Fluoride Reduces Intelligence: Is UK Planning to Dumb Down Citizens?

by Heidi Stevenson

February 2, 2013 http://gaia-health.com/gaia-blog/2013-02-02/water-fluoridation-reduces-intelligence/

water fluoridation uses human bodies as the repository of industry’s toxic fluoride wastes. It reduces intelligence. With its plan to fluoridate water in the face of evidence of immense harm, what conclusion can be drawn, other than that the UK is intentionally trying to dumb down its citizens? 

In the face of growing evidence from science that fluoride causes brain damage and reduces intelligence, the United Kingdom goes forward with plans to fluoridate the nation’s water. The time has come to ask the question: Does the government intend to turn the United Kingdom into a nation of idiots?

A recent metastudy of fluoride’s neurotoxic effects on children in China demonstrates an almost-total agreement in study results. With only one exception out of 27 studies, fluoride damages intelligence[1]. The one exception found a tiny increase in intelligence, and even that was statistically insignificant.

The time is long past to declare what has been painfully obvious for many years:

Fluoride steals intelligence!

In support of their findings, the study pointed out that rats exposed to 1 ppm (part per million) of fluoride in water for one year were found to have changes in the brain’s form, plus increased levels of aluminum in brain tissue, which is a severe neurotoxin.

Other Studies on Other Kinds of Fluoride Damage

GreenMedInfo is a unique site that provides a host of research abstracts on studies related to health care from the natural world. A quick browse there found a wide array of harmful effects caused by fluoride:

And that’s just a sampling! The amount of harm produced by fluoride is massive. No area of the body is untouched.

Fluoride: A Nutrient?

The fact is that the human body has no use for fluoride or any other form of the element fluorine. By no stretch of the imagination is fluoride a nutrient.

Yet, we are now seeing governments and health agencies listing recommended daily allowances of fluoride in the diet! It’s being supplemented in salt now! (Gaia Health will have a little piece on that tomorrow.)

Fluoride is more toxic, as clearly shown in this graphic from NoFluoride.com

How can anyone seriously suggest that adding this toxic chemical to water is beneficial?

Is the UK Planning to Dumb Down Its Citizens?

In the face of all this evidence, the UK is now moving forward with plans to fluoridate the nation’s water. Authority over water supply fluoridation is being moved from the national level to the local council level, which is the equivalent of a cross between county and state governments in the US. This sounds like it’s a move to give the local populace more control, but is, instead, exactly the opposite. There will be no requirement for a public consultation before implementing water fluoridation.

The amount of fluoride that may be added to water in the UK is 1 part per million, which is lower than the US’s Department of Health and Human Services new recommendation of 0.7 parts per million.

The UK’s Health Minister, Hazel Blears, and Environment Minister, Elliot Morley, discount the concerns of those who don’t want their water fluoridated in a letter stating:

Those who remain adamantly opposed would be able to use water filters that remove fluoride or buy bottled drinking water.[2]

Why not just say, “Let them eat cake!” There’s little difference in these officials’ suggestion. They intend to use the taxpayers’ money to force a toxic waste product on us all, except for those who can afford to avoid it. And how are parents to avoid their children’s drinking fluoride-laced water while in school? Not only must the taxpayer pay for this travesty, but then must find yet more money in avoiding fluoride’s toxicity to protect themselves and their children. But many can’t.

What conclusion can be drawn, other than that the UK is intentionally trying to dumb down its citizens?

It’s often stated that water fluoridation is forced mass medication. But it’s actually something else entirely:

Water fluoridation uses human bodies as the repository of their toxic fluoride wastes!

Still Time to Act!

There is still time to act. Please, let write to Andrew Lansley, the Secretary of State for Health, and tell him what you think. His address is:

Department of Health
Richmond House
79 Whitehall

You can also respond online here:  http://www.info.doh.gov.uk/contactus.nsf/memo?openform


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