Doctors cause more deaths than non-vaccinating parents 8 September 2002
Hilary A Butler,
free-lance journalist

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Sept 2002

Dear Sir,

Riccardo Baschetti say that smaller communities of the past:

"***would hardly be so crazy and immoral as to oppose immunisations, because an epidemic of a fatal contagious disease, besides killing themselves and their relatives, will menace the survival of the entire community***"

I am sure that even Stone age people would understand the current logic, that if VACCINES PREVENT ILLNESS AND DEATH, then there would be no purpose in killing the unvaccinated, as they would be no threat to the vaccinated.

Riccardo further argues that "***evolution has taught human beings that what could potentially jeopardise the well-being and the survival of the community is to be regarded as immoral and condemnable.***" Therefore presumable, parents should be made to vacinate their children.

Assuming then, that parents who don't vaccinated, are to be regarded as immoral and condemnable because they pose a threat to the entire vaccinated community, we have to ask WHY this is considered fact.

This is highly unlikely. History shows that this earth was well populated prior to vaccines despite epidemics. Not every family on earth experienced deaths from immunable disease either. My family tree, which goes back to 1570, shows that the most dramatic, greatest number of deaths were from puerperal fever (and we all know who caused those), deaths in wars, one private duel, and one ancestor kicked to death by a horse in the street in London. The rest who survived the "hands" of the doctors, mainly lived to at least 70 years old.

While Riccardo Baschetti has no documented proof that annhiliation of the human race will result from non-vaccinated children, I can understand his reasoning that PROVEABLE preventable death could be considered immoral and condemnable.

To illustrate that, Riccardo Baschetti need look no further that what happens in every country where modern medicine is to the fore. I know the statistics of my country best, but I am sure that Brazil's will tell a similar story.

Government statistics show that the actions, devices and pharmaceutical medicines controlled by members of his "do no harm" health profession, in New Zealand, commonly called preventable medical error, kill 1,600 people each year. These figures do not include nosocomial infections.

16,000 highly preventable deaths in the last DECADE, .... not to mention injuries which currently number 9,000 per year....(90,000 per decade)

Each year, preventable medical error in New Zealand, involves a total of 28,359 people - 26% of all hospital discharges.

And the "cost non-benefit" analysis on medical injury and deaths, from a 1998 cabinet paper on file, totalled the cost to the economy at $1.7 billion per year.

An annual feat that non-vaccinating parents in this country (or any other, for that matter) will never, ever, be able to match.

So I suggest that Riccardo Baschetti looks to at his stated " ***biological ethic aimed at preserving the good of the community***" by cleaning up the published, verifiable, condemnable immorality of the thousands of preventable deaths and injuries caused by his own profession, which (in this country)cause far more deaths and disability than immunable diseases ever have in the past, before fingering non-vaccinating parents as some unique criminal species needing to be dealt with.


Hilary Butler.


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