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You really are complete scum, John.  Do the world a favor -- fuck off  and die.

"Who knows what John really believes.  He's a notorious anti-vaccine propogandist who occupies slot #1 in my killfile and has for about 3-4 years now.  He and his site are well known on where his "theories" have been shot down time and time again. Unfortunately, he is completely devoid of ethics and the truth is of absolutely no importance to him.  No matter how many times his propoganda is proved false, he continues to preach it. His entire site is nothing but a collection of faleshoods, distortions, and rubbish.  It would best be described as a porn site."--Carey Gregory (Usenet)

Re: Shaken Baby syndrome falling apart, 18 January 2005 07:16

>"Dr Geddes's findings blew apart the assumption that the previously
>recognised symptoms of SBS must necessarily equal foul play. In short, she
>destroyed the SBS theory, but only now are the legal and medical
>establishments catching up."

John finally shows his true colors and comes out in defense of pedophiles
and child abusers.

It had to happen sooner or later.

> Thus were born my views of John, and I've seen nothing since to suggest he
> has changed.  Once a sociopath, always a sociopath.