'The Guardian' Newspaper Bans The Truth About Vivisection

by Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

'The Guardian' newspaper has refused to accept the following advertisement:

An Apology
During the last few decades I have regularly published scientific evidence proving that vivisection kills people as well as animals - and does far more harm than good.

To my great regret, however, this evidence has been ignored or suppressed by politicians, scientists and journalists. For some years now vivisectors and their supporters have refused even to debate this issue with me in public. (Maybe because whenever they and I have debated the issue the vivisectionists have lost.)

I would like to apologise to the millions of cats, dogs, kittens, puppies and other animals who are needlessly tortured and slaughtered in British laboratories every year.

But the truth cannot be suppressed for ever.

For proof that animal experiments are of no scientific value visit where you will find:

* A list of drugs which cause cancer when given to animals but which are, nevertheless, prescribed as `safe' for human patients. (Proving that even drug companies and governments regard tests done on animals as useless.)
* Two simple arguments which vivisectors still can't answer.
* A clinical annihilation of the best evidence the Department of Health could produce when it attempted to defend vivisection.
* Evidence that despite an offer of 250,000, vivisection supporters could not find one patient whose life had been saved by animal experiments.
* And much, much more information (all with free access) at

That is the advertisement 'The Guardian' has refused to run. Why? All I'm offering is the chance for the newspaper's readers to discover the truth about vivisection.
Please e-mail the Editor, Alan Rusbridger at: if you care about animals and/or disapprove of this blatant censorship of the truth.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2006