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Earth Energies

''The easiest way to cure any disease is never to get it." (Anton W. Oelgoetz, MD, Physical Culture, September 1928, p37)

[Dowsing aid] "Put the point of a Succor Punch in the palm of your non-dominant hand and use a pendulum with your dominant hand. If you're already familiar with pendulum dowsing, you'll get proficient fast; if you're not, get a little book on dowsing from a new-age bookstore and a pendulum and familiarize yourself. It's not difficult or weird. You can make a Succor Punch from the tutorial on   or buy one from one of the vendors listed there.
     I asked Carol to watch the energy dynamics, while I was using this method, and compare that with my unassisted dowsing. When I used the Succor Punch, she saw clean energy/ information moving from the Succor Punch crystal, into my palm, over my shoulders to the hand holding the pendulum.
When I wasn't using the SP, she saw clean energy/information coming down, into the top of my head, but it got altered and a little polluted, by the time it came out my neck and over to my hand. She says that this is because whenever we try to express something that we receive, our brain usually encodes it in a 'comfortable' way for us, and that the brain is always prejudiced. We temporarily overcome that filter, when we're particularly lucid or detached, (or in dire need), but dowsing should never be considered infallible, any more than a single psychic's observation is. It's an aid."---- [Book] The Life Etheric With Carol Croft

Cowan's work in these areas of Geopathic Stress is of the utmost importance as exposure to black energy can cause ME (Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome), MS, Necrotosing Fasciitis, Motor Neurone Disease, Alzheimers, Epilepsy, Asthma, Rheumatism, Heart Problems, Allergies and Insomnia and Demonic Possession.ANCIENT ENERGIES OF THE EARTH HIJACKED Book review and observations by Lifetraveller

"Regarding the geobiological connection between earth radiation and chronic disease, in particular cancer, it could be shown, as already reported two years ago, but now with even greater precision, that at least the starting cause of these diseases is very closely connected with the radiation complex habitually found in cancer zones and at cancer points. Here it was found again and again that the so-called double Curry zones, in connection with radiation from water, but sometimes also without this, were the main cause. Of approx 600 cancer cases which I investigated, there were less than 5% which had no connection with the radiation situation outlined above. In my book which is to be published in the autumn of this year there will be a rich choice of case histories in the form of radiation sketches, and I shall also report in detail on the mystery of "geomancy".Harmful Earth Radiation tests by Prof Dr Emil Worsch

 All serious illnesses I have found up to now to occur above interference crossings: twitching, tinnitus, facial paralysis, angina, asthma, heart attacks, strokes, inflammation of the kidneys, cancer (in more than 700 cases without exception) etc. Doctors say that our immune system is weakened by constant radiation so that, depending on one's constitution and the prevalent influences, different diseases can develop.NOXIOUS EARTH ENERGIES AND THEIR INFLUENCE ON HUMAN BEINGS  by Kathe Bachler 1987

Where you would have a two-banded Hartman crossing a two-banded Hartman it was my experience to find that would cause Hodgkin’s Disease but it would take a minimum of fourteen years to do so. I never came across a case of Hodgkin’s Disease associated with a Hartman grid that took less than fourteen years to form.
        With the Hodgkin’s you have the two-banded Hartman crossing the two-banded Hartman. With the Non-Hodgkin’s you get the three-banded Hartman crossing the two-banded Hartman. That’s what I found.Alf Riggs Interview 1999.

ME sufferers that are over underground streams invariably find that they have the Epstein Barre virus and I have formed the opinion that perhaps the Epstein Barre virus only becomes biologically active when you are over an underground stream that is producing the frequency that turns him on. Alf Riggs Interview 1999.

I’ve looked at cases of chronic myeloid anaemia and chronic lymphoid leukaemia and found without exception you didn’t find a case without you having three different types of radiation present and that was the outside edge line of an underground stream, two-banded Hartman, which was negative in it’s polarity and AC pos magnetic fields over three hundred nano-tesla. Alf Riggs Interview 1999.

The last four cases of chronic myeloid lymphoid leukaemia the AC field part of the equation was supplied by a transformer and they varied. When you measured them in the area of the bed from just over 300, one was 1100, one was 3,400, the other was around 800, in association with water. Alf Riggs Interview 1999.

So with all the cases of multiple sclerosis I’ve looked at they have always been associated with underground streams, two-banded Hartman and a disturbed DC field and that’s based on around forty three, forty four cases. I went over to Guernsey to look at a case and I wasn’t told before I went over there. I looked at four different cases, two cancer cases, one ME case and one MS case. And you find with monotonous regularity you have three different types of radiation. Alf Riggs Interview 1999.

Motor-neuron---That was radiation going through the head, very often two types of radiation or sometimes one type and was always confined to the geological fault or the outside edge line win combination with another type of radiation or sometimes in combination with a grossly disturbed DC field in the area of the pillow, consequently the brain.Alf Riggs Interview 1999.

It takes a long time but if you have an underground stream going across the body and the other underground stream is the other side of the head then you are not only on the radiation, which is said to be around 1,400 megahertz, according to Polish scientists, but your head is also in this other frequency that will produce arthritis. It causes insomnia, migraine type headaches, panic attacks and I have found people that are chronic insomniac’s had their head in this line of radiation and the radiation in between and once you take them out the very first thing they are able to do is sleep properly.Alf Riggs Interview 1999.

If it was crossed over with the outside edge of an underground stream it would produce breast cancer and ovarian cancer.Alf Riggs Interview 1999.