From Dr. Duffy:

Dear Doctor,

I read your article on webmd.

I am a chiropractor with thirty years experience who accepts crisis medicine as a wonderful, life saving and worthwhile profession that has saved my own life on several occasions and has spared me much unnecessary suffering.

 However I have a different view of the practice of what is called orthodox [that is to say, consensus driven] medicine which I consider to represent the ultimate in medical quackery in accord with the pronouncement of one of your own MDs who taught med school for quite awhile, Dr Mendelsohn - who gave the very good advice on what to do when your were "sick", he said to avoid MDs because they would make you sicker. That has been my experience over the past fifty years in which I have been observing the situation closley.

 Before addressing your assessment of my profession I have a few questions. I would like to know if you prescribe cholesterol lowering drugs? If so, are you responsible for any of the deaths reported from the use of those drugs? And are you still prescribing those drugs doctor? Are you aware that one of those

drugs killed 82 humans [just the tip of a very large iceberg] in one study  and killed 28 humans in another?


If you are prescribing those deadly drugs please refer your patients to me and I will instruct them on how to correct their morbid condition by the use of natural, inexpensive and healthy procedures. I will give them the advice free of charge, they don't need doctors to control their cholesterol levels – much less drugs that will kill them. Are you aware that the early studies in those drugs had to be discontinued because so many of the users committed suicide?


And do you prescribe hypertensive medication doctor? Rather than address the underlying causes?? Do you simply write a prescription for a biological poison to control that condition or do you make an attempt to correct the underlying cause? If so, please send those patients to me doctor, I have great success in the treatment of  patients who suffer hypertension. I do not treat hypertension, I treat the patient WITH the hypertension and the hypertension gradually [occasionally immediately] subsides and normalizes as the body corrects itself [are you aware doctor, that the eventual correction in EVERY dysfunction is ALWAYS made by the body? and NOT by the drug or antidote used - and that that final correction by the body ALWAYS involves a structural component - be it micro or macro?]. True, there are many patients who cannot respond to natural methods and cannot assume the responsibility for their conditions. Believe me when I say that they get sent right back to folks like you for their meds.


Now on the subject of your assessment of my profession, you have absolutely no knowledge of chiropractic and absolutely no understanding of the effect of the

structural factor in health and disease and I sincerely doubt that you have ever read and studied the basic theory upon which my profession rests its case. Hence you

have no business making public utterances pertinent to the subject.


You, along with a whole host of white collar criminals employed by the pharmaceutical industry, the AMA, FDS, NIH, CDC are misleading and improperly educating the public on the subject of health and disease. The consensus of medical opinion has placed the practice of orthodox medicine on the ten most common causes of death list. Are you even aware of that??? If you were aware of that I would think you would busy yourself in trying to monitor and police your own profession rather than cast incorrect aspersions on mine!! You MDs have managed to turn our country into a drug oriented culture.


Until such time that you study the chiropractic theory and investigate chiropractors such as myself to relieve yourself of your ignorance you should reserve your opinions. I would be more than happy to take you under my wing as I have with many other medical doctors seeking a way out of the difficult situation in which they find themselves after investing in a medical education only to find after five years or so in practice that they are doing more harm than good. I regularly teach a one hundred hour course in the Cleveland area, perhaps you would like to enroll in the next one beginning in Sept of 2002, God willing.


Since you are totally unaware of what I do as a chiropractor I will name a few of the conditions suffered by patients I see on a regular basis. It might come as a surprise to you that most of my patients have endocrine based disorders and are "sick" rather than suffering "backaches, cricks and sprains". And by the way, I DO treat patients with what you call "neurological disorders" and "herniated discs" etc. and treat them with great success I might add - and I am fully qualified in electromyography and yes, I am trained in neurology.


To name just a few of the conditions suffered by the patients I treat on a regular basis - I regularly achieve success with patients suffering from Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's D.,  Thyrotoxicosis, Hashimoto's, Grave's disease, epilepsy, nausea of pregnancy, digestive problems [I have not  yet encountered a patient with "too much acid" and regularly give them several tablets of Betaine HCl to observe the effect when they present with such symptoms - how often do you prescribe antacids doctor??? how often do you diagnose hyperacidity doctor?? - I'd appreciate you sending me up one of your so diagnosed patients so that I can treat them properly and send them back to you or perhaps you would like to accept my challenge on my webpage and take me on in public and allow people to judge for themselves?? see] - I have a standing challenge for people such as yourself to meet me in public and take on patients suffering symptoms right off the street to demonstrate the effects of what we do for sick and suffering humanity. My only requirement in such a duel is that the first rule of healing be adhered to, that being, "first do no harm".


You medical people have a lot of nerve criticising and judging my profession or any subject in which you are unversed - you want to make a mark?? accept my challenge and we will meet in public on stage and see who can do what to whom!!!!!


Let me give you a little clue doctor before I sign off, you people in medicine are a lot more vulnerable to attack than we are in chiropractic, you medical doctors are killing people at high rates, and demonstrably so. If I were you I would go back into my hole and remain very quiet and hope that the public is not suddenly awakened to what you birds have been up to for the last several hundred years, it would not be a happy event for you people in white coats if the angry mob ever suddenly awakened to the mischief you are doing - such as vaccinating a neonate with foreign protein to "protect" them against an adult condition caused by substance abuse. Are you aware that you fellows are directly responsible for the sudden increases in Autism? And every time you stick your head up out of your self created muck and say something nasty about us you can bet on receiving this type of a response. I'll be keeping a very close eye on you and your activities.

Dr Daniel H Duffy Sr

Geneva, Ohio

small town family doctor 30 years

retired air force officer 21  years.

Public rights advocate and defender of the constitutional republic form of government.