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Chris Gupta

Note: 1: These posts are not intended to promote anything - instead they are an effort to expose issues not covered in the mainstream media and provide fodder for the thinking person...You are encouraged to take matters in your own hands with the tools and ideas provided here and elsewhere.

Note 2: Action items are more effective when you also write, print out the petition and send it by snail mail, or telephone your representative directly. Don't forget to be persistent! Send follow up letters and/or fax, phone and keep demanding a response on how and what they will actually do to mitigate concerns outlined. If no response then personally visit and ask why they are not responding and representing your concerns as per their mandate?  If you don't get a satisfactory response let them know that instead of working to support them, as in the past, you will now actively work against them and do your best to remove them from office in the next election. Often reading the petition will empower you to better deal with the establishment propaganda....

Note 3: Please consider the environment before printing. See also: Software recommendation to save the environment.

1) MEETING: Tue. Aug 16th - People for Safe Drinking Water - London Ont.
2) L.O..O.K It's A Party - Water Forum - London Ont.
3) Water Wholesaler Sued for Illegal Use of an Unapproved Drug to Fulfill Fluoridation Program
4) Fluoride Awareness Week
5) FINAL APPEAL - Final Funding Call For Water Festival & Conference - We Need Your Help - Australia

Other Misc:
6) "Sad Day' For Whistleblowers" - Shiv Chopra
7) FDA Schemes to Destroy Vitamins
8) WHISTLEBLOW: Eileen Dannemann Is back: Exposes Pharma TONIGHT after 2 months of investigation
9) On NPR - Safety Of Raw Milk Debate With Sally Fallon Morell And Bill Marler
1) MEETING: Tue. Aug 16th - People for Safe Drinking Water - London Ont.

The next meeting is scheduled for Aug 16th, 2011, starting at 8:30pm. at McGuinnes Landing on Wonderland Road at the Tim Horton's strip mall just one stop light north of Oxford on the west side.

Please RSVP

Chris Gupta
2) L.O.O.K It's A Party - Water Forum - London Ont.


A discussion on how to remove fluoride: between 11 am to 12 pm  see: http://www.lookitsaparty.ca/unityRoundTable.html 

Please RSVP

3) Water Wholesaler Sued for Illegal Use of an Unapproved Drug to Fulfill Fluoridation Program

This applies to Canada as well as points made regarding the FDA also apply to Health Canada. CG  


Largest Water Wholesaler in Southern California Sued for Illegal Use of an Unapproved Drug to Fulfill Fluoridation Program


SAN DIEGO, Aug. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Alleging willful misrepresentation and deceptive business practices by Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, attorneys for citizen/consumers from San Diego, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties filed a lawsuit in the public interest of millions of consumers in Southern California, citing that MWD of SoCal has made claims of safely and effectively treating and preventing dental disease in recipient consumers, while selecting and delivering a hydrofluosilicic acid drug through their water system that has never been approved for safety and effectiveness, nor in the expected dosages delivered by MWD through retail water districts, either topically, systemically through ingestion, or trans-dermal exposures through baths and showers.

In legal action which may impact the decision-making of water districts across the country employing the same practices, the lawsuit filed on August 9 in U.S. District Court, Southern District of California, addresses the Constitutional right of Plaintiffs to be free of bodily intrusion from a drug that has not been approved for MWD's intent to alter the physical structure and bodily functions to make a person's teeth more resistant to the demineralization process of tooth decay without their consent.

While some consumers may elect to purchase bottled water for drinking, virtually all consumers are captive to exposures from baths and showers, as simple filtration and most non-commercial methods do not remove the product, resulting in exposures to consumers similar to that of medications delivered by seasickness or nicotine patches.

"This case does not challenge the public policy of fluoridation," states Kyle Nordrehaug, attorney for the Plaintiffs. "It does challenge MWD's bait and switch tactics of orchestrating statements by them and their down-line distributors of water to individual consumers when MWD knew that the actual drug product that they deliver had never had a toxicological study performed on the health and behavioral effects of its continued use until 2010, much less approval for MWD's perpetuation of absolute health claims."

Despite early misrepresentations in the media, MWD of SoCal is not compelled to fluoridate its water by the State of California, and the costs of adding the unapproved drug are being borne by consumers in the form of rate hikes without water districts providing ratepayers clear notice of what the extra costs are for, or obtaining their consent.

The lawsuit's filing clarifies that Congress has established that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is the only government entity with the authority to approve claims of safety and effectiveness for products intended to treat and prevent disease, and that not only has the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency never had that authority, but in 1988 abandoned authority for safety standards for all direct water additives, including fluoridation chemicals.

While the Plaintiffs do not seek an award for any physical harm, they do point to evidence concerning safety/harm and effectiveness that by law and for consumers' protection requires that the product be thoroughly evaluated, and approval given, for any claims and MWD's intended health impact, before exposing consumers without their consent.

Plaintiffs point to MWD's misrepresentations and omission of any notice of contraindications, government recognition of susceptible populations, and scientific evidence of disproportionate harm to children, Latinos, and African Americans, from the particular harmful side effects from the hydrofluosilicic acid drug selected by MWD, above other forms of fluoride.

"This lawsuit pushes past the rhetoric and reliance on unaccountable endorsements or opinions that usually accompany this subject, and focuses on whether MWD of SoCal adds hydrofluosilicic acid to public drinking water in order to treat or prevent dental disease, and whether FDA regulates products intended to treat disease, or not," said Jeff Green, National Director of Citizens for Safe Drinking Water and spokesperson for the Plaintiffs.

"In essence," continued Green, "the Plaintiffs are saying, 'Don't tell us, or the media, or the court how safe it is. Go tell it to the FDA through the evaluation process and get approval for the claims for the specific product you deliver, and don't administer it to us topically, systemically through our ingestion, or through our skin from our baths and showers, without our consent until you do.'"
Jeff Green,
Plaintiff Spokesperson
Citizens for Safe Drinking Water (800) 728-3833
greenjeff@cox.net keepers-of-the-Well.org
Kyle Nordrehaug, Attorney
Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhomik
(858) 551-1223

4) Fluoride Awareness Week

For the full FAN bulletin Click here

We also invite you to subscribe to our Youtube page for video updates.

If you would like to start or join a local campaign to end fluoridation please first use our State and Regional Coordinator map to locate a FAN coordinator near you. If one does not exist in your area, then please contact our Campaign Manager.

Dear Chris,

This is a big week for the fluoride-free movement! First, the Fluoride Action Network, in collaboration with Dr. Joseph Mercola and Mercola.com, have proclaimed the week of August 8th-13th Fluoride Awareness Week. Each day Mercola.com will be publishing in-depth newsletters and interactive articles on various fluoride topics written by members of the Fluoride Action Network.


As part of the launch of Fluoride Awareness Week the Mercola team also helped FAN completely redesign our website. Once completed, the new website should make it easier to navigate through the large amount of information, research, and news on the effects of fluoride that FAN has created and collected over the past decade. The new site also has updated and improved "Take Action" pages, including an infant warning campaign page, and a "How to Start a Local Campaign" guide.

While most of the new site is complete, we are still working on transferring information from the old site, and fixing missing links and bugs as we find them. We ask for your patience as we make these improvements, and urge you to check back regularly as the site expands and improves.
Another Victory!

We are happy to report that another community has rejected water fluoridation this week. On Monday, the Philomath City Council made it clear that they would stand by their May decision to ban fluoride from the city's water supply. The council voted 6-1 in favor of banning fluoridation after hearing public testimony over two separate meetings, and after hearing an hour of testimony from the Mayor in opposition to fluoridation.

Concerned for the safety of its citizens, the Philomath City Council had voted unanimously to end fluoridation on May 9th after the CDC's acknowledgement of the dental fluorosis epidemic, and the Department of Health and Human Services' proposed lowering of the recommended fluoride level. However, the vote was met with a public outcry from the medical and dental community, and the council voted to hold public hearings on the issue. These public hearings led to the council's final vote against fluoridation, and against the dental community's efforts to force fluoride on the citizens of Philomath, Oregon.

5) FINAL APPEAL - Final Funding Call For Water Festival & Conference - We Need Your Help - Australia

Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2011 04:40:11 +1000
From: Diane Drayton Buckland <dianedraytonbuckland@gmail.com>
Subject: FINAL APPEAL - A bird in the hand opportunity - final funding call for
water festival & conference - we need your help

Dear Friends, This is too important for me not to send out one last time and my apologies if I am annoying anyone, but it is sent in the hope that others will be able to contribute to this most worthy cause - a huge thank you to all who have contributed thus far and if anyone else can contribute, any donations gratefully and graciously accepted to help this fight, which is a fight for recognition, fight for our freedom, fight for unpolluted water (^ as a consequence all our foods et al are polluted with these silicofluorides/fluorosilicic acid ), fight for our freedom of choice & our freedom of what we consume and fight for what's simply just right, again, any further donations to help a huge thank you. Please forward on to others who may be in a position to assist if you can. Thank you so much, Diane Drayton Buckland

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jaya Chela Drolma <sapphireeyesproductions@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 2:33 AM
Subject: A bird in the hand opportunity - final funding call for water festival & conference - we need your help

Dear All,

The letter below (also attached as a PDF) is a general letter that we are sending to a number of key people in a 'last ditch' effort for funding.

Please note that we am not asking you personally for a donation, since you MAY have already donated; but rather, your extended networks (email lists, etc) who still may be able to assist. Of course, if you are able and willing, you can also donate personally - we would be most grateful - but we would prefer those who have NOT yet supported us to do so.

Now is the time to donate and assist us, or it will soon be too late. We have a 'bird in the hand' opportunity - not a 'maybe' opportunity ie. huge exposure for our film in India. Our 'labour of love, made on 'the smell of an oily rag' film is worth 'gold' in education and awareness raising - unlike EXPENSIVE legal cases that don't get us anywhere! We would think people would be both proud and active in promoting our film in not one, but TWO international film festivals! It just doesn't make sense, that people have been so silent; and we have been so ignored.

So, if you chose to forward this urgent notice on, please be sure to draw attention to the fact that 'time is running out'. Thank you.

Jaya and Daniel.


Monday 8th August, 2011

Dear All,

This letter took much musing and courage to write, to ask your assistance (through your networks). We ask for this help under duress; and only because time is rapidly running out.

Daniel and myself, as you would know, have been officially invited to attend,
Voices from the Waters 2011, 6th International Film Festival on Water � the largest International film festival on water.

http://www.firewaterfilm.com/filmfestivals.htm AND,


Our writing to you is to ask for assistance (via your networks) ie. to ask your people to pass the proverbial �hat around� through their (personal or, anti-fluoride/safe-water) networks and see what can be drummed up by way of donations on our behalf..

At the time of writing, we have just two weeks remaining to secure the remainder of the funding target. We are still approximately $1,000 short. $800 to cover the remainder of the BASIC funding needed for our trip, BUT, we have to add on the monthly phone, Internet costs, and some petrol between now and departure [that amounts to $200]. This amount will cover our BASE costs for the India trip. No more. Given that we have worked on this project for nine months with no personal payment, it would be wonderful to see this last hurdle fulfilled with no more stress to ourselves; and to maximize this opportunity on behalf of everyone. On return, to maintain the websites, there are annual costs involved that amount to many hundreds of dollars (web-hosting fees, and monthly internet - all of which come out of Jaya's personal pocket right now).

We will be leaving on the 23rd August, returning the 8th September. Our schedule will be a busy one, promoting the film in the festival, attending the water conference, which we would love to film (if we have enough donations, we might be able to swing hiring a two-man crew for two days to film aspects of the festival and conference).

As a vital community-funded project, we have been working on FireWater 7-days per week, without respite, for nine months, unpaid. Now, we simply have NO 'stretch' left in our personal, or, the FireWater donated, budgets.

Both Daniel and myself have been working very hard on so many levels to raise funding for both the film�s initial production; and now, to attend the film festival; along with many Victorian and Queensland fighters, who have already given personal donations; along with others around Australia and overseas nations. Click HERE for current Running Tally of donors.

We have put in very long days over the past two months, emailing to seek donors and sponsors. Unfortunately, Australia as a whole is apathetic to say the least about the state of affairs surrounding fluoridation. We have (gratefully) had 31 donations from around 2,000 (professionals and community members) people we have directly emailed; this is a very poor response for an opportunity that was hard won; and for an event that will do much good in raising International awareness of Australia�s plight.

Daniel will be formally addressing over 1,000 invited delegates at the Water conference on the Monday after the festival - this is a great 'coup' really, for all our efforts. Jaya will also make a presentation.

We have exceeded 74,000 total upload views on the Official FireWater YouTube channel, along with a couple of thousand third party views. These are excellent results within a relatively short time frame. As a point of interest in how the Internet can affect people in all parts of the world, we have recently been contacted by an Australian man, now living in the Himalayan mountains (Nepal), who watched our film. His words of support were:

"I checked out the firewater link ( www.firewaterfilm.com ). Thank god someone has made the effort to make an in depth movie about this hideous mass crime. This is an extension of the Nazi crimes against humanity but on a mass scale - beyond normal human comprehension... now in this day and age when there is mass poisoning of water supplies and depleted uranium dust floating around the world, there are millions of innocent victims - especially the young who have no way of extricating themselves from poisoned environments - or their mothers avoiding DU bombs dropping near them, whilst they are in the womb."

Furthermore, according to a recent DVD review:

"The film [Fire Water] shines in bringing together some of the many voices from around Australia - a cross section of researchers, politicians, activists, sufferers and health professionals. The interviews are GOLD... a springboard to the next level of raising fluoridation awareness." � The Australian Fluoridation News, Vol. 47, No. 1, 2011.

As the Producer of Fire Water, the first Fluoride film that has reached an International film festival anywhere in the world (as far as I know), Jaya asks for your personal assistance to do what you can over the next ten days/week, through your networks. Both Daniel and Jaya will be ever so grateful.

Please send donations to EITHER:

Rosemarie Zalec (our Executive Producer) - she will place all cheques/donations into the film account.

Make cheques out to: Rosemarie Zalec
Send to: Rosemarie Zalec (Executive Producer of FIRE WATER)
PO Box 859
Mildura, VIC 3502

If you need a receipt, please ask for one and include your return postal address.

Or, people can deposit directly to my account (Producer of FireWater): http://www.jayacheladrolma.net/#!pay

Fire Water was created by donations; and our trip to India to represent the film has also been funded by donations. As already mentioned, we are short by $1000 for the two week trip - insurance, food and accommodation (and existing internet costs) must be factored into this balance; we have all travel costs/flights; plus covered, but little else.

Please note that the ONLY reason we have been able to afford to book the flights, was due to a friend - a fellow film maker - who works within the airline industry, who generously assisted us with his staff travel discount, saving us 50% of costs. Otherwise, we would not have been able to afford the costs of such a trip.

Our children and grandchildren deserve better than a Schedule 7 poison, forced into their growing bodies and brains by our government. The chemicals that pass for �fluoride� have NEVER been approved by the TGA for human consumption in Australia (there simply has been NO testing done, ever).

In India, the country where our festival/conference is to be held, their top fluoride researcher (Dr A.K. Susheela) states the following:

�From my extensive experience, I state without hesitation and with a high degree of scientific certainty, the following evaluation of fluoridation. Fluoride destroys muscle structure, muscle function and depletes muscle energy. Fluoride destroys the bone. Fluoride destroys the teeth. Fluoride destroys the RBCs. Fluoride destroys the Blood Vessels. Fluoride destroys the lining of the stomach and intestine causing GI problems. Evidence that is forthcoming also strongly suggests that in some individuals it causes infertility.� http://www.fluoridealert.org/susheela.htm

Daniel and myself will stand proudly on the podium, representing all who have already contributed towards our film - but, we need further donations if we are to simply, be insured in India, sleep somewhere clean, and, eat!

Let us know if you are able to assist - we await your response.


Jaya and Daniel

Jaya Chela Drolma
Executive Director
Sapphire Eyes Productions
Official Website
| Feedback | Email
6) "Sad Day' For Whistleblowers" - Shiv Chopra

Dear Shiv,

I am so sorry to hear that the Canadian government did not do the right thing and reinstate you. It IS a sad day for whistleblowers like you and your colleagues, who have suffered so much because you told the truth and tried to stop harm from being done and, then, when you could not stop it, tried to warn the people that their lives are being endangered. You have done the right thing and many, many people around the world, who have heard your warning, are grateful to you for the example you have set and the sacrifice you made.

Barbara Loe Fisher

'Sad day' for whistleblowers, union warns as board rules on fired ...

Toronto Star
Shiv Chopra, one of three scientists fired by Health Canada in a long-running whistleblowing saga after speaking publicly on drug-safety issues, ...

See also http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2011/08/08/pol-whistleblowers.html

We deeply thank Shiv and his colleagues for their integrity.
For background  Corrupt to The Core is a must read.

Chris Gupta

7) FDA Schemes to Destroy Vitamins

Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2011 17:34:37 +0200
From: National Health Federation <thenhf@thenhf.com>




By Byron J. Richards, CCN

August 6, 2011

The FDA and Senator Durbin�s latest attack against the dietary supplement industry should leave consumers for natural health options at affordable prices up in arms. This attack will target some of the most popular and effective dietary supplements, removing them from the free market and placing them under control of large pharmaceutical companies. This move will drastically drive up the price of dietary supplements while severely limiting access to extremely safe and effective nutrients. For example, the GlaxoSmithKline prescription drug version of DHA fish oil (at a therapeutic dose) sells for $189 a month, whereas the equivalent, therapeutic amount of molecularly-distilled DHA sells for $35 a month in the dietary supplement marketplace. Proven to lower triglyceride levels at therapeutic amounts, it is not surprising that DHA is one of the first nutrients the FDA plans to go after. Other powerful nutrients, such a! s curcumin and resveratrol, are soon to follow.

This is the second article in what will be a series of articles on this critical topic. In my first article, �Senator Durbin & the FDA Viciously Attack Dietary Supplements,� I outlined the scope and nature of the attack and called readers to take action. And it is still critically important that you do take action, so please visit the TAKE ACTION page immediately following reading this article.


Click here for the permanent link to this news release, use this link to inform others.


National Health Federation: Established in 1955, the National Health Federation is a consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals' rights to choose to consume healthy food, take supplements and use alternative therapies without unnecessary government restrictions. The NHF is the only such organization with recognized observer-delegate status at Codex meetings.




If you would like to be removed from this mailing list, click here.

P.O. Box 688, Monrovia, CA 91017 USA ~ 1 (626) 357-2181 ~ Fax 1 (626) 303-0642

Website: www.thenhf.com E-mail: contact-us@thenhf.com

8) WHISTLEBLOW: Eileen Dannemann Is back: Exposes Pharma TONIGHT after 2 months of investigation

Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 10:35:39 -0400
From: Eileen Dannemann <ncowmail@gmail.com>

Hi: Folks: Tonight, on this conference call, I will expose one of the most egregious criminal acts perpetrated by the pharma stakeholders, psychiatrists and medical educational facilities

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mary <hrtlite@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 8:57 PM
Subject: Education calls
To: undisclosed-recipients

TODAY, Thursday, evening's education call will host a special segment. My friend, Eileen Dannemann who is the national director of NCOW, National Coalition of Organized Women, will be the speaker and promises a cutting edge call. She will be disclosing for the FIRST time to any audience, whistleblower information against the pharmaceutical industry. Eileen has been on many radio shows and spoken around the country. She is an expert on vaccinations as well as many other topics. www.ProgressiveConvergence.com & www.VaccineLiberationArmy.com
PLEASE attend and tell your friends and family about it.
Next Tuesday evening's education call will feature Michael Badnarik, a nationally-known Constitution expert. Michael will talk about what is coming in the united States and what we can do about it.

Dial-in Number:
(712) 432-0075
Access Code:
Playback Number:
(712) 432-1085
Tuesdays & Thursdays 8 PM eastern

The purpose of these education calls are to educate the People not only in the Republic but in the Public. It is imperative that we increase our numbers and engage the general public. We need feedback from YOU on how to make this more successful. Please forward this to your lists.
Mary Heiler


Best regards,

Eileen Dannemann
Director, National Coalition of Organized Women
319 855-0307

9) On NPR - Safety Of Raw Milk Debate With Sally Fallon Morell And Bill Marler

From: "Weston A. Price Foundation" <info@westonaprice.org>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 09:40:15 -0500

The Raw Milk Wars
Wednesday July 27 at 12:06

Kojo explores what is safe and what is legal when it comes to our consumption of milk.

Recent raids by the FDA have some communities up in arms about whether raw milk is safe to consume. But supporters of unpasteurized milk are rallying a movement that would make it easier to obtain. Kojo explores where food safety, the law and milk collide.

Sally Fallon Morell, President, Weston A. Price Foundation, author " Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats"

Bill Marler, Attorney, Marler Clark (Seattle, Wash.)

The NPR link is:

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