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[The expert rolled out to promote SARS.  Where is he now?  Of course, Dixon can predict the future as he knows the Medical Industry agenda before it hits the media.  We should all be dying of SARS according to his prediction, and HIV.]

"If we don't take great care, SARS could become established in the poorest nations - places like Burundi, Nigera or Malawi - which have neither the high-tech capability of Toronto nor the totalitarian muscle of China to contain it. If that happens, the consequencies for global control could be grave." Dr Patrick Dixon - interview on CNN Europe 29 April 2003

"HIV specialist Patrick Dixon accused the Government of a "chronic lack of action" in tackling the disease...This is a disease that spreads easily and quickly, and most difficult of all, we do not understand fully how it works.  People thought Aids spread quickly.  Let me assure you, that will be nothing compared with Sars."--Sunday Express April 27, 2003

"NEWS reports that SARS could turn out to be "worse than Aids" are certainly alarming. Aids has killed tens of millions worldwide and impoverished much of southern Africa. If we are looking at a rerun,  Sars could indeed be the greatest disaster of the 21st century. 
    Reassuringly, however, the source of this particular prediction turns out to be none other than the preposterous Dr Patrick Dixon, a London-based one-man think-tank and self-proclaimed "expert on future trends" (his chosen area of expertise during the current crisis). Whenever a scientific or medical issue with ethical ramifications crops up - such as Aids, cloning or a new disease - up pops Dixon too, predicting the end of the world or at least life as we know it.
    Sars is not Aids. It is caused by a completely different type of virus, with a completely different means of transmission. Saying, as Dixon did last week, that Sars has a "25 percent chance" of developing into an Aids-style pandemic is meaningless unless Dr Dixon can come up with some sound epidemiological evidence for this figure.
    Dixon is of course entitled to his interesting views; but when he strays into the dangerous world of facts he is on shaky ground. When the only-slightly-more-ludicrous Raelians claimed they had cloned a baby at Christmas, the polymath Dixon, who was then touted as "an expert on the ethics of cloning", stated, with a straight face, that he had "no reason to doubt" that a human had been cloned. "2003 will go down in history as the Year of the Clone," he states, solemnly and almost certainly wrongly."--Private Eye, May 3, 2003

Patrick Dixon may be a character out of Viz magazine, but he is given the time of day not only by the tabloids but by those at the Guardian, Times and BBC who are supposed to know better.

Dr. Patrick Dixon, leading UK "Futurologist", declares SARS to be a more serious epidemic than AIDS. If he's sounding the alarm, does he have our best interests in mind? Dixon runs a consulting outfit called Global Change. He boasts a very impressive client list of responsible corporate citizens, such as: Arthur Andersen, BASF, Credit Suisse, Exxon Mobil, Qualcomm, Roche (Pharmaceuticals), UBS, and of all things, the World Bank technical assistance team to China. Check it out: http://www.globalchange.com/clients.htm

"Dixon, Dr Patrick, The Truth About AIDS, Kingsway Publications, 1987. Dr Dixon’s ideas that Africa is dying ultimately of a sexually transmitted disease brought about by ‘rampant trans-African truck drivers’ etc., has attracted a particularly large and loyal church following - a following that has consistently refused to question Dr Dixon’s easily contestable beliefs. A survey carried out by Durex on national sexual practices for instance found that the UK was the most promiscuous nation by far. Yet where is the British AIDS pandemic? Declining an invitation to attend a meeting in London set up specifically  for leading members of the church medical community to discuss these important matters, Dr Dixon accused me of being a flat-earther and would not engage in any meaningful debate on the matter. He also wrote to others who had been invited, advising  them against attending, suggesting the madness of even questioning the conventional medical wisdom that had been amassed over the years on 'infectious' AIDS. But doesn't the Bible teach that we should always give a reasoned account for what we believe? While the church is to be commended for much of its work in supplying practical support across many parts of Africa, Dr Dixon’s general influence over the church in these matters coupled with his adherence to these ultimately dehumanising ideas and the following they attract,has severely impeded the path towards the correct and relatively simple treatment for the environmental affliction known as African AIDS. Sound nutrition, clean water and a general education away from meddlesome western imperialism and well-meaning, misguided missionary zeal is the only triple therapy needed for this continent. Please visit this link for a look at some of the drugs conventional medicine naively wishes upon Africa."--Steve Ransom