Feminism Quotes

'We, the Rockefeller Foundation, supported and funded the Women’s Liberation Movement. Why do you think we did it? There were two primary reasons for this: One was that before women’s right to work, we could only tax HALF of the population. The other was so that with women going out to work it would break up families. Women would have to spend all day at work away from the family. The children would begin to see the state and teachers as their family and this would make it easier to indoctrinate and control them.' ~ Nick Rockefeller to Aaron Russo

Family life was and always will be the foundation of any civilization.  Destroy the family and you destroy the country. THE PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF THE FAMILY by ERIN PIZZEY

'The primary requirement of a pedophile is that the protective biological father is  removed from the family.  This is Feminism's primary aim.  Feminism is a cover for pedophilia.' ~ Greg Hallett

Homosexuality is the inability to form a permanent bond with a member of the opposite sex. It is commonly characterized by an obsession with sex and promiscuity. Sex becomes a surrogate for love. Doesn't this describe society today? --Henry Makow

The Family Court is basically a crime creation movement because 90% of crime in New Zealand is created by fatherless kids, so the Judiciary is a crime creation movement and the District Court used to fund the Family Court and 90% of the criminals who go through the District Court don't have a father, so the Courts are a crime creation movement, as well as doing murders. Greg Hallett Begins 2/12: Interview with Dr. James Fetzer PhD

It is tragic that all across the world young women are deliberately being brainwashed to despise marriage and motherhood. Feminism promises a career, freedom and money; but in reality, it's a dead-end of loneliness, heartache and bitter regret.--  David J. Stewart

"Feminism is Communist both in origin and spirit. It pretends to champion women but in fact neuters both sexes and destroys the basic social unit, the family."-- Henry Makow Ph.D.

Feminism was invented in Russia as a method of war, and during the Cold War feminists in Russia were deported to the west.  Feminists break down the family, reduce breeding and create infighting. Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett p.153

Professor Ruth Wisse, from Harvard has to say:

"Women’s Liberation, if not the most extreme, then certainly the most influential neo-Marxist movement in America, has done to the American home what communism did to the Russian economy, and most of the ruin is irreversible. By defining between men and women in terms of power and competition instead of reciprocity and co-operation, the movement tore apart the most basic and fragile contract in human society, the unit from which all other social institutions draw their strength."

Feminism masquerades as a movement for women's rights. This kind of deception is typical of subversive movements of Communist origin. In reality, feminism is ruthlessly opposed to femininity, masculinity, heterosexuality, the nuclear family and children. It deliberately promotes homosexuality which, according to experts, is a form of arrested development. Feminism neuters women, rendering them less fit to become wives and mothers. Men are emasculated, unable to create families, or make sacrifices for the sake for their children. If feminism were genuine, it would have disappeared when discrimination against women ended. It continues as a tool of the elite agenda: depopulation, de stabilizing society, and dismantling Western Civilization. Feminism, New World Order and Rockefeller's New War By Henry Makow Ph.D.

For the same reason, the Elite is behind "sexual liberation" and "gay liberation." Through funding and media control, they make us regard sex as a recreation/physical release rather than as the expression of a spiritual bond (i.e. a loving marriage) resulting in children. The Elite modus operandi is to finance and promote disgruntled minorities in order to destabilize and undermine the world. Feminism is a prime example. It pretends to be about giving women equal opportunity in the workplace when in fact it is devoted to discouraging women from seeking fulfillment in motherhood. The Devil's Work: Feminism and the Elite Depopulation Agenda By Henry Makow Ph.D

Some of my detractors were members of the burgeoning subculture whose genitals define their lives. One, "Vixxie" describes herself as a bisexual who lives with both a husband and a female lover. Thrill seekers aside, many are quick to label someone "insane" based on the authority of the TV news. They form their identity this way without realizing the mass media is devoted to social engineering and control.  Learning requires humility and a willingness to put the truth before emotional investments. I used to be sympathetic to Communism and a liberal, feminist, socialist and Zionist. I learned that these are all hoaxes used to manipulate people and I changed. It wasn't quick and it wasn't easy. Confessions of a "Crackpot" by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Strong fathers make for masculine sons and feminine daughters. They make for strong families. Weak or absent fathers create weak men, feminists, lesbians and homosexuals. Listen to two leading feminist pioneers: The CIA, Homosexuality and Underdevelopment By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Strong fathers make for masculine sons and feminine daughters. They make for strong families. Weak or absent fathers create weak men, feminists, lesbians and homosexuals. Listen to two leading feminist pioneers:
      Gloria Steinem: "My father was living in California. He didn't ring up but I would get letters from him and saw him maybe once or twice a year."
      Germaine Greer: "My father had decided pretty early on that life at home was pretty unbearable...it gave my mother an opportunity to tyrannize the children and enlist their aid to disenfranchise my father completely."
    These dysfunctional women would have gone nowhere had they not been handpicked to destabilize society. The CIA-feminist assault on the American family mirrors the CIA assault on the Black family, and the Third World. The CIA, Homosexuality and Underdevelopment By Henry Makow Ph.D. 2002

Homosexuality is a developmental disorder defined by the failure to establish a permanent bond with a member of the opposite sex. Psychologist Richard Cohen, in "Coming Out Straight: Understanding and Healing Homosexuality" (2000) argues it is caused when a male child fails to bond with his father. By having sex with men, the adult gay is trying to compensate for father-love denied in adolescence.
    Cohen was gay and is now married with three children. He attributes lesbianism to a woman's reaction to being rebuffed or abused by her father. He has assisted hundreds of homosexuals, but is under constant attack for undermining the gay political agenda, (i.e. to redefine societal norms.)
    Psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover has pointed to another cause of homosexuality. A 1990 survey of 1000 gays shows that an older or more powerful partner physically assaulted 37% of them before the age of 19. ("Homosexuality and American Public Life," 1999, p.24). In addition, according to Anne Moir in "Why Men Don't Iron," some men may be "born gay" due to foetal hormone imbalances. They seem to be a minority. Playboy and the (Homo) Sexual Revolution  By Henry Makow Ph.D. 2003

Betty Friedan, the "founder of modern feminism" pretended to be a typical 1950's American mother who had a "revelation" that women like her were exploited and should seek independence and self-fulfillment in career.
    What Friedan (nee: Betty Naomi Goldstein) didn't say is that she had been a Communist propagandist since her student days at Smith College (1938-1942) and that the destruction of the family has always been central to the Communist plan for world government. See "The Communist Manifesto" (1848).
    Daniel Horowitz, a History Professor at Smith with impeccable Liberal and Feminist credentials documents all this in his book, Betty Friedan and the Making of the Feminine Mystique: The American Left, the Cold War and Modern Feminism (University of Massachusetts Press 1999). Horowitz cites a union member who described how a Communist minority "seized control of the UE national office, the executive board, the paid-staff, the union newspaper and some district councils and locals."
    Betty Frieden doesn't want anyone to know her radical antecedents. Throughout her career, she said she had no interest in the condition of women before her "revelation." She refused to cooperate with Professor Horowitz and accused him of "Red-baiting."  Betty Friedan: "Mommy" was a Commie By Henry Makow Ph.D. 2003