Rogue Chemist (Shane Ellison) Unleashes Pharmaceutical Secrets

Myth #1 - FDA approved Drugs are Safe and Effective

Myth #2 - Drug Advertising Promotes Health Awareness for Consumers

Myth #3 - Pharmaceutical Drugs Improve the Quality of Human Life

Myth #4 - Professional Medicine Reporting is Honest and Trustworthy

Myth #5 - Nutritional Supplements (AKA Nutraceuticals) are Dangerous and Ineffective

Myth #6 - High Cholesterol is a Major Risk Factor for Heart Disease

Myth #7 Cholesterol is Bad for You

Myth #8 - Cholesterol Lowering Drugs, known as Statins, are Safe and Effective at Preventing Heart Disease

Myth #9 - Ephedra causes Heart Attack, Stroke and Seizures.

Myth #10 - Dieting is the Cure for Obesity

Learn the secrets of: