation which would seem to prove this point. The number of vaccinations totalled 7,670,252, the number of cases of smallpox 65,180 and the number of deaths 44,408.

I feel constrained to quote briefly one drugless authority, Dr. Harry R. Bybee, of Norfolk, Va., president of the National Chiropractic Association and a man distinguished in the science which he practices. Speaking of vaccination he said:


"My honest opinion is that vaccination is the cause of more disease and suffering than anything I could name. I believe that such diseases as cancer, syphilis, old sores and many other disease conditions are the direct results of vaccination. Yet, in the state of Virginia and many other states, parents are compelled to submit their children to this procedure while the medical profession not only receives its pay for this unwanted service, but makes splendid and profitable patients for the future."


It will be noted that this drugless view of vaccination is conservative compared with the views of many medical doctors. Dr. Bybee, for instance, is much more restrained in his general diagnosis than Dr. Herbert Snow, for many years the senior surgeon of the Cancer Hospital in London, who said:

"Of recent years many men and women in the prime of life have dropped dead suddenly, often after attending a wedding feast or banquet.

"I am convinced that some 80% of these deaths are caused by the inoculations or vaccinations they have undergone. These are well known to cause grave and permanent disease to the heart. The coroner always hushes it up with 'Natural Causes'."

Dr. W. B. Clarke of Indianapolis was even more positive when he said:

"Cancer was practically unknown until cowpox vaccination began to be introduced. I have had to do with at least 200 cases of cancer, and I never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person."

Dr. J. M. Peebles of San Diego, at the turn of the century, made as thorough a scientific investigation of vaccination as could be made. He was so impressed with the fallacies which have been spread far and wide by the pharmaceutical manufacturers that he wrote a book on the subject. Among his refutacious findings were:

"The vaccination practice, pushed to the front on all occasions by the medical profession and through political connivance made compulsory by the state, has not only become the chief menace and greatest danger to the health of the rising generation, but likewise the crowning outrage upon the personal liberty of the American citizen.

"The fee-hunting doctors are incessantly hounding the legislatures for more stringent compulsory enactments, by which they will be enabled to inflict and repeat this degrading rite upon defenseless people for the enhancement of their revenues.

"Compulsory vaccination, poisoning the crimson currents of the human system with brute-extracted lymph under the strange infatuation that it would prevent smallpox, was one of the darkest blots that disfigured the last century.

"The majority of doctors are behind the times. They may have diplomas, but they are laggards. They are not students. Many of them prefer the golf course to the post graduate course, the clubroom to the medical laboratory, the cigar to the clinic

"It is admitted that prevention is preferable to cure. And there is not an intelligent medical practitioner in the land who will unqualifiedly risk his reputation upon the statement that vaccination is a positive prevention of smallpox. Volumes of statistics, as well as the highest medical science in the United States, Canada, England and the Continent would be directly against him.

"The most that any physician of good standing now contends is that vaccination modifies the disease. This is stoutly denied. On the contrary it aggravates the disease as there are two poisons now in the system instead of one for nature to contend against.

"It is sanitation, diet, pure air, calmness of mind, confidence and cleanliness that modify the smallpox. All of these modifiers are infinitely cheaper, safer and in every way preferable to cowpox poison which, if it does not kill, often marks, maims and sows the seeds of future eczema, tumors, ulcers, carbuncles, cancer and leprosy.

"We have at our command testimonies scores of testimonies proving beyond any possible doubt that men unvaccinated have nursed smallpox patients in hospitals at different times, for years, and never took the disease. On the other hand we have, with dates and figures, the most positive proof that those who have been vaccinated vaccinated two and three times took the disease when exposed and died therefrom. These facts are undeniable."

A. M. Ross, M. D., seems to have summed up briefly, succinctly and unanswerably (by the vaccine manufacturers and vendors) the cause of smallpox, which shows that adding fuel to flames will not put out the fire. Dr. Ross said:

"Wherever the streets are narrow, the lanes and courts filthy; where cesspits abound and filth is allowed to accumulate and ferment; where the weak, intemperate and unclean congregate together, and where the children are ill-fed and badly clothed there smallpox makes its home and riots in filth and death."


The smallpox and bubonic plague epidemics in England stopped when such conditions were cleaned up. And these epidemics did not stop until then.

The Encyclopedia Britannica lays the fairy tale told American troops of the recent World War, who were skeptical as to the yellow fever serum which laid so many of them low. This yarn was that serum had stopped all yellow fever.

The Encyclopedia, as it is in most things, was considerably more accurate in this matter. It pointed out first that Major Walter Reed of the Army Medical Corps first "proved the fallacy of Dr. Carlos Finlay's notion that yellow fever was transmitted by fomites in bedding, clothing, etc., of patients suffering from yellow fever."

"Since the disease was not taken by animals," the Encyclopedia continues, "there was no method of proof except by experiments upon human beings. By a set of experiments, in which some of Reed's co-workers sacrificed their lives, Major Reed proved to a skeptical world that the yellow fever parasite was carried only by the mosquito and that its bite caused the disease only under certain conditions.


"Possessed of this knowledge, Army sanitary engineers eradicated yellow fever from Cuba. It has since been largely eliminated from civilized portions of the world."


Dr. Josephson, my medical friend in New York who has done much research into so-called immunization in connection with his own books and writings says of pneumonia serum (in his book "Merchants In Medicine"):

"It was found that pneumococcus germs could be grouped into four groups or types. Serums were prepared for each of these types of germs by their injections into horses and rabbits. When patients were treated with them it was found that there was no material difference in the death rate as compared with the untreated cases.

"Though of practically no value in the prevention of death from pneumonia, the serum itself may menace the health and life of the patient as may any other serum. But the research workers in the field refused to admit the obvious failure of the anti-pneumococcus serums.

"Their position and influence enabled them to maintain themselves as 'authorities' and to force the acceptance of their obviously erroneous views. They created numerous 'refinements' in the typing of germs which progressively increased the number of types from four to 30.

"This enabled them to place the blame for the failure of their serum on the method of typing. The greater number of types made it more readily possible to manipulate the results obtained in such manner as to make the serum appear a bit more successful."

Of his research into the actual results of serum, alleged to cure, prevent or mitigate infantile paralysis, he writes:

"A flagrant instance was the death of scores of humans resulting from the administration of so-called 'immunization serum' in the treatment of persons suspected of having infantile paralysis in 1931. This was a case of deliberate risk and sacrifice of human life by experimentation engaged in by a committee of the New York Academy of Medicine. The committee was headed by the late Dr. Linsly R. Williams whose position interlocked the Organized Medicine and Social Service Rackets.

"For writing an article in COLLIER'S Magazine, 'certifying' that Franklin D. Roosevelt was physically fit to be President of the United States, Dr. Williams was mentioned as a prospective Secretary of Health which position was to have been created for him in the Cabinet by Gov. Roosevelt when he became President. Like so many other Roosevelt promises this was forgotten when he achieved the stated goal.

"The sale of this fake cure, and its attendant publicity (which backfired) was designed to build up Dr. Williams as a national figure. But the best authorities on the subject unequivocally condemned the 'Linsly' serum on the basis of accumulated data. They pronounced it of questionable value and actually injurious when used in certain manners.

"At a hearing before the Board of Censors of the New York County Medical Society on March 11, 1932, Dr. Williams placed the responsibility for the disastrous experiment squarely on the Rockefeller Institute. He said the 'study' was made on the 'recommendation' of four doctors on the staff of this outfit."

Of the diphtheria branch of the Drug Trust's Profit Derby, Dr. Josephson condemned the Schick test and diphtheria toxin, anti-toxin and toxoid as "not wholly reliable" and often downright harmful. He writes:

"The truth with regard to Schick test 'immunizations' was deliberately suppressed when it was found that often the children in a family who are 'immunized' and supposedly protected against the disease succumbed to diphtheria; whereas children who had not been 'protected' escaped the disease.

"Propagandists try to claim the drop in diphtheria some years ago was caused by anti-toxin. This is not the case. A careful study of the situation reveals the fact that the drop in diphtheria closely parallels the improved distribution of fresh vegetables and citrus fruits out of season, and their increased use. These products contain Vitamin C, which is known to neutralize the diphtheria toxin and to protect against its poisonous effects.

"In the last quarter of 1937, about five years after the costly and hysterical anti-toxin campaign, diphtheria claimed 253 victims in New York City, of whom ten died. Some children lost their lives because deluded physicians felt sure that the membrane which appeared in the throat of a child that had been 'immunized' could not possibly be diphtheria.

"But the campaign boosted materially the business of firms engaged in the production and sale of the diphtheria products involved. As a result of the campaign, millions of doses of the material were sold by a group of drug firms at surprisingly standardized prices which yield very high profits."

Please note again that Dr. Josephson is not a drugless doctor, but a medical one. Also that he made considerably more than 48 in anatomy when he passed the New York State Board exam. And that he has made a success of his private practice of medicine for years, unlike many quacks who spend their lives on the public payroll because they cannot succeed in private practice.

One of these quacks is George S. Ruhland, Health Officer for the District of Columbia. As I write this book he and the Washington newspapers are engaged in one of those hysterical campaigns which Dr. Josephson described in attempting to sell thousands of doses of practically worthless serums for diphtheria, polio, smallpox, etc., to the Washington public.

The newspapers are more or less blameless for their editors have never read Josephson, Hay, Bybee, Tilden, Clarke, Fraser, and others who have made independent studies of the alleged affects of these biologicals. They don't know.

And it is doubtful if Ruhland does either, since he was never able to earn a living in private practice but has been on the public payroll for many years. Ruhland calls for vaccination of the young starting at six months.

If the people of the District of Columbia took him seriously, undoubtedly the nation's capital would be a community of invalids before 1970, if not sooner. Although the makers of typhoid shots (for instance) claim that one every three years will prevent typhoid, Ruhland calls for many shots in between.

He calls them "booster shots." This is a very good name, for their injection haphazardly will certainly boost the profits of the Drug Trust, as well as those of the undertakers and the cemetery corporations.

I would like to quote from medical doctors on the other side of this extremely important controversy. I have yet to find a single doctor who can point to a single case and say positively except in his own opinion that vaccines or serums have ever prevented anything. I always get these kind of answers to this important question the "pro" of immunization: "We believe serums immunize," or "It is accepted medical practice," or "Scientific medicine says it does."


Never do we hear it said by users of serums that the most enthusiastic advocates of it are the detail men from the pharmaceutical houses that have them for sale. However, Dr. J. F. Baldwin, when he was President of the Ohio State Medical Association in 1920, did not mince words when he said:

"At the present time the profession is being overwhelmed with traveling representatives of manufacturing drug houses who, in addition to all sorts of drugs, are foisting upon us serums and vaccines and preparations of various organs, practically none of which has been demonstrated to have any value whatever, and most of which are known by intelligent physicians to be worthless or worse.

"I had a little correspondence sometime ago with one of these manufacturers. Though he admitted that the best men in the profession did not use such preparations, he seemed happy in telling me how many million doses he had sold to the other kind in the course of a year.

"The treatment of diseases or their prevention, by antitoxins, serums and vaccines is still very largely in the experimental stage, with grave doubts as to the value of the vast majority. Unfortunately, much of our literature on these subjects, including statistics, is furnished by the manufacturers who are interested, above all things in the financial aspects of their production."


John B. Fraser, M. D., of Toronto, Canada, after an investigation of the immunization theories of his colleagues, reported in an article entitled "The Toxoid Mania" which was printed in the Toronto Mail and Empire, thus:

"Toxoid will not prevent diphtheria. And Toxoid may cause future trouble. The reason toxoid has failed to prevent diphtheria is that its preparation is based on a last-century supposition that diphtheria is due to a special germ which generates a toxin or poison, and toxoid is used to prevent the development of that germ. Later scientific investigation has shown that these germs will neither cause diphtheria nor generate toxins. Consequently one need not look for success based on false ideas."

It would be superfluous to suggest what the Drug Trust and its smear bund did to Dr. Frazer for this "heresy" or, in plainer and more honest English, de-profitization of their balance sheet.

The pharmaceutical houses would like to forget the "epidemic" in Dallas, Texas, and surrounding towns in 1920 when they and their anti-toxins killed 100 children and injured many more for life. The claim was made that the serum which was sold to the druggists in Dallas that year was "spoiled" or "sub-standard."

Nothing was said about the propaganda campaign which preceded this wholesale infanticide and brought it about. Much was said about the paltry $78,000 the company responsible for the wholesale murder paid out to bereaved parents who raised too much fuss about it to suit the Drug Trust.

In Evanston, Ill., a 7-year old named James Connor died three minutes after being administered anti-scarlet fever serum. The coroner's jury was told by the doctors who killed the boy that the serum couldn't possibly have killed him. So convincing was their lawyer that the jury officially decided the boy had died of "shock." What was the difference?

Some physicians are a little blunt in appraising the monetary value of medical fads and customs. In speaking before a gathering of their own they are likely to say things that do not look so good when dissected by laymen or authors the morning after.

One such eulogy of Medical Mammonart, which sticks in our memory, came from Dr. Matthew Pfeiffenbarger, when he was president of the Illinois State Medical Society in 1926. Dr. Pfeiffenbarger spoke before the annual conference of Illinois Health officers at Alton. Thinking his speech would remain in "family circles" he unblushingly said:


"Prevention practiced to its utmost will create more work for the physician and WILL NOT DIMINISH IT, for the fulltime health officer will be educating his community constantly. There will be more vaccinating, more immunizing, more consulting and use of the physician. His services would be increased manifold.

"I am informed that epidemic and infections cause only 12 percent of all deaths, and that the percentage is declining rapidly. Only 15 percent of all children would ever get diphtheria, even under epidemic conditions, while 100% are prospects for antitoxin.

"The percentage for smallpox, under present conditions is even less; but 100% are prospects for vaccination. Scarlet fever will soon come in for its 100% also, as it may for measles, judging from the reports on that disease. Typhoid fever is disappearing, DUE TO SANITATION, but vaccination should be used when the individual travels into unknown territory and countries."


If there is any doubt in your mind as to the money angle uppermost in the minds of SOME physicians and ALL drug houses and pharmaceutical detail men, consider the statement of Guy L. Kiefer, M. D., when he was Commissioner of Health for Michigan. In an article published in the Journal of the Michigan State Medical Society, he said:


"With 100,000 babies born every year the increase in the physician's income for diphtheria anti-toxin would be from a quarter to three-quarters of a million dollars if we could immunize all children against this disease soon after they are six months old.

"There would be an additional $200,000 if we could immunize them against smallpox. Immunization against other diseases would help increase the earnings of the physicians who actively sponsor this modern type of practice."


Sometimes a medical doctor will take his "reputation" in his hands and come out with a spade-calling dissertation on a favorite medical myth. Always the Drug Trust and its stooges and mediums do their utmost to destroy any such "upstart" who has the temerity to endanger even the slightest percentage of their monetary profits.

I can remember the statement by Dr. Chester A. Stewart, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Medical College of the University of Minnesota (subsidized with $216,-643 of Drug Trust money), writing in the Journal Lancet:

"The occurrence of sudden shock reaction following the administration of serums to children who have been immunized by toxin-anti-toxin injections undoubtedly is far more common than a survey of the literature indicates. The writer has found considerable number of physicians who have had similar experiences which were not reported.

"Why do doctors talk 'prevention' with such uncertain remedies? Why are they seeking the power to control the public, to compel the administration of their many questionable remedies? It may be a matter of humanity with some, but it is more a matter of money with those of the swivel chair type."


"Virus is a word meaning poison," we hear from Dr. E. Elwin Branscombe. "While it is a fad now to call the common cold 'Virus X' and 'Virus This' and 'Virus That' is wouldn't be entirely amiss to thus name it. A cold is nothing more than nature getting rid of accumulated toxins (poisons) in the blood stream.

"Vaccine virus is made from the pus of a diseased animal. Inoculation is not based upon any scientific fact, but upon 'it is supposed to do' and 'it seems to do' and 'we believe it does' and so forth and so forth. It is supposed to produce antibodies, antigerms or antigens. These things are myths. They have never been isolated. They do not exist.

"Careful investigation will show that sanitation and more hygienic ways of living have always wiped out the plagues. Great Britain in India, and the United States in the Philippines, have found that it does no good to vaccinate unless sanitation is practiced.

"Norway has abolished vaccination. England and Scotland have abolished compulsory vaccination, and the death rate from smallpox has declined. Austria, the country that gave birth to toxin-anti-toxin, has outlawed this substance, following many deaths from its use."

Dr. Branscombe, writing in Plain Talk Magazine, said:

"In the Franco-Prussian War every German soldier was vaccinated. Camps were shifted so rapidly that sanitation measures could not be enforced. The result was that 53,288 otherwise able-bodied and healthy men, 'protected' by calf pus, developed smallpox. The death rate was high.

"To all practical purposes the people of Australia are unvaccinated. During the 15 years from 1909 to 1923 Australia had only six deaths from smallpox. And it had the second lowest death rate from all diseases of any country on earth.

"In Japan, by compulsion, everyone is vaccinated for smallpox but, in 22 years, Japan had 285,061 recorded cases of smallpox and 77,500 recorded deaths. Japan stands among the highest in death rate from all diseases of the countries of the world."

And look who's talking now the American Medical Association. The greed of the pharmaceutical houses during the flu epidemic of 1918, and the way they put pressure on the overworked and harassed medical doctors of the country to inject anything and everything they had to sell in the well and sick alike, brought this warning to member doctors:


"The danger of commercialized therapeutics has been enormously increased by the introduction of biologic products. These substances offer a rich field for the commercially-minded. The influenza epidemic last year was widespread and total in character.

"However, there were more than enough manufacturers ready to place any product on the market with specious claims that could not positively be denied. Vaccines, serums, proteins all were advanced with such glowing statements as to their properties that only those physicians who kept their feet firmly on solid ground could resist the appeal."


Chapter 9  Centuries Of Progress 

The history of medicine on the one hand is nothing more than a history of variations; and on the other hand a still more marvelous history of how every other successful variation has, by medical bodies, been furiously denounced and then bigotedly adopted.

     Sir William Hamilton.


Three hundred and eighty-five years ago the first pharmacopoeia was published. It listed 1,100 "medicinal agents" and was titled "Pharmacopoeia Augustana."

Thus was the traffic in drugs first introduced into the category of "Big Business." Today, so the 23rd edition of the United States Dispensatory tells us, the drug traffic has grown into the enormous total of over 30,000 "items."

Three hundred years ago pigeon dung and grasshopper sputum were solemnly used as medicines. Today concoctions a thousand times as deadly are solemnly squirted into the human bloodstream on every known pretext, shortening the lives of the victims and making untold profits for the Drug Trust.

The Drug Traffic has become a ten billion dollar industry. The profits of some of the leading serum makers and drug peddlers have reached fantastic figures, according to their financial reports published in standard industrial manuals.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been paid by the drug interests to many medical colleges to mis-educate students into the excessive use of drugs, and to prevent them from learning the deadly and deadening effect of drugs on the human system. And

Not a thin dime has been allocated to any drugless college tho drugless physicians today are making cures of cases in which drugs have failed and which medical doctors marvel at and call "miracles."

When Charles II of England lay dying from a convulsion which attacked him while shaving, the medicos of that day left no stone unturned in helping him along to the Great Beyond. First, he was bled of a pint of blood. Then his shoulder was cut and eight ounces more of blood extracted by cupping.

Then followed an emetic, a purgative and another purgative. Next, an enema in which they used antimony, sacred bitters, rock salt, mallow leaves, violet, beet root, camomile flowers, fennel seed, linseed, cinnamon, cardamom seed, saffron, cochineal and aloes. The enema was repeated. In two hours, another purgative was given.

The King's scalp was then shaved, and a blister raised on it. They gave him next sneezing powder of hellebore root; they sought to strengthen his brain by giving him powder of cowslip flowers.

The cathartics were frequently repeated. He was given drinks of barley water, licorice, sweet almonds, white wine, absinthe, anise seed, extracts of thistles, rue, mint and angelica. When these did not cure him, they gave him a plaster of burgundy pitch and pigeon dung, to be applied to his feet.

More bleeding, more purging; they added melon seeds, manna, slippery elm, black cherry water, extracts of flower of lime, lily of the valley, peony, lavender and dissolved pearls. When these did not do the trick, they went at it with gentian root, nutmeg, quinine and cloves. When this failed, he was given forty drops of extract of human skull. Then they forced down his throat a rallying dose of herbs and animal extracts. Then some powdered bezoar stone.

Dr. Scarburg reported, "Alas; after an ill-fated night His Serene Majesty was so exhausted that all the physicians became despondent." And so, more active cordials, and finally pearl julep and ammonia, were forced down the royal patient's throat. Then he died.

And when George Washington came down with acute laryngitis at the age of only 67 the medics helped him too into the great beyond. Historians say he received four blood-lettings, a gargle of molasses-vinegar-and-butter (which almost suffocated him), blisters of dried beetles applied to his throat and cataplasms of wheat bran on his legs. No wonder he died before midnight.

So ran medical practice, in the good old days. Less than two hundred years ago the treatment of the sick was still confined to superstition, although the pet superstitions of the medical fraternity had progressed if you call mere changes Progress.

The doctors of those days sound funny to the doctors of the present. But no funnier than some of today's Medical Doctors, who inject more filth into the human body to "cure" disorders caused by the filth already in the body and uneliminated, sound to those who have made an intelligent study of disease and the one thing that causes it.

Among the prescriptions to be taken internally were pulverized warts, dried earthworms, dried snakes, live bedbugs, hog's lice, dried blood of black cats and nanny tea distilled from sheep droppings. Each one of these "remedies" was an "infallible specific" for a specific human disease.

Here are more words from the Pharmacopoeia of less than two hundred years ago: Sheep dung was prescribed to cure measles, the dried bellies of skunks to heal boils, powdered fox's lungs to cure asthma, skinned mice for whooping cough. Powdered bones from the human skull were recognized by the medical world as one of the greatest specifics, with a hundred or more orthodox uses.

Old medical handbooks recommended, when patients were put on diet, stew made out of insects, rodents and the ordure of animals. Viga's Plaster was a great patent medicine of its day. Although it was made out of viper's flesh, live frogs and worms, and was said to be beneficial in many ailments, it probably was worth as much as many patent medicines of today which are sold to the gullible public by high powered advertising, and are not as dangerous as most drugs.

Moss from the skull of a person who had died by violence was considered highly potent. Human urine, perspiration and the saliva of a fasting person were considered to possess remarkable healing qualities. Cat ointment and oil of puppies boiled with earthworms were said to be effective remedies in cases of dysentery.

Pharmacy or pharmacy of a sort is at least 70 centuries old, but the present high-powered sales and promotional end of it has been with us less than half a century. Let us quote from the bible of the pharmacal trade "Fundamental Principles and Processes of Pharmacy," published by McGraw-Hill & Company:

"There is evidence that disease is as old as life itself. Germs, and perhaps bacterial diseases, can be traced to the carboniferous period which, according to geology, was 160,-000,000 years ago. Man, it is thought, did not appear on the scene until some millenniums later. With man came civilization and, without doubt, the spread of disease.

"Primitive peoples resorted to magic to rid themselves of the afflictions that beset them. They believed that the world swarmed with invisible spirits, causing disease and death. Magic served primitive man in many ways. Primitive practices of medicine were usually associated with religious beliefs. The magician whether god, hero, king, priest, prophet or physician was to the savage the medicine maker.

"The Sumerians had a well-ordered civilization in Babylon soon after 5,000 B. C. They were familiar with many drugs and had a knowledge of hygiene, agriculture and craftsmanship. Many strange devices were used to treat the sick.

"Amulets and charms were worn. Many simple remedies were used enemas, poultices, bandages, plaster compresses, salves and liniments. The Babylonians held strongly to the demoniac idea of disease. The Assyrians believed that illness was, in part at least, punishment for breaking-some law or taboo.

"The first record of Pharmacy, as such, was in Arabia in the eighth century. Arabian pharmacists imported drugs senna, camphor, rhubarb, musk, cloves, aconite and mercury.

"Paracelsus (1493-1541), a Swiss alchemist and physician, taught the use of sulphur, lead, mercury, antimony, iron and other metals in therapeutics. He claimed to have discovered the elixir of life, but failed to use it on himself as he died in his 48th year."

Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence and Physician-General of Washington's Armies, throws much light on the shaky theories held by the physicians of Revolutionary days. But they are no more ridiculous than the theories of many "modern" medical physicians, who are still searching for a cancer bug (which does not exist), for a cold bug (which does not exist) and for many other kinds of theoretical bugs, which form "bugbears" that are very profitable to the Drug Trust.

In Dr. Rush's Autobiography he tells us that physicians of the 15th and 16th Centuries taught that the body functioned in those days at least thru four kinds of fluids or "humors." These were designated as


1. Blood.

2. Phlegm.

3. Black bile and

4. Yellow bile.


They believed that bodily health resulted from the proper balance and counteraction of the four humors. Diseases, they theorized, were associated with excess or deficiency of one or another of them.

They, therefore, treated the "excess" by bleeding, purging and sweating. And to be consistent they, of course, treated what they diagnosed as the "deficiency" by diet or drugs, or both.

This theory became obsolete in the 17th and 18th centuries when the advent of "biochemistry" made the humoral physiology passe. A new "leader" named Descartes taught that the body was a machine and disease was a disturbance of the mechanical functions. Dr. Rush described these theories as based on half truths and unverifiable hypotheses.

Before the Edinburgh Scots took the medical "leadership" away from the Dutch in 1760, Herman Boerhaave was the chief figure. He had watched the growth of physics and chemistry. He had built up an eclectic system in which chemical and physical qualities (acidity, alkalinity, saltness, tension and relaxation) replaced the old humoral theories. Drugs and diet were employed in a mild and expectant way.

To show how effective these methods which failed to take into account the factor of sanitation which later was to reduce the incidence of disease and increase the span of human life were the following as given in the Rush Autobiography as standard vital statistics for the year 1789: Out of every 100 persons born in any given year only 64 remained alive at the age of 6.

Ten years later we find only 46 still living. At the age of 26 only 26 remained and at the age of 36 only 16. Ten persons out of every 100 survived to the age of 46, and six to the age of 56. Only 3 denizens lived to the ripe old age of 66 and only one in a hundred to 76. Of Dr. Rush's own 13 children, four died less than five months after birth and a fifth died at the age of 31.

Today there are parts of the world where the antics of the Medicine Man seem just as intelligent. In Zululand, in darkest Africa, where the churches send missionaries to save the souls of the black man, the Medicine Man brews messes of human viscera, pieces of sticks, feathers, rhinoceros skin and putrid elephant flesh.

Then, to make his ministrations to the sick more impressive, he has the whole tribe of naked savages grease their hides, put grotesque looking rings in their noses and sit around in a circle surrounding the ill person while he chants incantations as meaningless to his audience as the American doctor's prescription of today, written in Latin on a small piece of paper, is to the layman.

When Adam and Eve were first put on earth, man did not need doctors or healers. Like an animal left alone by human beings, he lived strictly in accordance with the laws of Nature.

It was when the population began to grow and people began to herd together and develop degenerate and unhygienic habits that disease began to take a foothold in the human race.

The most ancient medical formulary in the world is supposed to be the Papyrus Ebers, which is believed to have been compiled somewhere around 1500 B. C. If the translators of these ancient hieroglyphics were correct in their translations, the majority of the medicaments prescribed in the Papyrus were for the relief of intestinal disorders.

The next Materia Medica which has been handed down by word of mouth in tradition is that of Dioscorides. This work, the translators say, details the properties of about 600 medicinal plants. This is the work which is said to have served as the basis for ancient and modern, Occidental and Oriental, pharmacopoeias.

And they were salesmen in those days, too. To make these herbs popular, the old sage advised the addition of sweet flag, olive oil, Sicyonian oil, oil of myrtle, oil of Daphne, wool fat, milk, whey and/or butter.

When the ancient Roman went to war and was messed up by the enemy's broad ax, spear or other weapon, the prescription of the Roman army's "medical corps" contained horrific ingredients. Hot gladiator's blood, human excrement and ear wax were some of the outstanding examples. When the Roman palate rebelled against this obnoxious mixture, the medical man stirred the potion with his digitus medicus, probably the third finger of his left hand. This was supposed to sweeten the mixture.

But the enlightened patient took no chances. He collaborated by adding butter, fat or bone marrow for palatability. And, finally, he expectorated three times before swallowing the dose. He believed this insured triple potency.

The human body was the source of many ingredients for the early compilers of national pharmacopoeias. The London and Augustan tomes mention materials derived from the cadavers which insured a greater palatability and potency. Chief among the "human" remedies were "poor sinner's fat" and "raspings of skull unburied."

The medical attendants upon the Medici family, early Italian dictators, were proponents of the use of such drugs. We can well imagine the savants, in deliberation, arriving at the conclusion that to concoct medical ambrosials the base, par excellence, is either adeps hominis, oleum osseum or cranium humanum.

The Natural History of Pliny and the ancient Chinese materia medicas were the foundation upon which many of the 18th century pharmacologists based their works. These sources stressed the great therapeutic benefits to be derived from certain parts of animal anatomy.

Among the herbalists of the time was Oswald Troll, author of the popular "Basilica Chymica." In this book, he advocated the use of tablets made of pearls. This medicament, he asserted, was made positively nectareous if two scruples of Oriental saffron and a few grains of musk or ambergris were added "to please the sense of smell and taste."

The entire vegetable, animal and mineral kingdoms have been ransacked for healing substances during the long history of Chinese medicine. Many of the brews of the honorable doctors were horrible even to the hardened Celestial taste. Hence, it behooved the prescriber to suggest the addition of various palatable menstruums.

The syrup of wild fruit berberis lycorum (Hungkwo-ki) was considered an appetizing addition, as was licorice root (Kom-ts'o). For the wealthy patient, rice spirits was the perfect vehicle; for the poor coolie, prune juice. Incidentally, the more potent the medicine, the more the cost.


Chapter 10  Enter The Medicine Man 

The Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class will constitute the bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic.

     Benjamin Bush, M. D.          


The earliest record we have of anything approaching scientific study and application of the healing arts was among the ancient Greeks about 600 B. C. Three of the greatest names in early medical history are Greek 'Hippocrates, Aristotle and Galen. For eight centuries and until the death of Galen, about 200 A. D., the Greeks continued to lead the world in the development of medicine and often went into such things as anatomy, physiology and pathology.

The medical center of the universe then moved to Egypt. That country did much to develop medical science in its early days. It was the first country to go in for drugs in a big way. The first known medical schools were at Cos, where Hippocrates was born, and at Cnidus.

Historians say the most active work of Hippocrates began about 420 B. C. and that he died somewhere between 377 and 359. Because of his superiority over the physicians and would-be-physicians of his day, he is known as the Father of Medicine. It was Hippocrates who first placed the crime of abortion in the class of unpardonables. The medical student today generally takes the Oath of Hippocrates before going out to serve his interneship.

The next great doctor was Aristotle, who lived from 364 to 322 B. C. He was known as the Great Codifier. He put into concrete form and published, most of the things he and his forerunners had learned about healing.

Egypt was absorbed by the Roman Empire about 50 B. C. and the earliest reported scientific medical teacher of that era was Aesculapius who founded a great medical school at Rome. He ridiculed the Hippocratic attitude of relying on the healing power of Nature. Thus he sowed the seeds of interfering with Nature to impress the patient with the attending physician's supposed knowledge and ability.

The eight centuries from A. D. 400 to 1200 saw the eclipse of great medical masters. Care of the sick was undertaken by monks who were concerned principally with the immediate relief of the patient. Medicine, therefore, deteriorated into a collection of formulae, punctured by incantations.

By the time the Middle Ages arrived, the growing population presented a great problem of public health. Water supply was always deficient. There were no drains. Rooms were unsanitary. Disease was rampant.

The way leprosy was treated was to completely banish the victim. The result of these unsanitary conditions, the degenerate practices of many people, and almost total ignorance of the laws of Nature, brought about a number of plagues, including the devastating epidemic of the Black Death in 1347 and 1348.

At the start of the fifteenth century, medical men began to experiment more and more, and to carefully record the results of their experiments for posterity. There is a pictorial record of an attempt to cure syphilis by blowing tobacco smoke in the patient's face and trying to suck the poison out of his arm.

Sanctorius, who died in 1636, invented the thermometer which was later perfected by Galileo.

In 1615 an English doctor, William Harvey, discovered that blood circulates through the body. Just as the fat-headed medicos of today ridicule and obstruct any new discovery in healing, unless a way can be found to make it put many dollars in their pockets, or the coffers of the Drug Trust, so the medical politicians and quacks of the 17th century ridiculed Dr. Harvey. To identify this period in the reader's mind, it was about the time the British colonists began to settle in and found America.

Pure air was an unknown, or rather a misunderstood, quantity in matters of health up to about 50 years ago. Those in the sixties and older will remember when they had measles or some other childhood disease, they were put to bed and the family doctor called, who soon came with a smile and sincere interest in his patient.

After an examination and advising as to the care and medication, he would instruct that the windows be closed and nailed down, and that cracks and any air holes be plugged shut so that all air be kept out. The good doctor further instructed that a heavy blanket be hung over the door so that as little air as possible got into the sickroom when anyone came to care for the sick.

It took Dr. Herman Brehmer of Germany sixty long years to convince the medical profession that air was a good thing for the sick. Then, presto change! The wise medical profession grabbed the new idea and many patients were almost frozen to death in tents and open buildings so they would get plenty of fresh air.

After Dr. Brehmer forced the medical doctors to recognize the value of pure air, the A M A hurriedly sent one of their prominent members up into the rarified air of the Adirondack Mountains on a fishing vacation for scientific knowledge. This doctor "discovered" that pure air was not injurious but of great benefit to the sick. So American Medicine took credit for the discovery of a man who fought for years to aid humanity and his profession.

It is within the memory of many now living that when evening came every window and door was closed to prevent the "night air" from contaminating the home and endangering the health and lives of the inmates. The all wise medical men were almost to a man in accord in their teachings that "night air" was dangerous and were slow to change that opinion until forced to.

Is there any doubt but that a great deal of ill health and many deaths followed the unsound advice of breathing the vitiated air of the home without proper ventilation?

The growth of population in England from 5,000,000 people in 1680 to 14,000,000 in 1825 brought about serious problems to public health in the British Isles. Sewer and water mains were often not differentiated between. Water was available only three times a week and then only for a few hours at a time.

Cesspools were popular and uncovered seldom cleaned and never disinfected. Smallpox and other plagues broke out. The death rate of children under five years of age was 750 per 1000. By 1800 better knowledge of sanitation had reduced this to 41 and by 1914 to 14.

In an epidemic in Chester in 1774, 85% of the people were found to be suffering from a disease which at the time was called smallpox for lack of a better name. In 1797 Jenner persuaded people that if they could get smallpox in a mild form by being inoculated with the pus of diseased cows, they would ward off any aggravated form of it. Thus was vaccination started.

France, in the 19th century, began to step out in the world of drugs and medicines. Serturner discovered morphine in 1806. Caventou and Pelletier located strychnine in 1818 and quinine in 1820. Courtois found iodine in the ashes of seaweed in 1911. Balard discovered bromine in 1826.

In 1860 a school of healing, headed by Samuel C. F. Hahnemann, a physician of Leipzig, Germany, sprang up. This was partially naturopathic because the secret of its success lay not in the effect of the few drugs it used, but in letting Nature take its course.

This system was called Homeopathy. The allopaths, as the orthodoxers were called, fought the homeopaths. In fact, they fought so viciously (as they do any more advanced modality today) that Dr. Hahnemann gave up the fight in 1821 and left his home forever. He ended his days as a practitioner in France.

Satirists of the day said that the distinction between the homeopaths and allopaths lay in the fact that patients of the homeopaths died of the disease and patients of the allopaths died of the cure.

The greatest boon to mankind, in the early part of the last century, came in 1846 when William Morton, a Massachusetts dentist, discovered anesthesia. Before another year was up ether was discovered and its use started by Dr. Crawford Long of Georgia.

In 1865 Lord Joseph Lister decided that cleanliness was an important element in surgery. This brought about the study and development of sepsis.

In 1874 great advance in the science of healing was made when Andrew Still, a physician of Kirksville, Mo., discovered and developed osteopathy. This method of healing was based on the primary principle that the blood is the life, that the body has within itself the full powers of healing and that any obstruction to the free flow of the blood tends to cause disease.

Beside these three fundamentals, osteopathic physicians recognized the effects of strain and other injury, posture, overwork, worry, diet, age, sex, climate, hygiene and sanitation. They realized that plagues and epidemics resulted solely from man's violation of natural (particularly sanitary) laws, atrocious diet, worry, overwork, excesses and other indulgencies.

In 1882 Koch (Robert, not William Frederick) discovered tubercular bacillus.

In 1883 Krebs discovered diphtheria bacillus.

In 1885 it was decided that flies carry germs.

In 1890 Behring first experimented with diphtheria antitoxin, but it was 25 years later before its use was commercialized and became widespread.

In 1895 Roentgen discovered the X-ray which has been a great aid to diagnosis of all sorts. Unfortunately, the mercenary gentry in the medical field have used it to extract large fees from cancer victims as a pretended cure.

In 1895 D. D. Palmer discovered chiropractic.

In 1898 typhoid vaccine unfortunately was introduced, this being a commercial by-product of the typhoid epidemic among our soldiers in the Spanish-American war. Both the typhoid and yellow fever of that conflict was caused mainly by the criminal feeding of embalmed beef by the American commissary department.

Our Commissary Corps in both Cuba and Florida were also unaware that a different diet is needed in the tropics from that required in the polar regions. Troops weakened by this criminal stupidity of their higher-ups were easy prey to the poisons injected into their blood by mosquitoes which grow by the billions in hot climates. On top of all this the Quartermaster Corps was too stupid to provide screening in cantonments.

In 1905 American Army engineers began to build the Panama Canal. Yellow fever soon decimated the ranks of the workers and threatened to stop all construction work on the Big Ditch. Dr. William C. Gorgas, later Surgeon General of the Army and still later a figurehead President of the American Medical Association, was in charge of the Medical Corps Detachment on the Isthmus. There was nothing in the then-Colonel Gorgas' medical books that told him how to fight a condition of that nature, since yellow fever serum had not yet been concocted.

Lt. Col. George Washington Goethals, Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army, was in charge of construction. Col. Goethals had heard of Major Walter Reed's experiment during the then recent Spanish-American War. It was proven that mosquitoes carry the particular kind of poison which, when injected into human blood, brings about a form of toxemia which attacks the liver and causes such discoloration of the flesh that doctors called it "yellow fever."

Col. Goethals issued orders to his battalions that all swamps and breeding places of mosquitoes be eliminated. For a time construction work on the canal stopped, while every available man attacked yellow fever at its source. Just as American sanitary engineers had wiped out yellow fever in Cuba, after Major Walter Reed showed what caused it, General Goethals (the Engineer) wiped this malady out in the Canal Zone.

In 1907 the Wasserman test for syphilis was introduced. While this was valuable as a syphilis test per se, it was even more valuable because it proved that vaccination is one cause of syphilis.

In 1917 diphtheria vaccination was commercialized and the innoculation of perfectly healthy children begun on a nationwide scale.

In 1917 we had a great influenza epidemic which affected our military cantonments as well as our civilian homes. This proved to be a malignant form of the common cold in which the accumulated toxins often developed into pneumonia or semi-pneumonia.

Its underlying cause was war hysteria. Everyone was working at top speed for a greater number of hours a day than the human body could stand. Worry over our boys in France weakened many a civilian body and made it easier prey to the toxin load.

Army life in the cantonments was more carefree and less burdened with worry and speed. But our boys were "immunized" for everything the serum companies could think of. This additional load, or loads, of toxins was too much for many of them and thousands died like flies in the Army camps.

Medical science was helpless. In camps where the commanders had gumption enough to admit the bootleggers (we had wartime prohibition then) the malady was brought more quickly under control. The reason was the stimulus given the organs of the body while resting on hospital cots, until nature could eliminate the toxin load.

"Advances in medical science" went into somewhat of an eclipse in the next two decades. The serum companies had to resort to such publicity hoaxes as the dogsled dash to Nome and Lindbergh carrying serum to a stricken pal in the frigid wastes of New Foundland.

The coming of World War II, a great war for the drug trust, revived the commercialized exploitation of drugs. Over 200 million shots of serums were, in some cases, forcibly injected into the blood streams of our soldiers, sailors, marines, coast guardsmen, merchant mariners and even civilians whose business took them out of the country.

After the war something had to be done to continue breath-taking profits of the pharmaceutical, biological and serum manufacturers this business now being largely in the hands of the Rockefellers. New fads in drugs were started, fanned by high-powered publicity in press, radio and magazines.

Sulfa drugs were introduced and called "miracle drugs." When one of these (sulfatheozole) put untold numbers of people to sleep forever, many doctors began to abandon them and change to penicillin. Penicillin was called "the new miracle drug."

Spinal punctures deadly at best were introduced and highly publicized. A new drug called streptomycin took its place in the sun for a while.

Then began propaganda for fancy-named operations. The most popular one was removal of a "disc" from the spine. Charley Keller, one of the New York Yankees' great succession of home run hitters was the first guinea pig.

Keller had an ordinary subluxation that any competent chiropractor or osteopath could have corrected in five seconds and made a still better hitter out of him. Instead, the medics cut open his back and so they said removed a disc. Anyone familiar with anatomy knows that the "disc" referred to is the cartilagineous anterior process of the spine.

To remove a disc is a crime, because it removes the pad which takes up the shock of certain movements of the backbone. But its removal not only was profitable to the surgeon and hospital which ruined "King Kong" Keller the Yankees are a rich baseball club but it started a succession of subsequent "disc" operations which ruined others, but brought thousands of dollars to hospitals, surgeons and drug companies.

Keller's days as a baseball star and long distance hitter ended when he was sent to the hospital for a disc operation. Had a chiropractor or osteopath handled him he would have five more years of stardom and high salary ahead.

Dr. Logan Clendenning, a swivel chair doctor and medico-politician who took up writing a "health column" for newspapers when he failed as a private practitioner, did put out once some interesting facts which he labeled "Fads in Medicine."

No doubt he was privately hauled on the carpet by the public relations experts of the Drug Trust. He never committed such an indiscretion again. Regarding what he called "fashionable diseases of the various eras" he pointed out that


In 1885 they had too much uric acid;

In 1890 they had chronic appendicitis;

In 1895 they took the Kneipp water cure;

In 1900 they had floating kidneys;

In 1905 women had tilted uteri;

In 1910 they had colonic stasis;

In 1915 they had all their teeth extracted;

In 1920 they had non-surgical biliary drainage;

In 1925 they had inferiority complex.


Had Old Doc Clemdenning been allowed to follow this up, and had he possessed an elementary knowledge of what ails the human animal, he could have said:


In 1930 women had hysterectomies;

In 1935 they had their tonsils yanked;

In 1940 they had strep throat;

In 1945 they had anything for which the doctor used sulfa and penicillin then called "the new miracle drugs";

In 1947 they had Virus X and Virus Y and Virus Z; also Type A This and Type B That and Type C The Other Thing.

In 1948 they had disc operations.


As to what fads the future will bring one person's guess is as good as another's. The only certain thing is that they will be started by some enterprising medical pharmaceutical opportunist, and continued as long as there is gold in their exploitation.



Chapter 11  Drug Chamber Of Commerce 

"The medical profession is asleep, its senses benumbed by the hypocritical cry of "organization for the profession" which with the Oligarchy, like the psalm singing pickpocket at a camp meeting, is distracting the attention of its dupes from its real motives."

     G. Frank Lydston, M. D.       


That the Drug Trust has the most effective, far-reaching and tight propaganda set-up no one can deny who has read thus far in this book. The Drug Trust goes even further than this in its quest for the last possible dollar in profits and the last human body in which to traffic.

It has a well-oiled, well-heeled, well-greased chamber of commerce, known as the American Medical Association, working for drug profits day and night. If, incidentally, it increases the profits for medical doctors whose techniques cause a maximum of drugs to be bought, sold and used, the Drug Trust doesn't begrudge these doctors their fees.

It is a significant fact that the American Medical Association considers the suppression of its "business rivals" the drugless groups so important that it has the most powerful and one of the best financed lobbies in Washington and every state capital in the nation.

In Washington alone the AMA maintains a staff of 17, and spent $320,237 for lobbying and propaganda during the first quarter of 1950. This is a rate of $1,280,952 per year. The only drugless association which maintains a professional lobbyist in Washington is the osteopaths who pay a lawyer $1,000 a month to watch over things.

During the Senate hearings on the 1950 social security bill a Colorado practitioner appeared before the Finance Committee and protested discrimination by the Social Security Board against the patients of osteopaths. As a result the new bill makes it mandatory to hire osteopaths from Social Security funds.

The chiropractors and naturopaths weren't interested. No one from either of these groups appeared in support of a parallel amendment, so the Congress wasn't interested either.

The American Medical Association is also a high-class cat's paw. When a doctor like William Frederick Koch begins to cure cancer without the use of X-ray, radium or the products of the Rockefeller Drug Trust, the AMA goes into action.

It wouldn't look right for the organized pharmaceutical houses to complain to the Food & Drug Administration, the Post Office Department or the Federal Trade Commission. But with their sanctimonious front the American Medical Association carrying the ball, everything is under, control.

The AMA is under the thumb of the most conscienceless scoundrel that ever came down the pike a person who will do anything for the almighty dollar. This, of course, is Morris Fishbein, whose four years at Rush Medical College were tinctured with so many extra-curricular activities (some of which wouldn't bear the light of day) that he lacked sufficient medical education to pass his state board exam.

His boss, George H. Simmons, an advertising quack and abortionist, was a power in Illinois politics at that time. Mr. Fishbein's marks in physical diagnosis, gynecology, etiology and hygiene were left out when his papers were graded. Not so his mark in ANATOMY (the foundation of a medical education) which was 48. By leaving out the low marks in those four subjects the political state board was able to give him a political passing grade and grant him a political medical license.

Fishbein served as an interne in the Durand Hospital for 5 months. In his various autobiographies he called himself "the house physician." There is no record of him ever having served a day as a practicing physician. Simmons took him on as his general assistant in his totalitarian hold over the AMA.

When Simmons retired, to run the show from behind the curtain, Fishbein was the front man. Upon Simmons' death Fishbein became the absolute overlord of the American Medical Association, with the title "Editor of the Journal of the AMA." Simmons had so manipulated the organization that the tail wagged the dog the Journal took in and spent all the money.

For many years I had heard of the American Medical Association the AMA. Our old family doctor, dear old Sam Adams, has passed to his reward. He was family physician to five generations of the Bealle family. He used to go to the yearly roundups of the AMA, get a fresh brand of "regularity," come back home and toss his nose contemptuously at the Homeopathics and Eclectics, turn his back on the other medical "mavericks" and ladle out bigger doses than ever of calomel and quinine.

How dear old "Doc" Adams would swell out his chest and look at the world over his specs with a "we are the chosen of the Lord" expression. How he would beam as he told what he and Simmons thought of X-ray and cancer, and of the latest in serums and antitoxins. Now, don't misunderstand. I am not condemning Dr. Adams, who was an extraordinarily successful medical man at least insofar as his ministrations to my family was concerned.

This conclusion on his part was a natural one. Just as Atheists deny the existence of God because He doesn't move in their circle, the AMA politicos refuse to recognize all other therapists who do not move in their select parabola. I, like every ignorant layman, used to swallow that bunk whole until some 15 years ago when newspaper investigations opened my eyes to what has taken on every aspect of a medical chamber of commerce and many aspects of a closed shop medical union.

The American Medical Association has not been made into a chamber of commerce by the many thousands of competent, honest and busy doctors who pay membership dues. Rather, the degeneration of this society from what once was an organization for mutual benefit and helpfulness and for service to the public, into somewhat of a commercial racket, has been brought about by medico-politicians and medico-business men. These "hustlers" have wormed their way into positions of power while competent physician members were too busy trying to heal their sick to realize what was happening.

I have yet to see a medico-politician or a medico-business man who is worth two whoops in Hades as a doctor. Many of the politicians you find ensconced as secretaries of county and State medical societies come in this grouping, as do a good many professional health officers. This latter class too often take jobs on the public pay roll because they proved financial failures as practitioners.

Unfortunately it is generally the medico-politician who takes the lead in his local medical association. Competent doctors merely pay their dues, obey the rules and assume, as old Dr. Adams used to, that membership in the A M A gives them a higher standing than that of their "beknighted" brethren who do not belong. They are made to believe that their dues go to improve the public health, to advance the technique and standing of physicians and to foster research work which will, if given time, make this a disease-less world, But

Nothing is further from the truth. A 143,360-member-ship at $10 or so per member, and 75,000 "fellowships" at $12 a head makes quite a sizable take for the politicians who manage the affairs of the A M A. The $10 fee goes to the state and county societies the $12 fee to Mr. Fishbein who virtually owns the Journal of the American Medical Association and, with it, the Association itself.

In pointing out that the American Medical Association is an absolute dictatorship and NOT an organization of, by and for the medical doctors of the nation, it should first be shown that the President of the A M A is a mere figurehead. Some would call him a "dummy" but I will not, because that would be interpreted in a way not intended by the author. Let Dr. Nathan B. Van Etten, 120 West 183rd street, New York City, who was elected President of the American Medical Association in June 1939 after being a member for 40 years, tell about it. Dr. Van Etten had been summoned as a witness in the case of J. Thompson Stevens, M. D., vs. Morris Fishbein and the American Medical Association. Dr. Van Etten filed his answer in the form of an affidavit, in which he said:


"My sole office in the American Medical Association is that of President. I have no executive or administrative duties in connection with the office, the office being primarily an honorary one. My chief function as President of the Association is to deliver talks in various parts of the country to various bodies, and to physicians and the public generally on the functions and purposes of the American Medical Association. ... I transact no business of any kind for the American Medical Association in the state of New York. ... I have never been given any authority to act for the American Medical Association in New York, nor to enter into any negotiations, contracts or agreements on its behalf, nor am I authorized to accept the payment of any moneys on behalf of the Association or conduct business of any nature for it in the state of New York, nor do I perform any such functions."


It is evident from this that the President of the American Medical Association has no more to do with its activities than Dizzy Dean. It is also evident that he has no more knowledge of what goes on at the Dearborn Street headquarters than the janitor at that building probably not as much knowledge.

The inescapable conclusion from Dr. Van Etten's sworn statement is that the AMA is an absolute dictatorship as absolute as Germany was under Hitler and as Russia is today under Stalin operated by Morris Fishbein partly for his own financial aggrandizement but primarily for the benefit of the American Drug Cartel.

When the A M A was formed in 1847 it was purely a social and scientific organization. As such it was intended by its founders and as such it is still believed to be by many of its members. Yet, there has always been a bit of the hog element involved because the nice old gentlemen who founded it were orthodox Allopaths and afraid of their shadows.

However, no commercial shakedown or monopolization of the science of healing was ever committed by these old fellows. The worst thing they did was to build a fence around themselves called "The Code of Ethics." This may have been bad enough, according to the viewpoint of the unorthodox. But in the palmiest days of its founding fathers, the A M A never dreamed of going into the trust, monopoly or shakedown business.

In the old days we loved, indeed almost worshipped, the family doctor. He was our guide in health as well as in sickness. He alone, of all the community, knew our family secrets, and he alone could be depended upon to keep the faith.

True, his remedies were occasionally harsh and his diagnosis largely guesswork, but his record of cures was surprising. He was especially known for his ability to practice the art of scientific observation, using to the utmost his five senses.

All this is now changed. A good many medical men today are looked upon as mercenary. The reason for this isn't hard to locate. Its genesis began in the ranks of the once altruistic American Medical Association.

It was just about the turn of the century, at an A M A convention in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota, that a trio of medico-politicians conceived the idea of forming a close corporation for their own benefit. Here the idea of a medical dictator and a medical gold mine was born.

Dr. George H. Simmons (then an advertising quack of Lincoln, Nebr.), Dr. J. N. McCormack of Kentucky and a certain Dr. Reed were the founders. A charter was procured in Springfield, Illinois, by which the triumvirate was made absolute in the affairs of the association. A constitution and by-laws were drawn up and ratified by a future convention under which it looked as though the members themselves had a voice in the conduct of the Association. It must be remembered though that a charter and a constitution are two different things.

To use a metaphor, it was at this time that the A M A felt the pains of labor and delivered an innocent looking brat destined to grow into a full fledged medical dictatorship. The three docs Simmons, McCormack and Reed who acted as political midwives at the delivery, attached themselves like leeches to the poor old A M A. And they, and their successors and political heirs, have stuck ever since.

In the beginning of this oligarchy Simmons was the general manager, secretary and editor. McCormack was the social worker and Reed the legislative lobbyist. These three medical misfits proceeded to form a political steamroller at the head of the body, with a smaller political machine in every state of the Union.

When Simmons was cut down by the Man With the Scythe, Fishbein took over and proved a more dynamic politician and a more enterprising scoundrel than even old Simmons had been. No honest medical doctor has ever been able to stomach his activities. Protests at national conventions were in vain because he was at the head of such a powerful political organization within the A M A.

Fishbein discovered ways to dig money out of manufacturers and advertisers that Simmons had never dreamed of. And though the dignity of the medical profession suffered and its prestige took a horrible beating, Fishbein continued to rake in the money for himself and Simmons and the organization. The million dollars a year that is dug out of the earnings of the small practitioners, who must join the A M A or suffer ostracism and "whispering" at the hands of their fellows, is only part of the loot.

Fishbein works on the theory that he is safe so long as he can show that the "affairs of the organization are prosperous." That his Drug Chamber of Commerce is prosperous no one denies if we consider worldly goods obtained in ways which would make a yeggman blush with shame a gauge of prosperity.

The Drug Chamber of Commerce now has the richest medical graft in the world (according to its latest financial report (dated Dec. 31, 1947). It owns $2,190,757.30 in real estate, buildings and equipment. It has marketable securities worth $4,402,833.70. It has bonds and other investments which bring this figure to $5,661,174.04.

It has a research fund of $1,497,562.50. And it recently arbitrarily decided to assess its 143,360 members 25 bucks apiece for a legislative slush fund. The advertised purpose of this fund (defeat of socialized medicine) is a worthy cause, but its ultimate use for this purpose is doubtful.

To begin with the purchase of votes from Congressmen is illegal. In the second place it isn't going to be necessary to purchase any votes if Congressmen know the whole truth about socialized medicine. The big $64 question of the day, therefore, is what does Fishbein intend to do with this $35,000,000 when he gets his hands on it?

In addition Fishbein owns or controls half a dozen medical journals plus the 34 state society journals whose advertising revenue of over $2,000,000 Fishbein can cut off whenever he wants to.

The Journal of the A M A, and many of the thirty-five State Medical Journals which are controlled by Dictator Fishbein, are as chock-full of advertising as the high-pressure sales force of the Co-operative Medical Advertising Bureau at Chicago can put in them. Much stress is laid on the business end of healing. In fact, the Medical Directory carries a "Purchaser's Index" which seems to say to the public "Buy only from those who come across."

The seal of the A M A is another vehicle by which the Medical Mussolini brings opprobrium upon the honest, capable and good doctors of the country. For, be it remembered, the general public doesn't classify the doctors separate the sheep from the goats. The public judges them all by the most conspicuous.

It has been demonstrated, and is conclusively shown in the chapter of this book entitled "Shakedown" that the main requirement for procuring the "seal" of the American Medical Association is for the manufacturer or distributor of the product to "kick in" an acceptable advertising appropriation, or an exorbitant sum for a "test" of the product.


*     *     *

The manner in which the American Medical Association became an autocracy is in itself an illuminating chapter in the history of dictatorships.

If anyone doubts these words, he has but to read the Illinois Medical Journal for December, 1922. This publication is the organ of the Illinois Medical Society, and is one of the few component parts of the Medical Dictatorship which has always had the courage to speak out and protest against any usurpation of power by medical racketeers. Perhaps I had better quote verbatim from parts of an article entitled "THE A M A BECOMES AN AUTOCRACY" which the Illinois Medical Journal published as of that date. The outraged editor of the I M J said:


"The A M A today is a one-man organization. The entire medical profession of the United States, insofar as its organization is concerned, is at the mercy of one man and a Board of Trustees that is subservient to him. The Journal of the A M A is the property of the Association. The Association owns the Journal. The Journal does not own the A M A, yet the Journal controls all the funds and the property of the Association as well as the funds that belong to the Journal of the A M A. The tail wags the dog.

"The Journal management (then George Simmons, but now Morris Fishbein) dictates the ways in which the Association's money shall be spent. The editor of the Journal has assumed the functions of General Manager of the Association and, ex-officio, of every physician in the United States. Such despotic authority was never conferred upon him, either by the House of Delegates or by the physicians themselves.

"When the reorganization plan was adopted (1902) it provided for the first time for a House of Delegates, and stated specifically that this should be the legislative and fiscal body of the Association, and that the funds of the Association should be appropriated by the House of Delegates. Today the Editor of the Journal of the A M A and his Board of Trustees have nullified the House of Delegates and have assumed the right to make appropriations for the entire Association.

"The editor of the Journal has assumed, entirely without warrant, that he is the general manager of the Association, and not of the Journal only. The President of the A MA has been degraded into a mere automaton where control of the organization is concerned, with even this puerile power of 'recommendation' for appointment further weakened by the power of veto, assumed by the Board of Trustees.

"The policy of the present management of the A M A has been and is the accumulation of money for the erection of buildings and to make a big showing for the Journal. This feature has been worked overtime while the economic welfare of the individual physician and the profession at large have received a minimum, if any, of attention.

"Here is where the A M A falls down with a vengeance. Instead of serving the individual doctors of the Association as a great labor organization stands up for its members, the A M A does nothing to help physicians maintain their economic position in society.

"Since the reorganization it is apparent that the management of the A M A prefers to take its advice from men out of touch with the daily needs of the profession. The struggling doctor is left to fight his own way unaided.

"A few of the members of the A M A realize the centralizing changes that have taken place in their organization within the last twenty-five years. So adroitly and insidiously have these changes been brought about that the majority of members, even those best informed regarding the organization, have been so dazzled by the material prosperity of the A M A that they have entirely overlooked the fact that, during this period of expansion, the Association has been converted from a democratic and self-governed body of professional men into a highly centralized machine with absolute control concentrated in a single individual.

"The majority of attacks which have been made on the management of the Association during this time have been directed entirely at the editor of the Journal. These attacks have been futile and have been welcomed by the management for the reason that these criticisms have diverted the attention from the gradual but steady absorption of all the authority and control of the organization.

"By 1901 the Journal had developed to a point where reorganization seemed necessary. It is significant that the financial statement for this year was headed 'Report of the Trustees of the Journal of the AMA'.

"This reorganization plan for the first time provided for the delegate body to be known as the House of Delegates. It provided for the following officers: President, four Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer and nine Trustees. It stated specifically that the House of Delegates should be the legislative and fiscal body of the Association and that the funds of the Association should be appropriated by the House of Delegates. At present, the editor of the Journal and the Board of Trustees attend not only to appropriating the funds but also to most of the other functions of the House of Delegates.

"The new By-laws further provided that all matters of the Association pertaining to the expenditure of moneys (that is, money for other purposes than the publication of the Journal), shall be referred to the Board of Trustees, who shall make a report of the same within twenty-four hours, and if the House of Delegates orders the expenditure of money, the payments shall be made by the Treasurer.

"It will be seen from the above that the reorganization plan specifically gave the power of appropriating money to the House of Delegates; that the functions of the Board of Trustees were purely advisory and that the action of the House of Delegates in appropriating money was final. Any claims, therefore, that the present method of controlling finances of the A M A were approved by the Association at the time of the reorganization in 1901, are entirely without foundation, as shown by the official records.

"At that time, the only source of revenue of the Association was the Journal and the only purpose for which money was expended, with the exception of some slight Association expenses, were the expenses of publishing the Journal. It was, therefore, perfectly natural that all bills should be approved by the editor and all checks signed by him.

"It was perfectly natural that, as the only responsibility of the Board of Trustees was the publication of the Journal, the voting of appropriations should be left in their hands. It was early recognized by those desirous of concentrating the powers and resources of the Association THAT WHOEVER CONTROLLED THE FINANCES OF THE ASSOCIATION WOULD ULTIMATELY CONTROL THE ASSOCIATION ITSELF, since no action could be taken, no committee could function, no officers could carry on any activity, except as the necessary expenses for such purposes were authorized.

"In the twenty-five years of expansion of the Association and the Journal, the anomalous condition has developed whereby the Journal, which is the property of the Association, now absolutely controls the Association to which it belongs.

"The editor of the Journal has developed into an absolute DICTATOR of the Association and its affairs through his control of the finances of the Association, while the Board of Trustees of the Journal has been converted into a Board of Directors of the Association which now assumes to control all the activities of the Association, and even to dictate to the officers, Boards and Committees of the Association, as to what they can do, and how they can spend the money which is the property of the Association.

"This conversion of the Association from a democracy to an absolute autocracy has been brought about so slowly and shrewdly, so surely and so persistently, that even the members of the House of Delegates themselves have not been aware of this overthrow of self-government and the substitution of an oligarchy for a rule of the members.

"These changes have resulted in converting the Board of Trustees from the supervising committee of the publication of the Journal into a Board of Directors of the Association which now claims the right to act on and control all activities of the Association. Another instance of the tail wagging the dog.

"What has come about, then, since 1901, is that the County Medical Societies have delegated their authority to the State House of Delegates; the State Association, through its State House of Delegates, has delegated all its authority to the House of Delegates of the A M A; the House of Delegates of the A M A has delegated all its authority to the Board of Trustees, which is now the Board of Directors, and the Board of Directors practically has delegated its authority to the editor of the Journal, who as an unauthorized and self-constituted general manager of the Association controls all of the activities, finances and functions of the organized medical profession. A pyramid, with one man sitting on the top.

"It was recognized long ago that whoever controls the finances of the Association will control the Association. So we have, today, the anomalous and absurd situation that the Journal, which is the property of the Association, not only spends what money is necessary from its own expenses, that the surplus earned by the Journal each year, which does not belong to the Journal itself but the Association, as well as all of the funds of the Association itself, are controlled by the Journal; so that this money cannot be used for any purpose whatever unless it is in line with the policies and plans of the editor.

"Measured from a penny-wise standpoint, that the Association has prospered is conceded, but what relation does this temporary financial success bear towards medical ideals, and the betterment of professional conditions?

"In the latter respect, FAILURE IS COMPLETE. That the A M A had done little or nothing for the rank and file of the profession is murmured everywhere and not without justification. Instances galore could be cited.


"Its success is not to be gauged in dollar bills or buildings, but in what it does to benefit its members and to retain the confidence and merit the support of physicians.

"In other words, 'What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?' What does it profit the A M A to accumulate land, bonds and mortgages with which to erect a whited sepulchre for the genuine interests of the profession it was organized to safeguard?"


This constructive exposure and daring analysis of the real A M A was made in 1922 just two years before the Master Politician Simmons turned his scepter over to Master Business Man Fishbein and "retired" to direct the Medical Oligarchy from the obscurity of anonymity. Simmons prepared the organization for permanent autocratic control by himself and his stooge.

There has been no change in that control since and, while some doctors have been made to believe that certain aggressive past presidents and members of the dummy Board of Trustees really control Mr. Fishbein, there is no evidence of this obtainable. The last financial report of the Journal shows that that organ still controls and handles all money of the Association.

Money still makes the mare go. He who pays the piper still calls the tune. As long as The Journal holds the Association's purse strings, the man who controls the Journal will control the Association until that power is taken away from the Journal or until public opinion forces the Medical Mussolini out.

At the 1949 convention in Atlantic City a clever publicity ruse, intended to lull to sleep those who wish the Association to purge itself of Fishbein, was carried out to perfection. It was announced that Fishbein was to be "retired." Fishbein himself saved face while helping along this hoax.

He announced that he was training three stooges to take over his duties when he retires a few years hence. The facts are that Fishbein has been making frequent trips to the Mayo Butcher Shoppe at Rochester, Minn. These trips are admitted, but their nature has remained a secret.

One of the men who could cure him, if Fishbein wasn't committed to suppressing all "unsanctioned" cancer cures, avers that Fishbein has cancer of the prostate. If that is so, and it seems likely, Fishbein has only a few more years on this Earth, but his official status with the Drug Trust would be lost if he had sense enough to go to Koch or Hoxsey or Blass and be cured.

Since those surrounding him are for the most part dull fellows, who failed at private medical practice, it isn't unreasonable to say that three of them will be required to perform the tasks so easily handled now by the dynamic and energetic Mr. Fishbein.

The Drug Chamber of Commerce doesn't limit its activities to trying to prevent the cure of cancer, the use of the slanting board, and cure of many ills by Bert Lowry's "spine ease gibbet" and other discouragers of the use of drugs. It is used as a propaganda front against the sciences of chiropractic, osteopathy, naturopathy and Christian Science. None of these modalities which cure millions of people every year sanction the use of drugs.

Drug propagandists like to say that the osteopaths are "coming around to the use of drugs." This is denied by the American Osteopathic Association, which says:


"The use of drugs has been TAUGHT from the beginning of osteopathic education. It has always been the policy of osteopathic colleges to teach students both the uses and ABUSES of drugs, that they might properly evaluate such substances."


One of the functions, which the Drug Trust has entrusted to the American Medical Association, is to create a false picture of the drugless sciences in the lay mind. This the AMA leaves no stone unturned in its effort to perform.

Whispering campaigns, sneers by medical practitioners, phoney testimony in court, newspaper propaganda by the huge propaganda machine which the Drug Trust has built up in the press associations all are used to paint a false picture of drugless therapy.

The chief canard leveled at these successful modalities is that drugless doctors "are untrained." Nothing could be further from the truth, because the drugless student of today is required to complete many more hours of resident instruction than the medical student in order to get his degree. Entrance requirements are just as strict; graduation requirements are more so.

The medical student is further handicapped by having to spend 400 to 500 hours of his course learning the names and supposed uses of countless drugs which their own authorities classify as useless. The drugless student spends this time learning more about the spine and the ganglionic nerve system than the medical graduate will ever know.

The osteopathic college is required to teach everything the medical college teaches, in a course of not less than 1,000 hours in each of four academic years. The osteopaths have six excellent colleges, located respectively in Kirksville, Mo. (the original one), Chicago, Los Angeles, Des Moines, Kansas City and Philadelphia. The profession has 11,270 licentiates practicing in 48 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and foreign countries.

The Chiropractic profession has more than 20 creditable colleges (none state supported) at last count. These colleges have the same curricula requirements as the osteopathic and medical except that they do not teach the drug lore the others do. It has over 20,000 practitioners.

The Columbia Institute of Chiropractic, which operates schools in both New York and Baltimore, requires its students to successfully complete 4,468 hours of resident tuition in order to qualify for a degree.

Columbia's medical neighbor in Baltimore (Johns Hopkins University) doesn't have as strict educational standards and Hopkins is rated as one of the nation's topflight medical institutions. The Hopkins curriculum calls for only 3,896 hours of resident instruction and 480 of these are taken up with the study of drugs, 99% of which are rated as useless by outspoken medical doctors.

Not only Columbia, but all other drugless colleges of any consequence have equally high instructional standards. The Logan Basic College of Chiropractic in St. Louis requires 4,620 hours of resident instruction for a degree, while its medical neighbor (Washington University) requires only 3,758. The National College of Chiropractic in Chicago has a course of 4,742 hours resident instruction.

The Lincoln Chiropractic College in Indianapolis requires 4,496 hours and the Palmer Institute of Chiropractic in Davenport a minimum of 4,000 60-minute classroom hours. The University of Natural Healing Arts in Denver has an even stiffer requirement five years of 1,000 hours each to qualify for a degree. The National College of Naprapathy in Chicago requires 4,326 classroom hours for graduation.

Yet in the face of this we find frequent prevarications, often by medical men, in spreading the propaganda that chiropractors, osteopaths and naturopaths are poorly trained or not even trained at all. The reason for this propaganda, most of which is actually unconscionable, is that the practitioners of these three sciences cure their patients without the use of drugs.

There are approximately 40,000 drugless doctors curing patients in the United States, in addition to the Christian Science practitioners. These successful exponents of the wisdom of Mother Nature cut enormously into the sale of drugs and therefore into the profits of the Drug Trust.

But their philosophy is not new. Benjamin Franklin advanced it 220 years ago.



Chapter 12  Closed Shop 

A pretender is a Quack. His unwillingness to investigate any other system, except as indicated by orthodox medical men and other than that with which he is familiar, or to investigate the defects of his own methods, stamps him as prejudiced in mind and, therefore, unworthy the respect and confidence of thoughtful and fair minded men.

     Alfred Walton, M. D.


The closed shop has long been a bone of contention between industry and labor. Labor complains when it is locked out; industry complains when a strike is called.

The Ku Klux Klan, in its heyday, brought cries of rage all over the United States because of the closed shop ideas embodied in its urgent invitations to negroes, Catholics and Jews to virtually get off the Earth.

The ultimate in closed shops is, of course, the dictatorship in Russia. Its nearest competitors were the late but unlamented dictatorships in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.

The Dictatorship of the American Drug Trust which is closely allied to and with the German chemical cartel is the most powerful combination in American life and history. Only the fact that Franklin Roosevelt kicked the bucket before he could entirely scrap the Constitution, has prevented it from becoming an absolute dictatorship. There is a small minority that refuses to knuckle down to the drug dictatorship.

Fronting for this industrial combine, is the Dictator of Medicine one Morris Fishbein whose negative medical background has been previously discussed at some length. Fishbein has built up, for the Drug Trust, the tightest closed shop in America.

This closed shop the American Medical Association is even closed to the Homeopathic and Eclectic medical men, mainly because the methods of these two offshoots of the medical profession are directed more to helping nature cure than to hindering her with drugs.

And the closed shop of the Drug Chamber of Commerce, of course, applies to all licensed medical physicians who either refuse to join up, or who are kicked out for failure to "conform" to the edicts of the Fuehrer of Medicine. With all the pressure brought to bear on the "nonconformists" it is remarkable that only 143,360 of the nation's 199,000 odd licensed medical doctors had "signed up" with the union on May 1, 1949. Because

Any physician in the country who refuses to join his county or city medical society is termed an "outlaw" or a "rebel"; and in subtle ways the member physicians humiliate, ridicule and scoff when his name is mentioned. If he is sued for malpractice, or improper illegal treatment, which is the constant fear of many physicians, he finds it hard to secure any of the "regular" doctors to testify in his behalf as medical experts or otherwise. Needless to say, this fear of having his business ruined, and of being unable to secure protection, is a powerful club with which to influence physicians and surgeons into joining county medical societies.

Yet this genteel sandbagging isn't enough to suit the Dictator. He has a far more effective way to vent his spleen, albeit a much more crude method a printed Black List, camouflaged as a list of "quacks and charlatans." To lend credence to his charges against honest doctors, he actually includes a few quacks in these lists.

But the majority of the listees are those who refused to recognize his Dictatorship, who refused to "join up" or who sought to discover and give to the world advanced healing methods without obtaining his permission and permitting the levying of financial tribute.

In order that members of the medical profession may be held within the bounds described by the Czar of the medical fraternity, a campaign of ruthlessness, aided and abetted by more or less innocent members of the profession, is carried on against all who do not bow to Fuehrer Fishbein's arbitrary edicts.

When a labor union or employer gets out a Black List he is immediately hauled into court, but we have yet to hear of Morris Fishbein being taken before the bar of Justice because of his official printed periodical Black List. The title of this booklet is "Miscellaneous Specialists." It says on its cover that it is prepared and issued by the Bureau of Information of the Journal of the American Medical Association, 535 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois.

The "Bureau of Information" is just another one of Mr. Fishbein's aliases and in this Black List he takes to task and brands everyone as a "quack" or a "faker" who has incurred his dislike.

Another printed black list is the one which Mr. Fishbein sells to gullible doctors for $1.50 apiece. It is entitled "Nostrums and Quackery and Pseudo-Medicine, Volume III." This imposing looking volume has a foreword of praise by George H. Simmons, the advertising quack of another era, which greatly praises this work of vilification and sandbagging. Its origin is attributed to a Fishbein office proxy Arthur J. Cramp, M. D., formerly director of the "Bureau of Investigation" of the American Medical Association.

In this book we fail to find a single concern which advertises in any of the Fishbein journals vilified or blacklisted. On the contrary we find that all are non-advertisers. With the cleverness one would expect from a high-class racketeer, Fishbein has placed a few bonafide quacks and public enemies on this list. This is undoubtedly done so that if its entire contents should be questioned he could point to one or two known quacks and hold them up as a criterion of the whole work.

One concern which evidently refused to advertise was the Innerclean Manufacturing Company. Apparently because they refused to advertise in his various journals, Innerclean has been consigned to the outer darkness in the Fishbein lexicon, yet it is considered one of the few laxatives which does not produce a bad after effect.

All products which have been jacked up by the Food and Drug Administration, and which do not advertise in the Fishbein medical journals, apparently are listed in this Master Black List because he is particular to give the Federal Notice of Judgment number. However, we fail to find in the black list anything about Land o'Lakes Butter, which has a string of Notices of Judgment as long as one's arm against it on file with the Department of Agriculture, and in Federal and State courts.

Part of Fishbein's black list is devoted to obesity cures, but nothing is said about Dinitrophenol, the most dangerous of all, which was approved by the American Medical Association. At least, Fishbein gave the Association's approval of it.

Dr. Benjamin Rush of Philadelphia, signer of the Declaration of Independence, member of the Continental Congress, medical officer in Washington's armies between sessions, and probably the foremost medical man of his day, is said to have urged the First Congress to include a provision for medical liberty in the First Amendment to the Constitution which is submitted to the States for ratification in 1789.

The first amendment said that "Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press." Dr. Rush is reputed by historians to have urged the Congress to add the words "or abridging the right of citizens to secure medical treatment from doctors of their own choice."

"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution," he told the legislators, "the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people who wish doctors and treatments of their own choice to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers.

Was there ever a better prophet? And, by the irony of fate, an organization was formed in Philadelphia the city where Dr. Rush lived and labored fifty-eight years later, which did grow into the very kind of an autocratic dictatorship Dr. Rush feared.

And to make the hemlock cup for Dr. Rush's spirit in the Doctors' Valhalla the more bitter to swallow, both quacks who have made the American Medical Association a combination closed shop labor union and money-mad chamber of commerce were given diplomas from a medical college bearing his name.


*     *     *

It was the attempt of the American Medical Association, when control was taken over in 1899 by George H. Simmons, to monopolize the medical field for its own members, that led the formation of the Eclectic school of medicine. This school announced that they believed the investigation and practice of medicine should be entirely free and untrammelled; and no central body, association, combination or conspiracy should have the power to prescribe a certain standard of faith or medical creed, which should be received and forced upon every member of the profession by threats of professional disgrace and ruin.

They recognized that every enlightened, educated and honest physician should stand upon the platform of professional respectability and should enjoy the same rights no matter what doctrines he advocated in medicine, or what system of practice he deemed it his duty to adopt.

But a powerful desire to dominate possessed the Simmons controlled group the would-be autocrats in the field. They wanted each man to be remolded in the same mold they were made in, and sought to enforce this mold upon others, like a bed of Procrustes. The Eclectic platform, which would have led toward the advancement and progress of medicine, was slowly smothered, and every effort was made to kill off the school.

Just what powers of hypnotism Simmons had over the doctors of 1899 I wouldn't know. But they seem to have degenerated (mentally, at least) from the group of earnest, intelligent, broad-minded practitioners who got together in 1847 and formed an association for the mutual benefit of doctors and the ailing public.

The combative program laid down by Boss Simmons had a two-fold objective:


(1) To secure and govern, for itself, all lucrative offices in the Army and Navy, the Civil Service and the hospitals;

(2) To unite as one against the other physicians and practitioners; to destroy their social standing and to drive them out of the business of medicine entirely.


By the first objective of this program the Simmons faction of the medical profession threw off its cloak of honorableness because this objective was actuated entirely by greed and the love of money. An honorable medical doctor places the welfare of his patient first; money, badly as we all need it, second.

The second Simmons objective showed a bitterness of spirit, a smallness of mind and a form of bigotry far below the dignity of decent physicians. Thus the Simmonsites had degenerated far below anything conceived by Dr. Rush or the founding fathers of the American Medical Association. They wanted to have a monopoly and to be the sacred cows, the only "recognized" medicine men in the tribe.

To the everlasting discredit of the members of many State legislatures it must be recorded here that this closed shop union has extended tentacles to the health departments of nine American commonwealths at the present writing. These tentacles are reaching out as fast as they can, and dare to, into the other thirty-nine States, the District of Columbia and all of the territories.

In nine States the American Medical Association is supreme in state health activities. No doctor who is not a member is given the slightest consideration for appointments on any board, or for appointments on the staff of any State owned hospital or institution.

These states are Alabama, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia. Twenty-eight percent of the licensed practicing medical doctors of Alabama are not members of the American Medical Association, although they pay taxes, vote and generally exercise the right of citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Yet only a member of the Alabama State Medical Society can be appointed to the Alabama State Medical Board. No effort has been made to explain what is the matter with the other 28% of medical doctors, or why none of their number can be appointed to the state's governing medical group.

The law also provides that a drugless doctor, or a Christian Scientist, cannot be licensed to treat patients unless they pass an examination given by members of the Alabama State Medical Society individuals who admittedly know nothing about the drugless sciences and are therefore as unfit to conduct such examinations as a group of Zulu Islanders would be.

This board is also given the power to refuse to examine medical doctors who did not receive their education from a medical college approved by the Drug Chamber of Commerce. And the Board has made this un-American tenet one of its rules and regulations. The Board also has dictatorial power to revoke the license of any doctor in the state it chooses.

Obviously, the Federal laws against trusts and monopolies in restraint of trade are not applied by the Department of Justice, the Federal agency sworn and paid to uphold the anti-trust laws, to any subsidiary or stooge of the Drug Trust.

The Alabama laws are similar to those of the other monopolistic states enumerated. These nine state medical societies thus hold the Big Stick. With it they can whip doctors into line.

The medical practice acts each provide further that


"the Board shall have the right to determine all questions as to the sufficiency of the complaint, as to its procedure and as to the admissibility and weight of evidence."


This provision seals an airtight monopoly. And it is as air tight as the illegal and unlawful Kangaroo Court conducted by the Post Office Department against all vendors of therapeutic products whose destruction is ordered by the Drug Trust, and which procedure is described in the chapter "Government Gangsters."

And, under this airtight monopoly, a doctor who incurs the enmity or displeasure of the Drug Trust (thru its stooge, the American Medical Association) is hauled before its picked body to answer the charge of "unprofessional conduct" or some other drummed-up charge, no matter how far-fetched and silly. His livelihood, the fate of his family, his name and career are at stake. The cards are stacked against him and he is framed before he starts.

The unlucky physician, knowing the monopolistic power of the American Medical Association, faces his accusers only to find that the State Medical Society's picked body has the power to determine what testimony the accused may offer in his own defense. Not only this, but the State Medical Society's kangaroo court has the sole power to determine the value of the evidence which the doctor offers. And to cap this travesty on justice, the State Medical Society's picked and packed group acts as his judge and metes out the penalty.

The State Medical Association further determines the standing of the college from which the applicant graduated. In so determining the standing, the State Medical Association announces that it is guided by the rating given that college by the American Medical Association. Most of the other States do likewise in black-listing colleges which do not submit to the arbitrary dictation of the Medical Dictator.

Consequently, if a student wishes to practice medicine, he must go to a college approved by the American Medical Association; otherwise he will not be allowed even to take an examination. With this stifling grip upon medical colleges there can be but one inevitable result. Medical colleges which the American Medical Association does not approve, go out of existence because students will not attend them.

This shows a pretty complete monopoly over all things directly connected with the practice and teaching of medicine. There also are innumerable other health activities in every State not directly connected with medical practice which are also monopolized by the Medical Dictatorship, to the chagrin of independent thinking physicians. For instance, the State Board of Health, whose activities deal with sanitation, schools, general health supervision, etc. Supporting the State Board of Health is the police power of the State, which means that the full police power of the United States can be called upon if needed to enforce its orders.

In whose hands should such tremendous responsibility be placed? In the hands of skilled sanitary engineers, or in the hands of broken down medical quacks who are unable to earn a living at the private practice of medicine? The said quack being subservient to the Medical Fuehrer or the Drug Chamber of Commerce ?

The answer is found in the fact that city and county health officers are universally appointed from the ranks of lame duck medical doctors most of whom are totally unfitted by either training, latent ability or native intelligence for such work.

We find that, in the states of Kansas and Missouri, the state laws say "the different schools of practice" shall be represented on the State Board. We also find that this law is violated and that only M. D.'s are ever appointed to these boards.

This medico-drug cartel was aptly summed up by J. W. Hodge, M. D., of Niagara Falls, N. Y., in these words:


"The medical monopoly or medical trust, euphemistically called the American Medical Association, is not merely the meanest monopoly ever organized, but the most arrogant, dangerous and despotic organization which ever menaced a free people in this or any other age.

"Any and all methods of healing the sick by means of safe, simple and natural remedies is sure to be assailed and denounced by the arrogant leaders of the A M A doctors' trust as 'fakes, frauds and humbugs.' Every practitioner of the healing art who does not ally himself with the medical trust is denounced as a 'dangerous quack' and imposter by the predatory trust doctors.

"Every sanitarian who attempts to restore the sick to a state of health by natural means without resort to the knife or poisonous drugs, disease imparting serums, deadly toxins or vaccines, is at once pounced upon by these medical tyrants and fanatics, bitterly denounced, vilified and persecuted to the fullest extent."


Many doctors may well wonder about the rapid rise of chiropractic and other forms of drugless healing, and the corresponding decrease in their own respective practices. The Chicago Medical Society has found that 85% of the people of its community prefer drugless healers as family physicians.

In Pasadena, California, a lady doctor, the examining physician for the Pasadena Y.W.C.A., discovered that 85% of her examinees have drugless healers for their physicians. This is startling information for the orthodox practitioner. Naturally he wonders why.

Any intelligent person will admit that a modality which can make such headway as this certainly must afford satisfactory relief to those who seek it, whether it is psychological or physical. But is it eighty-five fifteenths as effective as medicine? If the medical doctors will take off their rose-colored glasses and look at the American Medical Association as it really is they will get the answer to this question.

Medical doctors, who do not shout or advertise their activities to the world at large are judged by the few medical doctors who do. These advertising doctors comprise and control the A M A. Morris Fishbein, for instance, sold a series of alleged health articles to the Scrips-Howard News Syndicate. At the bottom of each article he exhorted his readers to "clip this out and become your own doctor."

Even though the public doesn't know that Fishbein never practiced medicine a day in his life and is not qualified to advise the laymen, much less the doctor, on how to treat the sick, any intelligent man or woman is aware that you cannot treat disease in a standardized manner by thumbing through newspaper clippings. Any intelligent layman is bound to think less of the medical profession after reading these bought-and-paid-for blurbs written by the nation's supposedly "leading" medical man.

Yet during the recent war Fishbein advertised to all and sundry to buy his 98c book and be their own doctor to release their good old family doctor for war duties. Every doctor we have talked to, who has looked at the Fishbein thing, says it is useless for even ordinary family life, that it is undignified in the extreme and that it is one of those things the Federal Trade Commission and the Post Office Department would suppress if it didn't have the sanction of the drug trust.

In it Fishbein plugs a large number of nostrums made and sold by units of the Rockefeller Drug Trust, no matter how harmful they have been proven to be. Epsom Salts he says "has lots of power." Citrate of Magnesia, he says, should be taken in large quantities. Anyone who followed this advice would soon be minus the lining of his bowels.

He plugs and urges the excessive consumption of castor oil, mineral oil, agar, glycerine, vaseline, cold cream, zinc oxide ointment, iodine, boric acid, peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, aspirin, ammonia, surgical powder, petrolatum eucalyptus menthol compound, syringes, bed pans, rubber sheets, adhesive tape, thermometers, ice bags, atomizers and the product of any vendor who apparently was willing to pay for this "advertising."

In his advertising program, Mr. Fishbein made some of the most outlandish claims imaginable. Many a vendor, not possessing the blessing and benediction of the Drug Trust, has been put out of business by both Federal Trade and Food & Drug for statements not 10% as mendacious. For instance we find such blurbs as these:


"The Wealthiest Millionaire Could Not Find Better Health Guidance".


"Endorsed by Doctors Everywhere"


"It Contains the sum total of everything medical science has learned."


"It brings to every modern home the peace of mind and sense of security that comes of being prepared in time of need.
. . . it is worth a thousand times its price."


Actually, medical physicians will tell you the Fishbein tome isn't worth the paper it is written on. In fact, no one expects it to be worth that, since Mr. Fishbein demonstrated at his state board examination that he doesn't know where half the organs, bones, nerves and tissues are located or even what they are.

In Dr. Josephson's book "Merchants In Medicine" he goes into the Fishbein conglomeration in some detail. He cites a number of instances where that gentleman's lack of medical knowledge is glaringly transmitted to his writings, and gives a number of instances of harm a person would do to himself or herself in following the advice given in the book.

Even worse, the Scripps-Howard newspapers were fooled into syndicating to its newspaper clients a similar line of hokum in the form of a newspaper column a day, written by Mr. Fishbein under the pretense that he was a doctor and knew how to treat human ills. It is said that they actually paid Fishbein good American folding money for this junk.

The newspaper syndicate was as bold as Fishbein for, at the bottom of each daily column of these "medical talks" was the bold inscription, ringed around by a box and starting off in bold capital letters with the exhortation "Make Your Own Medical Guide." This was followed by:




"Save Dr. Fishbein's articles from day to day and paste them in a scrap book. In a short time yon will find you hare acquired an invaluable modern home medical guide with reliable information on every health question."



Of course, it is an extreme thought to even vision everyone of our 150,000,000 people giving up their family physician and rushing to Woolworth's to buy scrap books in which to paste Morris Fishbein's gems of medical wisdom. But these isn't the slightest doubt that many gullible readers have done this.

Two consequences follow. First, and most important, is that each ignorant reader who did this took long chances with his own health and life, or that of his or her dear ones. The second is that many a family doctor lost fees which he could have honestly earned by administering to his patients who had been exhorted by this "great medical leader" to be his own doctor and attend himself by the newspaper-clipping method.

Fishbein's book was one glaring oversized blurb for the products of the Drug Trust. Naturally the Post Office, the Food & Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission look the other way.



Chapter 13  Shakedown

Since the regimentation of Medicine by quacks and medical gangsters in control of the American Medical Association, this organization has become one of the most vicious rackets in the country. A large majority of the people have lost faith in the medical doctor and look elsewhere for relief.

     Charles Lyman Loffler, M. D.           


Many persons who have indulged in the gentle art of what is known as "shaking down" have been unceremoniously shot. Many more have increased the populations of our jails and penitentiaries. But these are only the crude boys the ones who are not smart enough to stay within the law by organizing or controlling a "non profit" association where subtly generated fear is substituted for the downright threat.

When that dictatorship, known as the American Medical Association, grants its approval to a product and then, after the distributor of this product refuses to advertise as heavily as the Dictator desires, withdraws the said "Approval," slanders the product and attempts to suborn the violation of the producer's contract with the distributor, this can be described as nothing else but an attempted SHAKEDOWN.

When the Medical Dictator grants the "seal of approval" to a wealthy butter company which has been convicted dozens of times by the Federal government and the State of Pennsylvania for selling putrid butter and eggs, and when this "seal of approval" is something solely to make the public think this product is pure, and when, in spite of these convictions, this butter company, which is a good advertiser in the medical journals, continues to utilize this fake seal, then the picture of the "shakedown" practiced by officials of the American Medical Association is too clear for successful contradiction.

In this chapter I am going to cite a number of instances of manufacturers and distributors, not to speak of medical doctors, who have been asked to "kick in" or advertise and, failing to accede to these demands have been persecuted, vilified, and in many cases, their businesses ruined.

I will start off by quoting a letter written to one of America's better known "irregular" physicians, by a salesman who formerly was employed by Morris Fishbein and his "Co-operative Medical Advertising Bureau." These are the exact words of the salesman:


"I was employed by The Co-operative Medical Advertising Bureau of the A.M.A. Mr. E. W. Mattison was manager, but we were at all times under the rule of Will C. Braun, business manager of the A.M.A.

"The C.M.A.B. handled advertising as an agency for twenty-nine state medical journals at that time, which included all but the journals of New York and Illinois.

"All copy cleared through the C.M.A.B. had to conform to A.M.A. standards and were subject to approval of the A.M.A. Bureau controlling such products.

"In cases where advertising was secured by a state medical journal direct and independent of the C. M. A. B., the same approval was secured before publication was made.

"On several occasions in my experience, sizable contracts for advertising in state medical journals were cancelled by the advertiser at the insistance of the Advertising Department of the A.M.A. and the advertising run in A. M. A. publications instead.

"The C.M.A.B. operating as an agency for the state medical Journals charged an agency fee to the journals. At the end of the year the receipts over and above running expense was prorated and returned to the state medical journals."


Similar statements were made to my informant by a salesman who worked for one of Mr. Fishbein's dummy-bureaus "The American Medical Association Advertising Bureau." This salesman told how he was sent out in a hurry to see concerns who had written in to a state medical journal for advertising prices; and how the business manager of Fishbein's Journal had been tipped off by solicitors of the "Co-operative Medical Advertising Bureau."

He would first check up on the concern as to its ability to buy advertising. Then he would go after them for all the traffic would bear. If anyone balked the salesman would first tell how good an "investment" this advertising was. If they continued to hold out the final trump card was played a threat of condemnation of their product by the American Medical Association. This usually won the day.

The same salesman again avers that when a concern wants "recognition" for a product, an agent of the A M A A B is sent to find out how much money said concern has and how much it is willing to spend in advertising in the A M A Journal. Unless they signed up for "the amount" suggested, they were advised that no recognition would be given to their product, and that should they advertise elsewhere their products would be condemned through the A M A "Council of Pharmacy" and the A M A "Bureau of Investigation."

I don't know whether the Greeks had a name for it or not, but we in America have.

Under the direction of Mr. Fishbein, the Drug Chamber of Commerce has never been adverse to extracting money from makers and vendors of therapeutic aids by methods which would make Fishbein's former fellow townsman (Al Capone) look like a small time operator. A mild word for this particular racket would be "shakedown."

The most prolific vehicle for extracting money from packaged medicine and food manufacturers is the so-called "Cooperative Medical Advertising Bureau" which is just another name for Morris Fishbein. This bureau is, to all practical purposes, a holding corporation for 35 state medical journals, the various medical specialty magazines, the Journal of the A M.A. and Hygeia (the "peepul's" health journal).

If the manufacturer or distributor of a packaged or bottled product does not wish to have his product clubbed off the medical market by Fishbein, operating as the "Bureau of Investigation" and as "The Council of Pharmacy and Drugs," with the assistance of his stooges in the Federal Food and Drug Administration, or his dupes in the National Better Business Bureaus, he had better "advertise." An advertiser who writes to one of the State journals inquiring as to their advertising rates, etc., generally receives a letter like the following stock answer sent out by the Arkansas Medical Society:


"Thank you for your inquiry which we are referring to the Cooperative Medical Advertising Bureau, 535 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois, who handles the national advertising for the Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society. Yours, truly, W. R. Booksher."


And without solicitation from him, the manufacturer will almost in the same mail receive the following from general headquarters, signed "Cooperative Medical Advertising Bureau:"


"Your letter addressed to the Arkansas STATE MEDICAL JOURNAL about advertising in that publication has been referred to this Bureau, as we are the central advertising department for the state medical journals throughout the United States. We take pleasure in enclosing our rate on which you will find the sworn circulations and rates for each of our publications, including Arkansas. We are now placing our orders for copy for the April issues.

"We judge from your letterhead that you manufacture and sell cosmetics. We shall be pleased to have you tell us what space and how many journals you wish to use, and if your copy is acceptable we may then execute your orders in the journals you select.

"Thanking you for your early reply, we are

Very truly yours,



Along with this letter from the Medical Dictator the prospect will receive a table showing the advertising rates, together with sworn "paid" circulation, total circulation and the date the forms close for the State medical journals either owned or controlled by Fishbein. And, if he has any cash worth going after, he had better "advertise" or else.

If a manufacturer refuses to advertise just as heavily as the Fishbein organization orders him to, the word is passed around not to have anything to do with that product. It is put on the Black List and labeled as "quackery." If it is a product which the general public buys, then an effort is made to have its normal market destroyed by the Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration and the Better Business Bureaus, by charging that it is "fraudulent" advertising.

Here is as clear cut an example of an attempted shakedown as I have ever seen. It involves the effort of Fishbein to force C. Carl Gildner of Los Angeles, California, distributor of a product known as King's Maelum, to accept an inordinate advertising schedule in numerous medical journals which Fishbein owns and controls. King's Maelum is a pure food product, made and distributed from the Pacific Coast.

I have before me the whole story in photostat form letters from the American Medical Association's two dummy "bureaus" the so-called "Bureau of Co-operative Advertising" and the so-called "Committee on Foods" which appear to be the only two aliases the Medical Dictator used in his effort to club this particular manufacturer into "kicking in."

C. Carl Gildner of Los Angeles had a contract with King's Laboratories of Calimesa, California, manufacturers of this product, to distribute it nationally. Through bad advice, the laboratories themselves applied for and secured the seal of approval of the American Medical Association, under the erroneous impression that the awarding of the seal meant the product had been examined and found to be pure and safe for human consumption.

Immediately thereafter Mr. Gildner was solicited to accept and pay for a large advertising campaign in the several A M A and thirty-one state medical journals, all under the control of the American Medical Association and its subsidiaries. Mr. Gildner declined to meet this schedule, whereupon the "approval" was revoked.

Not only that, but the Medical Dictator became so incensed at Mr. Gildner that he attempted to bulldoze King's Laboratories into violating their contract with the distributor. This in itself is a violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act, which issues orders to Cease and Desist against small concerns which, in the language of the Commission's rulings "Induce employes of competitors to violate contracts."

The owner of King's Laboratories at that time was one Harry R. Sheppard, an Alabama-born Californian. Mr. Sheppard was put out of business by these Fishbein methods and immediately went into politics. He was elected to Congress from California's 21st District in 1936, and has been re-elected ever since.

From the evidence which we have at hand it is clearly apparent that the Seal of the American Medical Association and the "approval" of the Medical Dictator is granted only to those who do not incur his wrath by declining his invitation to "advertise."

Those who "kick in" can sell adulterated products to their heart's content. They can be indicted and convicted by the authorities for selling adulterated and putrid products. Yet because they "advertise" or otherwise placate the Medical Dictator, they continue to use the "seal" which merely deceives the public into thinking the product is pure.

It was on October 27, 1931, that the Medical Dictator, writing on stationery headed "Committee on Foods" and showing Morris Fishbein as "chairman," advised that:


"King's Maelum is being accepted by this committee and the company is entitled to display the seal on the package label and in advertising."


And then on November 10th exactly two weeks later this was followed up with another form letter from the Medical Dictator, this time on stationery headed "Co-operative Medical Advertising Bureau."

This letter said in part:


"We are advised that your product KING'S MAELUM has been accepted by the Committee on Foods of the American Medical Association with which this bureau is associated. You are now entitled to use the insignia of the Committee on Foods in any advertising you may use in the official State medical journals.

"This bureau represents thirty-one of these publications, each one being the official journal of one or more States, and confining its circulation to the immediate field which each journal represents, consequently you may advertise King's Maelum in several or all of these publications covering forty-two States and without any duplication of circulation.

"We are enclosing our literature showing the territory which each journal covers and our rate card which gives the sworn statement of circulation of each journal and rates for varying time and spaceo."


This "offer" was turned down by Mr. Gildner and the Dictator struck quickly. The big stick descended in less time than it takes to tell, and on November 16th (just six days later) Fishbein wrote a letter on stationery headed "Committee on Foods" to the Arthur R. Maas Laboratories in Los Angeles, California, informing them that the "acceptance of King's Maelum" had been withdrawn.


*     *     *

If these facts are not plain enough for you they will be when you read the case of the Land O'Lakes Butter Company. This big butter and egg concern in 1931 advertised quite extensively in the Cosmopolitan Magazine, Hearst's Sunday Magazine and numerous other publications. In big type their advertisements stated:




Prominently displayed in its advertising was the trademark seal of the American Medical Association's "Committee on Foods," placed there to make the public believe it guaranteed purity of product.

I have before me a full-page advertisement from Hearst's American Weekly of the Land O'Lakes Creameries, Inc. This advertisement says:


"First butter to be accepted by the American Medical Association. The seal shown denotes that Land O'Lakes Sweet Cream Butter and advertisements for it are acceptable to the Committee."


I now quote from a letter written to me by Governor Gifford Pinchot, of Pennsylvania, August 19, 1931, at the time when the Creamery people were holding up the "seal" of the A M A as a guarantee of "protection to the consuming public":


"We are now going ahead and not paying any attention to who the parties may be. We took the LAND O'LAKES into the courts only a few days ago on twenty-three moisture cases, and it doesn't matter who the party is if we find them putting into Pennsylvania any adulterated food, if we get the evidence, they are going into court."


Under date of December 11, 1933, Gov. Pinchot again wrote:


"The cases against the LAND O'LAKES CREAMERY concerned illegal quantities of moisture in butter. In some of the cases they paid a fine. In others, where the evidence was not so clear, they paid the costs, but in no case did decision go against the State."


Five times in the year 1930 the Land O'Lakes Creamery people were hailed into the Federal Courts of New York and New Jersey for selling adulterated butter and mis-branded eggs. The product in each case was condemned, but the defendants were allowed to go free "under bond."

In the latter case it was admitted by the Creamery people that part of the 399 cans of frozen eggs involved (purity guaranteed by the "seal" and "approval" of the American Medical Association) were filthy, decomposed, and that sugar had been added, presumably to disguise the smell.

We have no record of the "seal" and "approval" of the American Medical Association having been withdrawn before or after these facts came to light. It is, therefore, apparent from these public records that the Land O'Lakes Creamery must have "kicked in" somewhere and somehow to the Medical Dictatorship.

It requires no extraordinary intelligence for one to see that the King's Maelum product, against which no charge (much less a conviction) has ever been brought of impurity or adulteration, was rejected, not because of impurity or unsafeness, but because Mr. Gildner refused to be shaken down to help build up the $8,000,000 surplus of Fishbein's "non profit" corporation. The fate of King's Maelum is typical of the fate of many honest manufacturers of packaged medicines.


*     *     *

As immoral as is the practice of libeling and slandering a product whose producer refuses to cut his advertising schedule to the pattern ordered by the Medical Dictator, the Keepers of the Seal are guilty of vastly more dangerous practices. Two outstanding incidents are the failure to investigate the toxic qualities of a poison contained in Philip Morris Cigarettes (which spend many thousands of dollars a year on advertising in medical journals), and the covering up of the amebic dysentery epidemic in Chicago until the last visitor had passed through the turnstiles of the World's Fair in 1933.

The Phillip Morris incident really smells to high heaven. No one ever doubted that a stiff advertising schedule was the only Open Seasame needed to secure the "approval" and "Seal" of the American Medical Association. But until the death of seventy-two people from Sulfanalamide in the fall of 1937 it was not definitely proven that a stiff advertising schedule could cover up an investigation of possible dangerous ingredients.

The Philip Morris Company, Ltc, launched a heavy advertising campaign in nearly every available medium in 1933. Among these mediums were the Journal of the American Medical Association, and 31 states and regional medical Journals. The then $340 a page rate in the Journal is cut to $280 per week for fifty-two insertions. The $50 rate in the New England Journal of Medicine weekly was cut to $34 for fifty-two insertions. The thirty-one other journals published monthly, then had a combined rate of $970 a month. Thus the Philip Morris Company paid that year into medical coffers:


52 insertions, Journal of the A M A                            $14,560

52 insertions, New England Journal of Medicine             1,768

12 insertions in each of 31 state and

                regional medical journals                               11,640




These figures may help the reader digest the amazing facts which are to follow. The extensive Philip Morris advertising campaign was based on the one "sales smash," that because of the use of the drug diethylene glycol as a hygroscopic agent, instead of the glycerine used by other cigarette manufacturers, Philip Morris cigarettes prove "less irritating to the throat."

The advertising copy writer, in his flights of imagination, even wrote in one of the advertisements carried in the Journal of the A M A:

"Patients with coughs were instructed to change to Philip Morris cigarettes. In three out of four cases the coughs disappeared completely. When these patients changed back to cigarettes made by the ordinary method of manufacture, within a limited number of days, coughs had returned in one-third of the cases. This Philip Morris superiority is due to the employment of diethylene glycol as a hygroscopic agent proved a major advancement in cigarettes."

Many an advertiser has been jacked up by the Federal Trade Commission for a milder flight into the realm of fiction than that. Had this been true, and the diethylene glycol not dangerous, every other major cigarette company in the land would have changed to diethylene glycol.

The Philip Morris Company is said to have based these statements on the bought-and-paid-for "opinion" of two physicians whom it hired for this purpose Dr. Michael G. Mulinos of Columbia University, and Dr. Frederick B. Flynn, also of New York.

As is the case of bought-and-paid-for experts, the other side can always find contra-experts to testify to diametrically opposite "facts." So, the glycerine interests hired Dr. A. J. Carlson, head of the department of physiology at the University of Chicago, and a Dr. Harald Hoick of the Department of Pharmacy, University of Nebraska. These two experts rendered an opinion stating that the opinion of the other two experts was that much buncombe.

Came the fall of 1937. Seventy-two people died as the result of using a drug called Sulfanilamide Massengill in which it was shown that diethylene glycol, the solvent, was the toxic agent responsible for the deaths of these people.

Now, had there been a word of truth in the claims of Morris Fishbein, Esq., that he and his dummy "Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry" and other units of his dummy set-ups were concerned with the public health, he would have immediately suspended the Philip Morris advertising and made an exhaustive examination into the effect of diethylene glycol on the human body when taken in such small doses as provided in cigarettes.

Had the Medical Dictator been concerned at all with the public health, the public weal or the reputation of the A M A, he would have had an exhaustive examination made at no matter what cost. And no Philip Morris advertising would have been carried in any medical journal unless they discontinued the use of diethylene glycol until, and unless, it was proven harmless to the human body in the small doses contained in cigarettes.

On the other hand Mr. Fishbein jumped to the defense of this advertiser who spends so much money to "advertise" in his medical journals. The Journal of the A M A itself, in an editorial on October 30, 1937, said: "There is no evidence that the ordinary use of diethylene glycol in industry, or as an ingredient in the manufacture of cigarettes, is harmful."

Undoubtedly the Medical Dictator has no evidence of the harmfulness of diethylene glycol when used in cigarettes, and in view of that $27,968 advertising appropriation in 1933 it is a safe bet that he and his business staff didn't want any such evidence. But they have plenty of evidence that it is harmful when used in larger quantities if you can call seventy-two dead people evidence.

Yet, the American Medical Association also has no evidence that diethylene glycol is NOT harmless when used in cigarettes. That is the part Editor Fishbein did not tell his readers and it is a very important item.

Dr. Carlson, the paid representative of the rival glycerine interests, is a little more honest with his auditors in his expressed opinion. He says: "I know of no reliable evidence as to whether the amount of diethylene glycol in Philip Morris cigarettes is or is not injurious to man. Reliable evidence of this problem would be a long and expensive undertaking because injuries, if any, will be slight and chronic in the amount of diethylene glycol that would enter the body from smoking these cigarettes.

"However, it would seem a clear matter of wisdom to exclude this poison from cigarettes, at least until possible evidence of harmlessness is available. I think the people responsible for the advertising copy of Philip Morris cigarettes are using unduly, if not unfairly, the so-called medical approval of the cigarette."


*      *      *

A member of the American Medical Association, located in the District of Columbia, brought to my attention a case of obvious sandbagging which he said was an extremely sore subject with medical doctors who paid dues to the A M A. He pointed out that a product known as Ergosterol is "banned" by the A M A while an identical product known as Viosterol is "approved." Another product known as "Befsal" was "disapproved" while a practically identical product known as "Atophan" and another identical product known as "Cenophan" were "approved" by "Dr." Fishbein.

According to this physician, District of Columbia doctors interpret this as simply meaning that the manufacturers of Viosterol, Atophan and Cenophan have "kicked in" to the powers that be in Chicago while the makers of Ergosterol and Befsal have refused to be shaken down in this manner. Now let's see how near right these District of Columbia doctors are.

Viosterol is manufactured by Mead, Johnson & Company, and several other powerful "advertisers" in the Fishbein journals and medical directories. The identical product, Ergosterol, is sold by Glogau & Company of Chicago, which concern refuses to "kick in" to the A M A kitty. Not only does the American Medical Association refuse to "approve" Ergosterol while approving an identical product which is nothing in the world but Ergosterol which has been exposed to violet rays yet Fishbein went out of his way sometime ago to blacklist this product of Glogau & Company, called Ergosterol.

The point of demarkation between a product made by the manufacturers of Atophan and Cenophan, and one made by the manufacturer of Befsal is more clearly defined. Befsal was made by Dr. Lewis S. Summers at Ambler, Pennsylvania, now deceased. There was a feud of long standing between Dr. Summers and the Medical Dictator, which ended only with Dr. Summers' death.

Dr. Summers was forced to fight incessantly to protect his business. He sent out volumes of letters and circulars to the medical profession, in which he gave many testimonials of cures. This incensed both Simmons and Fishbein no doubt because they could not force Dr. Summers to "advertise" in their sundry medical journals. They went far out of their way to poison the minds of the entire Allopathic profession with hatred and prejudice against

Dr. Summers and his product.


*     *     *

Another interesting case is that of the Ellis Microdynameter. Mr. Ellis informs me that an agent of the A M A demanded a large sum estimated from other sources at $30,000 for a "test"; otherwise the "screws" would be put on the Microdynameter in the medical profession.

From personal experience I know that the Ellis machine will do exactly what its vendor says it will point out to the physician the part of the body where there is an abnormal condition. If the physician is a competent diagnostician his training and judgment will do the rest. But the sensitiveness of the machine far in advance of any human faculty can point out the danger signs and area months or weeks before the best physician can.

Fishbein had the late Doctor-Senator Copeland of New York, who despised but feared the Medical Dictator, put an unconscionably false description of the Ellis machine in the Congressional Record (page 5025, April 2, 1935). According to the Fishbein-Copeland philippic, the Ellis machine had a "dial with every disease from asthma to zymosis indicated on it." You spun a dial, Fishbein said through the mouth of his Senate stooge, and "wherever the dial stopped, you had that disease."

I called on Senator Copeland for proof of this statement. Three weeks later he sent me some correspondence which he received from Fishbein, and which was sent to him through Fishbein's stooges in the Food and Drug Administration of the Agriculture Department. This "data" included photostats from the Journal of the American Medical Association, which journal was so bold as to have included obviously faked pictures of the machine in the articles.

I had Mr. Ellis bring his machine to Washington. He made a perfect demonstration on me and on some officials of the Department of Agriculture. Fishbein's stooges those in the Food and Drug Administration didn't want to know anything about the instrument they helped to libel.

Hence, they were not amenable to a demonstration. Senator Copeland refused my offer for a demonstration before his Commerce Committee, which had just railroaded Fishbein's pet measure the so-called Tugwell Bill through the Senate, a bill which would actually have emasculated the good old Wiley Pure Food Bill.

(The Tugwell Bill, incidentally, would have removed the provisions making it mandatory to prosecute wealthy and influential offenders against the food and drug laws.)

Senator Copeland bluntly and unblushingly told me that he didn't want a demonstration of the Ellis machine because "6,000 demonstrations couldn't convince him." However, the machine was successfully demonstrated before the House Interstate Commerce Committee.

True to form, the Medical Dictatorship admitted that it knew nothing of the device it was slandering and libeling. Read this self-convicting statement which appeared in the Journal of the A M A, January 6, 1934, under the caption "Bureau of Investigation on Ellis Microdynameter." It says:

"The Bureau of Investigation has made no examination of the mechanism of the Ellis Microdynameter. This article will be confined to a discussion of the background on which the device is projected and of the claims made for it."


Knowing the facts, I do not believe there is an honest, intelligent or self-respecting doctor in the United States who would not be ashamed of a medical journal that condemns a product because the manufacturer will not "kick in" to the Medical Mussolini, or that evades its duty to the public as was done in the Philip Morris case.

I do not believe there is a doctor unashamed of a medical journal which publishes fake pictures, fake descriptions of an "outlawed" product and then bamboozles a member of the United States Senate into inserting them in the Congressional Record.

In each instance Fishbein clumsily admitted that he knew nothing of the product because he refused to investigate it. This statement is a dead giveaway.

These "unorthodox" methods are approved by the Rockefeller Drug Trust, or the Drug Chamber of Commerce would never be allowed to commit them, Fishbein or no Fishbein. The Trust itself is conducting rackets on a far larger scale and therefore looks benevolently on the smalltime peccadilloes of its valuable front and stooge the American Medical Association.



Chapter 14 Time Marches On 

With all his conscience and one eye askew, So false he partly takes himself for true

. Rudyard Kipling.       


The scene is ancient Greece, circa 400 B. C. Mr. Hippocrates, with much scientific ambition but little scientific ammunition, establishes himself as the Papa of Medicine. He supplants existing healing absurdities with absurdities of his own and starts the medical ball rolling.

Mr. H. is an opportunist extraordinaire. Since the year 5,000 B. C, when the Babylonians inaugurated the drug traffic, human cravings stimulated the discovery and creation of hundreds of these habit forming items. Father Hippo merely took this into account, codified the various narcotics, thought up human disorders which they were supposed to cure, and presto, he had a "science."

If the ball was fumbled and rolled out of bounds, that can hardly be blamed on Papa. Today he would have been the first to lash out at medical discussionists who preen themselves on knowing a thousand tweedledums and tweedledees while hospitals increasingly fill faster than they can be emptied.

Hippo had a lot of stuff on the ball. He labored tremendously, even if horrendously, on a wide variety of subjects. There was that amusingly senile stuff he wrote about the varicolored biles and other fluids of the body; but written with such literary excellence that his absolute nothings popped from the page like they might be important somethings.

From him really flowed the present day medical fashion of saying and writing unworkable ideas in such an involved and polysyllabic style that they actually sound distinguished and command respect. Such as the cute wrinkle of writing prescriptions in Latin to impress the burghers with nothing; and sending bills in English to get paid something for nothing.

But for all his generally inaccurate though always attractive meanderings, Hippocrates did turn out a few workmanlike pieces of diagnosis, prognosis, head injuries, epidemics and suchlike. For that day and age they were really remarkable.

More remarkable, however, were the drugless concepts of this father of drugging; observations on diet, breathing, water cure, spinal manipulations and such similar stuff which the medicos of today conveniently call quackish.

Hippocrates made a forcible statement in the long, long ago that will live forever as an incontrovertible truth when he said:

"As is the blood, so is the man he is just as weak, just as strong."


        *     *     *


It is the year 33 A.D. The place is Palestine.

Jesus of Nazareth, already baptized by John, travels the countryside for three years and performs miracles by the laying on of hands. The dolts of the time are confused, bewildered.

But it might be thought that the medical wights would try to note the exact nerve centers He touched or any other exact method the Master employed in performing His cures, instead of being obsessed with a frenzied desire to call Him "quack."

But that was not to be. All that consumed the breed was to say Him nay. With four centuries of the Hippocratic technic already under their belt they characteristically thought little of noting His method but everything of labelling it madness.

To preserve their place in the sun as the ordained and dignified healers it was their plain duty to the public welfare to start up the chorus of ridicule. For He was an "irregular." Condemnation without investigation of an "irregular" was a "regular" virtue.

When it came to pass that they unseekingly stumbled on some of the Master's great cures, and more particularly on one who said, "All I know is that once I was blind and now I can see," their avenging arm only hardened the more in anger that One, not of the "regular" school, should do in His "charlatanesque" way that which they could not go and do likewise.

        *     *     *


It is the year 160 A.D. The place is Rome.

Galen, hailing from Greece, gathers the whole store of medical knowledge and ties it up so firmly that it becomes for many centuries the authoritative foundation of the science.

The smallish medical standpatters of the day are aroused. Fixing themselves in a pose of righteousness, a la Stalin, they ask how any young squirt dared do such a prodigious job of classifying ALL medical knowledge as to confuse the respected oldsters of the craft.

That Galen kid assumes too much too vast a wealth of knowledge for their picayune minds to grasp. He is insolent that is it making them by comparative standards fall into the shadows. Of course he intentionally perpetrated this demeaning trick on those whose years he should have respected.

There is but one proper thing to do. Put the rascal down, pin his ears back for his insolence, take him down several pegs and fasten him in his place. It is not right that a mere youngster should tower above those whose wisdom preceded his. So the steamroller starts and with accumulated cunning the pompous emptyheads deride Galen to distract public attention from their own vacuity.

Even thus early it is already quite in medical character for the deriders to quietly sneak into their closeted inner chambers, there to absorb clandestinely what the object of their derision had systematized for them. And, again quite in character, on the morrow they mouth as their very own that which they learned the day before.

Galen's physiology does not by present standards reach the same excellence as his anatomy, but in the second century his knowledge passed the knowledge of the best of the regular medics like the "Queen Mary" now passes a row-boat.


         *     *     *


The place is England. The time about 1550 A.D.

London was then, as now, the world's largest metropolis in point of numbers. One hundred thousand people were gathered together, living in close proximity to each other. Sanitation was unknown. The bath tub and sanitary toilet had never been heard of. Later, when someone did invent the bath tub, it gave the medical reactionaries of that day an opportunity to strut their stuff and denounce it from the housetops.

The death rate was frightful owing to the fact that the nature of disease and its causes were hardly known at all. Physicians generally prescribed swallowing a spider alive in syrup for fever, thinking that the spider would eat the fever up.

Snake-eating was supposed to be good for sexual impotency. Just what the medical theory on this was is not of record. Probably the docs just shook their heads and looked wise like they do when they write out a prescription for one teaspoonful of sugar in water in Latin, and charge you two dollars for it.

Everybody wore amulets (pretty or crazy looking little charms) to ward off disease. Most ailments were supposed to be caused by evil spirits which could be cured only by charming the guilty wraiths.

Sanitation was unheard of. All the towns were full of filth, but the inhabitants' olfactory nerves were used to it; and so it caused them no inconvenience. All sorts of refuse and even human excrement were thrown from windows into the street. The streets were not paved but were ankle deep in mud in rainy weather. Neither were they ever cleaned.

Under these conditions smallpox, cholera and plague broke out from time to time and decimated the population. It was not until this filth was cleaned up that these diseases came under control.

By this time the drug traffic had become what was, at that time, considered big business with a couple of capital "B's." The first pharmacopoeia was published by an enterprising German publishing house. It was called "Pharmacopoeia Augustana" and it listed 1,100 "medicinal agents." This huge traffic in drugs has grown until today the 23rd edition of the United States Dispensary tells us there are 30,000 such "items."


        *     *     *


It is the year 1616. The place is still London.

William Harvey is on the lecture platform. Closeted with him are medical snugglepuppers to whom he is explaining his original and complete views on the circulation of the blood. Some weak sisters in the room get tonguetied, bolder ones glower, leaders with reputations to uphold froth from the mouth. "Preposterous," they thunder, "arteries contain air, not blood."

It might be thought that to settle the point quickly and quite satisfactorily some one of them would decide to watch a living artery, or open one to see the blood spurt with each pounding of the heart. But so simple an employment of uncomplicated horse sense was not for them.

These boys had their prestige to think about. Had they not always said that arteries conveyed air? Does the very name "artery" not in itself connote the air-conveying fact? Who is this rheumatic bumpkin that he dares upset all that ? The thing to do is to put the heathen down!

Twelve years later Harvey thumbed his nose at the embarrassed gang and gave his magnificent treatise to the world. The untamed medical crew snorted like wild mustangs at this personal affront to their dignity. It was obvious to them that this was Harvey's way of saying he itched for a real fight. Well, he asked for it.

The despicable ones rolled up their sleeves. Their destroying mills began to grind quickly and exceedingly well. All the "regular" boys, with unexplorative minds but just barely the sense to follow what was set down, were exhorted to fight "for their honor."

They polished up the old favorite sword, applicable to one and all beyond or outside the clan, and called Harvey a "quack." Organized medicine smote hard, bitterly, relentlessly, and they had Harvey driven into disgrace. It was a terrible fight.

But now, the work done and the good deed accomplished, they brushed from their monkey suits the grime of the scuffle, recaptured their accustomed holy air of science, and went out to tell a waiting world that they had just written another chapter in the book titled "Medical Progress."


        *     *     *


It is the year 1777. The place is Philadelphia.

The speaker is Dr. Benjamin Rush, member of the Continental Congress, signer of the Declaration of Independence, a medical officer in Washington's army between sessions, educated at Princeton and in medicine at Philadelphia, Edinburgh, London and Paris, professor of chemistry in the Philadelphia Medical College, voluminous writer on medical subjects, honored by European sovereigns for his medical contributions and called "The Sydenham of America." Rush has just resigned his army portfolio after unsuccessful attempts to stop frauds perpetrated on soldiers in the hospital stores.

His passion is liberty, loving with his every fiber freedom in all things. His special hatreds are hypocritical pretense, graft and corruption. The assembled medical brethren are dwarfed by the big man and feel ill at ease. They sense how poorly this man of principle fits in with men of their ilk. In self defense they convince themselves that he might even be just another quack.

Rush is talking about freedom and the independent states. He makes an impassioned plea for clean liberty clean through. He says that if we guarantee religious and political freedom but do nothing about safeguarding medical freedom, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people who wish to select the doctors and treatments of their choice to accept only what the dictating organization has to offer.

The prophet is without honor, the longviewed fellow appears cockeyed to the astigmatic bunch around him, the man of real foresight sounds "cracked" to the myopic pygmies who think themselves superior. So these contemporary croakers listen scornfully to Dr. Rush, whip up a generous draft of venomous opprobrium, and concertedly give him the bum's rush.


        *     *     *


It is the year 1796. The place is Merrie England.

Edward Jenner putters around cows and things for sixteen years and brings forth the idea of extracting bovine vaccine lymph and shooting it into human bloodstreams as a specific for smallpox. With a boy in tow as the first to inoculate, Jenner struts his stuff before the medical lights of the time.

Immediately the screws move in, traveling his way toward a vulnerable center. Jenner, long acquainted with cows, is not to be cowed. In the very teeth of the rumbling all about him he bravely publishes the results of his work two years later.

Now the outfit goes into its song and dance in earnest. Prompt inquisitions begin. Nothing unusual, chief among the inquisitional medicasters is the (laughingly) respectable College of Physicians.


(Note: Had the boys known then what the more investigative and less scrupulous know now that this serum-squirting vogue would eventually grow into a business getter by creating increases in heart and kidney and brain degenerations while supposedly checking lesser troubles they might have clapped their hands and sung a different tune.)


        *     *     *


It is the year 1842. Back to Philadelphia

Medical men implore the city fathers to strike out against bathtubs, especially during the Santa Claus and red flannel underwear season. In Boston, somewhat later, medics ask for and get a law permitting bathtubbing only on possession of a prized medical prescription.


         *     *     *


It is, the year 1844. The place is Boston.

A Boston Bean, practicing dental surgery, is engaged in experimental study. He is Dr. William Thomas Green Morton, two years out of a Baltimore dental college where he finished the regular two-year course. Morton is chasing clues for excitement and runs into sulphuric ether. Presto! The world witnesses the birth of anesthesia.

Physicians get a swell break. Now they can talk up the painlessness of surgery as they switch to surgication those whom they'd failed to help with medication.

Surgeons get a sweller break. Cutting out and away that which failed to respond to medical treatment, they can now do a roaring business without necessity of apologizing for the pain inflicted without anesthetics. They know things that plain physicians only glimpse. They remember that Ben Franklin was right: "Nature cures and the doctor pockets the fee."

Realizing that the failure of the physician is the opportunity of the surgeon, they now know that whenever Nature does not help there will be no cure and the business will all flow their way. So they lay down correct fee-splitting lines with physicians, talk up the "comfort" under anesthesia and of course mention nothing so unsaleable as shock, ether pneumonia, loss of blood or adhesions.

Instead of canonizing Morton, both physicians and surgeons, with the ungratefulness of their kind, heap vile calumnies on his head, scorn him because he is just a "tooth dentist" instead of a "regular," label him "quack" even while they hurry to capitalize on the manna he brought to them.

It is significant that two years after graduation, and only four years from his first session in a dental classroom, Morton knew more than the smug allopaths who looked down on him; enough, in fact, to find what they badly needed but hadn't the intelligence to work out. Significant also is the fact that while regulars waxed fat carving human beings under anesthesia, this "irregular," who made possible the increase in business, died a pauper.


        *     *     *


Chicago, early in the Century.

Enter Morris Fishbein, the Haunch, Paunch and Jowl of organized medicine, to really put the craft on a dictatorial basis. With audacity his fetish, Fishbein's is the contribution of the audacious business genius. With his entrance on the scene, and his knowledge of laying down organization lines, things begin to click at headquarters.

As assistant to Old Simmons, political boss of Organized Medicine, Fishbein really goes places and does things. A tireless worker and a man who means to have his way or else Fishbein really integrates the disrelated parts of the far flung empire into a unified whole and achieves what Benjamin Rush had once anticipated and feared a Medical Dictatorship.

Fishbein is diabolically clever in every field he touches, and he touches them all. In fashioning his profit making enterprise he realizes that he must have control of the Association.

To make the trust further profitable Fishbein sets in motion an A M A "Committee on Foods." This sideline racket "passes" on the acceptability of commercial foods, for a price, and refuses its label ("Accepted by the Committee on Foods of the American Medical Association") to superior foods whose manufacturers refuse to kick in.

In an equally owlish way he contacts all manufacturers who could not exist without the beneficent push of organized medicine and compels extensive and expensive advertising in medical journals on the part of drug and vaccine makers and some whose putrid products would only clog sewers if they did not curry favor with the boss.

This phenomenon of versatility takes on the editorship of the "Journal of the A M A" and of the trust's stepchild publication, "Hygeia." And then he induces the convention delegates to put the finances of the Association completely in the hands of the Journal his own hands. Thus he is made Supreme Dictator of the American Medical Association, with a stranglehold on the Dictatorship.

Not only that, but he writes with dysenteric verbosity for any medium that will allow him to make laugnable or insulting references to anything whatsoever that his fancy led him to usurping the privilege of denouncing.


        *     *     *


 It is still 1912. Place, New York.

The astonishing idea trickles through to the multitudes that folks are in large part the result of what they eat and that knowledge of nutrition is handy for health. A Macfaddenized public is whole wheat conscious, spinach conscious, orange juice and enema conscious, and it starts asking questions.

No longer content with paying a fee for a mere prescription, a Johnny now says, "Doc, what shall I eat?" And Doc, floored by so unusual a query, hems and haws and sputters and spars for time. He clears his throat in correct professional manner and answers at length: "Your nutritional needs are peculiarly individual and require careful study come back tomorrow."

Embarrassment thus disposed of, Doc ducks behind the scenes and feverishly thumbs the pages of his medical tomes to forearm himself against such future annoyances. But the medical school had never taught dietetics and the books offer nothing. So he gathers a sheaf of articles by irregulars and primes himself to the hilt with the new knowledge.

Up to now Doc had been intent on drugging and cutting, not on what to eat and what to leave alone. Why, on occasions he'd even prescribed bran in difficult cases of constipation, the patients paying a dollar to have the prescription filled. Now bran and such were being sold un-professionally and openly in stores, and grocers were counter prescribing. The people have gone nuts on the food question, and strangely there were fewer cases of that mother of diseases, constipation.

Well, if Doc is to be forced to meet this new need for knowledge, so be it. Thousands of docs resignedly consent to let their betters thrust on them an understanding of these useful things. Thus does the medical fraternity feed at the trough of the "quacks."





         *     *     *


 It is the year 1920. The place is New York.

Enter the Drug Trust. John D. Rockefeller (the first) and his fellow buzzards of the Standard Oil Company's general staff had become impressed with the efficiency of the meat packers, who sold every part of the hog but the squeal.

They remembered "Old Bill" Rockefeller, itinerant grandpappy of John D., a patent medicine faker of the mid-19th century who advertised himself as a "physician" and sold bottled raw petroleum to the yokels as a cure for cancer. "Old Bill" called his product Nujol (meaning new oil), to make it sound different from the same products other patent medicine fakers of his day were selling under such names as Seneca Oil, Rock Oil and Medicinal Oil.

These jackals of the oil fields sold their crude oil as "cures" for the popular maladies of the day liver complaint, cholera morbus, bronchitis and consumption. "Old Bill" called his a cure for cancer. So John D. brought his pappy's works to life by bottling a form of crude oil again and calling it Nujol.

This time it was advertised as a cure for constipation not cancer. It was made by the same concern, from the same raw product and by much the same process as Flit, well known fly killer and bug discourager. Getting 2,000 bottles from every barrel ($2.00 worth of oil) and selling it at 28 cents a bottle was "good business."

A few years before, the Rockefeller Foundation (alleged philanthropic organization) had been chartered by the New York legislature, when the American Congress refused a similar rite. Too many Congressmen said they shouldn't give official sanction to a concern with a $100,-000,000 slush fund to pay for propaganda.

The far-seeing John D. had hit the jackpot again. The Rockefeller Foundation was set to work to plug for the use of drugs, drugs and more drugs, while the Rockefeller organization started out to form another Trust this one for the propagation and development of the drug traffic.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were contributed by the Foundation to medical colleges which would miseducate their students into the excessive use of drugs. Other scores of millions were contributed to public agencies to propagate the myth that all citizens should be forced to submit to vaccination, serumization and innoculation for everything the Rockefeller drug company could find an "immunizing agent" for.







        *     *     *


It is the year 1937. The place is Atlantic City.

The famed seaside resort is abuzz with excitement. This time it isn't a downswoop of Hoover's G-men on the dens of prostitution. It isn't even going to be one of those beauty contests, although it certainly is going to be a beaut. The American Medical Association is holding its annual convention there.

Fishbein, as usual, is Lord of the Works. Every medical big shot fears state medicine and Morris has held on as the first fiddler because he brays loudest and best that regimentation of doctors is the most vicious brew out of the deepest Gehenna. On the surface, Fishy is against the idea from center to circumference. Always when his prestige seemed to slip a notch he has come out in his Journal with a mess of howling fadoodle that "proved" he still pulled the stroke oar in fighting state medicine.

This time Fuehrer Fishbein was putting on no ordinary shindig. He and the gods had ordained that it go down as history's most unconventional convention. For as the world's worst professional hater of state medicine he had found himself a new wrinkle that outwrinkled every past creation of even his tricksy brain.

With the assembled medics called to order, Fishbein trotted out his longtime friend and personal political stooge, Senator J. Ham Lewis of Illinois, whom he had given a place on the program. All was a respectful hush as the pink whiskered gent mounted the rostrum. The distinguished whiskers parted suddenly, without warning to his ear witnesses, old Ham exploded a bombshell in their midst.

Without batting an eyelash Fishbein's powerful friend proposed a system of nationalized medicine a system whereby every doctor was to be sworn in as an officer of the U. S. Government! Zowie! A thousand medical hearts stopped ticking all at once. A thousand urbane faces momentarily went frozen and flummoxed like so many dead pans of country cider squeezers. And then with one boomerang wave the daymare petered out and everybody recognized the frouzy trick. Fish Fish Fishbein! They had the scheme labeled dead to rights.

Back to Fishy's sudden conversion to the Cause of Socialized Medicine wise ones see the fine Italian hand of Greed for Power. Uncle Ham and his medical colleague in the Senate (Royal S. Copeland) had promised to get the Secretaryship of Health for the All America Quack M. Fishbein. It was as clear as that.

The Honorable J. Ham, an old hand at oratory, sensed the rebellion in his audience and started sacheting around. With the best eloquence he began to moo. Why, every bad medical bill in the country would be guaranteed by the taxpayers Why, every man jack and jill in medical practice would be assured a living Why, every resource of the government would protect all medical doctors in a lifetime of security. Blub-dub. Blub-dub-blub. Hot air heroics. With all his chest thumpings and table bumpings the bewhiskered Demosthenes couldn't sugarcoat friend Fishbein's underhanded creation. The assembled doctors had all suddenly cut their eye teeth and no mere rhetoric could gild the pill.

To further confound and nonplus the assembled doctors, Fishbein's stooges in the American College of Physicians and in the American College of Surgeons, ultra ultra subsidiaries of the A M A, endorse the Lewis proposal. Although few if any physicians and surgeons endorse such a thing, the Fishbein stooges of Medicine's "Shrine" are politically wise enough to jam a resolution through without a member knowing what he was voting for and without audible protest.

Stout fella, that Fishbein. So this was how sincerely he had all this time been hollering "Wolf, wolf" at state medicine. No wonder that as he eyed his speechmaking Senatorial friend the Fishbein phiz seemed to take on a light of love and from the Fishbein lips seemed to issue a tune that might have been "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen."

Why, here was this stagey Ham boy from the home state serving Fishbein as personal patsy and proposing state medicine with a vengeance. If the plan of the bearded factotum should be adopted by the Congress, every doctor would wake up one morning with territory allotted him like a cop on a beat. He would be saddled with official orders never to cross the street into another doctor's bailiwick even to treat a patient who wanted no one else but his own chosen family physician.

It was all too terribly clear. Sure Fishbein had every reason to look on old Pink Whiskers with his tenderest love, but their own lips shaped every expression except "Bella, bella" and Vunder bar." For the explosion showed every intelligent doctor in the convention just who was the rattlesnake behind the propaganda for State Medicine.

As if to prove he was not joking, Senator Lewis introduced his bill in Congress. And as if to prove that medical men were only lickspittling coots, specially created to serve his aspirations, Fishy made a speech a few months later before the District of Columbia Medical Society demanding that Congress create a Department of Health. Everybody knew who was to be the Fishbein candidate for Secretary of Health a man who would not only sit on the President's Cabinet and reap big coin for radio mouthings and newspaper and magazine word-mongering, but who would be absolute czar not only of the healing profession but of the public health as well.

Here was Fishbein at his best or worst. At long last a cock-a-hoop had blossomed forth with the piece de resistance of his whole career. It hardly mattered that to maneuvre this coup, major domo Morris had to jettison every friend and medical magnifico who once believed him decent and served him sincerely. This magnificent moment was not for nonsense and mawkish sentiment. If any doctor now refused to join his association as a properly obedient pickthank he would be rushed out of doctoring and be forced into peddling pretzels for a living. Drugless doctors would be dusted off like so much talcum powder unless their associations and financial tribute made it worth King Fish's while to "recognize" them. This was to be Fishbein's golden era, and there would be none to say him nay.

Not for nothing had the pawky Fishbein brain labored so long and hard. Sure he had denounced State Medicine and vehemently but that was only to jockey himself into position and power. They might have analyzed it all, and then they would have seen that only state medicine could actually achieve der Fuehrer's lifetime ambition. It was for this that he had fenagled and cullied all these years.

The administration of such a measure as the Lewis bill would have created a Cabinet Officer and a Cabinet Department. The doctors of the country could have been regimented and taught to goose step to the Fishbein demands. Before his mind's eye paraded other careers nearly as wonderful as his own. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini. Dictator! Dictator! Dictator! Yes, others before him had climbed on the backs of colleagues in order to reach the height of a King. What transcendent glory for the pilgarlick of pretended medical skill when the "Heil, Heil" of regimented lapdogs will reach the ears of the new American Mussolini.


        *     *     *


It is the year 1945. The place is Minneapolis.

Sister Elizabeth Kenny, an Australian nurse from an honorable Catholic order, showed the "learned" medical profession how to cure those pitiful infantile paralysis cases by actually curing them. At first the medical wights tried to ignore her to pooh pooh the reports of what they considered "miraculous" cures.

The Kenny method was simply the use of common sense, something that never occurred to Fuehrer Fishbein and his medico-political dimwits. While they were feverishly searching for a germ and the while injecting this germ they couldn't find into helpless little children in their profitable serumization program Sister Kenny was using the brains God gave her.

Basically the Kenny method was to apply hot packs to the paralyzed limbs to relax the muscular spasm caused by the injection into a pure blood stream of diseased animal pus. If the medicos hadn't injected too much foreign matter the Kenny Method generally effected a cure.

While this was going on a gigantic humbug was being practiced on the warm-hearted American public every time the birthday of President Roosevelt himself a victim of medical incompetence and the serum racket rolled around. People were exhorted by all mediums of publicity to give "a mile of dimes" and to attend the stylish President's birthday balls to "dance that some little child might walk." This money was supposed to be given to the Warm Springs Foundation which always refused to take charity cases and had no record of cures like Sister Kenny's.

Actually only $1,014,443 of the 1934 receipts was given to Warm Springs, none of the 1935 "take," only $122,721 in 1936, only $325,000 in 1937 and not a dime in 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944 and/or 1945.

The Australian nurse continued to amaze the medical world with cures which they couldn't accomplish Something must be done. So Der Fuehrer of Organized Medicine Qk. Morris Fishbein ordered this benefactor of little children to leave the country. There was no room in the United States, he intimated, for persons who could do what his stooges were unable to do on such a large and successful scale.


        *     *     *


The time is 1939. The place is Rockefeller Center.

A madman in the German chancellery has set the world on fire. Standard Oil has derricks all over the world. A charlatan in the American White House, beholden to the Rockefeller Mob for his first foray into politics, decides to force his own country into the war to protect Standard's foreign investments and commitments.

The German Chemical Trust has just completed a deal with American Standard Oil to pool their patents and control the drug business of the world. The Rockefellers are busy acquiring control over the American drug traffic jointly with the German cartel. All the while the Heinies are pulling the wool over American eyes, withholding their synthetic rubber information from Standard Oil while procuring every secret the Americans had.

The Standard Oil mob gathers over 100 drug firms and organizes the greatest drug trust in the history of mankind. Already the Rockefeller Foundation had sown the seed of Drugs, Drugs and More Drugs in the current generation of medical doctors. Another Drug Trust adjunct had been created called the Rockefeller Institute. This one put scientists to work discovering new uses for drugs.

It mattered little to the Rockefeller crowd that the nap they took on synthetic rubber almost lost the war for the United States. Their firms were cleaning up each year

many times their actual physical assets.


        *     *     *


The Second World War Is On.

And what a war it was for the Drug Trust. Fifteen million of America's healthiest youth were drafted. 99-99/100% of them went willingly for they believed their homes and firesides were in danger from foreign invaders. At recruit camp they were forced to undergo injections of filthy animal pus which shortened their lives five to ten years.

And from time to time other injections of filthy horse and cow pus were forced on them. The serum trust was becoming alarmingly rich from these 200,000,000 odd shots of serum sold and paid for by the American taxpayer.

Not content with the profits from serums, the Drug Trust began using the Army guinea pigs to promote the sale of new drugs with fancy names. Penicillin, sulfa, streptomycin it all sounded good when palmed off on the press by the high powered public relations ghouls of the Drug Trust.

But as fast as one item would become a fad, the medical wights announced that it was no good but that something else was. Thus an endless round of fads which brought huge bundles of sheckels into the coffers of the Drug Trust.


         *     *     *


The Place is New York. The year is 1947.

Damon Runyon, a great sports writer, died of cancer of the throat. Damon believed what the medicos told him that cancer was caused by a bug which the medicos had been fruitlessly searching for the last 100 years. A half dozen cancer control rackets were in existence, eagerly taking money from gullible but well meaning Americans, and all equally futile in their methods and results.

Walter Winchell, the most controversial of all radio artists, but with a huge clientele of listeners, began to plug for Damon Runyon Cancer Fund. Money came in by the bundle and by the bale. In a short time the sum of 3 million dollars was contributed.

All but that portion which was grafted, was given to chemists who play with the test tubes to continue the fruitless 3,000-year search for a bug. Not a dime was given to Koch, or Loffler, or Blass, or Hoxsey or any of those who actually cure cancer by driving excess toxins from the blood stream.

Instead, all the Drug Trust stooges in Washington, planted by the Rockefeller Institute in the Food & Drug Administration, the U. S. Public Health Service, the Army Medical Corps, the Navy Bureau of Medicine & Surgery, the Post Office Solicitor's Office, the Federal Trade Commission, et al, were ordered to pounce on Dr. Koch and those who cured cancer by using the brains God gave them.

These cures might destroy the sale of some drugs. And they certainly made the Drug Trust stooges look silly with every case of cancer they cured. It would never, never do.


*     *     *


It is the year 1959. Again in Chicago.

It is a century since the gold rush days. Much gold has streamed into medical coffers. Health boards have been in the saddle and the Medical Trust, egged on by serum manufacturers who advertise and contribute much to the treasury, has forced drugs and serums on all citizens who hadn't the intestinal fortitude to fight against it. It is a peak year for inoculations, serums for everything and more and more serums as disease is more and more in evidence.

Fishbein waddles across a medically purified Chicago Street. An automobile careens along at a thunderous pace. It sails into the Fishbein path but the old man is too slow to avoid it. S-c-reetch-! Crash! all that remains is human talcum powder.

It is established that the driver stole the car after escaping from a hospital in a serum crazed condition. An investigation is held. The drugless researchists testify that they have long warned the public about the effect of serumization on the mentality.

There is a great to-do, even a nasty scene at the Fishbein funeral. Medical topnotchers orate that one of the profession's greatest lights has gone to his grand reward. But a wag on a disrespectful sheet heads his story: "Serum Pushing Boss Bumped Off by Serum Crazed Bum."


        *     *     *


 It is the year 1960. Same place.

A year to the day since the boss passed away. With the pressure of Fuehrer Fishbein's ruthlessness off, medics made a bid for sanity. The organization takes a breather and has itself a look around.

With Fishbein out of the way, level headed leaders in the medical profession forgot about and ignored the Drug Trust, and took stock. His former allies, the Mayo Brothers, had preceded Meandering Morrie to the physicians' Valhalla.

Even the influence of the Rockefeller dollars had begun to wane and the paid medical staffs of the Rockefeller endowed medical colleges were given the grand horse laugh whenever they advanced socialistic ideas in Washington or in Chicago.

It seemed that the Medical Millennium was at least on its way. Times have changed. Concepts have flipflopped over from non-sense to sense. The pachydermatous bellowings of the Big Fish are gone. Gone also is the insincere swagger and the insidious fanfare of his era. Most unlamented is the left-handed Fishbein approach to matters of health, with Fishbeinian language as characteristically modest as a movie trailer.

That old cash element, so super-importantly considered by the Fishbein and Simmons ilk, has been discarded. The universal yardstick is MERIT alone, and that which cannot prove its worth after honest testings finds that it is a mighty sick calf which isn't even worth kicking out of the road.

The world of healing has a certain solid something about it now. Those old, highly touted and publicized "now-it-is-and-now-it-ain't" type of new cures which proved as fleeting as a Japanese militarist's apology, are now no longer filling newspaper columns intended for dissemination of real news items. They are amusing curios in the antiquarian's collection of classics about Boobyland.

The barking of Fishbein who was the Big Fiddle and whose tune was just as bass has faded into richly deserved nothingness. Instead, the music flows from a cheering and encouraging section which offers up sincere rah-rahs for all the new helps and techniques emanating from whatever source which have unquestionably been proved useful.

New theories are received with tenderness and considered with dispassionate carefulness. For those which promise a jot of merit there comes energetic encouragement. For those which test out to be definitely helpful to suffering humanity there comes thunderous approval, fitting credit, and decent remuneration for the time, effort and expense involved in nurturing the new babe into childbirth.

The nefarious racket once conducted by Medicine's two most notorious quacks remains an unpleasant memory which still sticks in the throat and which every doctor would like either to spew up or swallow down, in either way having it "purged" out of his system. Looking backward at Fishbein, it can be said of him what the great Bismarck is reputed to have said about the little Napoleon: "The man had a great, unrecognized, inability."