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The Gestapo lives?  You decide:
November 20, 2001, the home of Vicki Hufnagel, MD in Los Angeles was raided based upon a warrant obtained by the CMB (California Medical  Board).  They informed Hufnagel that she was performing surgeries in her  home, and practicing medicine without a license in the state of California.  In fact,  Hufnagel has no operating room in her home, sees no patients, prescribes no drugs, and offers no diagnosis in California. 

Hufnagel lost her license in California even though no one suffered under her care, not even an infection, but because it was alleged that she refused to offer a hysterectomy.  This was later proven in court to be a false  allegation.  The judge, feeling that he needed to punish her in some type of matter ordered probation.  The CMB refused to take  judicial notice and revoked her license.

Who is Vicki Hufnagel MD?  The author of the book, No More Hysterectomies,   written in 1988, exposing the abuses and activities of the American College   of Gynecologists.  Who is attacking her, filing complaints in all states where she is licensed, publicizing  misinformation?  A public relations firm who lists the ACOG as one of their clients.

And what was taken from Hufnagel's home yesterday, in the fishing expedition to "prove" the case against Hufnagel?  Her phones, all of her computers, an application for financial aid for her daughter's schooling, paperwork dealing with her bankruptcy and divorce which she desperately needs, her water bill which must be paid .....

She has no more money to hire fancy law firms. She testified before a Grace hearing, and several members of the CMB lost their positions as a result of those hearings, but Hufnagel was not reinstated as she had been assured she would be.  Meanwhile, the harassment by the CMB never ends.

Hufnagel is a brilliant surgeon and scientist. She is offering in Mexico the type of care that cannot be found in the United States as hysterectomies continue to cripple women unnecessarily. 

Why is it not publicized that a woman will lose 30% of her bone mass within 2 years of having a hysterectomy?  Why is it not publicized that 70% of women that get their tubes tied end up with a hysterectomy within 5 years - the solution offered to the problems associated with getting tubes tied?  

Women are being butchered unnecessarily, are not begin informed, and frequently end up with hysterectomies without their consent. 

Hufnagel, working with CA Senator Diane Watson, (now CongressWoman Watson) managed to get informed consent laws passed in California, despite the threats from members of the CMB that she would never practice medicine in CA again if she continued to push for the law.  She received opposition from the American College of Obresteicn and Gynocoly (ACOG).  (see letter below)   HB-135 - Informed Consent to Hysterectomy,  is now on the law books, but it never has been enforced.

It is not impossible - the California Dental Board was dissolved by the government of California just last month for pulling the licenses of Dentists who refused to offer mercury fillings... K.K.