Corporal punishment (spanking, caning) 
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[You can guarantee anyone who believes in corporal punishment (one of the 'treats' of Boarding schools) had it done to them , like the people who believe in Circumcision and Female genital mutilation.  How not to develop a friendship (amazinwith your children and pass on some bad parenting.]

Boarding schools

[book] To Train Up a Child by Michael Pearl

[2011 Dec] Father DARED me to post video: Judge's wife and daughter reveal home life of 'dysfunction and addiction' that led to brutal beating

James W. Prescott, Ph.D.  Violence

Sexual Dangers of Spanking Children By Tom Johnson  spanking can interfere with a child’s normal sexual and psychological development. Because the buttocks are so close to the genitals and so multiply linked to sexual nerve centers, slapping them can trigger powerful and involuntary sensations of sexual pleasure. ....This kind of sexual stimulation....can cause a child to impressionably attach his or her sexuality to the idea of spanking. This fixation may endure to cause problems in adult life. Or, on the other hand, the child might react against these unseemly feelings of pleasure by repressing his or her sexuality, so much perhaps that as an adult, he or she has difficulty experiencing sexual pleasure and intimacy.  An additional danger is that the confusing mixture of pleasure with pain will become the basis for permanent sadomasochistic tendencies. Sadomasochism, in which a person takes pleasure in inflicting or receiving pain, drives behavior that is destructive to oneself and to others, and therefore to society at large. While the intensity and background of individuals’ sadomasochism varies widely, the great majority of studied cases point to a single origin: childhood whippings, usually on the buttocks. See, for example, Edith Cadivec's Eros, the Meaning of my Life.  The odds that spanking a child will lead to psychosexual aberrations would be difficult to calculate. However, the fact that there is any chance at all of these serious problems occurring should be reason enough to do away with the practice of spanking. The risks are completely unnecessary.

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Project Nospank The largest online collection of facts about corporal punishment / spanking. Highly recommended.

Flogging for God Abuse under the guise of religion

Spanking can be sexual abuse

[2005] Spanking. Questions and answers about disciplinary violence By Olivier Maurel

"Spanking on the buttocks can produce definitely erotic sensations, including sexual orgasm, in some children. Some of these children have been known to cause themselves to be spanked, by misconducting themselves on purpose and by pretending distress while receiving the desired ‘punishment’... The frequency with which this happens is not known, although it may not be altogether rare. .. The spankings in these cases may have been given for the adult’s own perverted gratification (‘sadism’); or at least there might have been culpable awareness and toleration of the child’s sexual reaction on the part of the adult. ...Only some decades ago perverts masquerading as governesses or tutors were reportedly anything but rare in some European countries."(1965)
J. F. Oliven, pathologist. Sexual Hygiene and Pathology.

"In many cases, the avowed disciplinary value of flagellation in schools and colleges was a mere pretense to enable sadists to secure sexual titillation." (1974)
George Ryley Scott, historian, sociologist, anthropologist. The History of Corporal Punishment.

"When a child is hit on the buttocks...[t]his kind of violent touch can be sexualized in the child’s mind not only because of a real flow of blood into the genitalia, but also because of a longing for intimacy with the parent: if painful physical touch is the only fulfillment of that longing, then this can 'feel good.' " (1995)
Shere Hite, sex researcher, sociopsychologist. The Hite Report on the Family. Page 42.

"These are the realities that most of us remain eager to deny... So long as children are beaten by adults, the obsessions with domination and submission, with power and authority, with shame and humiliation, with painful pleasure – all hallmarks of sadomasochism – will remain an enduring consequence of the ordinary violence and coercion done in the name of discipline... Sadomasochism is not an aberration; it is inherent in corporal punishment..." (1990)
Philip Greven, professor of history. Spare the Child, Page 186.

"I have had constantly to do with neurotics in whom sadistic feelings were first aroused by corporal punishment; after the sadistic impulse thus awakened has been repressed and forms the starting points of very malignant aberrations about which it would be very disingenuous to aver that they would have developed without the free use of the rod.. . The number of those who are harmed through beating, especially upon the buttocks, is undoubtedly very great... Even one who passionately conemns sexuality will hardly be inclined to deny that the corporal punishment induced well-marked sexual stimulation—although the gluteal region is not within the domain of the genital organs." (1924)
Oskar Pfister, physician, psychoanalyst. Love in Children and its Aberrations.

"Frequent spankings, too, may have a negative impact on sex development. Because of the proximity of the sex organs, a child may get sexually aroused when spanked. Or he may so enjoy the making up that follows the punishment that he will seek suffering as a necessary prelude to love. There are many adult couples who seem to need a good fight before a good night." (1966)
Dr. Haim G. Ginott, child psychologist. Between Parent and Child.

"Advocates of corporal punishment in schools should examine very carefully the weight of evidence now available and, particularly in light of the pornographic component, consider whether they can justify the continuation of a system with such a capacity for exciting unhealthy interest." (1980)
British Psychological Society, "Report on Corporal Punishment in Schools."

"Being beaten excites children sexually because it is an intense excitation of the erogenous zones of the skin of the buttocks and of the muscles below the skin..." (1945)
Otto Fenichel, M.D. The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis, Page 315.

"Ever since Jean-Jaques Rousseau’s Confessions, it has been well known to all educationalists that the painful stimulation of the skin of the buttocks is one of the erotic roots of the passive instrument of cruelty (masochism)." (1905)
Sigmund Freud. Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality, VII, Page 193.

The adult flagellant fantasy, in short, always derives from the infantile one. As with all sexual perversions, we are dealing with a variety of arrested development...that puberty and subsequent experience have been unable to dislodge... We need to examine its roots in childhood..." (1979)
Ian Gibson, The English Vice, Page 284.