Georgia Judge Forces Vaccination of Two Children Against Parents' Will

[Editor's Note: This is the latest development involving a couple in Georgia who had their children forcibly removed from their home by the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) on a trumped up allegation of abuse which originated with a disgruntled employer/manager who needed to strike a deal as an informant with DFCS in order to prevent being prosecuted herself.. After taking state custody of the kids, Judge Sharon J. Whitwell ordered the couple's two small children to be vacinnated with multible vaccines despite the fact that parents presented the required state vaccine exemption documentation to the court. The youngest child, one year old, has had a severe reaction to the vaccines already given. Seeing her one year old son some days after being vaccinated, caused Amanda Donehoo to experience enormous stress and heartache (see the letter below). This couple cannot afford an attorney and needs a lawyer to stop the DFCS from arranging for yet MORE vaccinations to be given to these kids AFTER they recover from their first round of vaccines.

Donna Carillo of Vaccine ( has arranged for an experienced attorney in vaccine defense to go to Georgia and represent this couple in court, but we need to raise enough money to pay his retainer ($5,000). If you in a position to send ANYTHING to help this couple, please make a check or money order payable to the attorney, James Filenbaum, and mark in the memo line of the check "Amanda Donehoo Defense Fund". Donna also told me that you can contribute "Liberty Dollars" as well.

If you have a credit card or bank account, you can transfer funds using PayPal ( I've posted complete instructions for registering with PayPal at this link. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up an account with PayPal and then you can use it immediately to transfer funds into another PayPal account. Currently, Donna Carillo's husband, Robert Carillo, has an existing PayPal account using the e-mail name of ""

Here are step by step instructions to make a donation to the Donehoo Legal Defense Fund using PayPal:

1. Once you have set up a PayPal account, click on the button that says "Send Money" .

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You can also send a donation using regular mail:

Amanda Donehoo Legal Defense Fund
c/o Donna Carillo
PO Box 517
Cocolalla, Idaho 83813

Make your donation payable to Atty James Filenbaum and mark "Amanda Donehoo Legal Defense Fund" in the memo line.

If you are reading this story and can empathize at all with the plight of a poor couple in Georgia facing the full weight of a government 'child protection' bureaucracy, coupled with an outrageous judge, who needs to be sitting in jail herself, then you have to send something to help these folks. I hear fund raisers over the radio all the time for alternative radio stations like KPFK who raise MILLIONS of dollars in the space of a week. Listeners send in $75, $100, $200, or $300 in order to get a couple of DVDS or audio tapes.

This couple are in a DESPERATE situation and need donations to stop these Georgia government goons from ruining their lives and that of their kids. If 5000 readers were to send in only $1 each, we would be able to stop these thugs and end a nightmare for this family. Please help.. Ken Adachi]


From Amanda Donehoo <>
October 22, 2004

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From: Ami Donehoo <>
Sent: Friday, October 22, 2004 1:40 PM
Subject: Need help ASAP this is Amanda Doneoo

Dear Ken,

I am writing you because I am terrified. After a long battle with the courts over vaccinating our sons, the judge ordered it be done even though we presented signed and notorized afidavits stating we didn't wanting it done because of religious reasons.

They were vaccinated some time this week and today when I went to see them, something was wrong with my youngest son Joey. They said he had a cold and so I was just sitting there holding him and then all of a sudden, he threw up on me. Then he looked right at me and passed out. My husband tried to awaken him and he didn't respond. Then he would wake up, look at me and pass out. I called DFCS and they said my sons had gotten a whole bunch of shots. I told them if anytyhing happens to them, THEY are responsible. Please contact me when you can. I am terrified for my sons. Please pray for them.

Amanda Donehoo
770-584-3175 (my sis cell)
706-472-3226(my sis home number)

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From: James and Melody Roscoe <>
Sent: Friday, October 22, 2004 2:25 PM
Subject: This is Melody Roscoe from Georgia...VERY URGENT!!


This is Melody Roscoe again. My sister had visitation today with her two babies, the youngest, who is a year old, clung to her and was staring at her with glazed over eyes and not responding to anything. The judge ordered the vaccinations and they got them either late last week or this week. A lot of them [vaccinations] to be exact. Joey, the youngest, threw up all over my sister and then passed out several times. He stayed unresponsive the whole time they saw them. We need to publicize the action of this judge and DFCS in Lamar county badly.

This judge has broken the law and we can't let her kill my nephews. We can't afford to pay a lawyer, a few people we know are donating some money to help but we are still unable to pay for it. If anyone knows of a lawyer that is willing to help us, PLEASE let us know. We are desperate and we need help ASAP!

My nephew may be dying and we can not even get to him right now. This is very painful for the whole family and I can only imagine how my sister feels at this moment. Someone help us please. I thank everyone who has helped in all ways so far very much and I hope that other families stick together and even strangers stand for others who can not defend themselves from this dangerous world of government. God bless you all and thank you.


Melody Roscoe <>
770-584-3175 (cell phonel)
706-472-3226 (home phone)

Donna Carrillo, co-director <>
Vaccination Liberation