AMERICAN CAPSULE NEWS (edited by Morris Bealle)

Source: Addendum to The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean

AMERICAN CAPSULE NEWS (Morris Bealle) (Oct. 15, 1955)
January 14, 1956—CHILDSLAUGHTER, INC
February 4, 1956—THE ROMANCE OF FLUORIDES (No. 1)
February 11, 1956.ROMANCE OF FLUORIDES (No. 2)
February 18, 1956. ROMANCE OF FLUORIDES (No. 3)
February 25, 1956.
December 16, 1955 VACCINE FRONT
February 11, 1956. HORNSWOGGLE, Inc.

REPORT ON SALK VACCINE—Those who hopefully believed the sales talk of Salk vaccine vendors and the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis are disillusioned and disappointed. Far from wiping out polio, it apparently has increased it in many states and cities. Those mass inoculations, we were led to believe, would wipe out this dreadful malady. According to serum trust propaganda, funnelled to press and public thru the AMA, the USPHS and the NFIP, it has only reduced it 40-50%. But the record shows exactly opposite.

An Associated Press dispatch from Boston Aug. 30 reported 2,027 cases of polio in Massachusetts against 273 the same time last year. In Connecticut the bad news was 276-144, in New Hampshire 129-38, in Vermont 55-15, Rhode Island 122-22 and Maine 74-43. The mendacious NY Times not only suppressed this news but substituted an inspired yarn intended to mislead its readers, thus: "The Boston polio outbreak is past its peak, altho 12 new cases were reported today."

Wash’n Star Sept. 20 said 180 cases had been reported in the nation’s capital this year to 136 last. Maryland’s Health Dept. says 189 in 1955 to only 134 same time in 1954. New York City up to 377 from the 1954 high of 206.

New York State similarly 764-469. Wisconsin 1,655 to 326 in 1954.

Milwaukee Journal for Aug. 30 reported that the city’s public schools would remain closed indefinitely because of the polio outbreak. Supt. of Schools Krumbiegel, in a desperate effort to "reassure" parents, told the Journal that, while polio might be bad in Milwaukee, it was worse elsewhere. He pointed out there was only "26 cases per 100,000 population in Milwaukee", whereas Outgamie County’s record was 286 per 100,000, Madison city’s 90, Brown and Winnebago counties "several times larger than Milwaukee’s.

Idaho stopped Salk inoculations completely July 1, with this blast from the State Health Director: "I hold Salk vaccine and its manufacturers responsible for a polio outbreak that has killed 7 Idahoans and hospitalized 79. By Sept. 14 the state had 190 cases compared with 132 for 1954. Utah stopped innoculations July 12, while Newark, N. J., took similar action in June.

Kansas City reports 1955 the lightest polio season since 1948. Should have given the weather an assist. When the weather isn’t so hot children consume less sweets Ice cream and soda pop (reducing profits of the- Rockefeller milk trust) and more protein foods. In Kansas City there were 16 cases this year against 61 in 1954; South Carolina bad a better record by 210-224; New Orleans 22-25; Chicago 235-281; New Jersey 295-298.

SALK FACTS—Polio was supposed to be wiped out in 1955. That’s what we were given to understand last May by the U.S. Public Health Service, National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and press agents for the serum houses. Instead-infantile paralysis increased many fold in some states, and apparently more than doubled in the United States as a whole.

Reports of State and City health departments to USPHS, and to USPHS to press and public, are about as reliable as Drew Pearson and old Ananias at their worst. Year-end headlines blazoned such propaganda as "Polio Cases Cut, Down 52% Since Salk Shots Started". But upon reading the articles you find that the wildest estimates of those responsible for Salk only set the "cut down" at 17%.

Basil O’Connor, national chairman of NFIP, in a press release last summer said there were "tens of thousands of polio cases" in the United States then. USPHS, in its year-end bulletin, claims there were only 29,270 cases in the land in 1955. You can believe that if you want to—you’ll probably only believe if you want to.

A final report from the New York City Health Dept. said "804 cases in

1954, 795 in 1955". Almost even. Yet this same NY City Health Dept. wrote us on Sept. 17 that thru August 1954 there had been 205 cases and for the same 1955 period 377. Almost twice as much. You have to be a nitwit to believe that, after the polio season, NY City cases jumped from 205 to 804—tripled in three non-polio months.

Such juggled or doctored figures are included in the USPHS reports which show one day a 17% decrease for 1955, and a week later a 25% drop. Their own press agents apparently are at loggerheads. The Massachusetts Health Dept. lightened the load for those responsible for Salk by giving as their final report 1,015 cases in 1954 and 3,863 in 1955. Yet on August 30, Boston newspapers reported 2,027 cases on that date against 273 on August 30, 1954. Again this huge discrepancy—they would have you believe three non-polio months brought 743 (three times as many) cases in the non polio months as in the bad time.

Since it is established that NY City and Massachusetts did this, it is reasonable to assume that many others—most others—did the same. This reduced the official figures on 1955 polio cases to a point (on paper) 17% below those of 1954. All indications are that polio, in our "immunized" population in 1955, increased 100% to 200% over that of our 1954 population which hadn’t been handicapped by "immunization".

The genesis of the Salk Idea is generally known to have been the fear of NFIP officials that their touch on the public this year might not reach the $47,000,000 they hope. The serum companies had a huge financial stake selling millions of Salk shots to the innocent public. The Boston Herald, April 18, 1955, reporting a convention of drug manufacturers, preceded by a 4-col head ‘Drug Companies Expecting Big Profit on Salk Vaccine,’ said:

"A spokesman for Parke-Davis, which made 50% of the Salk vaccine, said ‘Now, that it has been declared safe we can get back the millions we invested in the development of Salk vaccine and make a profit out of it. Our company will make over $10,000,000 on Salk vaccine in 1955.’

"A suggestion was made that a charge of $6 for ‘complete immunization—not including the doctor’ be made. Price to the drug houses should be $4.00 and to the physician $4.20." The cost of a Salk shot can hardly be over 3 cents.

Rhodes and Company, Wall Street brokers specializing in drug securities, in a newsletter (tip sheet), estimated that the gross revenue of the six houses licensed to produce and sell Salk vaccine would be about $60,000,000 with net profits $20,000,000.

The Washington Bureau of the Detroit FREE PRESS on June 3, 1955, wired its paper: "The government reported that all sections of the U.S. have had more polio cases since April 1 than during the same period last year. Simultaneously, the USPHS reported that more children who received Salk shots made by the Wyeth laboratories suffered polio than normally could be expected—that the 240 new cases reported the week ending May 28th was the highest number for this May week in five years.

Prof. Pierre LePine, noted French scientist of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, called the turn a year ahead of time. The NY Times of March 30, 1950, reports him saying "No more than one injection in 2,000 really prevents polio infection."

January 14, 1956—CHILDSLAUGHTER, INC.—The US Public Health Service should be thoroughly "renovated" by Congress this winter, or abolished in its entirety. Its record in the Salk vaccine hoax, which is just coming out, is one of the most ghastly things in the history of Big Government or Big Medicine.

That USPHS was egged on by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis is beside the point. The USPHS is charged with protecting and promoting the public health—not breaking it down. The NFIP is merely a respectable racket seeking $47 million from the gullible public this month.

Newspaper editors generally feel that medical "science" can be relied on. They feel that Federal agencies like USPHS can be relied on and should be above reproach. Many people feel their newspapers give them facts, especially when they quote official sources. The stark facts are the USPHS and NFIP have press and public hokum by the bucketful on the Salk matter.

To make the public think Salk vaccine was safe, as well as effective, "field" trials were held at the Universities of Pittsburgh and Michigan. Unknown to the public the USPHS conducted its own private field trials at the National Institute of Health in Washington. They assumed they could get the "right answer" from their own employees even if Drs. Salk and Francis fell down on them.

On June 9, 1955, Robert S Allen said in his syndicated column ‘Doctors and others on the staff of the National Institute of Health are not inoculating their own children with Salk Vaccine." Explanation of this has been carefully avoided up to this time, but here are the facts.

To the bewilderment of NIH’s big brass, their scientists were both capable and honest Many have children of their own. None could be bulldozed into giving the "right answer" because that didn’t jibe with facts After experimenting on 1,200 monkeys (which cost the taxpayers $45 apiece) these scientists reported that Salk Vaccine was worthless as a preventive and dangerous to take.

The answers from Pittsburgh and Ann Arbor didn’t help until they were doctored up and the "right answer" given the press associations. Both Salk and Francis gave different answers, appeared confused Their field trials proved little else except that neither had more than a vague idea what it was all about But the NIH brass got revenge—they fired, demoted or denied longevity promotions to everyone who wouldn’t give them the "right answer". The NFIP press agents gal together and —April 12 was set as SV-Day. But naturally certain press assn. writers had the information "leaked out" to them that the report would be "100% safe and effective" Thus a maximum sales build-up was given. The five Rockefeller-controlled laboratories, which stood to profit $20,000,000 in 1955, had already been told the same thing—long in advance

In July 1954 the Eli Lilly Company began renovating a 5-story building in Indianapolis and was in full production by October 1954. The Wyeth Laboratories had an even bigger stockpile of the Salk concoction on hand when SV-Day arrived. Wyeth had started full-scale manufacture Jan 26, 1954. Ditto Parke-Davis and the two others.

Even the East Rutherford (NJ) Syringe Company had been tipped off and had thousands of hypodermic syringes ready for the market. A spokesman for the firm was quoted in the press as saying they ‘had the word of the NFIP that Salk Vaccine was to be pronounced safe-that the firm wouldn’t have done it unless it was a foregone conclusion that the Francis report would be favorable"

Then Mrs Oveta Culp Hobby, then Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, was brought into the picture to hoodwink the public into thinking the stuff wasn’t as deadly as Winchell hinted it "might be" She allowed a press photo to be taken signing a baloney proclamation declaring Salk Vaccine safe. She let her picture be taken with Ike and Salk, while the serum company’s press agents did the rest.

CAPSULE NEWS wrote her Jan 4 asking if she had been allowed to see the report of the USPHS scientists-that Salk vaccine was worthless and deadly— when she lent herself to that propaganda which cost many child lives We told her we don’t believe she was, but up to presstime she hadn’t answered one way or the other.

When children started dropping like flies….. when the polio rate in Massachusetts reached 10-fold its 1954 level….. when other states reported incredible increases in infantile paralysis--the American Medical Assn belatedly looked into the matter at its mid-June convention in Atlantic City. But of all the press, the Milwaukee Journal was the only one to tell the bare, stark facts without trimmings. Here is what James C Spaulding, staff writer covering the convention, said in the Journal June 19, 1955:

‘A policy of secrecy and deception has been followed by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and the US Public Health Service in the polio vaccine programs. As a result the nation’s physicians were prevented from learning vital information about the trouble in making and testing Salk vaccine

"If this information hadn’t been hidden, mass medical opinion might have forced USPHS and NFIP to take steps that would have prevented any of the vaccine from causing polio. The secrecy and deception started before field trials.

"One of the things that AMA was not told was that the USPHS had an advisory group made up almost entirely of scientists who were receiving money from the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, which body was exerting pressure to go ahead with the program even after Salk Vaccine was found to be dangerous.

"In May some state public health officers met in Atlanta, expecting to be told what had gone wrong with the vaccine program. Instead the USPHS scientist said he was not permitted to disclose what had happened because it would jeopardize the investment of the pharmaceutical firms in the vaccine program"

Need anything more be said’?

Reporter Spaulding continued: "The Infantile Paralysis Foundation kept secret fact that live virus was detected in four of six supposedly finished and safe lots of vaccine. Three drug houses, making it for trials, each made two or more lots in which live virus was found. The USPHS laboratories, and the University of Pittsburgh (Salk) got widely varying results.

"The only hint doctors received came when Walter Winchell, tipped off by a scientist, said ‘Salk vaccine may be a killer’. The field tests all indicated that Salk’s method of killing live virus had not worked, and showed that safety tests themselves were not effective"

No wonder Dr. Salk said on Oct. 11, 1 954—as reported from Pittsburgh by Saul Pett, Associated Press writer—"When you inoculate children with a polio vaccine you don’t sleep well for two or three weeks"

Yet in spite of the lethal qualities shown by these tests Dr. Hart Van Riper, NFIP’s paid medical director, said "this demonstrates the validity of the tests and the safety they assure the public." At the AMA convention, a number of public health doctors said they never would have started Salk shots in their states "if they had known."

When the first deaths were reported, Dr. Leonard A. Scheele, head of USPHS (who never practiced medicine as doctors know it a day in his life) said:

"It seems likely, though not immediately provable, that those deaths were significantly associated with this (Salk) vaccination." And, and but— Knowing this, Dr. Scheele went on the radio that evening to deliberately

and falsely tell his radio audience "I have complete confidence in Salk vaccine.

I urge doctors to continue inoculations." In the lynching country, better men than

Dr. Scheele have been summarily dealt with for far less than that.

January 21, 1956
—The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis is using circus tactics this year in nicking the gullible public for $47,000,000 in its annual "March of Dimes" collection. On street corners they have their pitchmen, pitchwomen, pitch boys and pitch girls selling peanuts in cellophane bags. On the bags is the wisecrack, thought up by NFIP press agents, "Shell out for polio."

On the night of Jan. 30 thousands of well intentioned women, who don’t even know NFIP won’t open its books to public inspection, will go out pulling doorbells and begging cash for—they know not what. Their operation will be dubbed by NFIP press agents "The Mothers’ March on Polio." In Brooklyn, where anything can happen and often does, church bells will toll "to alert the people." You can bet your boots there’ll be no Paul Revere riding in Massachusetts. They know up there what NFIP’s Salk vaccine did in stimulating the undertaker business in 1955.

Less than a year ago the NFIP bigwigs and gravy grabbers were crying in their cups. They thought their racket was about over until someone thought of the gimmick of "inventing a vaccine that would prevent polio." One of their feature writers told a polio crusader in Coral Gables, Fla., that the NFIP heads had told him if the vaccine wasn’t a success the NFIP would just have to fold up.

NFIP press agents picked for them a young Hungarian doctor at the Univ. of Pittsburgh named Jonas Salk—a catchy name. Jonas was provided with laboratory facilities and told to go to it—but to come up with something that could be sold to the public as a preventive for polio. They would see that what-

would be declared both safe and efficient. Jonas was selected his name would fit well into crowded newspaper headlines and besides it was catchy. More catchy than, say, Smith Vaccine or Jones Vaccine.

Brother Salk went to work with a will along the usual lines—looking for the non-existent polio bug. In fact it’s doubtful if he even looked for the bug, but merely started seeing which ones died first, if at all. Scientists with much more knowledge, experience and savvy than Jonas, but who still believe in the bug theory of disease, said the Salk "tests" were worthless because monkey kidney tissue and human tissue are different things and react differently to inoculations. We won’t go into the nauseating details of the "field trials" and their failure (from NFIP and USPHS standpoint). These were well covered in last weeks CAPSULE NEWS.

The NFIP had hooked the US Public Health Service into being a party to their crime against American childhood. USPHS was used as the official agency to spew forth the propaganda wanted by NFIP. Mrs. Oveta C. Hobby, then Secretary of Health was hooked into signing a baloney "proclamation" for press photographers. This "proclamation", so the cutlines said, guaranteed Salk vaccine to be safe. Then the gold rush was on—on for the serum companies and NFIP.

CAPSULE NEWS wrote Mrs. Hobby asking if she knew her own scientists of the National Institute of Health had reported the Salk stuff dangerous and useless. We offered to print her side of the story. Obviously she is ashamed of her part in it for she had an underling write a double-talking non-committal letter which said absolutely nothing.

So, when NFIP found its carefully planned house of cards ($47 million in cash) falling apart it went ahead with the program anyway. Getting confusing results from the Universities of Michigan and Pittsburgh, where public "field trials" were held, the NFIP press agents put together a story that indicated Salk Vaccine was not only Safe but 100% effective—long before it had ever been tried on the little human guinea pigs who were to be its victims.

The worst polio epidemic in history occurred in Massachusetts after 130,000 children were inoculated with this Salk concoction. Infantile paralysis increased tenfold over the 1954 figures until the Bay State authorities banned its use in their borders. Yet the racketeers who are begging for NFIP cash in Florida have come up with the false statement that the reason for Massachusetts’ polio rate is that "no children were inoculated there."

The Massachusetts Health Dept. promptly branded this as a lie. Not only that but they have banned the use of the Salk concoction in their state until it becomes safer and shows some sign of being a preventive. The State of Idaho did this last July and in England they barred it before it ever started. The British place more value on a human life—much more—than they do in the US.

Last July Dr. Graham W. Wilson, director of Britain’s Public Health Laboratory service, who knew about the field trials at the National Institute of Health near Washington said:

"I do not see how any vaccine prepared by Salk’s method can be guaranteed safe."

Number 9, January 28, 1956
—Cervantes many years ago gave us this gem of philosophy "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." No one ever disputed that until the polio racketeers and medical bug hunters came along.

Down in North Carolina in 1948 a courageous and intelligent medical doctor, Benj. P. Sandler by name, on duty as a nutrition expert at the Oteen Veterans’ Hospital, broke thru the barriers of medical smugness and scientific hogwash to give to the world the cause and prevention of polio in such a way that no one with an ounce of brains could dispute it.

Dr. Sandier had long realized that polio strikes with its greatest intensity in hot weather. In hot weather there is a huge increase of the use of ice cream, soda pop and artificially sweetened products, especially among children. It is also a fact that people generally cut down on their protein diet in hot weather on the theory that you should eat "lightly" in the summertime.

Dr. Sandier’s research showed specifically that sugars and starches lower the normal level of blood sugar in the human body, producing a condition known as hypoglycemia. Also that the phosphoric acid in soda pop has a tendency to absorb the phosphorous and sulphate in the food before the natural process of metabolism can get it to the nerves which these substances feed and nourish.

When the blood sugar becomes deficient, and the nerves are deprived of phosphorous and sulphate, certain nerve trunks fail to function properly and the victim loses the use of one or more limbs. Serum, usually pus from diseased animals, only aggravates this condition by increasing the toxin load for nature to throw off.

So he told the world thru his hometown newspaper at Asheville. All North Carolina got it; when the 1949 polio season approached those Tarheels cut down on this physiologic contraband 90%. It was therefore no concidence that polio decreased in that state in 1949, 90%. We have the N. C. State Health Department’s figures. They say there were 2,498 cases of polio in 1948 and 229 in 1949. Need anything more be said?

But there was a hitch. The Rockefeller milk trust sells frozen products and pasteurized milk all over North Carolina. The Coca Cola Company is closely allied with the far flung Rockefeller Empire. So the News Trust and Thought Trust were brought into play and in 1950 inspired publicity stories told the gullible North Carolinians that Sandler’s findings were all a myth. The result was that the Milk Trust and Coca Cola company went back on its 1948 sales level and— Polio went back to "normal" in North Carolina in 1950.

For little children who suffer from this Milk Trust greed, the chiropractic profession and medical doctors like Koch have come up with relief. At the Mills Clinic in Burlington, Kansas, they cure polio in seven days by removing the outrages upon nature which have caused the disease. The same type cures are being made at the Dunn Clinic in Oklahoma City, the Spears Hospital in Denver and elsewhere. Dr. Koch’s method cures polio the same way it cures cancer, by oxydizing out of the blood stream the accumulated toxins which are the cause of nerve misfunctioning.

Dr. Mills has discovered that the cause generally is faulty nutrition, just as Dr. Sandler did. He also adds as contributing causes fatigue, falls, tonsil surgery and DDT sprays. Tonsillectomies are unnecessary and would never be committed if the medical profession knew the reason for tonsils and that melba toast or other coarse food will scrape off the tonsils the toxins which cause the inflammation.

When the Dunn Clinic gets a patient it first goes to the root of all trouble— the spine, the tree of life. Adjustments are made to relieve nerve pressure which is preventing the eliminative organs from functioning 100%. The bowels are

cleaned out by enemas. Few cases of polio have been known where the bowels were not impacted with decaying faeces.

Acute cases of long standing are difficult to cure. Where early diagnosis is had frequently adjustments, water and juice diet, cleansing of the colon and rest are given at these clinics. Nature is thus allowed to adjust itself and the patient is cured just as soon as the toxins which cause the malady have been eliminated.

February 4, 1956—
—Salk Vaccine and Sodium Fluoride have one thing in common. The Salk concoction kills and cripples children quickly. Sodium fluoride in municipal water systems slowly poisons everyone who drinks the water. In a 6-month investigation, which took us across the continent and back and included interviews with both proponents and opponents, these salient standout facts were uncovered:

(1) Sodium fluoride is a cumulative paralyzing poison.
(2) The US government won’t permit any product containing sodium fluoride to be shipped anywhere in interstate commerce, because it is a deadly poison
(3) The statement that "fluoride prevents tooth decay" is totally untrue. There are more dental caries in school children in towns which have fluoride in its water than in those which don’t
(4) Sincere proponents have been confused by sales promoters of sodium fluoride into thinking this synthetic chemical (made from aluminum filing tailings) is the same as natural (calcium type) fluoride which is beneficial when found in the diet.
(5) The story that Deaf Smith County (Texas) is a "town without a toothache" is 100% false. The one-time lone dentist of the town (Dr. George W.Heard, now retired) says he has been widely misquoted. In this city of 6,000 three dentists are working overtime now. Some wag suggested it will soon be "the town without a tooth."
(6)The claim is that only 1 part sodium fluoride to 1,000,000 parts of water will "not hurt a fly". S0--if it isn’t strong enough to damage the delicate membrane of the stomach and intestines, only a nitwit would believe it would have any effect on the hard enamel of the teeth.
(7) The USPHS has been corrupted by commercial interests which are getting rid of an unsalable waste product and forcing the taxpayers to pay over $15,000,000 a year for it.
(8) The only use for sodium fluoride heretofore has been (a) As a rat poison;  (b) By cattlemen to partially sterilize their bulls so they will be more tractable; (c) By the Russian secret police to make their prisoners stupid so they can be more easily brainwashed.

February 11, 1956.
-We’ve just received a clipping of an editorial from the Portland OREGONIAN for Jan. 5. It says in part: "A 10-year test of the twin cities of Newburgh and Kinston (NY) shows that fluoridation of water supplies greatly reduced tooth decay in children. In 1945 sodium fluoride was added to the water supply of Newburgh, while Kinston’s water remained untreated. Six weeks ago the test was completed and showed that youngsters in the 6-16 age group in Newburgh had 41 to 58% less tooth decay than their counterparts in Kinston."

This wouldn’t be important if the Portland "news"-paper was the only one which used this hogwash. Many mediums all over the country betrayed their reading public by using it also . There is only one word that describes it—an outright barefaced lie. The facts were available had the Portland rag wanted to use them. Fortunately for our readers, we also have before us the official report of the NY State Education Dept., signed by John A. Forst, MD, chief of the schools’ bureau of health service.

It says that in Kinston (the city that had pure water the last 10 years) 5,308 pupils were inspected and 2,209 found with tooth defects. It says that in Newburgh (where the town’s water contains sodium fluoride) 4,969 pupils were inspected and 3,139 found with tooth defects. Kinston, the city with pure water, had 339 more pupils inspected but found 930 less with bad teeth, or 41%. Newburgh, the city with fluoride in its water, had 63% of its pupils with bad teeth. NEED ANYTHING MORE BE SAID?

No—but we’ll say it anyhow. Newburghers say there is an alarming increase of heart and kidney disorders in their city. The Newburgh Health Dept. reports 40 cases of infectious hepatitis in 1954, whereas there hadn’t been any of that trouble in the previous 10 years. We wonder why?

After Dr. Forst made the "mistake" of being so forthright and honest he was raked over the coals by his superiors. He and the school director of dental health were forced to sign a letter to the New York TIMES "explaining" this faux pas. The explanation is so silly as to be almost unbelievable. Briefly, the alibi was that different people made the examination of the children in the different cities—therefore "the examination means nothing". Yet— No attempt was made to explain why, in a city (Newburgh) where everyone was told that fluorided water would wipe out tooth cavities, two-thirds of the children still had dental defects after a four year "experiment".

If honest figures were obtainable from Evanston (Ill.) and Grand Rapids (Mich.)—the other two cities designated by the USPHS aluminum trust propagandists as "test cities"—they probably would show the same results. However, such figures aren’t available, but the figures for an alarming increase of other diseases, which fluorides can cause, are.

Congressman Miller of Nebraska, himself a medical physician who is solid enough to investigate fluorides before being stampeded into advocating them, says:

"A check of vital statistics of Grand Rapids, shows that the death rate from heart disease in 1944 numbered 585. Four years later, after fluoridation had started, there were 1,059 deaths. There was an increase of 50% in the death rate from nephritis. There was an increase of 50%, over this 4-year period in deaths from intracranial lesions. These are official figures contained in the vital statistics of the United States published annually by the US Public Health Service."

The Grand Rapids health officer tried to "neutralize" Dr. Miller’s disclosures by a letter quoting a false figure (25%) which he said was the population increase of Grand Rapids in that 4-year period. Dr. Miller came right back with the US Census figures showing that Grand Rapids has only increased 7.8% in the period the fluoride propagandists said it had jumped ahead by one-fourth.

It is also significant that this same health officer has announced the launching of a program to train 20 members of his staff in mental health problems. It looks like he thinks fluorides are causing insanity, as well as heart and kidney troubles, hepatitis, nephritis and cranial lesions.

February 18, 1956.
Mass medication is a violation of every concept of medical practice. Compulsory medication is a violation of the Constitution of the United States, and of every state in the Union.

The city fathers of over 900 American cities have been bamboozled, hornswoggled, fooled, pressured and (in some cases) bribed into mass poisoning of their citizenry by the dumping of rat poison known as Sodium Fluoride into their city water plants. The theory (or superstition) is that it will prevent tooth, decay in children.

Even if it did, that would be no justification for poisoning entire populations. It would be sufficient to paint the teeth of the children to be immunized from toothache. Last week’s CAPSULE NEWS showed beyond any doubt that fluoride in water increases, rather than decreases, tooth troubles. This week we are going to prove, by competent medical and mental authorities, that the toxic chemical known as sodium fluoride is a slow acting but positive cumulative degenerating poison, destroying the cells of the heart, kidneys, liver, and other soft-tissue organs.

Dr. Frederick B. Exner, M.D., of Seattle, Washington is recognized the world over as one of the leading authorities on fluoridation. He has been called as an expert witness before committees of Congress and various state legislatures. He says: ‘Fluoride has no known action on the unerupted (not-yet-grown) tooth…….

Fluoride, even in minute doses, accumulates in the body. After sufficient time, it causes cumulative poisoning. Fluoride is excreted largely thru the kidneys. Consequently, earlier and more severe damage occurs in people with impaired kidney functions. It is also more severe in diabetics and others who drink unusual amounts of water . . . Even if fluorides were safe to use, even if the promised benefits could be expected (which they can’t) fluoride still should not be put in the water supply. Aside from practical and moral objections, IT IS MEDICAL INSANITY."

Dr. Charles T. Betts is a leading dentist in Toledo, Ohio. For many years he has made a study of the effect of using aluminum kitchen utensils in cancer incidence. Since artificial fluorides are mainly made from aluminum filing tailings—an unsalable poisonous byproduct of aluminum manufacture—Dr. Betts is in an excellent position to testify to the effects of fluoride poisoning. He says:

"Fluorides are a poison which is cumulative in the body similiar to radium. No antidote is known. It is a waste gas or by-product in the manufacture of metallic aluminum cooking utensils. There is no provision in any city charter that gives officials the right to commit the criminal act of poisoning its citizens due to ignorance of basic law. . . In Akron, Ohio, I spoke to their city council— showed them what they would be doing if they attempted to kill their women and children with these fluorides. In went the fluorides anyway . . . In two months thousands were covered with leprosy sores. Now $18,000 worth of fluorides are for sale, also the machinery . . . In this mass medication program all water boards so committing it are guilty of practicing medicine, dentistry and pharmacy without a license."

George L. Waldbott, M.D., Detroit physician who has made an extensive study of the effect of fluorides on the human body, says:

‘All reports of fluoride poisoning emphasize the great variety of symptoms, the insidious onset, the slow course of the disease, the fact that death is caused by a general wasting away and not by the involvement of only one organ. Symptoms show that fluorides interfere with the normal utilization of calcium and phosphorous in the body. It prevents depositing of bone substances in joints and ligaments especially in the lower spine and causes temporary hardening of the bones, teeth, nails and hair, followed by softening of bones and nails. . . Experiments have been made in the towns of Cameron and Bartlett (Texas) where there is a high incidence of fluorine in the water. It was found that 10.1 out of every 100 inhabitants had eye cataracts, 13.8 arthritis, 10.1 bone changes, 19.4 bearing defects, brittle nails and severely mottled teeth. . . The incidence of these defects over the entire nation is far lower than this—being only I in 100 for cataracts.

Canton Brehmer, DDS, writing in the Journal of the American Dental Assn., says that his city of Sheboygan has had fluoridated water for seven years…….that lately mottled enamel has begun to show up. . . it is not pretty . . . it is a serious disfigurement to those who are interested in their looks . . . what it does to them further inside I do not like to think of."

The Newburg (NY) NEWS, the town which is being used as a guinea pig for the aluminum trust’s fluoride salesmen, said on Jan. 27, 1954: Heart deaths in Newburg this year totaled 283, or 882 per 100,000 population. The rate for the nation as a whole was only 507 per 100,000.

Mrs. Madeline E. Healy, director of a Boston laboratory for blood allergen diagnostic testing, said sodium fluoride is an efficient rat exterminator, a protoplasmic poison because (in all instances of use) it causes slow or rapid destruction of cells and since 1855 pharmacologists have been aware that it serves no useful purpose to man.

The Bulletin of the Hudson County (N. J.) Dental Society for Dec. 1955 pointed out that a Federal court in Oregon awarded $38,290 damages from the Reynolds Metals Company (large aluminum producers) to an Oregon family named Martin. The Martins suffered serious injury to livers, kidneys and digestive functions from eating vegetables and other farm products contaminated by fumes from the nearby plant. Witnesses testified that they had contracted the disease known as fluorosis.

Dr. George W. Heard, retired dentist of Hereford (Deaf Smith County, Texas) whose words were twisted and misrepresented by COLLIERS MAGAZINE in an article called "The Town Without a Toothache", says "I believe that fluorine does, in a mild way, retard caries, but I also believe that the damage it does is far greater than any good it may appear to accomplish. It makes teeth so brittle and crumbly they can be treated only with difficulty, if at all."

Dr. William P. Martzowska (Mich.) dentist, says ‘sodium fluoride steals calcium from the body. In naturally fluoridated water—water conditioned by nature for 1,000 years_—fluorine occurs in the form of calcium fluoride, in an organic combination. This calcium (natural) fluoride does not steal the calcium from the body since it brings its own calcium with it.’

Benjamin C. Nesin, director of NY City’s utility laboratories says: ‘Never in the history of water supply has a substance so toxic in nature, with such a high degree of physiological potency, and associated with so much adverse evidence affecting public health, been considered for introduction into public water supplies.

Gordon Leitch, MD, Portland (Oregon) pointed out that fluoridation endorsement by the American Dental Ass’n is utterly meaningless for the same reason that clergymen are expected to be against sin.

The Rev. Lyle F. Sheen of Geneseo, Illinois, after an investigation of the effect and non-effect of fluorides, has offered $1,000 reward to anyone who can prove (1) That sodium fluoride will prevent tooth decay, (2) That SF is not poisonous even in small amounts, (3) That the moon is made of green cheese.


We could take up a whole library shelf in quoting these opinions and findings of scientists on the payroll of the aluminum trust or of its stooge, the US Public Health Service. But We’ll be content with quotations from expert testimony before the Delaney sub committee of the House of Representatives in Washington, on the Wier bill to stop fluoridation nationally.

‘There is a great difference between the effects of natural (calcium) fluoride waters and artificial sodium (or silico sodium) fluorides.. . statistics about reduction in tooth decay are dug up in deepest secrecy by an empire building Federal agency using falsifications and deceits . . . fluoride is deadly, toxic, cumulative, extremely corrosive poison used commercially to kill rats and etch glass fluoride attacks and destroys body calcium so necessary to human life . . . it causes blisters and cracks in the mouth, attacks the ulnar nerve just as lead attacks the radial nerve, damages thyroid and kidneys, causes severe rash, itch and stiff joints.

HOW THE BIG LIE WORKS---- Adolph-the-Worst used to say that if you tell the people a big enough lie, often enough and vigorously enough, they will believe it. That’s what the newspapers are doing about Salk Vaccine which has been thoroughly discredited by facts printed in Capsule News. Take Miami, Fla., for instance, where the cash receipts from the March of Dimes racket was lagging behind.

The HERALD there printed a falsehood—in both an editorial and a local column. It said the reason polio increased tenfold in Massachusetts in 1955 was that "no child there had been given Salk vaccine." Mrs. Alice Wellesley of Coral Gables immediately challenged this falsehood. She sent to the HERALD a letter from the Massachusetts State Health Dept. stating that 130,000 children in that state were inoculated before authorities got wise to themselves and checked the disaster by banning all further Salk inoculations.

A copy of Capsule News giving the real figures and facts in the case was sent along with it. The editor of the HERALD was asked to give equal space and prominence to truth that it had given to the Big Lie. No soap. As we go to press these communications had apparently been thrown in the HERALD’S big waste basket, kept for just such purposes.

February 25, 1956.

The New England Journal of Medicine has just given a graphic illustration of how the Infantile Paralysis Foundation procures "official" figures alleged to prove that Salk Vaccine reduced polio this summer instead of doubling it—as it actually did.

An 8-page explanation, accompanied by many charts, graphs and tables, so confusing as to need the explanation explained. It starts off with a false assumption, or presumption, thus:—’It is ironic that Massachusetts should have had its largest epidemic of poliomyeitis just before the time when polio vaccine was to become available in sufficient quantities to protect the whole of the younger generation.’

Yet its accompanying graph showed that the epidemic didn’t start until July 15th and didn’t reach its peak until August 19th. Everyone knows that Salk Vaccine was released April 12th with a great ballyhoo campaign, and all five of the Rockefeller laboratories already with huge stockpiles of the deadly concoction on hand.

Its "proof’ that Salk Vaccine cut down polio cases presumably was in this paragraph ‘The rate of cases per 100,000 among the unvaccinated was 157 and among the vaccinated 63.’ However, it made the mistake of giving on another page, the number of kids vaccinated and unvaccinated, 160,565 and 268,532 respectively.

That would have made it, IF TRUE, 145 cases among the vaccinated and 553 among the unvaccinated, total 698, children 14 and under. On another page it gives the total cases reported (3,819) of which 2,573 were of the 14-and-under age bracket. Quite a difference between 2,573 and 698.

On such "figuring" as this, the NFIP gleefully reports that Salk Vaccine, the medium by which it hopes to extract $47 million from the public this year in contributions, cut polio 60%.

November 1, 1955
—The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis is asking the charitable public for $47 million this winter. It has taken in $249 million since a group of racketeers surrounding FDR in 1934 conceived the idea of using his birthday as a get-rich-quick springboard. Twelve years and a quarter billion dollars have failed to produce even hope of a polio preventive. Hart Van Riper, medical director for NFIP, pessimistically said last winter ‘if Salk Vaccine isn’t successful the Foundation will have to go out of business.’

Now, $47 million is a whale of an incentive to stay in business . . . the expenditure of even one million brings a lot of power, lots of power. That is why Salk shots were adjudged "safe" many months before this deadly concoction was even tested . . . and why the tests were ignored and production continued. That is why the six laboratories licensed to manufacture this concoction had their shelves so well stocked when "the word" was flashed out of Washington. Even the stupidest medical politician realized there might be a serious kickback. And there was. So, in licensing five laboratories owned or controlled in whole or in part by the Drug Trust (the Rockefeller interests) they added a sixth owned entirely by the Cutter family. This was to be the goat—and it was.

Sharp & Dohme, a subsidiary of Merck whose directorate is loaded with Rockefeller Boys, is a good example. The last report in Poor’s Manual of Industrials shows Merck’s operating income $22,895,454, real assets (property) $61,583,858—a 36% earning on actual investment. This tremendous profit is reflected in the stock market, where Merck’s 16-2/3c par value common stock sold at from $17 to $23 in 1954. Their 1955 profit sheet should be a humdinger. You can go down the line of the others—Parke-Davis, Eli Lilly, PitmanMoore and Wyeth—and get the same picture. Even the independent Cutters didn’t do so badly with an 18% earning on its assets of $3,809,531.

In the Oct. 1 issue we showed that, contrary to official reports funneled to press and public thru USPHS and NFIP, Salk vaccine hadn’t cut polio in half at all. We gave detailed figures in many states showing that, in spite of the mild summer, polio had increased in these places from two to tenfold. And Salk shots

were the only things these poor kids had that they didn’t nave in the past.

November 16, 1955.
—Propagandists for those who profit from Salk vaccine can’t even tell the same story at the same time. On Oct 2 Sec of Health Folsom told the world Salk shots have cut polio 50% or more’. Nov. 8th the same party upped his cock-and-bull story to ‘80-90% effectiveness’. Now comes Brother Salk himself with this confusing double talk ‘I am looking for a newer vaccine that is not a newer vaccine but will be 100% effective’. Figure that one out.

Figures printed by us Oct. 15th showed that polio had increased from 100% to 500% in many states and 1,000% in Massachusetts. Actually no polio vaccine can be effective as a preventive because vaccine is based on the wrong principle. Polio bugs or viruses or bacteria are not the cause of polio—but the result. Its cause and prevention were clearly and irrefutably demonstrated in 1949 by Ben Sandier, MD, a nutritionist at the US Veterans Hospital in Oteen, N. C.

MEDICAL ECONOMICS—Medical politicians have a method of stifling business competition that even decent medical doctors would like to think never happens. But it does. Down in Tennessee the State Medical Beard has been giving a gigging to Dr. Chester Fair, a venerable and revered 72-year-old physician because he has cured hundreds of cancer, polio and other such cases (which medical orthodoxy had referred to the undertaker) by using the highly successful Koch treatment. The Board subjected him to a humiliating public ‘trial’, accusing him of immoral, dishonest and unprofessional conduct—because he cured people in a manner that brings no profit to the Drug Trust, hospitals and the surgical brotherhood. Under the relentless hammering of Benedict Fitzgerald, Washington lawyer who is building a reputation as a medico-legal practitioner, the Board hauled in its horns and dropped the first two charges.

The third was continued. In Dallas the Texas Medical Board went ‘all the way’. They ‘convicted’ seven doctors of the same charge—curing cancer without the approval of the financial interests involved. Dr. Hoxsey is appealing to the circuit court, will be heard Nov. 15. In the meantime he announced that his doctors will be curing cancer for the next 20 years and the Texas Medical Board be damned. Next issue will show what Canada’s medical board did to a registered nurse for talking to a woman about an egg.

December 16, 1955
—The ghastly fizzle of Salk vaccine, after the greatest ballyhoo build-up ever given a commercial product, has produced three outstanding features in addition to the little white coffins and tiny leg braces.

(1) It made a goat of the Cutter Laboratories, only one of the six licensed to make this concoction that isn’t a part of the Rockefeller Empire.
(2) Scuttlebutt in Washington reports the coming scuttling of Dr. Leonard Scheele, who never practiced medicine a day in his life, as head of the US Public Health Service. This is to be the alibi for deaths from the Salk concoction.
(3) The coining of a number of sensational phrases by serum trust public relations experts to take the public mind off the Salk vaccine deaths. Many newspapers have dutifully used them as headlines, qualifying for an increase in their quota of national advertising. Such as:

Device Purifies Vaccine by Sunburning Viruses’………..
‘Vaccinated. Cows Give Milk Drinkers immunity’...
"General Motors Making Device that Kills Viruses in Vaccines by Spinning"...

And such a pontifical pronunciamento as "Vaccine provides substantial protection against one of the nine viruses in the APC group (adenoidal, pharyngeal and conjunctival) a new family of respiratory viruses discovered several years ago." The question naturally arises—"Where was this family of respiratory viruses before they were discovered?"

They are getting wise to the Salk vaccine concoction in the Far West, Idaho, Oregon and California having given evidence they are seeing thru the commercial propaganda that has been making serum companies and undertakers rich by selling millions of shots.

The people of Oregon were chastised in the newspapers last week by the press and USPH for not using 49,000 cubic centimeters of the state’s "quota" of 79,744 cc. The state health officer "threatened" to withdraw these 49,000 cc and not let the people have it if they didn’t use it at once.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports—’The demand for Salk Vaccine has dropped off to almost zero in San Francisco, and apparently in the rest of the West.’

They had a meeting of 80 Idaho doctors, nurses, public health officials and laboratory technicians. State officials have declared an ‘indefinite postponement’ of any more mass shots of its school children.

Following Dr. J. E. Wyatt’s frank statement that Salk Vaccine has given polio to more people in the nation than it has protected from the disease, the boys’ typewriters and mimeographs have been working overtime to discredit this intrepid physician.

The AMA has been quoted as saying ‘there ain’t no Dr. Wyatt’. The USPHS says there is no doctor working for USPHS by that name. This latter statement is believable, since it was a foregone conclusion that any USPHS doctor or employee spilling such a truth as that would be summarily separated from the service.

The serum publicists know their business. The job now is to take the public mind off the failure to wipe out polio this summer with Salk vaccine. Spectacular yarns that make good bedtime reading are the order of the day. Such as "a machine that spins blood plasma and polio vaccine into a film thin enough that virus and bacteria may be killed by ultraviolet light." This seems to cancel out the many official statements that Salk vaccine had been made "safe" after the many unnecessary polio deaths.

February 11, 1956.
—The March of Dimes racketeers leave no stones unturned to nick the gullible public. Like the late unlamented Hitler the Big Lie is their chief stock in trade. To our desk has come a clipping from a Long Beach (California) paper headed: "The Country That Licked Polio—In its own quiet way little Denmark has proved that Salk vaccine is both safe and effective."

Our stomach is strong. We did not regurgitate. The prevaricator (professional) who thought up that yarn completely forgot that Salk’s deadly and worthless concoction wasn’t unveiled until April 12, 1955. Yet he blandly says that Denmark started to stockpile it in 1954. CAPSULE NEWS readers already know how effective it is—in piling up business for the undertakers and hospitals.

These pages on the Salk Vaccine used by special permission of Morris A. Bealle, Editor American CAPSULE NEWS, 1400 M Street, Northwest, Washing.’ ton, D. C.