Ron, V, everyone,

I have to jump in here and tell you all about my experiences with
gallstone cleaning.  This experience spans some 25 years and includes
myself and scores of clients.

First, I HIGHLY recommend the cleanse. It has saved and improved many lives.

Second, I have to qualify the above with some observations and reservations.

Through the years I have tried many different forms of the cleanse with
all kinds of preparatory regimens, such as staying off fats for a weak
prior, eating the apples, drinking apple juice, etc., and with at least
a dozen different 'flush' recipes, including the one that V here

Not until doing the Hulda Clark regimen COMPLETELY, which includes two
week's worth of zapping prior to doing HER flush, did I realize what I
am about to tell you.

As Ron says, the 'oil stuff' does not always work, and indeed, if done
incorrectly, it can cause problems. Clark is very clear on this:  The
stones are 'home' for various parasites and the viruses that live within
the parasites.  Unless one kills the parasites FIRST, it is possible to
get only a small amount of stones out (this of course is also impressive
and can help a lot, temporarily).

Most of my clients came from the allo doctors with the diagnosis of
gallstones following an ultrasound. So, whenever I saw extremely large
stones, I would put the clients on a lengthy regimen of herbs and
homeopathics with the intention of dissolving and shrinking those stones
prior to attempting the flush.  This has always been very beneficial and
helpful, and the flush later was successful.  The Homeopathics would be
repertorized for the person according to their various symptoms.  But
the herb that I used the most, and still use a lot is the 'Break-stone'
herb from South America. [Known as  Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri)].

Another great regimen that worked especially for older clients with long
standing gallbladder problems is the Radish Juice.

This is a 6-week treatment that will dissolve MOST stones (there are
some undissolving stones, which are very rare).

Extract the juice of radishes in a juicer.  Start with 3.5 oz (by
weight) per day and increase gradually to 14oz (by weight) during the
course of 3 weeks, and then decrease gradually to 3.5 oz in the
following 3 weeks. One should not drink radish juice if the lining of
the stomach or the intestines are inflamed.

I want to point out a serious error in the website where V sent us.
Here is the segment:

 > You have finished the olive oil and lemon juice.  Now go to bed and
do your best to go to sleep.  Lie on your right side.  This position
speeds up the process of the olive oil entering the gall bladder to act
as a lubricant.<snip>....

Excuse me.  Nothing enters the gallbaldder.  This shows a serious lack
of understanding of the digestive process!  The entire flush is done on
a totally different basis.  The gallbladder is a sac that contains bile,
and it is THANK GOD a one way street only: The bile is excreted from the
gallbladder into the digestive cannal upon arrival of fats.

The Epsom Salts are imperative to the process for the simple reason that
THEY do relax the sphincter of the gallbladder and allow it to open up
wide and release the stones.  I have found that without the Epsom Salts,
events such as Ron described are more likely to happen.

So, to sum it up, my recommendation is to follow Hulda Clark's method
fully, which included zapping for parasites for two weeks prior to the
cleanse.  Having done it in many other ways, I can attest to the fact
that THOUSANDS of stones showed up following the entire regimen!  This
included stones passed by people who already had their gallbaldder
removed!  This answers Ron's comment that the stones are not necessarily
in the gallbladder.  This is true.  The stones are formed in the bile
ducts which are IN THE LIVER.  The liver is a storehouse of a lot of
parasites, as hopefully we all know.  Earlier I did the Clark regimen
without the zapper, and it was successful enough, but when I added the
zapping, that's when everything changed drastically, and thousands of
stones came out.

You can read her method in her book, A CURE FOR ALL DISEASES which is
available in print, and also you can download the entire book from Dick
Loyd's site

Good luck to all you liver flusher... I am getting ready myself to do
another one soon.