Blessings: a great gift

By Don Bradley

June 2009  

It’s one of the greatest realities of existence, yet the least understood. It’s in every culture, religion, and action of our existence and most probably, given little thought or understanding as to the energies, forces, and connective realities in which it implies. In every way, form, expression, and action the reality of a blessing makes, creates, connects, uplifts, and empowers; and is evident of our ability to function on more than just a corporeal level. We seek it out, are grateful to be recipients thereof, and are filled with every good feeling in consideration of it. It is both a noun and a verb. It is a thing and an action. It is the miracle that reminds that we are always bound to all that is in our existence of life.

Blessings are sought out in marriages, starting new enterprises, and in moving forward in given directions. We seek out the agreement (the blessing) of others, in those cases where the protocol of our reality implies that such agreements be sought out, before moving forward. This can be seen in varying cultures all over the world, as seeking out sanction for an action state of the parties seeking agreement. If the blessing is not given, culture implies that the intent of the action should not be undertaken. One way or the other, this cultural premise is a nod to something unique to humanity and the human kingdom in specific. Right or wrong, people feel more assured of success when a blessing is given to go ahead, rather than when it is declined. This again, is an inherent nod toward the reality and understanding of the power of blessings as real and lasting energies in the world. Including all it implies.

The foundation of any blessing is to give of our mental approval, love, and good wishes in the form of a cohesive thought with an object in mind. The more we put into it—as we are capable of—the greater the value of the blessing is to all concerned. Blessings work for both the receiver and the giver, as it creates a connection on every plane of beingness, depending upon the wholeness of the person giving the blessing. Even the very foundation of a blessing is considered from the viewpoint as a thing that is given by one to another, or in fact, to any object in existence. This implies what is basically the foundational truth of a blessing: that someone is giving something to another. The measure and value of that gift depends entirely upon the quality, level of beingness, and intent of the person so giving.

This is so, because any blessing is an extension of the giver’s presence of mind, intent, emotional energy, substance of action, and clarity of thought when a blessing is given. As with anything else, the more that is put into a blessing, the greater its effect and value to the receiver of said blessing. To understand this phenomenon, let’s look at what occurs when a blessing is given.

First, we have the mental intent of the giver. As is obvious, the mindset is that of agreement, if the blessing is solicited. Otherwise, it’s simply the intent to impart the sender’s highest capacity for loving goodwill as lies within their boundary of ability. If the blessing given is as it usually is—mechanical, without much thought and feeling, and with little effort—the recipient generally is unaware of it. Of course, if the receiver is connected, aware, and strives to become connected with all their expressions of self as they grow through their daily life, even the mechanical blessing will be noted.

In short, if you live as a droid—a mechanical, routine oriented and unthinking person with little awareness of your mind, emotions, body or spiritual center—then your blessings are equal to who and what you are. However, if you are constantly doing, being, seeing, knowing, observing, and seeking out the path of divinity within yourself and the world in which you find yourself, your blessing will have greater impact and value to whomever or whatever you focus your intent upon. You can only give what you are, no more, no less.

The science behind a blessing and its impact upon people, places, and things is quite amazing. I’ve satisfied myself of this unique power we all have and its effect upon plants, people, ice, water, food, and so on. I’ve taken several photographs of water in varying states—by far the easiest element to observe and photograph—so that others too, may see and understand how our thoughts can and do impact the environment around us. Water is a great medium for these kinds of things and also, we must remember that we are 96% water and the earth’s surface is 7/10s water. These same ratios of water can be found in plants, animals, and all forms of sentient life. In fact, an article on water is forthcoming, which will help us understand this very simple compound, and it’s amazing life, beingness, and reservoir of energy far exceeding anything humanity generally gives credit.

Many of us are already familiar with the fact of photographs taken with a microscope of ice crystals making beautiful shapes after receiving a blessing. This is the power of a blessing upon this universal medium and element. Beyond that—and inclusive of that—are the countless photographs taken by myself which show the animated life expressions of water taking the shape of a variety of well-known symbols, archetypes, and expressions found in the human family and in the finer frequencies or dimensions of the physical. I’ve also demonstrated the beautiful and interesting forms in ice crystals that are plainly visible without the aid of a microscope. Readers of my blog over the years can testify to that truth.

For my own research, I double-blinded my work and used pure, distilled water. These results can be reproduced by anyone and patently reveal that each of us contains within ourselves the ability and power to change the elements by a simple act of will—in this case and for the purposes of this treatise, a blessing. I’ve done the same with tap water, bottled water, and so on. In each instance, the act of blessing the water created those visible changes which have been faithfully recorded photographically.

Yet this act of will can only occur when there is agreement between the water elements and the person giving over the blessing. Something amazing happens at that moment, for the act of blessing a glass of water raises it to a new and more refined level than it was previously. As has been demonstrated, water is a living substance; filled with myriad levels of consciousness. When these elements receive a blessing from “on-high” as it were, it expands them, empowers them, and “grows” them as beings on their path of existence. We are then performing a wonderful service to that element. This growth becomes visible in their outward forms as noted in their crystalline matrix structure changes and the forms they produce in ice, liquid, and vapor.

And so it is with any of the elements. For all elements are living: mineral, water, fire, air, and so on. Once we understand that we can change the elements at their foundational levels, then we can also come to see that we ourselves—components of elements in creation—are also subject to change. A whole new perspective of understanding then occurs in how we see ourselves and the world around us. Thought does indeed change matter. Then the declared statements that “all change is preceded by thought” become more than just a nice saying. They become demonstrable realties we can see for ourselves, should we but put forth a modicum of effort in doing so.

Once a person sees and truly understands this as fact, their life can then open to the possibilities of wonder. Our thinking, our intentions, can create instant change, instant beauty, and allows for amazing fundamental changes in the basic structures of life. For if a simple act of blessing water changes it into amazing and beautiful complex forms, which are potent on a homeopathic level, then what of our selves? What can be changed in our selves by simple thinking and intent? It leads to serious considerations and possibilities, if given enough reflection.

The simple realties of blessings then create new avenues of perception beyond anything hitherto given consideration. For example, if I bless one plant and leave another unblessed for thirty days, what changes are visible in the two plants? As with music, and other environmental influences, the plant that is blessed daily is larger, more vibrant, and has amazing qualities of presence and beingness. And what of soil? Same thing.

Once we understand that there is more than just an intellectual appreciation behind the mere “niceness” given by most people when considering receiving a blessing, it occurs to us that this may be something we might want to incorporate into our daily reality. We see how our small contribution of blessing all that comes within our sphere of contact will increase and make for a paradigm shift in all the bodies of creation which happen upon to be impacted by this very simple, loving, and easy-to-do act of will.

My sons and I, when going out surfing, always paddle out to the ocean, sit on our surfboards and give blessings to the ocean, sky, earth, the Great Father, etc. You can, with the right eyes, see a shimmering, outward ripple of energy move in concentric rings from us in all directions, sweeping up over the land and far out to sea. When we consider all the billions of life forms living in the land, sea, and water receiving that blessing, we know that each time we do that, we are changing—upgrading?—every life form that energy wave reaches. And so it is.

The psycho-spiritual connection that exists in reality becomes deeper and more fulfilled as we seek to understand the nature of blessings, each in our own way, according to our perceptual understandings and wisdom. We then see the serious responsibility we all possess in ending all curses uttered from our mouths and replacing them with the much more helpful and wonderful thing that is a blessing.

For it is more than true: if a blessing uplifts, a curse reduces.

As we take responsibility toward the life we find ourselves in we see that any issue of defamation, cursing, gossip, and other foul acts clearly do reduce the world, its connectivity and its potential for growth. There are well known studies out there where folks took two sets of plants, separated them, and cursed one group daily and gave loving kind expressions to on the other group. The first group slowly wilted, withered, and died. The second group bloomed amazingly and became vibrant.

These experiments and our own practical efforts along this line lead to the same conclusions, over and over again. That, indeed, we are responsible on every level for the upliftment or downfall of the world around us and how powerful thoughts, words, feelings, and intentions really are. For what we give to the world, we give to ourselves. If all we do is spend our time cursing, bemoaning, and hating those realities, situations, and people whom we have judged, then we ourselves will begin to shrink by equal degrees within ourselves. By changing our perception of the world and by becoming more responsible toward our thinking, feeling, and perceptual states in relating to that same world, do we ourselves find new avenues of beingness within ourselves that can expand us by equal proportions.

The road to understanding the blessing is the same road that leads us to understand how the elements of existence work together, both within ourselves and in the world around us. Love truly does make the world go round, after all. For the intention behind the thought, the idea, and the feeling of love has, and always will be, positive and constructive, when these same thoughts, feelings, and intentions are genuine and sincere.

 Then the great wisdom prevails as a truth more than any other. Bless your enemies, rather than curse them. If we can see to it in our efforts to live our lives using this understanding, it stands to reason that all that comes within our realm of expression can be counted on to finding and contacting uplifting currents of loving, thoughtful, kindness. Surely, that way lays real salvation, over any other.

To be practical, a blessing is a simple thing. Unneeded are ostentatious displays with verbose sounding words. None need be spoken; its act an act of will, animated by loving intentions. It’s that simple. Really. Refrain from waves of the hand, creating symbols in the air. Very simply, when I bless the water jug on a daily basis, I simply place my right hand over the water, fill myself with a warm loving vibe, and release that energized thought form into the water, through my hand. Using the right hand tends to act as a barrel, which focuses the energy when the object of our blessing is nearby. However, I have achieved the same results without using my hands. Our intention is enough.

Start simply. Bless the water that your family drinks from. Bless the food it eats. Bless your family themselves, the plants, animals, and all that lives within your home. Then expand outward to wherever your life leads. Let yourself be guided into finding more ways, things, elements, and all that is, that could receive your wonderful gift of a blessing. Once you start giving this gift to the world, you’ll begin to understand what a wonderful thing you have to give, that costs nothing.

As you start upon this amazing journey of blessing the world in which we live and in which you find yourselves, pay attention to the situation. Stay in the moment and refrain from daydreaming or acting mechanically. Be Present. Focus. Put yourself into the thing totally. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results you’ll witness.

You’ll see changes in yourself as well. As each of us is uniquely different, these changes will be just as individual as you are one from another. However, as I’ve observed, those rare individuals who do live to bless as a daily reality have much brighter energy fields, with sharper hues of definition, especially around their hearts and heads.

Will this make you some kind of saint? Only if you are a pretentious snob, I suppose. You’ll instead see changes toward being a more gentle soul, less abrasive, certainly more kind and understanding. You’ll find that gossiping, shallow, and invective discussions to be literal cups of poison, and you’ll shun such behavior, at first within yourself. Those that try to trap you into such things become apparent for the lost and stunted souls they have allowed themselves to become. And you’ll bless them, every time. You’ll see, as the wise souls have in the past have seen, how important it is to refrain from such blasphemies of the mind and heart and will choose rather, to express sincere directness and kindness, as much as is possible for whatever your level of soul beingness may be.

And in that last category, I believe that most of the changes will be visible; invisible to the outer world, but more than visible to your own sight. For who knows us better than we our selves? It is there we will notice the gradual and yet expanding changes in our perceptions, skill sets, patience, and all the other qualities which make up for someone who has chosen to live as a focal point for bringing loving blessings to the world, rather than to add to its miseries by cursing. For such a person, the truth of things becomes more than visible. The lies stand wholly naked, easy to perceive.

Try it yourselves for seven days. Give it a go. See what shakes out.

Rely upon yourself to teach yourself all you need to know and understand regarding this amazing aspect of reality. Be a participant, rather than a spectator. Be a doer, rather than an observer. Those that do, become. Those that bitch and curse and complain, become nothing. Rather, they shrink and shrivel, becoming vindictive crones without beauty.

Bless you in your endeavors to be a fount of continuous blessings to the world.