From Lesson No. 20 in Man's Higher Consciousness by Hilton Hotema




Dr. Leon A. Wilcox


It was Kipling who said:


"If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken,

Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,

You'll be a man my son."


For twenty years I have been trying to put over a message about

the wonderful orange and the benefits to be obtained from its use.

I have heard the truth, I have spoken twisted, pulled apart,

distorted and tortured till, had it not been for the great truth it is,

there would not be enough of its virtues left to wad a pop gun.

Till a very few years ago, it was the custom to carry home a

dozen oranges with much the same mental attitude as was felt about

a box of candy. They had been regarded as something nice to eat

between meals, or as a dessert. To think of them as a wonderful

food-perish the thought.

The majority of the medical profession have always knocked

citrus fruits. Even in this day of enlightened opinions from some

of the world's most famous physicians and dietitians, it is not un-

common to hear one say their doctor told them not to eat fruits,

as they contained much acid.

Especially are people advised not to eat the citrus fruits, such

as oranges, lemons and grapefruit, on account of the acid. It is only

within recent years that any of the medical practitioners suggested

the use of these valuable foods. I regret to have to say that only

a few today know now these fruits should be used.

It depends entirely how these fruits are used as to whether

they will give an acid reaction or not. Citrus fruits will always re-

turn an alkaline reaction when taken into the stomach by themselves.

These fruits (in fact all juicy fruits) should never be eaten at the

same meal with cooked or baked foods, nor should they ever be

eaten with sugar.

Cooked foods contain a certain amount of starch. When fruit

juices come in contact with starch in the stomach, the reaction is

certain to be fermentation. The fermenting process is what generates

acid. So you see it is not the fruits that make the acid; it is the food


A common sight in any restaurant in the morning, at breakfast,

is people drinking a glass of orange juice or eating grapefruit, fol-

lowed by a sweet roll, then washed down with a cup of coffee.

This makes a nice acid breakfast and, if continued long enough, will

produce an acid stomach, neuritis or some kind of rheumatic cond-


Remember, all kinds of fresh fruits, melons, and berries should

always be eaten alone, or with the fresh salad vegetables.

William H. Dieffenbach, M.D., of New York City, is authority

for the following about fruits;


"Fruit, instead of being a dessert, should, if properly evaluated, be

classified as the most valuable of foods.


"Fruits contain little protein and fat but are most valuable sources of

mineral salts, cellulose, carbohydrates, and vitamins. The water content

of fruits, with mineral content, keeps the blood in a state of alkalinity.

Its alkaline elements, which are combined with the fruit acids, act as

natural laxatives by promoting the secretory action of the liver, pan-

creas and other secretory glands.


"Fruits furnish calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and

manganese of a highly organized type and are indispensable for the re-

building of red blood platelets and corpuscles.


"The fresh citrus fruits, lemon, orange, tangerine, lime and grapefruit,

prevent scurvy, due to vitamin C."




After having given the question of fruits twenty years of study

and research not only by personal use but also by the direction and

treatment of patients, I have arrived at the conclusion that the orange

is king of all fruits. Very few would believe the length of time an

individual can live and perform the hardest kind of work, both

mental and physical, using absolutely nothing but oranges for food.

Another very important thing: a sick person living exclusively on an

orange diet, is not only getting all the nourishment that the body re-

quires, but the orange will neutralize the acid in the system.




I, one time, heard a great physician and dietitian say, "orange

juice is water distilled in God's own distillery." How true this is.

It is a food and a drink for the healthy and medicine for the sick.

For those who are seeking to regain health, there is nothing that can

be taken that will assist nature like this golden elixir of life.

Millions of dollars are being spent annually advertising all kinds

of foods. The old high powered salesmen has given way to the high

powered advertising counselor. These fellows must lay awake nights

conjuring up good advertising copy telling us why we should eat

Buncom & Co's Patent Leather Cheese for health.

Having many friends and relatives among the advertising fra-

ternity, printers and allied lines of business, I am much amused, at

times, to hear remarks which indicate how easy it is for these high

pitch copy writers even to put it over on their own profession. Well,

there is nothing like taking your own medicine. For one advertising

man to believe what another fellow worker says about the product

he boosts surely shows faith in the profession. However, I would

suggest that in the future you do not place much dependence on

what advertisers have to say about their food products.

In the fruits and green uncooked vegetables you have food

exactly as Nature has prepared it, and there is positively nothing of

any sort that can equal these foods for health. All the vitamin con-

tent is still intact. There has been no processing of any sort to re-

move the virtue from these things. All the food value is still there.

The pioneers brought to us the beautiful California and Florida

sunshine and all its wonderful fruits. I am proud to be one of the

pioneers who have been teaching people to use these products of the

climate and sunshine discovered by some of our forefathers.

Let us learn to utilize the golden nuggets of health found in

fruit,--(Typo Graphic, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, February 1931)--

Pittsburgh Health Club.

Now we present a most interesting account written by John W.

Marshall about a person who lived six months on orange juice. This

person was a patient of the author of the above article on "The Won-

derful Orange."




John W. Marshall


For years I had known of the great food value of the orange,

not its value as measured in calories, but as a rectifier of the chemistry

of the blood, as a restorer of the proper alkalinity of the life stream.

I had seen many people live two or three weeks and even a

month and on occasion even six weeks, on an exclusive diet of the

delicious fruit. I had seen people complaining of all sorts of diseases,

afflicted with worn out, poisoned, overfed and over-nourished bodies,

restored to a remarkable degree of health through the exclusive use

of the citric fruit for periods of time. But when Dr. Leon A.

Wilcox, a leading Osteopathic Physician of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

informed me in an unassuming fashion that he had a patient who had

lived on orange juice for six months, I was amazed.

I should not have believed the story from the lips of an ordinary

man. But Dr. Wilcox is a man of high repute among the members

of his profession and among his many patients and friends in Pitts-

burgh, where he has lived and practiced for a quarter of a century.

Then, too, when he told me the story as I sat in his office, he spoke

with such confidence and candor that I never thought for a moment

to doubt his word.

The following day I had the pleasure of seeing and speaking

with the patient herself, a quiet little girl with big blue eyes and

an oval face encased in a lovely white skin, into which, as I conversed

with her. there came and went flushes of pink and red as she told

me the remarkable story of her recovery from a condition of living

death and her gradual evolution into a creature of living delight unto

herself and to all whom she might meet.

This is the story she told me on the November evening as we

sat in Dr. Wilcox's office.


"When I was a little girl, I was just about like other girls. I had fair

health most of the time, though I was visited by the usual so-called chil-

dren's diseases."


"I suppose you had a cold occasionally," I interrupted.


"Of course, plenty of them, especially in the winter time," was the reply.

Then she continued: "At about fourteen I began to get fat. My parents,

the stocky German type, heralded this acquisition of weight as a sign

of health. Of course, I thought the same, as I did feel quite well most

of the time.


"However, I had a voracious appetite and ate not only prodigious quan-

tities of the 'good staple' foods, such as bread, meat and potatoes, but

great quantities of candies, ice cream, etc., etc. Certainly the most iron-

bound constitution must have given way under the load.


"As the time went on I got fatter and fatter and my complexion, once

ruddy and beautiful, began to acquire a sallow yellowish appearance.

Blackheads and pimples became numerous. To rid myself of the latter I

tried various lotions, cold creams, beauty clays, etc. To restore the roses

in my cheeks I tried various highly perfumed toilet soaps and, of course,

rouge and powder. When I did not succeed in eliminating the pimples

and blackheads by the use of the skin lotions, and when beauty soaps

Failed to restore the roses to my cheeks I used more and more rouge,

lipstick and powder. Of course it never occurred to me that my voracious

and unbridled appetite had anything to do with my complexion, though

my weight was steadily increasing.


"Dark rings began to appear beneath my eyes. I began to have head-

aches, which as time went on became more frequent. At first I sought

relief in aspirin tablets, which of course relieved my headaches, but I

realized that my condition was growing worse so I began to visit doctors,

from whom I got pills and prescriptions and orders to have my teeth

pulled and my tonsils removed and various suggestions of equally stupid

character. Of course I did not realize then that all these things were

stupid, though it is true I kept both my tonsils and teeth.


"If the doctors had been unanimous in their analyses of my case and

given the same prescriptions I should probably have followed all of the

advise given, but the prescriptions varied so much that it was impossible

to follow them.


"My appetite began to wane. My tongue was heavily coated, especially

when I got up in the morning. But I took appetizers and ate highly

spiced foods so that I was able to eat in spite of my revolting stomach.


"My headaches increased and my pains extended to other parts of the

body. My legs, my arms and especially my back ached most of the time.

As I was now employed with the Westinghouse Electric Company and

wanted to be always on the job, I had to force myself to do my duties;

force myself to get up in the morning; force myself into my clothes; in

fact, force every move that I made. In the end, even eating became a

burden to me. The only act I did not force was going to bed at night,

but my sleep was ever sound and dreamless. Instead I rolled and

tossed all night with occasional lapses of consciousness. Whenever I

rode on the train and occasionally even at work, I drowsed off into a



"Not only because of my suffering and unsightly condition, but because

I discovered that while other girls were in demand, I remained a wall

flower, I stayed away form dances and social gatherings of young peo-

ple. I became exceedingly morose and morbid and more and more

self-centered. Life had become such a burden to me that many times,

in moments of greatest depression, I contemplated suicide, and only

refrained because I lacked the courage.


"When doctors' medicines failed, the neighbors advised herb teas, mud

bath packs, grandmother's physic, etc., but these home remedies were

no more effective than those prescribed by the doctors. Instead of getting

better, I got worse.


"My heart which had been for some time troubling me a great deal,

at times thumped so rapidly that it seemed it would jump out of my

throat. My breath became short. My pains increased. My flesh be-

came soft and pudgy. My ankles became almost as large as my calves.

I was a sight to behold-only one and a half inches over five feet tall,

barefoot, and weighing one hundred and eighty-six pounds.


"Here I was, only eighteen years of age, as big as a baby elephant and

saturated with the poisonous wastes from the food I had been eating.


"As I was about to give up in despair I heard of Dr. Wilcox, 'the man

who cures people with oranges.' So, without a great deal of hope, but

with the feeling that regardless of whether or not he could benefit

me, since my condition was so bad that he could not possibly make me

worse, I went to him, and for the first time since I had begun doctoring,

I was told the real cause of my trouble. I was told that neither my

stomach, nor my heart, nor my under-nourished, decaying teeth, but my

diet was responsible for my trouble.


"After a thorough examination, the doctor said, "We'll just put you on

orange juice for ten days as a starter on the cleansing process. Of course

this seemed like a long time to do without what I called food, but I

was desperate, so I said, 'All right. I'll do anything. I might as well be

dead as in my present condition.'


"The results were surprising, not only to me, but even to Dr. Wilcox,

who had witnessed so many people doing the same thing. While the first

few days were a bit difficult, I began to experience immediate relief,

and before the ten days were up I had lost all of my pains and I have

never had a headache since. When the ten days were finished, I felt so

much better that I decided, upon the doctor's advice, to try the same

diet for ten days more. This was not hard to do, for I felt no desire for

other food. At the end of twenty days I felt still better and my fat was

rapidly dropping away; so as I still had no desire for other food, I con-

tinued on the exclusive orange juice diet.


"So I went on from one ten-day period to another,and as the days passed

into weeks and the weeks into months, as my desire for other foods had

not returned, as I had long ago said goodbye to my pains, as my fat

was melting away, and my complexion clearing up, I continued my



"Life had taken on a new meaning. I had begun to enjoy living. I no

longer drowsed on every occasion when I relaxed. But when I went to

bed, my sleep was sound and untroubled, in contrast to the spasmodic

sleep that gave me no rest in the days when I was living in the old

way. I became active and alert, full of vigor and vitality. Boys and girls

alike began to desire my company, and the former especially became

increasingly interested in my new found charms.


"So I continued day after day and week after until now six months

have passed and I am, as you see, completely restored to health. And I

want to tell you it is great to be alive I feel like running and dancing

and singing all the time."


To see was to believe. I compared the pictures she showed me of

the overfed, overstuffed creature she had been, with the living, breath-

ing reality before me, and I knew her story was true.


"You seem to have gone through this period of purging without pain.

This is unusual. People, as a rule, suffer somewhat, especially at the

outset of such a restrictive diet. Did you not at times suffer and feel

morbid and discouraged?" I asked.


"No," she replied, "I improved from the start, and although the first few

days were painful, I felt better each day. At about the middle of the

period I had a slight running at the nose ( Dr. Wilcox called it a period

of elimination), but this did not bother me. I kept on as usual with my

work in the office of the Westinghouse Electric Company."


"Then you worked throughout the period of six months that you were

on the orange juice diet? I again interrogated.


"Yes, and I walked about a mile every day and felt like walking more,

but the doctor cautioned against it."


"You seem to have kept in pretty close touch with Dr. Wilcox through-

out the period."


"Yes, I visited him every day. While he emphasized the fact that not

he but the oranges were doing the work, he felt that without his guid-

ance I might go wrong. I probably would have, too," she added.


"What do you eat now?" I asked.


"Raw foods, altogether, green vegetables and a few nuts. This diet I

enjoy much better than did I the old conventional cooked diet," she

added with a smile of conviction.


And thus ended the story of the wonderful transformation

wrought by the daily use of the golden drops of sunshine from the


May it be told again and again. May it be an inspiration to

thousands of suffering human beings, that they may be tempted to

partake freely of this golden fruit whose substance has imbibed so

freely of the life-giving properties of the sun that even the color

of its skin bespeaks the gold that lies within.--Correct Eating 1931.

Read over carefully about this girl who began to fatten when she

was 14, and how her parents considered it a sign of good health.

Then her health began to fade . . . appetite began to wane, tongue

heavily coated . . . headache increased and pains extended to other

parts . . . heart went bad, breath became short, flesh soft and pudgy,

ankles almost as large as calves of her legs.

She was 18 years old, 5' 1 1/2" tall, and weighed 186 pounds. Ready

to give up in despair when Dr. Wilcox put her on orange juice.

Improvement was rapid and surprising. Within ten days she felt

much better and continued the orange juice for six months-and

was "completely restored to health."

While on the orange juice diet she carried on her regular work

"in the office of the Westinghouse Electric Company."

Then she changed to a diet of "raw foods entirely, green vege-

tables and a few nuts." She said, "This diet I enjoy much more than

I did the old conventional cooked diet."

This young woman made an excellent start on the path to Breath-

arianism, and no doubt had continued had she been properly ad-

vised. But no one knows anything about Breatharianism and the

advice she needed no one could give.

The turning of the earth on its axis affects not the body. The

fault is not in our body but in our conduct and habits if we grow

decrepit. The press of May 3rd, 1936, reported the case of a woman

who neither ate nor drank for 56 years, and "at the age of 68 she

acts and looks like a child."