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“Ok my Peeps. Today is the day I had only hoped would ever happen. The biopsy results are in. Corrie Yelland HAS JUST RECEIVED CONFIRMATION THAT HER CANCER IS 100% COMPLETELY GONE!!!! I AM CANCER FREEEEEE!!!!! Not even any dysplasia let alone the big C.

To my incredible, amazing friends who collectively were responsible for me being able to afford the medicine=there are absolutely no words to describe how grateful I am to each and every one of you. You are all amazing!

To Heather who first sent me RUN FROM THE CURE--That video quite literally changed my life. Who would have thunk it, hey? I love you! To Rick Simpson, to Jindřich Bayer from the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU for your knowledge and your support. I'm alive today because of all of you!

I am truly blessed to have such amazing family and friends.” Corrie


“Hi Jindrich, just a quick note to let you know I saw my doctor today. The report says the cancer (anal canal cancer) is no longer detectable. Last fall I was told I had 2-4 months if I didn't do radiation. I chose to do no radiation and to try the RSO instead. Obviously, it worked! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU to Rick and to yourself!!!!“ Corrie

-- Corrie, btw, what cancer was it? Put the oil on the scar, it will probably also go away. Anyway, stay away from doctors, no more scans etc., and make sure you eat as much oil as maintenance doses as you can. JB


“I got a chance to talk to Rick about 2 months ago on a radio show... I was telling him about how rso had already helped me so much... I had the same cancer as Farrah Fawcett... Anal canal's fairly rare... not to be confused with colorectal cancer...and I have NOOOOOOOOO intention of ever stopping the oil.” Corrie

-- I'd have no intention to ever stop using the oil either, that's quite understandable. JB


“My latest success story. This is a woman in her late 50's who was diagnosed with Stage 3, but very close to Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Today I received this: “Well my mom went for her CT scan a month ago and got her results back a couple days ago. It's completely gone! Her doctor read them and said the larger mass is clear and there is nothing left...

She has COPD still but we will work on that and her smoking lol... Thank you so much for all the advice and knowledge of things we never were aware of. Everything came together for a reason and we are so happy. God bless you and your family.

Have you heard? CANNABIS OIL KILLS CANCER! :-))))” Corrie

-- Spontaneous remission of lung cancer seems to occur surprisingly often in the presence of cannabis oil. JB"


-- Corrie's story alone should have legalized cannabis worldwide years ago, I think. JB


"The newest book from Rick Simpson and Jindrich Bayer specifically details how to use cannabis extract medicine to cure cancer, going into extensive detail on the official Rick Simpson protocol."