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    WASHINGTON, Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has paid for another Institute of Medicine (IOM) meeting on August 23rd to do its dirty work in hiding the vaccine-autism link.

This time they want to deny access to the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) containing data that could further confirm the link between thimerosal, the mercury-based preservative found in vaccines and flu shots, to neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and ADHD.     The VSD, housed at the CDC, is an epidemiological gold mine recording millions of doses of vaccines and has cost taxpayers $11 million a year for 14 years.
    In Oct. 2003, at the behest of Congress, two independent researchers were the first to gain access to the database. They found shocking evidence that the link between autism and thimerosal was real. Data prove that children are 27 times more likely to develop autism after exposure to three TCVs, than those who receive thimerosal-free versions. (Symptoms of autism and mercury poisoning are almost identical.) The relative risk of 27 is higher than that between lung cancer and smoking, which according to the American Cancer Society is only 22 for men and 11 for women.
Soon after, the CDC denied further access to these investigators. Congressman Dave Weldon (R-FL) and others got involved to help but with no success. Now, 10 months later, the CDC wants to close the VSD forever to those who seek the truth. CDC officials say it's to protect patient privacy.
    But, according to government officials, the VSD was specifically created with patient privacy in mind to failitate scientific research. There are no names or other identifying numbers. VSD information includes gender, age, vaccination dates and any subsequent diagnosis: asthma, speech/language delay, ADD, ADHD, autism, etc.

    "This blatant act of secrecy and manipulation of data for the benefit of the vaccine industry is corruption at its worst," said Jo Pike, President of NAA. "Follow the money. Many of these officials have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. They fear well-deserved public backlash for allowing catastrophic damage to children, want to protect their careers and drug companies from liability. To do so, they intend to deny Americans their rights to vital records about vaccination risks. If there is no evidence of mercury-poisoning in the VSD, why are they so determined not to let qualified, professional scientists look at the data?"
NAA will hold a joint press conference with five other organizations representing the vaccine-injured at 9 a.m. in the main hall of the National Academies of Sciences in D.C. Jo Pike, Rita Shreffler, Scott Bono and Laura Bono, parents of mercury-poisoned children, will be available for interviews. http://www.nationalautismassociation.org

     Laura Bono, (919) 423-3749
     Rita Shreffler, (417) 818-9030