VACCINE ECONOMICS — as quoted by AMERICAN CAPSULE NEWS, Washington, D. C. February 9, 1957.

Addendum to The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean:

Friends and well wishers of Duon H. Miller, the Florida cosmetic manufacturer who spent many thousands of dollars of his own money to warn the American public against the lethal effects of Salk vaccine, its worthlessness as a preventive, the false propaganda of the serum trust and the doctored "statistics" of the US Public Health Service, will be glad to know that he is now off the hook.

Upon demand of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, whose racket he was seriously interfering with, he was railroaded by a Federal Court in Florida after the Post Office Dept. was importuned to go far afield and split hairs to convict him of sending out "derogatory statements" about the Salk racketeers on a postal card.

There actually is a P0 regulation which says that such statements are all right in sealed mail, but "unmailable" on postal cards. The usual procedure is for postal inspectors to notify the "culprit" and have him sign a stipulation not to do it again. We know this from personal experience. In the Miller case this was not done, because of pressure from NFIP and those who own the serum trust—the House of Rockefeller.

Miller was given a 2-year prison sentence and placed on probation for two years in July of 1955. It was admitted by the "prosecution" that its main object was to stop him from telling the truth about Salk vaccine. So, terms of the probation were that he was not to send anything thru the mails having the slightest reference to vaccine or medicine of any sort.

This (illegally) revoked his rights to freedom of speech and press granted him by the First Amendt to the Constitution. This was so raw that the judge has been prevailed upon to declare the Constitution again in effect. His probation thereupon was "lifted" January 28 instead of causing it to run its full course to July 1957. This also lets the judge off the hook because Congress could have filed impeachment charges against him for violation of his oath in abrogating the Constitution.

The serum trust is getting desperate. They saw in the Miller "prosecution" a warning to all who dared to tell the truth about their deadly racket, so they "went to town" in making it. It now develops they have a "stockpile" for 25,000,000 of these deadly "shots" which they can’t dispose of, even with the fake statistics put out by the US Public Health Service and reprinted widely by the medical and general press.

To dispose of it, they are now resorting to circus methods. They prevailed on a church in Cleveland to help them interfere with God’s work by advertising "coffee, cookies and Salk shots." In Michigan their lobbyists had a bill introduced in the legislature to force the inoculation of all school children. They told the legislature "$2,000,000 worth of Salk shots" is spoiling. In New Jersey they have a similar bill.

They even prevailed on Mr. Eisenhower to use the high office of the Presidency as a huckster stand. By words put in his mouth by serum trust press agents, Ike urged everybody—adults and children—to have three polio shots "while supplies are now plentiful." The royal medics in London hooked Good Queen Bess into having her two children’s health interfered with by polio shots— amid a fanfare of press and radio hokum.

While they were selling these deadly shots like hotcakes, the serum trust was

announcing (thru their stooges in the USPHS) that Salk vaccine "has polio under control." They now say "polio is far from conquered." They have 25,000,000 shots for sale, with a profit of more than $5 a "shot" involved.


THE LATEST foray of The Food and Drug Administration into illegal activities is the libel it is committing on Harry N. Hoxsey (Cancer Cure Fame). They have sent flaring notices to 56,000 post offices with instructions to have them posted on lobby bulletin boards. Every postmaster who puts one of these up is subject to a libel suit, along with the head Food & Drug banditti. DEFENDER MAGAZINE, Wichita, Kansas is now sending out printed petitions for you to sign and mail to your representatives in Washington, D. C. This calls for a Congressional Investigation on The Food & Drug Administration. Their economic well-being depends on people being sick and they have the law on their side. YOU can limit their powers only through your representatives in Washington by acting NOW!


KNIGHT SIGNS BILL FOR POLIO VACCINE—Sacramento, Feb. 6 (AP)—Gov. Knight, saying he hopes to end for always the threat of a major polio outbreak in California, has signed a bill for vaccinating everyone under 40.

The money will go for the purchases of vaccine and the administration of mass inoculations for about 2 million persons.

"For the first time," the governor said yesterday as he signed the bill, "the opportunity is at hand to conquer a major disease in the State of California— crippling polio."

He noted there are 4 million other Californians under 40 and said: "It is hoped the vaccination campaign which soon will get under way will serve as an incentive to the citizens of California to seek vaccinations against crippling polio through their private physcans."



P. 0. Box 1623, Washington, D. C., January 25, 1958

VACCINE ECONOMICS—A 2-year prediction in CAPSULE NEWS came true last week when a verdict for $147,000 was rendered against the Cutter Laboratories of California for the crippling of two children with Salk vaccine.

At the time (in 1956) the US Public Health Service and the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis put on their drive to sell Salk vaccine, to the glory and profit of the Drug Trust, CN said the Cutter Laboratory had been taken into the fold of the six licenses to be the goat "in case something happened."

All of the other five licensees were members of what is known as the Rockefeller Drug Trust, because the House of Rockefeller is heavily interested financially. The jury said the Cutter people were not negligent "either directly or by inference."

This was correct but the jury should have bawled out the real culprits.

Since they hadn’t been indicted they couldn’t have found them guilty, but the jury could have placed the blame where it belonged.

Officials of the USPHS and NFIP are the guilty ones. They had guilty knowledge that this Salk concoction was worthless and was a killer. "Tests" of it were made at the Universities of Michigan and Pittsburgh and the only thing they showed was that the testers were either confused or covering up something.

There was no confusion at the National Institute of Health. One of their scientists, who couldn’t stomach the crippling and killing of innocent children for profit, told CN at the time—the same thing he and his associates told their superiors that Salk vaccine was a crippler and a killer, and of no value as a preventive of polio.

Walter Winchell went on the air a few days later and said Salk vaccine would prove to be "a killer." Officials of the NIH refused to let their children be vaccinated with it. CN also exposed the fact that the idea of Salk vaccine was dreamed up by the NFIP to bolster the sagging receipts of its annual March-of-Dimes racket.

Just as CN predicted, the Cutter Laboratories were selected to be the goat. A significant feature is that nearly all of the business was directed to the five Rockefeller companies—just enough to Cutter to enable Drug Trust press agents to divert attention from the other five killers.

Salk vaccine made a barrel of money in 1956 for the killers.

Pitman-Moore is one of three subsidiaries of Allied Laboratories. So great was the profit from Salk vaccine that Allied’s 1955 profit ($1,292,136) was upped to $2,598,060 in 1956. An increase of profit (not just sales) of around 100% for the parent company.

Eli Lilly made a profit after taxes of $16,328,081 in 1955. With the Salk vaccine sales in 1956 this profit was upped to $30,052,815; an increase of 90%.

Sharp & Dohme is one of 25 subsidiaries of Merck & Company. Salk vaccine sales so boosted Merck’s business in 1956 that its net profit, after the tax bite, was $20,224,427 compared with $15,714,342 in 1955.

Wyeth is one of 41 subsidiaries of American Home Products. Salk vaccine sales boosted AHP’s profits from $20,536,619 (1955) to $31,250,355 in 1956. A 50% profit increase for the parent.

Parke-Davis’ management must have been below that of the others for this dealer in death only increased its 1956 profits from $14,322,015 (in 1955) to $17,645,728.

All of these figures are taken from Moody’s Manual of Industrials, the investors’ bible. All are "after taxes" profits.

The poor Cutter people, goats in the legal action, actually saw their profits drop from $584,219 in 1955 to $188,241 in 1956.

Lloyd’s of London (who will bet on anything) seem to be the big goat, for these six companies have been insured against this kind of thing up to $5,000,000 per company. A trillion dollars couldn’t pay for the cripplings and murders which happened before the companies stopped the slaughter by putting red water in their ampules, instead of the pus of diseased monkey kidneys.


Duon Miller of Florida, the blood chemist who probably is our best posted individual on poliomyelitis, has challenged the sales pitch put out by the USPHS which claims Salk vaccine has made polio decline 62% and paralytic cases 73%.

Even the fake statistics of USPHS can’t make polio victims in the District of Columbia believe this. The Health Dept. records here show nine times as many cases in 1957 as in 1956—this in spite of serum trust claims that Salk vaccine has "wiped out polio."

In a scorching letter to the swivel chair doctor who heads up the USPHS, Mr. Miller pointed out:

"If these figures are the brain-child of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis that alone labels them worthless.

"Its President (Basil O’Connor) knows of clinics in this country that has long successfully treated polio. He has received invitations to visit these clinics; even when he is in their vicinity he ignores them.

"Why? Because he places gold before God.

"An MD, lecturing for NFIP, admitted they had no immediate positive diagnosis for polio. So, it is very clear that NFIP juggle its figures to brainwash the public.

"If a sick child were brought into your office could you, any member of your bureau, or any member of the American Medical Assn., give an immediate, correct and positive diagnosis as to polio? I doubt it.

"Polio is a condition. It is not a dis-ease caused by any mysterious live virus, as no such virus exists. Polio vaccine has never prevented, nor mitigated polio in even one child or adult.. . yet look at the deaths from vaccine.

"An honest Congressional investigation would shock the nation."



300 Bird Road, Coral Gables, Florida

November 14, 1948

Mr. Arthur S. Flemming
Sec’y Health, Education & Welfare
Washington, D. C.

Dear Mr. Flemming:

I have just read an article in Drug Trade News which states the Public Health Service is to work hard on "selling" Salk shots. For quite some time it has appeared that the U. S. Public Health Service seems to be a "sales promotion organization" for the Vaccine Trust, working at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Enclosed you will find a copy of my letter to Dr. Burney written January 8th, delivered to him through our Senator George Smathers, and followed up by a request from Senator Smathers for a reply, but as yet this letter still has not been replied to . . . unquestionably because Dr. Burney could not answer it honestly.

I see in the article I am just reading that the Public Health Service spent about $40,000 on its previous drive and expects to spend that much more money on the new campaign.

Also, he states the fact that no cases of polio can be traced to any lot of vaccine since May of 1955. Let me enclose a couple of clippings here which are typical of happenings all over this country where people have had the three shots and die. If that happened in your family, how would you like it?

Dr. Burney is paid by the taxpayers in this country and if he is so involved he cannot answer a letter honestly, I think he should be removed from office.

It has just been documented in the book "Who Is Your Doctor And Why?’ by Dr. Shadman, M. D. of Boston, that germs do not cause disease nor does virus because there is no such thing.

Now let me quote a paragraph from a Washington newspaper taken from an article I recently wrote:

"The national polio program has been truly disgraceful, ungodly and inhuman. Polio is a condition, not a disease. Since there is no such thing as a virus, polio isn’t caused by a virus . . . Therefore, any polio vaccine is fraudulent, and is rapidly proving itself just that in spite of faked figures and statistics."

We have doctors who are successfully treating polio in this country, and I say it is a crime against God and humanity that U.S.P.H.S. does not bring this information to the public, rather than devote all their time as a "sales agency" for vaccines.

The Asian Flu Vaccine, in my opinion, was a hoax and the old idea of vaccination against small pox has been a hoax for some time and there has been practically no small pox in this country, according to the official figures which I read a couple weeks ago, since it is caused ONLY by the poisonous bite of the bed bug. Why propagate this vaccine, which is of no value, like all the other vaccines?

I think our U.S.P.H.S. should be FOR THE PEOPLE and not for the Vaccine Trust.

I would appreciate a reply to this letter and also to the questions I wrote to Dr. Burney on January 8th. I have been in blood chemistry a good many years and I think I know what I am talking about concerning polio and what a vicious, disgraceful racket it has been, and still is.

I was in hopes that when you took over we would get some common sense in our U.S.P.H.S. and have it run as it should be run for the benefit of the public.

Very truly yours,

Duon H. Miller