British International Doctors Association (BIDA)

Since 2002 Dr Kumar has been the National President of the British International Doctors Association (BIDA). Prior to that he was, from 1990-1996, the General Secretary of the organisation.
            BIDA was established in the United Kingdom with the objective of promoting the medical, dental and allied sciences. The main objectives of BIDA are: to protect and promote the interests of Ethnic Minority Doctors and Dentists working in the United Kingdom, to highlight the current issues and problems facing ethnic minority doctors and dentists, to grapple with all issues that effect ethnic minority doctors and dentists and to promote better representation of ethnic minority doctors and dentists on medical and national bodies.
           However, what doesn't become clear on the BIDA web site unless you look closely is the fact that the organisation is funded not only with membership fees but also by pharmaceutical companies. BIDA's magazine is also subsidised by drug company advertising. This information is declared by Dr Kumar in his conflict of interest declaration for the MHRA and no doubt would have been for the GMC had they a thorough policy on conflict of interests. [Aug 2008] An Interest in Conflict? by Martin Walker MA