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Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill----Udo Erasmus

"Omega 3 deficiency symptoms: growth retardation, vision & learning problems, motor inco-ordination, weakness, tingling in arms & legs, behavioural changes. All except the first are symptoms used to diagnose MS."—Udo Erasmus, author Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill. (lecture).

The low fat (no fat) diet that is the rage today leads to stunted growth in children; dry skin; low energy levels; high cholesterol; high triglycerides; compromised immune function; leaky gut and allergies; lower testosterone production; and, as you will see a little later, cause many other health problems. Low fat foods taste like cardboard (fats enhance taste), and they deprive many people of great tasting foods. Manufacturers deal with this problem in a rather interesting way. They load low fat foods with sugar, which your body turns into the hard (saturated) fats they claim to be avoiding by making these low fat foods in the first place. What a ridiculous idea! What a bad joke for health!


Udo Erasmus on healthy oils. Dr Udo Erasmus talks about healthy oils and omega 3 in Melbourne on October 2 2007. Video produced by David Neiger