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[2016 June] Video Transcript: How Fluoride in Water Actually Destroys Teeth & Bones  ''Fluoride toxicity causes the bones to dissolve. It actually causes the teeth to dissolve, believe it or not.  If you get enough fluoride into your teeth, your teeth will rot and fall out...oes the same thing with your bones. It rots your bones. It causes the bones to become soft and brittle...bone cancer. It weakens the bone. You know it weakens the teeth, weakens the jaw, weakens the bones. You know long bones, femurs… look at all the hip replacements that have to happen. We have weakened bones and they become harder and less flexible as we get older. They shouldn’t get more brittle.  If we have a decent diet, we’re getting plenty of minerals and we mineralize our bones, they should become stiffer, not more brittle.''

Weston Price

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