CIA oversees "war" on AIDS by Dr. Len Horowitz

The Idaho Observer

On April 30, 2000, the The Washington Post announced a National Security
Agency (NSA) move to place AIDS science, and all public health agencies
conducting it, under the command of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
This move, curiously, follows South African President's Thabo Mbeki's
decision to include the testimonies of "dissident" scientists in his
country's review of HIV/AIDS treatment practices and the epidemic's

President Clinton, advised by the National Intelligence Council (NIC), to
formally declare global AIDS a U.S. "national security threat," signed
this policy into law. The action foreshadows the likely persecution, if
not incarceration or assassination, of "dissident" AIDS scientists.

The CIA warned in their report to the president and press that, "The
persistent infectious disease burden is likely to aggravate and, in some
cases, may even provoke economic decay, social fragmentation, and
political destabilization in the hardest hit countries. . . ."

The study defined "instability," as revolutionary wars, ethnic wars,
genocides, and disruptive regime transitions. . . . Dramatic declines in
life expectancy, the study said, are the strongest risk factor for "such
threats to national security."

Killing two birds with one stone, promoting vaccination and medication,
the propagandist report stated that such threats and "deterioration" might
be followed by only "limited improvement . . . owing to better prevention
and control efforts, new drugs, and vaccines."

The report posted one statistic that reflected the evidence advanced in
the book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola -- Nature, Accident or
Intentional? (Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 1998). The "number of
15-year-olds per 10,000 of that age group who have lost their mothers or
both parents to AIDS," in Uganda, the report said, was 1,100 compared to
10 in the United States.

Why so many orphaned children in Uganda? Because this was the principle
site of the African hepatitis B vaccine trials in 1974-1975. Uganda was
the home of the International Agency for Research in Cancer (IARC) that
collaborated with Litton Bionetics, the U.S. Army's sixth top biological
weapons contracting lab during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Bionetics
was the organization that, at this time, developed numerous AIDS-like
viruses under the direction of Dr. Robert Gallo of the National Cancer
Institute (NCI), who more than a decade later received credit for
"discovering" the AIDS virus HTLV-III (HIV-1).

Given the potentially grave socioeconomic, political, and now military
implications of uncovering a vaccine industry-linked cause of AIDS, future
publications and open dialogue regarding this hypothesis in the mainstream
and scientific media may be increasingly difficult to achieve. According
to U.S. government watchdog groups, and related policy analysts linked to
JuriMed -- a North American alternative medicine advocacy organization --
the new Clinton decree empowers the CIA to act against scientific
"dissidents" who raise concerns regarding vaccination policies, as done in
this article, as a threat to U.S. national security. The JuriMed
communique heralded the likelihood of increased "mainstream [media]
blackouts on AIDS dissident positions," and "global disease control"
initiatives including "wide-ranging vaccination programs" becoming more

Obviously, due to the lethal nature and severe cost of the AIDS pandemic,
should this author's horrific documentation be largely disseminated, and
the man-made origin of AIDS premise established firmly, it would beg a
global reevaluation of vaccination science, politics, and policies. At
least three third world nations, including the nation of Islam, Kenya, and
now South Africa, have moved in this direction.

The man-made theory and vaccine-transmitted hypothesis of AIDS is not
easily embraced. However, the implications of ignoring this hypothesis are
unfathomable. Such actions strain the ethical fabric of science, our moral
obligations as world citizens, and may be contributing to an irreversible
attack against humanity.

On the other hand, the AIDS crisis may serve an ideologically justified
function concerning burgeoning ethnic populations in a period of global
transition. In effect, it provides a revenue-generating control mechanism
for "national security" interests and the organizations, institutions, and
industries alligned with what amounts to utilitarian global genocide.


The Idaho Observer