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Donna Pessin: Healing the Gut in Autism

By Donna Pessin
“The answer to autism lies in the gut,” say many scientists, researchers, and well-respected health care practitioners. But is it really that simple, and how, exactly, do you heal your child’s gut?

For the last 18 years I have been studying gut, or bowel health. My entire nutritional practice has focused on healing the body by healing the bowel. I’ve been on “this bandwagon” for a very long time, and I have acquired an enormous amount of information and experience about how to heal the bowel, heal the body, and heal disease. The results have been remarkable.

My experience with children with autism is that they indeed have very unhealthy bacterial environments in their bowel. As it relates to autism, for example, a healthy bowel increases vitamin B-12 levels, as the bacteria in the bowel play a key role in the absorption and creation of this nutrient. Vitamin B-12 is needed for neurotransmitter production and neurological function. Additionally, there is a growing sense among autism researchers that infectious exposures may be a major contributing factor to autism and its related disorders. A healthy bowel prevents yeast, parasites, fungal infections, and bacterial infections, like staph, strep, Lyme’s. etc., from invading the body and creating toxic, nerve-damaging side-effects. A healthy bowel digests lactose, gluten, and other foods without allergic reactions. A healthy bowel eliminates acids (which hereby also refers to toxins/heavy metals/pesticides/chemicals, etc) from your child’s body so they are not re-absorbed, where they trigger damage to his or her nervous system/brain, and create numerous symptoms.

A healthy bacterial environment can be created in your child, but my experience is that due to many misunderstandings, current protocols are failing to accomplish this. 

Some select and keys concepts that I have uncovered that will help you attain success in healing your child’s bowel are:

My experience, as well as that of researchers, is that children with autism have very high levels of acidity, stored both in their organs, and free-floating in their blood. Un-eliminated acids are dangerous, and your child’s body reacts to protect him or her from these. One example of a reaction to these acids is the utilization of oxygen to buffer them. When oxygen is used to protect your child from the imminent danger of an overly acidic bloodstream, the resultant lowered levels of oxygen deprive their brains this necessary element for proper function and development. Some studies have found that over 85% of children with autism have low blood oxygen levels. Another response to un-eliminated acids is the release of inflammatory chemicals. These too buffer these acids and reduce the imminent danger of their presence. A neurologist at John’s Hopkins found neurological inflammation in 100% of the patients he tested with autism.

Some select and key concepts that I have uncovered that will help you attain success in healing your child’s body/eliminating these acids and increasing oxygen levels and lowering inflammation, are:

If you have been trying to heal your child’s bowel and/or have taken steps to treat bacterial/fungal and other infections; and if you are aware of the toxicity problems in your child and have been trying to address these, you have made great progress in finding the answer to your child’s issues.  I am offering a path beyond this, a different path, based on similar ideas, but on a whole new level, with a whole new level of results, as well.

Donna Pessin, Certified Nutritional Consultant, and author of “Unique Healing,” developed this program many years ago, which cured her of her “incurable” autoimmune disease, alcoholism, and severe food allergies after all other approaches had failed. For the last 18 years she has been passionately devoted to helping others in her successful private practice in Boulder, Colorado. She consults with clients from all over the world.  For more information please visit, and also watch my video on autism at