Billy McKee
Cannabis & Hemp  New Zealand

[Billy lost a leg below the knee when a drunk driver deliberately rammed his motorbike over 30 years ago. The incident resulted in him being confined to a wheelchair and in constant pain from nerve damage to the stump as well as suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. The pain medications he was prescribed by doctors caused intolerable side effects where even driving was considered unsafe. He found that the only thing that controlled his pain, depression, irritability and other symptoms, while still allowing him to function, was cannabis.  This led him to study the medical benefits of cannabis, become a counsellor and form GreenCross, an organisation devoted to helping sick people obtain relief through the medicinal use of cannabis. McKee now faces jail time for running GreenCross and helping sick patients obtain their medicine 1.]

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Greencross is a patient orientated organisation committed to making cannabis legally available for medicinal purposes.

Facebook support page, by Liberté De Choix

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