Good-Bad ploy
Medical Mind Control  Media Mafia

"The media's goal is to 'promote both sides of the issue until confusion reigns' and the individual throws up his hands in exasperation concluding that is impossible to know what is truth." ~  Dr. Day

[Seen again and again with drugs like Steroids, HRT, Aspirin.]

[2014 Good] A daily aspirin may help beat bowel cancer: Patients who take painkiller were 50% less at risk from dying of the disease

[2013 Bad] How popping aspirin can give you asthma for life - and why life-threatening allergies to antibiotics and general anaesthetics are on the rise

[2010 Bad] Can taking aspirin in pregnancy make your son infertile?

[2010 Good] Why every man should carry a giant chewy aspirin

[2010 Bad] Aspirin a day may HARM your health and 'does not cut heart attack risk in worried well'

[2009 Good] Aspirin once a YEAR 'cuts stomach cancer risk' by a third, promising new study shows

[2009 Bad] Aspirin may cause bleeding in the brain, claim researchers

[2009 Bad] Why daily aspirin could be a danger: Stop giving it as routine protector, doctors told

[2008 Good] Aspirin DOES slash the risk of a heart attack - but only if it is taken at night, say experts

[2008 Bad] Doubts over an aspirin for your heart as scientists fear daily dose could do more harm than good

[2008 Good] How an aspirin a day can keep heart attacks away for the middle-aged

[2008 Good] How aspirin could help women fight asthma

[2007 Bad] Painkillers linked to high blood pressure in men

[2007 Good] Aspirin could stave off cancer and help victims to survive

[2005 Good] Doctor's order: An aspirin a day for all over-50s

[2005 Good] Aspirin-a-day could save thousands of lives

[2004 Bad] Aspirin asthma alert

[2004 Bad] Asprin link to cancer risk

[2002 Good] Aspirin may be the breakthrough in war on lung cancer

[2000 Bad] Aspirin danger for teenagers