Bread/grain quotes
White Bread/processed grain

"The milling of wheat destroys 40% of the chromium, 86% of the cobalt, 68% of the copper, 78% of the zinc, and 48% of the molybdenum. By the time it is completely refined it has lost most of its phosphorus, iron and riboflavin, as well most fiber. Wheat flour has been plundered of most of its vitamin E, important oils and amino acids. White bread also turns to glucose as quick as white sugar (This is the staple diet of the majority).

Klenner, Southern Medicine & Surgery, April, 1951

"... review[ing] the findings of McCormick in 50 confirmed cases of poliomyelitis in and around Toronto, Canada, during the epidemic of 1949... families eating brown bread who came down with poliomyelitis did not develop paralysis; whereas in those families eating white bread many of the children having poliomyelitis did develop paralysis. The point here is that brown bread has 28 times more vitamin B1 than does white bread. Obviously, then, the paralysis which complicates acute poliomyelitis appears to be due to a B1 avitaminosis."

"It (sugar) ought to be against the law - and white bread also."--Dr Kelley DDS

"The idea of gluten causing damage to parts of the body other than the gut is supported by another UK practitioner, Dr M Hadjivassiliou, a neurologist......He ran an AGA test on patients who had "neurological dysfunction" with no obvious cause and found that more than half tested positive. What is more, only a third of the positive group had any evidence of CD gut damage. In other words, while the gluten antibodies can damage the bowels, they can also cause problems elsewhere. In this case, it was the cerebellum, or the peripheral nervous system.  So if a reaction to gluten can cause problems in the brain, might it also be linked to immune disorders? Braly and Hoggan certainly think so, and claim considerable clinical success in treating patients for conditions such as Addison's disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis with a gluten-free diet. In fact, almost all the body's systems can be affected (see below). So if you suffer from a chronic condition that doesn't seem to respond to treatment, cutting out wheat for a while seems worth a try. ......Coeliac disease, they suggest, should be renamed "gluten sensitivity" and, in an appendix to the book, they claim that no fewer than 192 disorders, ranging from Addison's disease and asthma to sperm abnormalities, vasculitis, rheumatoid arthritis and hyperthyroidism, are "heavily overrepresented among those who are GS"."--Media 2002

"Eating too much refined bread and cereal, rather than chocolate and greasy foods, may be the culprit behind the pimples that plague many a youngster. Acne may not be the only problem caused by eating large quantities of highly refined starches. Such diets have also been blamed for causing short-sightedness and contributing to adult onset diabetes. "--Media 2002

 "Nutrition and Disease" by Edward Mellanby, M.D., London, 1934. This doctor discovered experimentally, in dogs, wonderful effects of fish oil and "elimination of cereals" on carious teeth. He then tried these two diets on children, in a 26—week clinical study, with these results: "1) the addition of vitamin D [as fish oil] greatly diminished the spread of caries and caused increased arrest of this process; 2) that the removal of cereals together with the addition of vitamin D ****virtually suppressed all dental caries**** and increased the healing process" (p. 25); "Although the latter diet contained no bread, porridge or other cereals, it included a moderate amount of carbohydrates, for plenty of milk, jam, sugar (!), potatoes and vegetables were eaten by this group of children".