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[Another deep cover pharma shill that had to break cover over MMR, as did Institute of Medicine (IOM).]

[2012 June] Vitamin Bashing or Bad Science?  The media uncritically accept claims by the Cochrane Collaboration because it is a "gold-standard." However, Cochrane supports bad science because it accepts the methods and bias of corporate medicine. ....Cochrane supports this ignorance. They know that politically-required answers involve selecting their data and ignoring reality. It is time the media did its job properly and became more critical of medical mumbo-jumbo.

[2008 Cochrane review] Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy children (Review)  (sourced [2011 June] Influenza vaccines, KOPS, and the truth by Hilary Butler)
[2010 Cochrane review] Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults (Review)
[2010 Cochrane review] Influenza vaccination for healthcare workers who work with the elderly (Review)
[2010 Cochrane] Vaccines for preventing influenza in the elderly (Review)
[Cochrane] Discussion points: Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults

[2008] The influence of Big Media

Questions on the Independence and Reliability of Cochrane Reviews, with a Focus on Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccine by Clifford G. Miller, Esq. 

"The independence of The Cochrane Collaboration, which had been called into question previously, has been further compromised by recent funding changes.
    The conclusions of the Cochrane review on the safety and effectiveness of MMR vaccine violate the standards of evidence-based medicine and are not supported by the body of the review. There are material concerns that the conclusions were influenced by efforts of the British government to avoid liability in claims brought on behalf of allegedly vaccine-injured children."

Several years ago, some suspected cases of aluminum toxicity resulted in various neurologic and degenerative problems. The Cochrane Collaboration, a group that studies health-care issues around the world, wanted to look at a very large study group to see if there was a real correlation between neurologic problems and the aluminum in vaccines. They investigated all the reported side effects of one aluminum-containing vaccine, DTP (no longer used), and looked for any evidence that such vaccines caused more side effects than non-aluminum vaccines. Other than more redness, swelling, and pain at the injection site, they found no indication that an aluminum-containing vaccine caused any more problems, and concluded that no further research should be undertaken on this topic. That is a very bold statement. Most researchers will draw conclusions from the findings of their own research; it's unusual to say that no one else should do any more research into the matter.
    This is especially surprising because of the limitations of the Cochrane Collaboration's study. They looked at the effects of only one standard aluminum-containing vaccine, rather than the effects of all four being administered at once. They didn't study aluminum metabolism itself. They didn't test aluminum levels in children after vaccination, nor did they explore whether or not the amount of aluminum in vaccines builds up in the brain or bone tissues. They looked only for evidence of external symptoms of aluminum toxicity, not internal effects. Nor did they do their own research; instead, they reviewed all available studies conducted by other investigators. Despite all this, the Cochrane Collaboration study essentially closed the book on investigating aluminum toxicity from vaccines, without really having opened it in the first place. [2008] Is Aluminum the New Thimerosal? By Robert W. Sears

[2008] Study Claims Antioxidant Danger—A Repeat of Flawed Conclusions By Alan R. Gaby, MD   A new study published by the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews reports that taking antioxidant supplements does not prolong life, and that using certain specific antioxidants may slightly increase the risk of death.
    But vitamin users shouldn’t take this report as seriously as its widespread publicity would suggest. The new study is essentially a rewritten version of a study published a year ago in the Journal of the American Medical Association that received heavy media coverage. The new study presents the same data that has already been reported and subsequently discredited.

[2008] Vitamin supplements may increase risk of death

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