Kathy Blanco

[Letter BMJ Jan 14, 2005] 20 years ago, my children look autistic too


My response to such articles as teenagers getting mumps is where's the beef? So what? Pertussis is making a comeback, and I have not heard one death ensue-vaccines simply don't work on many people. What I hear more of, and see more of, is damaged children, from Minimal Brain Dysfunction, to ADD, to Epilepsy, to Autism. The NIH alarm for autism is now 1/166 children. One in 6, now have a developmental psychological problem. What a lovely world we are leaving to these people? Talk about a holocaust or terrorism. [Letter BMJ 19 July 2004] Cathy Blanco

Recently, my VACCINATED DPT autistic child came down with PERTUSSIS (which he lived through just fine). While in the ER, I came across four other nurses with a child with autism, who in secret meetings to me between doctors and tests, revealed that they too felt their children were vaccine induced autistic. [Letter BMJ 19 July 2004] Cathy Blanco


One time, I was shopping for a neurologist at OHSU (have many words about that teaching hospital institution, but don't get me started)...and when I asked, what neuro is into alternative treatments for seizures, they quickly said Dr Elias. I went to him hoping I could help my son's seizure disorder, which were resistant to drug therapy. As we began to talk, I noted he was not making eye contact with me or my son. I started down the biomed angle, showing many test results which I spent thousands on which lended clues as to why this was so resistant to treat. He then said the most ridiculous line I have ever ever come across in my thirty years in autism (and believe me I heard some doozies like, your not affectionate enough-keeping in mind that was the early eighties)...anyways, he proceeded to tell me it WAS MY FAULT HE HAS AUTISM, that HE HAD SEIZURES. I quickly said, eXCUUUUUSE ME? I then got a lecture that I was not interested in curing him, and that if I just stepped out of the way, my son would be whole again. OMG! I frantically collected myself, put my finger practically in his nose and told him, that my son was the direct result of your fellow collegues belief that autism is genetic, and is the refrigerator moms fault, and that vaccinnes blissfully confer health on every single child no matter what their healing capital. I then proceeded to tell him to get on his knees tonight and ask a giant prayer of forgiveness for that statement. As I went down the hall, I decided I should let his other waiting patients learn of this disdain. So I stood in the waiting room and shouted this proclomation. If any of you are waiting for Dr Elias, I highly recommend you go get yourself a sandwich and rethink it, because this man just told me my son has autism/seizures because of me and the things I did, or didn't do. I saw two people get up and walk out. I then proceeded to tell people, why we have autism in our children today, overvaccination, birth method, toxins, etc. I think I audibly heard someone clap. I think that was actually the best day of my life, LOL...
Years later, we found out why it was treatment resistent, he had a number of buggers, viruses and lyme bacteria in him, his heart has conduction problems/mito disorder, Gut and allergy problems, and he had long term vaccine damage resulting in abosolute shut down of blood flow to temporal lobes and hypoperfusion. Yeah, that's all my fault alright...not. This woman can go suck a large egg. She and others like her in her "profession" haven't a clue what is biomedically wrong with our children, and like her minions, wish to have autism continue in epidemic proportions because of the obvious ioatragenic means of why they got it. Guilty much? Obvious deflections, anger...classic psychological defense mechanism for not dealing with the issues at hand. She should understand that one. Oh and IMFAR is just another term for, let's make sure the REAL science is not given, so that we are never found out! We should all protest this affair every year. And I say AFFAIR with what it's intended, a love fest with CDC and NIH and their pharmawhores.  Posted by: kathy blanco | May 18, 2011 at 01:23 PM   The Crazy Science and Fury of Dr. Laura Schreibman