Dead scientist conspiracy?

by Marilyn Barnewall
November 16, 2004


I have to admit to having been an X-files fan. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were for years part of my weekly television viewing life.

An article I read, however, beats any X-Files script I ever watched.

The original story, published by on July 20, 2003 by Ian Gurney, is about twenty scientists, all top in their fields, who have died of "unnatural" causes (murder) since September 11, 2001. All of them specialized in microbiology. Many were experts in emerging infectious diseases and bioterrorism.

After two days on the Internet reading newspaper stories and obituaries from London, Australia, Canada, Russia, Israel and the United States, I can tell you that twenty scientists did not die since 9-11. Nope. The number is forty-four.

Dr. Benito Que, a cell biologist, worked on how infectious diseases can be genetically engineered into bio-warfare programs. He died in Miami on December 6 after being beaten by four men with baseball bats, November 12...