The Gallo Philes: HIV on Trial


This is a major case, in a major court with a top lawyer for the dissident
position -- in Australia -- yet news blacked out in U.S.  Keeping us awake,
is David Crowe; thanks for his editing, journalism, and unrelentedness; see

A prosecution witness asked 'denialist' Noble prize winner Kary Mullis for
help! Mullis, the inventor of PCR, slammed the prosecution, of course.  :)

The prosecution actually put Dr. Gallo (major HIV scientist) on the witness
stand!  Gallo ended up insulting the judge!  Gallo provided much bias,
evasion and silliness, tons of material for dissidents who believe that HIV
theory is an industrial scam that serves to avoid liabilities re
pharmaceuticals and industrial pollution.

-Jim West (my website is