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HormoneWise Digest - Vol. 12 - Dec 2002


 1.  "Tours, Lectures & Other Fun Events"
 2.  "Yes  There really can be really healthy holiday treats!"
 3.  "Give Gifts That Heal"
 4.  "Healthy Alternatives for Staying Well"
 5.  "It's Cranberry Time Again"


Tours, Lecture & Other Fun Events

How to Keep Healthy, Sane and Hormonally Balances during the Holidays
Monday, Dec. 16th  7-9 pm
Wild Oats Community Market
Tulsa, OK

Yes  There really can be really healthy holiday treats!

Now that Americans have gobbled down their gobble-gobbles, the holiday revelry has been officially heralded in.  However, no revelry is without its price.  Being in the holiday spirit usually means more cakes, more sweets, more alcohol and more stress.  It has been estimated that people gain an average of 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years....and for some reason those 7 pounds seem to stick!  And then there's the post holiday colds and flu's that seem to knock people for a loop after all those immune-suppressing indulgences.  Good sense seems to be suspended until we seek redemption with our New Year's resolutions!

Not to be Bah-humbug kind of person I bear good news and good tidings for those who want it all... holiday indulgences and good health!!!  This is really not an impossible dream!  I set out to find ways to help us all remain healthy, sane and hormonally balanced over the holidays and found some absolutely heavenly solutions!

First of all let's talk about sugar.  Everyone knows it's disastrous to our physical and emotional wellbeing.  So, what if you could cook, bake and stir a kind of sugar that not only tastes and looks like the real McCoy but also has 40 percent the calories?   And could it actually be a healthy food and healing to the body? Sounds too good to be true?  Well, that was what I thought when I first heard about Xylitol.   So, I had to investigate its claims.   I was absolutely blown away with what I discovered.   As I result have written two articles which have recently been published in the recent issue of Total Health Magazine (http://www.totalhealthmagazine.com) and the Dec. issue of  the Australian Nexus Magazine (http://www.nexusmagazine.com).  It's a must read for anyone who wants a healthy sweet alternative that is the perfect substitute for sugar.  (It is only a 7 on the glycemic index while sugar rates 100 which also makes it a perfect sweet for diabetics.)

Xylitol is also used to make delicious, healthy mints and chewing gum that stops cavities and gum disease!   When it comes to sugar, we can now be totally guilt free...and our kids will never know that they're actually eating healthy treats!!!!

There's another fantastic product that's perfect for the holidays.  What if you could eat a delicious chocolate cake with a thick, creamy chocolate frosting and not be adding high calories or carbs to your waistline and blood sugar?  Too good to be true?  Not any more.

In researching xylitol I was fortunate to met Dr. Fran Gare, a clinical nutritionist and author, who has spent many years putting together the perfect healthy mixture which she calls "Decadent Desserts".  This basic mixture, which comes in two flavors chocolate and almond, can be transformed into   cakes, cookies, frostings, puddings, ice cream and brownies.  Here's what's really special about it...it does not contain any grains or sugar!  Instead, Fran has created alchemy with whey protein concentrate and xylitol that makes the most mouth-watering desserts.

I set out to test her mix with her chocolate cake recipe. It was unbelievable!!!!  I thought I was eating a real chocolate cake.  In fact, it was so scrumptious that my husband asked if I would bake another one as he demolished the first one!  This I must be experienced to be believed!

Pardon the pun, but we now can truly have our cake and eat it too!

I contacted Fran and asked if she could offer a special holiday discount for all the HormoneWise readers. She most generously offered a 25% discount on all her products, which includes xyltiol crystals.  You can visit her website at http://www.frangare.com or phone 305-913-7110.  Just mention that you are a HormoneWise Subscriber.

In Australia, the xyltiol crystals and chocolate cake mix can be ordered from The Sweet Life Australia Pty Ltd in Perth at 9284 3384 Fax 9284 3384 or email carolyn@sweetlife.com.au.

For more information about xylitol chewing gum and mints go to http://www.vrp.com and http://www.globalsweets.com


Java, Java, Java

One last thing I would like to mention....and that's coffee.  The favorite American drink is now brewed, dripped,  plunged, water processed, decaffeinated, expresso'd, latte'd and cappuccino'd.

If you're wondering if there are any problems with this much loved brew, I recommend  having look at the following site.

For those who love that full-bodied coffee taste and aroma but are concerned about its deleterious effects on the adrenals, liver, blood sugar levels, muscle tensions and  digestion, the good news is found in Teeccino.  It's an herbal coffee that satisfies the taste buds of coffee drinkers who are wanting to kick the habit...and yummy too!! It's one of my favorite drinks and one of the best coffee alternatives going...not to mention  for you too!

It comes in 7 different flavors and you can order a sample pack which includes  7 packets (good for 6 mugsworth) for only $10 and no shipping!!!   Call the company and they will send you a free audio tape about the health risks of coffee and other literature.  It's also available in Canada and England.



Give Gifts That Heal

While we're on the subject of holidays. Gift giving is another important aspect of the season. It may just be my practical Taurean nature, but I really want my presents to contribute to the health and wellbeing of my family and friends not just token presents that are forgotten soon after being unwrapped.

Over the past year, I have come across many amazing and truly healing solutions, which I am personally planning to include as part of my gift giving.   I personally use all of these products and they have my personal seal of approval. So, in the spirit of the season, I decided to contact several of the companies and asked if they might offer a special holiday discount to all my readers.  And they all graciously agreed!  So, if you want your presents to be special, meaningful, and really improve the quality of life, I invite you to consider some of the following products.  You might even consider giving some of these great health-promoting products to yourself!!!

I also want to say that I love a bargain...and I also love the opportunity to share such bargains with everyone and I do not personally profit from them (the exception, of course, is my book etc.).  This is my way of helping to spread some holiday cheer along with improving health!

Remember, these specials are only available for the month of December!!  So, don't delay!!

Wise Woman Collection - This most comprehensive collection of research presently available. It includes the updated version of Hormone Heresy, a 45 minute audio tape lecture and a bound collection of my in-depth published articles which reveals the truth abut the Pill, hysterectomies, tamoxifen, myths of menopause, osteoporosis, and heart disease.  This information is more necessary than ever to help inform and empower women of all ages with the Truth about their hormonal health and wellbeing.
My publishers have reduced the price on the website
http://www.ssellman.com) to US$30.00 plus shipping and handling. This will only be during the month of December.  You will have to act quickly as stocks are limited and as a bonus I have personally signed each book.

This Collection is only available from my website.  It's not in bookstores. For more information go to:


Natural Progesterone Cream - Aarisse Health Products makes a superb, all organic natural progesterone cream in a measured pump bottle, which lasts 3-4 months.   This is one of the best organic progesterone creams I have come across.  There is also a version that has been designed for men to support prostate health.  There is a $5 discount on these products along with free shipping.  http://www.healthyhormones.com or 800-675-9329

Maca  - This is one of my very favorite hormone balancing products, which I have been using for years...and in all honesty, I wouldn't be without it.  It is an adaptogenic root herb from the Peruvian Andes, which has been treasured for thousands of years for its vitalizing effects on people of all ages.  The very best product available in the US and the only Certified Organic product is Royal Maca Extract available as either Capsules or Powder.  In addition to supporting endocrine balance it also enhances energy and clarity.   Proper dosage will nourish and strengthen the body rather than stimulate it. It has amazing benefits for both women and men.  Recent clinical studies suggest that maca promotes healthy hormone levels in menopausal women and a better estrogen/progesterone balance.   It is a brilliant product for relief of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, and mental fog.  In addition is relieves PMS symptoms as well as helping to support healthy bones. 

Whole World Botanicals is offering the following specials.  To learn about the other herbs listed in this special offer, please visit the product information at: http://www.wholeworldbotanicals.comor call 888-757-6026.

Holiday Combo #1: Certified Organic Royal Maca Caps (180) for hormone balancing plus Royal Camu Caps-100 caps for mood cold and flu season, mood balance, and herpes control:  Regular price: $57.90. Special Price: $45 including shipping.

Holiday Combo #2:  Certified Organic Royal Maca caps-  (180) PLUS Royal Desmodium Caps (60) for clearing the lungs (sinus, colds, asthma, smokers) and liver repair.  Regular price:  $54.90.  Special Price: $40 including shipping.

Holiday Combo #3: Certified Organic Royal Maca caps (180) PLUS Royal Cat's Claw Tincture (30 teaspoons) for colon detoxification, immune system strengthening, circulatory system health.  Regular price:  $55.90.  Special Price:  $$45 including shipping.

Holiday Combo #4 - Especially for Male Partner:  Certified Organic Royal Maca Formula for Men caps (180) (for male hormone balancing, sexual potency) PLUS Royal Lucraco Plus Tincture (30 teaspoons) - for prostate health.  Regular price: $56.90.  Special Price:  $$45 including shipping.

In Australia, you can order Maca from Vegetable Life Products. Their product is called is Maca Gold.  They will are offering a 20% discount across the Maca Gold range.
http://www.maca-gold.com   07 5526 6157     vegelife@bigpond.net.au

In the UK, Maca is available at The Nutri Centre 0207 436 5122

The Natural Dentist - Last year I was diagnosed with rather severe periodontal disease.  The dentist said that I would have to get my gums cut and scraped and that it was the only way to address this problem.  Of course, the thought of undergoing this rather drastic procedure prompted me investigate other alternatives.  In searching solutions I came across Dr. Victor Zeines, author of Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body and the formulator of the range of Natural Dentist products...and he literally saved my teeth since gum disease is the leading cause of tooth lose!!!!   I diligently began following his regime, which included his mouthwash, and toothpaste along with regular use of a Waterpik Oral irrigator, and in a short period of time my gums quit bleeding and the more severe pockets were receding.  My dentist was totally amazed with the improvement!  To quote one of my dad's favorite sayings "Be true to your teeth or they'll be false to you!!"

His products have been clinically tested and for more info go to The American Academy of Periodontology's website, http://www.perio.org.

The Natural Dentist people are offering a 'starter kit' of Natural Dentist products, which consists of the following.

 1 natural dentist mouth rinse 8 oz choice of mint, cinnamon,or cherry flavor
 1 natural dentist toothpaste 4 oz mint, cinnamon bubble gum for kids, mint
 1 natural dentist gum 10 ct

The regular retail of this kit is $19.95.  However, they are offering the kit at $14.95, which includes shipping and handling, and they'll also include a free 2 oz travel size of rinse.
http://www.thenaturaldentist.com   800-615-689 natdent@worldnet.att.net

Massage Pillow - The first time I tried this pillow  I fell in love with it and had to have one!!  This is a really amazing product which not only feels REALLY good but looks great as well!    For those who either spend hours hunched over the computer  or  standing on your feet all day......this is a salvation!!!    This Massage Pillows deliver a gentle, soothing massage that  takes the back strain out of car travel and desk work;, relieves muscle tension in your neck and shoulders as well as soothing  aching arms, legs and feet.   You can them anywhere -- at home, in the office, outdoors and even while you travel!  I personally use it when I 'm in the office...and just lean back  on it  in my chair to help relieve the  tension in my neck and back.  Sometimes I put it on the floor and rest my feet on it to give myself an energizing foot massage ( without or without shoes).  It actually stimulates all the nerve endings on the feet; it's just like getting  a reflexology  massage!   It fits in beautifully with my living room  decor ( looks quite fashionable), so when watching TV, I just lean back and get a great back massage...or  place it wherever else I may need to relieve  some muscle tension.

You just press or lean back on the  Pillow and it automatically turns itself on delivering a  gentle, soothing massage.  The pillows are made of sturdy Plush Corduroy  and are  approximately 12" X 12" inches in size and come in a  wide variety of  great colors.   All pillows operate on two "D" cell batteries which come with it or electricity and has two  vibrating speeds to select -- High or Low.

They normally are only available through chiropractors or massage therapists and range between $49-59.  The holiday price is only $29 plus postage.
Call 718-630-1144 (est) or email  rhcomfort@aol.com

Ola Loa Drinkable Vitamins -  While browsing through  Expo East - the major Health Products Expo in the US - two years ago, I came across this impressive and innovative product.  Ever since then, I have become a big fan of  Ola Loa.   For all those people who hate taking pills, this is the answer!!!   Just open the individually wrapped packets and pour the powder into water or juice ( I add it to my morning smoothie).  I also use it when I travel since it comes in such a  convenient form...and I know that I'm getting all my key nutrients.   It's also great for kids since it's like drinking a delicious tropical fruit juice.

Here's some more information about it:

Ola Loa is a breakthrough "Drink Your Vitamins" product that tastes good. Designed by renowned nutrition pioneer, Richard A. Kunin, M.D., Ola Loa has solved the taste problem of vitamins without resorting to artificial sweeteners. It also helps neutralize excess stomach acid, and therefore can be taken anytime. Just place Ola Loa Tropical Power Powder into an empty glass, add a few ounces of water or juice, and watch it stir itself.

Effervescent, great tasting, anti-oxidant rich, all-natural Ola Loa,also contains a selection of healing nutrients, including N-acetyl cysteine and vitamin C, which also strengthen antioxidant and immune functions.  Ola Loa also provides 6 key amino acids, CoQ10 and 40 mineral complexes.  It is the only product that provides enough TMG-betaine to lower toxic homocysteine and raise SAM, which enhances production of carnitine and creatine, the mainstays of muscle energy and athletic performance.  Because it also normalizes stomach acid, it can be taken anytime.This strategic combination is especially valuable for quick recovery from stress, exercise and the demands of daily life.
Normally 30 packets sell for $29.00 plus shipping .......now it just $20 per box          and shipping is  included!!!

http://www.olaloa.com   or  800-800-9550

Teslar Watch - This is the gift that my husband will be unwrapping from me this year. (shhh - don't tell him!).  I recently met the developers and manufacturers of this technology.  And boy, was I impressed.

Are you concerned about what cell phone might be doing to your brain?  How about the affects from all the electrical frequencies coming at you continuously from computers, household appliances etc....how about the dangers from microwave ovens or towers?   Well, if you not concerned you certainly should be.  If you were to hold your hands about 12 inches apart and could see the invisible frequencies, you would count about 80,000 frequencies passing between them.  One hundred years ago there were none!  Our modern, high tech society has brought with it unseen dangers from this electronic pollution which lower immunity and creates or worsens depression, fatigue, memory loss, hormonal imbalance and learning disabilities and much more.

This extraordinary technology is really a shield that protects against all of these harmful frequencies.  It looks like a watch...but it's far more than just a watch.  For years I have refused to wear a watch but after understanding more about this technology, I have become convinced to wear this kind of watch that is really a shielding instrument against all theses harmful, health compromising frequencies.  Since I fly quite frequently, I'm always looking for ways to protect my body against the dangers of radiation found at 30,000 feet.  This is definitely the answer.....and it does a whole lot more!

The following explains this technology.  Please visit their website for more information and clinical studies.  I highly recommend check it out!

All watches in Peter Stein Collection (which is also sold in SkyMall Magazines) are 25 % discounted for us.  There are a wide range of prices and styles to choose from.


Besides telling time, the Teslar shielding instrument offers a screening from potentially harmful electronic pollution caused by the abundance of machines, gadgetry, and power lines, in a way that allows the body to operate more harmoniously within the earth's natural resonance of 7-9 Hz.

The Body has 100 trillion Intercommunicating Electromagnetic Capacitors. Each cell maintains electrolytic balance to hold a charge that receives and broadcasts infinitely tiny bursts of electrical current at extremely low frequencies, called ELF. Only in the last several decades has science been able to measure this subtle energy exchange and the level of electromagnetic balance in the various organs and systems of the body. What this research shows is that continual increase of electronic pollution saturating homes and work places may be adding great stress to the body.

Now, using that same advanced technology, a way has been found to locally neutralize the devitalizing electronic pollution in the environment.

How Does the Teslar Shielding Work?
Embedded in the watch, near the battery, is an electronic chip of a very special, propriety design. Constructed from a metal and chemical base, the chip has electromagnetic properties that work harmonically on the frequency level, similar to the way a tuning fork works on an auditory level. The molecules in the chip are so integrated that they set up their own resonance with a mobius coil. The field that it produces was discovered by the great scientist-Nikola Tesla.

The Teslar watch helps maintain a field that works like a protective electromagnetic shield, screening the body against unnatural electric pollution. It is comparable to being in a quiet, calm cocoon, relatively free from the turbulence of the electromagnetic storm raging through the environment.

Why does Teslar Watch make a difference?
Scientists have pondered and are currently heatedly debating about the effects of man-made radiation. For the first time in the history of the human race, mankind is living in a new and questionable environment. In 1984, the U.S. Navy released the results of a study showing the exposure to man-made electromagnetic frequencies resulted in altered biological changes.

Some of the benefits from the Teslar technology:

1. Increases immunity (in vitro study showed a 76% increase in immunity)
2. Increases mental acuity and memory
3.  Improves allergies, ADD, insomnia and headaches, PMS, hormonal                                                              imbalances and menopause
4.  Anti-depressant (in vitro study showed a 47 % improvement in depression)
5. Improves athletic performances - USA Olympic teams are now using it and so is the Canadian Fencing team
6.  Increases alpha states therefore increases creativity, focus, and moods and also creates the brain wave found in meditation and prayer
7.  Improves chronic illnesses and helps to heal bone fractures and lower high blood pressure
8.  Increases energy i.e. chronic fatigue
9.  Balances all the meridians
  http://www.teslar.com    866-232-3630

Healthy Alternatives for Staying Well

I asked Lorrie Medford, Certified Nutritionist and author of four book including Why Can't I lose Weight, to share with us some of here tried and true suggestions for staying well over the holidays.  Here are some of her practical tips for sailing through these winter months!

There is about a 6-hour window between the times that you first feel those familiar symptoms of a sniffy nose or sore throat and the time that you develop a full-blown nasty cold or flu.  That's when you want to take action.  For five years, we have successfully used products, which contain both the vitamin A and C complex, support for the thymus gland, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals. If taken soon enough, you can even nip a cold or flu in the bud
Echinacea is popular for colds, flu, minor infections and boosting immune functions.  It has an excellent safety record and contains no known toxicity. Unlike a vaccine, which is active only against a specific disease, Echinacea stimulates overall activity of cells.  Echinacea facilitates wound healing and speeds recovery from viruses.  It may increase resistance to Candida, bronchitis, herpes and other infectious conditions.

Since the 19th century, Echinacea has been used extensively by Native American Indians.  Today, millions of Europeans use Echinacea as a primary supplement for healthy living.

Garlic has been used as an herbal remedy around the world for centuries. Its great for heart health, lowering cholesterol, and its anti-cancer properties. Garlic has an excellent safety record and is well tolerated by most people.  The most popular uses of garlic are for colds, flu and other infections, earaches, vaginal yeast infections, and high blood pressure.  Excellent for its blood thinning, garlic is known for preventing hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure.  Garlic is a protector against damage from free radicals.
Supporting the immune system in a healthy lifestyle is crucial to health.  A weakened immune system is related to many symptoms including colds and flu, candida, chronic fatigue, chronic allergies, staph infection, slow wound healing and depression.  While the average person gets two colds a year, some experts believe that even that is too much.

A healthy diet can protect you.  Here are some tips for keeping your immune system healthy:
1.  Eat a diet rich in whole natural foods, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, seeds, low fat meat, dairy and nuts.
2.  Eliminate all fried and hydrogenated fats.
3.  Get enough lean protein but not excessive amounts.
4.  Supplement your diet with healthy, rich Omega 3 essential fats like flaxseed and fish oils.
5.  Eliminate refined sugar and white flour and products made with them.  Other foods to avoid are caffeine, refined sugars, alcohol, cheese and processed foods, junk and fast foods.  Drinking just one can of soda pop or foods with white sugar (candy, cake, cookies, ice cream) can depress your immune system for the next 6-8 hours.  Drinking alcohol works even quicker.
6.  Foods that build your immune system are cruciferous vegetables, garlic and onions, cultured foods like yogurt and kefir.
Supplement your diet with whole food natural supplements:

1.  A multiple vitamin/mineral whole food supplement
2.  Antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, E and selenium (A is the anti-infection vitamin, and C is vital for formation of adrenal hormones and immune function, and E is a great antioxidant.)
3.  Probiotics (acidophilus supplement such as yogurt which is a natural type of antibiotic referred to as a probiotic.)
4.  Calcium/magnesium helps white blood cell formation
5.  Zinc boosts the immune response.
Resisting Sweets During the Holidays

>From late October to January, people are invited to celebrations, which tempt them to eat sugary treats.  Often, people give in to temptation and set themselves up for sugar addiction.  They gain weight back, and now are set up for the cold or flu.  (One serving of sugar depresses your immune system for 6-8 hours.) Don't lose the ground that you've gained all year.  Arm yourself with some help in the form of supplements for sugar cravings.  I highly recommend the B complex, combined with Chromium GTF, and if necessary, Zinc and/or magnesium.  These products help your body handle sugar so that you don't
crave it.

Lorrie can be found at http://www.lifedesignnutrition.com    918-664-4483


It's Cranberry Time Again

Ann Lousie Gittleman just loves cranberries...and for very good reason. She has listed some of the lesser-known benefits of this mighty little berry.  I'm stocking up on fresh cranberries and putting heaps in my freezer to tide me over until next season.  I've been cooking them up to make unsweetened cranberry juice and adding them to my apple sauce and compote, and even throwing a few into my morning smoothie.  Cook them up with some xyltiol crystals and you can make a really lusciously, sweated cranberry sauce!!!

Every October American farmers harvest over 600 millions tons of this indigenous American fruit.   Ann Louise Gittleman, author of the "Fat Flush Plan" is a major cranberry enthusiast!  Here are some of the reasons why she believes everyone should be taking advantage of cranberry time.... and stocking your freezer with lots of cranberry reserves!

Most people have heard that cranberry juice helps ward off bladder and urinary tract infections. Yet, cranberries offer so many more health benefits, including:

*  Protection from stomach ulcers. Cranberries keep some strains of ulcer-causing bacteria from sticking to the stomach cells, stopping ulcers before they have a chance to develop.

*  Healthy gums. The same bacteria-blocking mechanism that helps prevent bladder infections appears to keep certain bacteria from gathering on the surface of your teeth-reducing the formation of harmful plaque that leads to gum disease.

*  Prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Cranberries rank as one of the best sources of valuable antioxidants that help protect against serious conditions like heart attacks, strokes and cancer.  Making your own unsweetened cranberry juice offers some of the highest anti-oxidant levels.

*  Better absorption of Vitamin B12. A recent study found that cranberry juice helps prevent a vitamin B12 deficiency by increasing the body's absorption of this important nutrient.

*  Less cellulite. Pure cranberry juice is absorbed immediately into the system, helping to keep your liver's detoxification pathways open and acting as a digestive aid for any stubborn fat deposits stuck in your lymphatic system. This could very well be the reason that people on the Fat Flush Plan see their cellulite disappear!

I trust that this festive season is full of fun, happiness and joy for each of you and your family.  I look forward to 2003 and the opportunity to possibly meet many of you as I travel during my upcoming world tour to launch my new book, "MOTHERS Prevent Your Daughters From Getting Breast Cancer".

Blessings to All,

Sherrill Sellman

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