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Subject:   Doctor checks out flushed gallstones!!
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Date:   16:53   Dec 20 2002  
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Hi All! I am very excited because a good friend of mine, who recently did her first liver flush, took her stones into her doctor to have them tested. Here is part of an email I received from her, telling me the excellent news...she had dropped the stones off with the receptionist, asking that
the doctor send them to a lab to be analyzed...:

"Okay - I had a good visit with my doctor, this evening. This afternoon I phoned his office and the receptionist, said, "Oh yes, he decided not to send your stones to the lab, he would like to you to have an ultrasound to check for gallstones." Well, I didn't say anything for about 10-12 seconds, then said, "I need to speak to him." "Okay, can
you be here between 5:00 and 7:00 tonight?" "Yes, definitely, I'll be there."

So, we had a good chat. We agreed I had handed him 'gallstones'. He asked me how I had got them in my bowel movement. So I told him - Epsom salts, olive oil and grapefruit juice. He said, there must have been a lot of pain, some of them were pretty big. (The biggest was a little
under 1/2".Maybe 3/8th of an inch.) And I said, no, no pain, no nausea. He cocked his head and looked a little skeptical. I told him there had been some gurgles and a little tightness on the stomach region which I gently massaged and it went soft again. After a bit more discussion, we agreed not to waste the money on an ultrasound at this time. I told him that I liked him as a doctor and as a man and that I
appreciated everything he had done for and with me over the time I've been coming to him, which is about 12 years or so.

The upshot is that he and I are going to work closely together on this; I am going to bring to him any stones that come as a result of the next flush in January, the weekend of the 4th-5th, and he will send them to the lab. I had convinced him that I really wanted to know what they were, what they were made up of. He knows already that I like to have all the information that I can. And that I want to find out if my cholesterol will be changed by what I'm doing and if I can lessen the amount of Niacin that I take every day."

So there you go! Isn't that excellent news? He *knew* they were gallstones right off the bat...only he seemed mystified as to how she could possibly be passing them over the counter to him! I'll keep you all posted on more results in January!