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E mails from Carol Hoernlein

Jan 2009

The glutamate is in the hydrolyzed gelatin – which is at least 10% pure free glutamic acid – the most active form of glutamate.  That is why they hydrolyze it – to free the amino acids.  Hydrolysis is the splitting of a protein into its individual amino acids.  Hydro = “water “+ Lysis = “to split”.  With heat applied, one molecule of water inserts itself between two adjacent amino acids in a protein chain, thus separating the amino acids.   

The problem is, the children with genes for autism should be avoiding glutamate in the form of free glutamic acid (which is exactly how it is found in vaccines) due to the genes (Neurexin 1 or RNF8) coding for either glutamate synapses in the nervous system where glutamate acts as a neurotransmitter or for the creation of glutathione which is the body’s natural means of eliminating mercury from the body.  Glutamate competes with cysteine for uptake and so it interferes with the metabolism of cysteine and the things made from cysteine – like taurine –which regulates heartbeat and is low in people who have just had an epileptic seizure and GLUTATHIONE.  My theory completely explains why children with ASD are more prone to Epilepsy as well as heartbeat irregularities AND heavy metal toxicity. 

The fact that vaccines, processed wheat, and processed dairy all contain high amounts of free glutamic acid c and why some children do better on a wheat free dairy free diet since most food processors hydrolyze wheat and dairy specifically to create free glutamic acid since it acts like MSG without having to be labeled as such.   

So, here is the common thread between vaccines appearing to cause ASD and a GFCF diet appearing to help ASD symptoms. Long story short, the parents who suspected vaccines and diet aren’t crazy and never were.

I have been trying to spread the word of  this since February of 2007 – when I read about the Neurexin 1 discovery, but have been having a tough time getting folks to see what I am getting at.  I firmly believe children with these autism genes need to avoid vaccines immediately.

 The rationale for using hydrolyzed protein is that it preserves the live virus by supplying free amino acids.  As for processed wheat and dairy. Gluten is the wheat protein and dairy protein is casein.  So a lot of autistic kids are already on a Gluten Free and casein free diet  (GF-CF). However parents have no idea that it is the high glutamate content in these two foods which make them a favorite for food processors who want to liberate free glutamic acid so they can have a “clean label”  and not have to say it contains MSG or its equivalent.  The only problem is – and why I believe all children don’t do well on the GFCF diet is, children who then eat processed soy or heavily processed corn in order to avoid casein and gluten are ingesting too much free glutamate in the soy and corn.  They should be avoiding processed soy and corn as well.   

There is already a model for treating a disease by limiting one amino acid. With the disease PKU, which is tested for at birth, kids need to limit the amino acid phenylalanine till their brains are hardwired at 7. Except instead of avoiding phenylalanine, autistic risk kids should be avoiding the amino acids glutamate and aspartate (which hits the same receptors as glutamate).  I think if we intercede early enough, test kids at birth for these genes and then limit their intake of glutamate and aspartate till the age of 7, and NOT vaccinate these kids, we will save many children and their families from heartbreak. 

Glutamate does involve obesity and Type II diabetes as well.  Glutamate has been found in a recent study in China to increase the chance of obesity by several times in folks who eat a lot of MSG regardless of caloric intake or activity.  Taurine, which may be low in autistic kids has been touted to deal with Type II diabetes as it helps the body regulate blood sugar.  And so, I think in folks who don’t even have the autism genes, are at risk of obesity and Type II from excess glutamate in the diet.

The thing is, I believe the top folks KNOW vaccines are a problem but they have no compunction about creating a whole new class of ready-made consumers for their glutamate-blocking drugs.  The Medical establishment knows their bread and butter is chronic disease, and autistic children are a goldmine for them.  Just like chemo therapy is a gold mine for the cancer industry – show everyone a posterchild with a bald head and you can literally hear the heartstrings being pulled.  And then the cha-ching as they rack up more donations to find a cure they already know exists.  They know how to make money from our children’s misery and our sympathy. 

 L-glutamic acid in its free from – not bound to other amino acids, is most of what MSG is made of.  Glutamate =  glutamic acid.  MSG means there is simply one “mono” sodium atom stuck to the glutamate.  The glutamate part is the business end and so MSG and glutamate act like the same stuff.  Jack Samuels of Truth in Labeling is convinced that “processed” MSG is somehow worse than “natural” glutamic acid because of the presence of some d-glutamic acid.  But I believe excess is excess.  Processed food simply tends to have hundreds of times more concentrated glutamate than unprocessed foods.  Just like diabetics need to watch amounts of even “natural” sugar, children with the autism genes are going to have trouble with too much glutamic acid, no matter where it comes from, just like mercury is toxic no matter where it comes from.  But if we know where it is – that’s the first step to taking it out of our children’s environment – and diet.