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The Gulag Of The Family Courts

a book by Jack Frost



The book the Gulag of the Family Courts as been written from the perspective of an ordinary parent, who along with his wife, was falsely accused of harming his daughter, when in fact she was ill and the doctors knew this to be the case, from the daughter's medical records. However, the mother had inadvertently fallen out with a paediatrician, which resulted in the false allegations being made. Angry, traumatised and curious, that such a situation should occur; the parents ( author and his wife) immersed themselves in researching the different strands of false allegations that lead to the Family Courts and drew on the experiences, case files and information provided by other parents, journalists and elected officials.

The book exposes a secret UK judicial system that is not even known to Parliament, is not accountable to its Minister in Parliament and about which the press are forbidden to report, under pain of immediate imprisonment. The scandal concerns a huge number of false allegations made against innocent and vulnerable parents in 'secret', so that their children can be forcibly taken from them and traded, often into an industry of 'connections', in a nether world that excludes the press and is completely opaque, unscrutinised and unaccountable.

• The book includes a chapter on the successful ‘gagging of the press’, the public and threats to parents and children, to avoid social workers and other ‘public officials’ being named, incriminated and prosecuted.
• The police are clearly identified being in a conspiracy to avoid prosecuting social workers and ‘public officials’ involved in criminal activity in Family Court cases.
• It identifies very clearly that the BBC is in breach of its Charter responsibilities, by failing to publicise the scandal; only ever featuring a few individual cases that are approached in programming terms, as ‘competition for their commercial rivals’.

• The book clearly identifies that Essex County Council senior officials have been engaged in a determined policy of misleading their elected County Councillors, misleading the department responsible for awarding Beacon Status Award, misleading their department minister, obstructing elected officials and protecting those 'public officials' who have abused their office and in some cases this has resulted in Essex County Council protecting those engaged in criminal offences against innocent members of the public and their children.

• The duplicity of the DCA and its minister, Harriet Harman MP QC, is exposed
• Parliament, the Courts own minister, the press and the public have also been kept in the dark concerning the secret trials of ordinary members of the public, who have been jailed after secret court trials, from which the press have been cleverly excluded.
• The dynamics that have propelled the Guligans to increase ever more, the pressure on the public and families, so as to create situations that will favour social engineering and increase the domain and range of social workers and their ideological proxies, is laid bare.
• The political footprint of New Labour and its distrust of ordinary families is hard to ignore. The book has identified it clearly.
• Munchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy ( MSBP ) and an alphabet soup of excuses that have allowed ordinary and vulnerable parents to be targeted, lose their babies and children to Care and adoption and hence supply the waiting industry of ‘charities’ and other ideological fellow travellers, is clearly identified. All have contributed to creating an atmosphere that is best defined as ‘baby farming’, without the innocent mothers realising that they are actually surrogates; carrying their children for others who are deemed ‘more suitable’, to satisfy New Labour’s policy of social engineering by stealth.

 26 April 2007
It was interesting to hear on the news today, that a choir master was jailed for sexually molesting a number boys he was teaching. In this case, the Church of England was criticised for being informed about the choir master at the time ( 1991), but the CoE did not inform the police. In fact, the Church of England adopted a strategy of protecting the choir master. When interviewed today on radio, today, The spokesman for the Church of England was adamant that “it had learned the lessons...and since 1995, those who commit criminal offences are reported to the police”.........Oh really!

Now turn to page 187, page 202, item 10.....of "The Gulag Of The Family Courts"

You will read that the London Borough of Havering was informed by Lisa McKathrine in 2003, that her son would not go to school because the PE teacher, Michael Quinlan (age 55) had made sexual advances to her son. Her son felt intimidated and threatened.......Instead of taking the information seriously, the London Borough of Havering prosecuted Lisa McKathrine for not sending her son to school....She was very nearly jailed....She received an 80 hour community Service Sentence.

Then it was reported in the Romford Recorder, on 31 July 2004, , that at the very time Lisa McKathrine was being prosecuted in the court, (July 2004) Michael was being prosecuted for sexually molesting 3 boys under 14 years of age.

It can be seen that had the London Borough of Havering acted on Lisa McKathrine's information in 2003m and informed the police, the 3 boys might never have been sexually attacked by Michael Quinlan. The Education Department should have reported Michael Quinlan to the police and he should have been prosecuted. Instead Quinlan was protected and the parents (Liza McKathrine and her partner) were prosecuted by the local authority....Amazing!

Now why do I mention this? Because parents have been informing the police, informing the local authorities, informing their MPs, informing the Attorney General's Office, informing the Children's Minister, of other abusers and those involved in criminal offences.........And guess what.......The parents themselves have been prosecuted, for reporting documented criminality....Only in the UK could such a bizarre situation be the norm.

Now just notice what happens next....I expect to be prosecuted for identifying 4 paediatricians (Dr. Aloke Agrawal, Dr. RM Mahesh Babu, Dr. Anthony Lipscombe and Dr. Geetha Kugan) for being involved in documented criminal activity....Providing false evidence to the Child Protection Investigation Unit, to begin Care Proceedings against my wife and me, so that they could take our daughter Heidi into Care.

It becomes even more bizarre, when it is discovered that Dr. Geetha Kugan is the North East Essex Designated Doctor for Child Protection!!!!!

So the doctor charged by Parliament with protecting children in North East Essex, Dr. Geetha Kugan, is documented falsely accusing parents of child abuse , so that an innocent and ill child ( Heidi Frost) is taken into Care and then possible adoption.

Now although Essex Police ( Criminal Investigation Branch ) have all the details and indicated 'criminal charges were going to be brought'......They exited by referring to 'the Justices Ruling 2001'. See the book.

So just who are the authorities protecting? It isn't the children. It is the family of Guligans......Read the book....." The Gulag Of The Family Courts"........Book 1

 "The Gulag of the Family Courts" by Jack Frost

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The book exposes a secret UK judicial system that is not even known to Parliament, is not accountable to its Minister in Parliament and about which the press are forbidden to report, under pain of immediate imprisonment. The Minister for The Department of Constitutional Affairs and a senior judge have publicly announced that the situation is “ INDEFENSIBLE”. The scandal concerns a huge number of false allegations made against innocent and vulnerable parents in 'secret', so that their children can be forcibly taken from them and traded, often into an industry of 'connections', in a nether world that excludes the press and is completely opaque, unscrutinised and unaccountable.

The book identifies the police willingly cooperating with those ‘public officials’ ( social workers, paediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc) involved in misleading the Family Courts and involved in criminal offences committed in the Family Courts; which results in children being wrongly and falsely removed from their parents and placed into Care and adoption, to satisfy an industry in secret. It confirms that in this secret gulag, the very notification of a criminal offence committed by social workers and other ‘public officials’, is itself construed as a criminal, offence which takes precedence over all else. It identifies the BBC in supine repose and ignoring its charter responsibilities, despite being repeatedly alerted over a number of years to the huge scandal and its tragic consequences for innocent parents, children and their families.

A brief synopsis of each chapter:

Chapter 1
The book is written from the perspective of an ordinary Essex parent , who along with his wife, were falsely accused of harming their daughter, when in fact she was very ill and the named Essex paediatricians, ( Dr. Aloke Agrawal and Dr. RN Mahesh Babu from St John’s Hospital. Chelmsford. Essex) ) knew this to be the case, from the daughter's medical records. However, unbeknown to the mother, she had inadvertently fallen out with Dr. Aloke Agrawal, which resulted in the false allegations being made against her. Later, the 2 paediatricians inveigled a further 2 other of their colleagues, Dr. Geetha Kugan and Dr. Anthony Lipscombe, to commit a ‘contempt of court’ and hoodwink the judge, by circumventing the sitting judge, after discovering that he (judge) was going to dismiss the case. This whilst the case was ‘live’.


The 4 consultant paediatricians submitted an almost completely false and incorrect 4 page letter to the Child Protection Investigation Team (CPIT), seeking to persuade the CPIT to begin a new case, whilst the case they were involved in, was still ‘live’. It is worth noting that Dr. Geetha Kugan is ‘ The North Essex Doctor for Child Protection’ and a member of the prestigious ‘Essex Child Protection Committee’ !


After the case had been effectively dismissed and the parents had been awarded costs against Essex County Council on 9 December 2003, the parents lodged an official complaint with the General Medical Council (GMC), against Dr. Aloke Agrawal and Dr. RN Mahesh Babu. Despite the GMC’s own medical screeners confirming that the paediatricians had a case to answer, the GMC decided not to take any disciplinary action against either paediatrician. However, after much badgering, the parents discovered that the GMC had clandestinely agreed to accept blatantly false and incorrect ‘defence documents’ from both paediatricians and had agreed not to inform the parents of this secret arrangement. When this was brought to the attention of the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) , the overarching regulator of the GMC, they learned from the CHRE, that an anomaly existed that prevented the CHRE from being involved in such cases. The regulator in effect was no regulator but a passive onlooker to victimisation of the public by GMC members, in this case and a whole class of other similar cases.

Chapter 2
This chapter sets the scene for a number of cases involving Essex County Council, Children’s Services Department and the wilful disregard for the political responsibilities of elected councillors and even the elected member of Parliament, in a democracy. The council ( local government officials) are identified obstructing and misleading the elected representatives of the people and disregarding the law, with impunity. Then to conceal their activities, they resorted to injunctions to seek to ‘gagg’ ( silence) all, including the press, with threats of immediate imprisonment.
Essex Police can be seen to be cooperating with local government officials, or to have been intimidated by them, into activity. Despite being provided with documentary evidence of criminal offences committed by the paediatricians and social workers, Essex Police failed to do their duty. They left victimised members of the public to the whims of villainy committed by ‘public officials’ and used the excuse of ‘The Justices Ruling 2001’, to seek Directions from the county court, rather than begin their own investigation and then charge those involved; whilst simultaneously stating that they were not obliged to follow ‘ The Justices Ruling 2001’!

Chapter 3
Describes the workings of the Family Courts. How the secrecy has been deliberately stretched to conceal the activities and identities of those providing false evidence and participating in ‘secret trials’ at which members of the public are imprisoned without the press or Parliament being aware and without any independent scrutinising and accountability of the procedures and processes. It identifies the publicly recorded concerns and misgivings of its own minister, Harriet Harman MP QC and a senior judge, Justice Munby ( High Court Judge. Family Division), who stated that such secrecy was “INDEFENSIBLE”.

Chapter 4
The unmistakable imprint and documented part played in the scandal by Tony Blair and his avalanche of legislation, that has sought to implement social engineering by stealth and weld into place, the Labour Party’s client state.

Chapter 5
An exposition of the Holy Grail of false accusations; Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy ( MSBP) and the ‘discoverer’ and chief architect of this ‘ Emperors New Clothes Syndrome’; Professor Sir Roy Meadow, his many acolytes and their part in so many disastrous and flawed trials and tragedies inflicted on members of the public.

Chapter 6
The role of social workers in this huge scandal; their absolute an utter ascendancy over the law, their failure to be held accountable for any failings, mistakes and even their documented criminality. Their ability to mislead the Family Courts, thwart the police, instigate prosecutions and be subject to not an iota of independent scrutiny, accountability or even Parliamentary oversight; whilst successfully utilising their known and documented ‘conflict of interests’ to terrorise and victimise innocent and vulnerable members of the public; assured that they are beyond any sanction. Their expertise has been honed for one purpose above all else; their self preservation at the cost of the public and the public’s esteem and regard for authority and national institutions.

Chapter 7
A brief historical perspective of the local government officials involved with social care involving children, their ability to mislead and threaten elected representatives of the people and the press, the anomalies that protect local government officials from detection and prosecution; whilst they themselves seek comparison with the commercial sector; which is about as far removed from local government, as is reason from chaos.

The opacity and deliberate confusion involving local government, allows for the claim of awards that are not merited, the provision of information to their own department chief and Parliament, which are as fictional as Moby Dick.

Chapter 8
The dynamic fuelling the scandal can be succinctly described in the following words; “ Follow the money”. That an unscrutinised and unaccountable group have been allowed to literally write their own cheques in a judicial system that its own minister has stated, neither she or Parliament is allowed to monitor ; tells its own story. It is hardly surprising that reports by ‘expert witnesses’ , whose credentials and CVs have not been checked, whose identities are not verified but who are paid at £861 a page of a report; has created a veritable Ponderosa, in secret.

The incestuous family of Guligans have cunningly devised a system that is not only very profitable but which has included within it, the guaranteed prospect for future growth.

Excerpt from the book. Page 277:

“ In the year (2005), there were approximately 552,000 ‘referrals’ made to social services. These ‘referrals’ were reports of ‘suspicions’ by social workers and other ‘public officials’, that could have culminated/be child abuse. These ‘suspicions’ were subjective and required no corroboration or proof. It was sufficient for some member of the public or an ‘official’ to make such a judgement ‘on the hoof’, for a record to be made and to trigger in the banks of computer generated responses, alerts and signals that were themselves arbitrary and which then moved the ‘suspicion’ to the next stage. It was sufficient for a malicious allegation by a neighbour/family member, to trigger social workers and the police into action, to issue a Section 46 ( or 47) notice and take the children into care immediately, without going before a court. (see Chapter 6, item 11). In such cases, no proof is required and no efforts are made to correct a file at a later date, or take action against the person who provided the false information. The police can remove a child into ‘protective care’, under Section 46 Order, on a mere opinion offered by a neighbour, or an enemy and not leave the parents with a single piece of paper. No proof of the alleged ‘abuse’ is required, whatsoever!

Of this figure of 552,000 ‘referrals’, approximately 135,000 ‘referrals’ were made to the police, resulting in 3,000 convictions. The number of convictions, 3,000, has been pretty constant over the last few years. What is concerning is that 552,000 persons are now on some of the myriad of different data bases, yet only a tiny fraction (3,000) have satisfied a justification to be there. Even allowing for the 135,000 that were referred to the police, that leaves over 400,000 who now have secret files that identify arbitrary suspicions, without an ounce of proof or corroboration. And this is in one year alone.

The ‘secrecy’ ensures that there is no scrutiny of a state juggernaut that is gradually approaching the inevitable conclusion of a self fulfilling prophecy, that would justify the early premise of the Labour government and its social worker ‘ayatollahs’; ‘ we are all child abusers’. The UK is the land of child abusers, according to Tony Blair’s Labour Government and his social worker storm troopers! Well, the facts speak for themselves. At this rate, every 10 years, another 5,500,000 ‘child abusers’ will be added to the list. And this does not include the exponential growth one can expect from an army of social workers now intent on adding to the list, to show their ‘expertise’ and ardour. (and not forgetting the contribution they make to the Labour Party). ”


Chapter 9
The ‘gagging’ of the press and the restrictions placed on free speech are clearly identified as a strategy to conceal information from parents, the public and Parliament. Follow the trail involving the investigative journalist Brian Morgan and parents right’s campaigner Penny Mellor, as they learned of the secret ‘experiments’ conducted by Dr. David Southall, on children, without obtaining parental consent and official authority. These are laid bare. As is John Hemming MP’s evocative speech in the House of Commons, in which he compared these ‘experiments’ with those conducted by Josef Mengele, the notorious Nazi war criminal.

Chapter 10
The BBC , known the world over for its revealing broadcasts that illuminate the dark corners of Asia, Africa and the Middle Eastern dictatorships and wrong doing, is shown to be the timid pussycat when the subject matter is a UK public authority, or as in this case, a secretive judicial system that has been preying on vulnerable and innocent UK citizens. The much decorated BBC is noticeably absent from the scene.

Chapter 11
The Royal college of Paediatrics & Child Health (RCPCH), known for its official announcements that portray parents who complain about paediatricians as bellicose and vexatious, remains silent about those of its members who have been criticised/disciplined by the regulator and or the courts. That these paediatricians have in effect adversely affected innocent members of the public, draws no appropriate reaction from the RCPCH, other than a sympathetic announcement of support for its wayward member.

Chapter 12
The huge number of miscarriages of justice remain hidden in this secret gulag. Those whose careers and income depend on maintaining the secrecy are adamant that the miscarriages of justice will not receive restorative justice, because the House of Cards will be seen for what it is; a corrupt outpost concealed by a thin veneer that is surviving on threats made against innocent and vulnerable members of the public and the press.

Chapter 13
Harriet Harman MP QC, the Minister of State for the Department of Constitutional Affairs can be seen to be out of her depth and no match for the Guligans. Her published acknowledgement of the scale of the problem and her concerns have not been matched by her deeds. She can be seen to be cynically involved in a charade to assure the public of change; when in reality, the name of the game is survival by chicanery.