Human As Frugivore

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Post Human As Frugivore 
Took me awhile to get around to it, having to adopt a raw food diet for health reasons woke me up to it properly.

I did work in two abbators in Australia (I even slpt in one after the mozzies decided to eat me alive one night) and even part owned a Halah and Kosher abbatoir in the East end after a friend went into the meat industry, 25 years ago.  The meat floor at Smithfield is another sight to behold as well.

"All available scientific evidence indicates that humans are frugivorous apes.  Regardless of how large and arrogant our cultural egos are, and regardless of unsupportable religious dogma created by ignorant people who knew absolutely nothing of biochemistry, comparative anatomy, genetics, or science thousands of years ago, our physiology is that of a frugivorous ape."--Laurie Forti

Selling the man as omnivore lie was a great masterstroke for the degrading of humanity.  Seeing the way pigs behave, as omnivores, is another eyeopener as well, eating a lamb being the height of that experience.

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Maybe these type of posts should be marked Off Topic.

However, it is one which is of interest to me, usually when I get drawn into a topic about vegetarianism at work, I always hear the tired 'meat eating teeth' argument, which I generally counter with the stomach's PH being way to high to effectively digest meat.

It's funny though, as I have never been one to argue with anyone, regarding whether anybody other than myself should eat anything they like (within reason - ie excluding battery meat etc), yet I have found that alot of meat eaters are determined to argue that somehow I am wrong for not eating meat as if I am openly insulting their own belief system! (I'm fairly sure this is just a kind of subconscious defense mechanism).

Anyway I digress, when looking for an article on this PH fact just now, I found a good link which lists our comparative anatomy, and makes it easy to understand the reasoning for the above research John posted;

This is just my bag though (I'm not vegan or raw, but try to keep my diet moving gradually towards this), I don't want folks reading EW to think there is some mantra of beliefs required to 'fit in'. Different strokes for different folks 'n all that.

If I did become ill though, the first thing I'd do is go raw vegan (organic also if I had the ), as along with zapping and cleansing/fasting, plus positive orgone, you have a very simple foundation to fight off virtually all illnesses.

Be Well!


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I thought misc was off-topic.  That's a good comparitive chart, better if frugivore was on it also, although frugivore is meant to be type of herbivore, according to Wiki, but that has man down as Omnivore, being a mouthpiece for the Elite.

Diet is the same with many other topics, orgonite, god, conspiracies etc.  People don't want the truth if it rattles their beliefs.  

It looks to me as if man as Omnivore is one of the main beliefs that causes grief on the planet.  For one thing it would be hard to kill 300 million animals with vivisection if we weren't killing millions for meat, and vivisection is what holds up allopathy that kills millions, addicts millions every year.

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Post Re: Human As Frugivore 
Rich, nothing is 'off topic' in the Miscellaneous section except preaching Theosophy or bornagain chumpism or otherwise promoting the corporate world order's dumbing-down mind control creepiness.

I was first inspired, in 1974, to strive for a vitalizing diet by the book, RATIONAL FASTING, by Arnold Ehret, wriitten around 1900, I think.  He advocated and demonstrated living on fruit, even walked across the Sahara Desert on that diet. Ehret was evidently not entirely rational. He insiisted that the lungs pumpeed the blood and not the heart, for instance, but I've always found it convenient to put more attention on what people do than on what they say or believe, so I wasn't put off by that.  His profession was an instructor of drawing (sketching) and he had no science training.  He evidently cured a lot of very sick people by supervising their transition to a fruit diet.

I was working for a couple of fruitarians at the time and they, too, demonstrated some pretty impressive evidence that this was benefiicial. I met one other person who had been on that diet for several years and the guy was full of energy and was very quick  and sharp, mentally.

It took me a couple more years to get onto a raw food diet, mostly influenced by Ann Wigmore's recommendations involving wheat grass juice and sprouts.  During a time I was in college in the day and also working full time at nights, sleeping three or four hours in 24 and walking 20 miles per day I sort of hit my stride.  It's the best I ever felt and I was in my late 20s.

The problem I had at the time, which is also the problem that my fruitarian employers and their fruitarian friend experiienced, was that I found it literally impossible to relate to anyone, including my starter wife, because my energy level was so high.   I was incredibly lonely and the nearest raw fooders were 80 miles away, in Boston (Ann Wigmore's place).

When Carol and I went to the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, last fall, I was expecting to encounter a bunch of food nazis, which is how vegans mostly impress me, frankly.  I was pleasantly surprised to find very few ideologues in that bunch, though, and Carol felt inspired to strive toward a more vital diet, perhaps just in time.  She'd beeen poisoned by sewer rat agency 'representatives'  a half dozen times, on trips taken without me along, and so severely that if it weren't for the zapper she likely would not have survived any of them. Kelly got similarly poisoned on his first trip to UK in 2003 and was hospitalized, perhaps because he didn't use a zapper. Several others among us have been poisoned, that way, but it became standard practice to put a zapper on when acute, severe sickness symptoms first start.

While at that festival we decided to try the three-month liver/colon cleanse regimen called, 'Dr Natura,' because David Wolfe endorsed it. is the site.  Six months later, Carol's still undergoing some pretty severe detox on acccountt of all that poison residue that's now getting drawn outt and expelled.  My similar period of symptoms only lasted a few weeks, during the last month of hte colon/liver flush, because I didn't get poisoned as much as she did.  She's looking and feellng bbettter than she has for the past seven years, though. It was seven years ago that the paramilitary sewer rat started trying to murder her with poisons during trips, usually abroad.

The feds evidently sprayed aerosol bio-poison on the crowd in Sedona on the last day of the festival and a whole lot of people got sick, we found out a little later through correspondence with our many new contacts.

When people who are on a viital diet get poisoned they recover a lot faster and suffer a lot less.  These folks who were sickened by the chemtrails between 1998 and mid-2002 experience less suffering than folks who were similarly damaged by the same bioweaponry and I think the raw foodists witth the designer chronic sicknesses are much more likely to be cured with ChemBuster, perhaps because their colons aren't liined with ancient, processed culinary artifacts.  It's interesting that bioweaponry can affect anyone, regardless of 'lifestyle.'  It was a real crapshoot, so to speak, whether one got sickened or not--'good diet' probably didn't preserve anyone in particular from being damaged.  Maybe it was mainly a function of timing, susceptibilty, severity of specific assaults and biorhythms--who knows?  Carol and I got dosed so heavily with chemtrails in the early years, once, that we smelled kerosene and had to run our windshield wipers--no joke!

By the way, if you see chemtrail assaults at night, made in a checkerboard fashion, it may be that they're dumping toxic metal on your commmunity. This is unusual, thank God, but it still happens. Steve and Dooney got dosed that way, a couple of weeks ago, and STeve found toxiic metals in their bodies with testing. If that happens where you live, please contact me at because I want to keep track of these and publish about it so that maybe these $#!+birds will be compelled to stop doing it.  They require relative secrecy to commit their crimes, now, and the internet is a powerful weapon to use against them.

I was sickened by chemtrails during the experimental phase in late 1995 but cured in a day with my first zapper, several months later.  I  was evidently sickened by onlyy one exposure, though; I think that daily exposure is what did so much damage in those years (1998-2002) when chemtrails were omnipresent on several continents.

Thirty years ago, most of the raw foodists and fruitarians I knew were ideologues, so they weren't pleasant to be around.  They turned food into a sort of religion that was preached like Theosophy and bornagain chumpism.  A lot of vegans still tend to be that way--much like the way bornagain chumps weaponize 'the Bible.'  There's been a positive shift, since then and the people we met in Sedona were much more open minded and pursued their dietary experiments with a healthier sort of zeal.  One of them we met eats raw meat occasionally, by the way, and she wasn't treated like a pariah by the rest.

There are even 'militant vegans' who sabotage grocery stores--no kiidding!  Someone who worked in a big health food store once told me that the store experienced a lot of trouble from vegans who opened up the spigot of the honey barrel every day at closing time so that the employees would have to stay late and clean up the spreading puddle of honey.  The vegans were protesting 'the exploitation of bees.'

I once took a long train ride and became acquainted with some Jains from India.  They also believed that it was bad eat animal products or exploit animals.  Some of their priests even avoid stepping bugs and wear a cloth over their faces so that they won't breathe in any tiny animals.  Those people on the train were incredibl healthy looking and clear-countenanced and the snacks they had made and shared with us were nutritious and tasty.  The husband was an engineer who helped develop the silent rotor blades for the CIA's helicopters, by the way Cool

Doc Stevo very strongly advocates eating meat and animal products.  The very detailed arguments that he presents are just as compelling as the arguments that vegans and fruitarians present in the opposite direction.  I don't like to eat meat and I can be quite healthy without animal products. I know that from experience, so arguments to the contrary don't compel me as much as they otherwise might but I think Stevo's approach to nutriition and healing-with-food  has a lot of genuine merit if one is inclined to eat his way.

When Carol and I spent a few months in South Texas in late 2000 we were literally unable to find a restaurant that featured a vegetarian menu and not ordering meat or chicken was a social hazard, arousing the ire and impatience of the servers.  I think that a lot of people who are devoted to meat-eating get angry when they encounter someone who doesn't care for meat, sort of like how some people who drink alcohol get angry at you if you won't drink with them, socially.

One can play the Matching Game if one is a food nazi.   For every argument and example that criticizes one's food paradigm one can throw down another, 'matching' opposing example or argument, ad infinitum.  It's kind of like trench warfare Wink

I once read a commentary on anthropology iin which the author noted, with glee, that anthropoligists typically travelled to Africa to find evidence to support a perrsonal belief paradigm.  Anthropologists who believe that humanity are essentially worthless sought out a cultural group that represented the lowest possible human standards and were constantly miserable and they documented and published their experiences to 'prove' their assumptions. I think those anthropologists are mostly sponsored by the corporate world order.  Anthropologists who believed in interdependence and human progress sought out cultural groups in Africa that demonstrated that, rather, and published their findings to support their assumptions.  The latter don't generally thrive in the corporate academic environment, of course.

You can find the whole gamut of cultures in Uganda, by the way.  In our gifting sorties we saw it all because Doc Kayiwa took us to deliver orgonite to some villages and neighborhoods that were dedicated to the bad-magic industry.  Sort of like the CIA/NSA psi corps is Cool

Carol and I met Afrikaaners and Germans in Namibia who evidently eat meat every day and they looked as healthy as any vegans we've met.  There are obviously other factors involved that zealots in the two opposing food-ideology camps might overlook.  In the case of Africa, the meat they eat is probably a lot 'cleaner' than the stuff people over here eat is and the ambient energy of that continent is so envigorating that it's perhaps  possible to be healthy and vital on a lousier diet, to some degree.
Very poor Africans who live mainly on refined corn meal, hydrogenated oils, sugar,  and drink polluted water  are likely to remain sick and depleted, of course, and that accounts for a lot of sick people, there. I read that a woman in South Afriica is curing AIDS simply by helping sufferers get onto a diet that includes fresh vegetables and less adulterated food. Georg Ritschl might know her.

When we factor in the corporate world order's mandate to sicken everyone in a parasitic fashion then it's easy to see why most of the food in the grocery store is polluted, mutated and/or adulterated in a way that causes or supports sickness.  The food cartel is a major player in sabotaging humanity, just as the pharmaceutical cartel and petroleum cartel are.  I suppose 'syndicate' is a more precise term for these criminal organizations than 'cartel.' Wink

When they started introducing all this poisonous crap, a couple of geenerations ago, people were generally healthier than they are now.  When I was a little kid, early 1950s, every home had a deep fat fryer that got used almost every day.  The fryers were filled with pig fat but the incidence of heart disease was much lower than it is, now, when you rarely see deep fat fryers and even the Pajama People try to 'stay away from cholesterol.'  There are several other trends like this and the good part of that is that people are generally getting more conscious of the connection between food and sickness.   More people have stopped drinking tap water, too, and that's another positive sign.

If I don't mention that the main problem with circulatory sickness is evidently just fungus in the arteries then I might be inviting a flurry of posts in this thread about this subject.  When antibiotics became widely used, in the 1950s, circulatory sickness rates went through the roof, as they did with soldiers in WWII who first got antibiotics.  Antibiotics are highly acidic fungal toxins that promote the growth and spread of fungus throughout the body.   They incidentally kill a few bacteria species along the way,  though bacteria are easily able to mutate into hardier species, so anttibiotics produced by the  pharma carrtel ahve to be made more and more acidic to 'keep up,' and so people who use antibiotics get sicker and sicker.  Even teh cheapest, simplest zappers destroy the fungi that have eaten  holes in the arteries, so the arterial walls are repaired and the  cholesteral that the body had wisely produced to patch these holes then  gets dissolved and reabsorbed; the organic components are then usable for other construtive functions. People who offer more complex scenarios are probably selling something and/or are opposed to something else on an ideological basis.

Antibiotics are evidently also responsible for the odd way that large worms typically now end up growing in the heart, brain, pancreas and other organs in people who have been subjected by MDs (serial killers; terrorists) to these prescribed poisons.  Fungal toxins made the colon wall permeable, so worm stages passed through from the colon into the rest of the body like commuters move through the turnstyles at subway stations.  The simplest, cheapest zappers kill all those worms and appraently even help the body to repair the terrorized  colon walls.

In some big regions of North America you can get organic food, including meat, in all the major grocery stores. Ten years ago that wasn't so.  Sure, some stores, like MalWart, probably lie about their food being organic but it still indicates a positive awareness trend.  The government's standards for organic food are less sringent than private standarrds and I think that farmers who are sincere about selling organic food prefer to adhere to the private standards. It's become profitable for them to grow organic food and because there is now competition in stores, the prices are coming down, at least in America.  I read that Congress is trying to outlaw organic agricultture but of course if the treasonous Executive branch of gov't tries  to enforce these fake laws they'll fail, just the same way that the US Gov't, itself, will surely fall if they try to overtly enforce the Patriot Acts.

The market rules, not the parasites in Washington, DC. Carol and I have been earning our livlihood on the black market for the nine years we've been together. If 'laws' were enforceable we'd be iin prison, along with twenty or so million other business people in America who won't abide by these Hitler/Stalin/Mao/Roosevelt laws.

When someone is an ideologue he/she will tailor a presentation based on an biased array of factual information.  Important facts are simply left out of these presentations because the intention is not to educate but to persuade.  People who strive for intellectual integrity won't do that; they're motivated to discover the truth rather than to promote some narrow ideological or commercial paradigm.  People who turn food into a religion might have healthy bodies but their minds and hearts might be sewers Cool

I was discouraged from remaining on a raw food diet in the 70s because people, back then, were a lot more brutish than we are bby now.  My experience in Sedona made it obvious that I could get back onto a vitalizing diet and still be able to relate comfortably with anyone.

I think that the spread of orgonite, rather than causing this development, is more likely a synergistic evidence that humanity is generally just waking up, now, and that implies more individual accountability and tolerance.

Growing crops is a more efficient way to use farmland for food than growing animals is and farmers who don't have livestock are free to travel much of the year but farmers who have livestock are tied to home the way people who care for invalids are.  Thase are 'compelling arguments' against meat eating.

Compelling arguments in favor of meat eating:

1) After you and I have reversed all the deserts wiith intelligently placed, simple orgonite devices there will be an overabundance of pasture land, at least until the world's population reaches a hundred billion or so.

2) Simple, cheap zappers very quickly cure nearly all of the sicknesses that livestock are prone to.

3) immediatelyy after the corporate world order is thrown down, millions of  braindead, greedy Pajama People  farmers will no longer be able to poison meat with costly toxic chemicals, growth hormones, antibiotics, etc.

See how silly it is to argue about food on an ideological basis?  I've personally assumed that humanity will gradually lose interest in raiising animals for food but if I'm wrong about that I don't really care, much.


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All that being said: it's really tough for us to improve our dietary habits and the longer one lives, the harder it gets.  

Last year I started getting a lot of correspondence from people who bought our zappers and later began experiencing detoxification symptoms and this apparently has nothing to do with diet, though a clean, vital diet helps one get through that process a lot faster.  Some of them were a little purturbed at me until I suggested that this was a posiitive sign of the body's 'decision' to start dumping toxic material, finally, and that the Terminator may have influenced the body to take that course. I'm still gathering data in an effort to understand this, better, and some of our zapper distributors are physicians, so I've been asking if they, too, see this as a trend.  This sort of data takes awhile to collect because it's kind of challenging to consider the implications, I think.

'Detox' has lately become so widespread that I wonder if humanity is generally experiencing a period of detoxification, perhaps in preparation for another leap in awareness that depends on having a relatively clean body in order to assimilate without going crazy.

Once this detoxification process starts it takes on a life of it's own, evidently--almost like riding a wave on the ocean, so prudent people will seek out suitable help and/or products to facilitate it, otherwise some will likely die from it if the liver is simply overwhelmed with poison at some point.  We don't want that to happen to anyone.  The rampant obesity among Americans is evidently a sign of exceptional toxicity, not entirely related to diet.  These are the folks who risk death when they start expelling stored poisons.

Stevo says the colon needs to be relatively clean in order for the liver to do its job.  Carol and I like the product and I think Doc Stevo knows about some other good products.  His site is and he also sells PCA Rx, which is a good, short term remedy for gettting poisonous material out of the bloodstream when the liver is challenged.  Carol and I keep a bottle of that in our First Aid Kit when we travel, in case we get poisoned by the $#!+bird agents. It's harder for them to get to us at home, now, or they're just not trying as hard as before.

Dr von Peters of , who formulated ChemBuster (good liver tonic for sufferers of extensive bioweaponry damage) at our request, six years ago, has a proprietary line of herbal chelation products that reach more deeply into the body to grab poisonous material and move it out of the body in a non-traumatic way and he works through the mail, based on a hair sample.  His hair samples can even find exotic poisonous metals that the $#!+birds poison people with, like beryllium, lithium and calcium.  One gifter whom Doc von Peters treated had even been covertly poisoned by the feds with massive amounts of lead.


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Hi all,

I've been doing rawfood on and off for a few years, being mostly guided/ influenced by a french 'school' that advocates smelling everyting (raw) before consumption. Anyone can witness that after eating a few days only raw food, your food instincts come back, indicating more or less by the smell and the taste wether your body needs it, or has had enough. Now this food instinct has to be guided according to some, because products like honey are quite rare in the natural environment we are supposed to have developped in. I'm not going into all that, but just want to mention a very interesting experiment those pioneers did in the 70's. They abandonned eating wheat products, apparently quite justly so given the fact that the number of chromosomes of wheat has been doubled/tripled, a case of artificial selection (GMO avant la lettre). The meat they eat is from animals raised without wheat products, and I doubt very much that it is available anywhere else commercially than through this company:  The taste and smell is very different, even from organically raised meat.
Apparently it has been witnessed that women eating raw for a few years give birth to babies without 'breaking water' first. Thus the baby is expulsed within the amniotic sac filled with fluid, acting as a shock absorber/distributer during expulsion. This would seem logical, observing what happens in other species. The breaking of the decidua would correspond with an inferior quality of the tissue with 'cooked- foodists'.
One couple wanted to know once and for all wether the meat preference/abhorrence was socially/culturally determined or not, and offered their newborn infant a meal after birth. The kid ate some mango if I recall right, refused a few other products, but opened his mouth instinctively when a piece of meat was offered that met with his biological needs. He ate the meat, to the parents proving that eating meat is 'natural'. The meat used in this system is not fresh, but has 'ripened' for a few days, which would indicate that our forefathers did not kill  the animals themselves, but would eat what had been left by real killers.

As for the teeth discussion, I simply note that I'm very able to eat meat with my teeth, thank you very much. Smile



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Some of my best friends are carnivores, not just the animals  Smile  Image

Without wishing to push any button market 'channelling' I find Hilarion rings true

I read that years ago but didn't really believe it as I was still into meat.  Interesting what he says about the colon and spirituality, a clean colon is a must, feeling wise for me, and the feeling body is the route to the spiritual body.  I am interested to find how my meditation goes when I have a clean colon.  And I want to keep it clean with diet, not only after I colon cleanse.

It took a health crises to get me onto raw vegetarian foods.  And it sure is the hardest thing for me to do--change diet.  

I must have dispatched more animals than most in my time and seen the inside of the meat industry from farm to slaughterhouse.  The Halal killing room was the highlight, slitting lambs throats one by one, passing out sheep carcases to Muslims on one of their holy days, was another.  I never had the nerve to see a pig slaughterhouse.  The factory farming of pigs was the closest, they were chained up 24/7 in stalls.  I passed on entering the sausage factory.

Not a way to treat animals, for sure.

Most people don't realise dairy cows are factory farmed, horrible way to treat them.

Culled at 5-7 years when they can live for over 22.  Fed on monocultures of grass (heavily chemically NPK fertilised ryegrass usually, instead of organic farmed permanent leys with 15 or more varieties of herbs and grasses), and concentrates containing grain and soya.  Traumatised by calf removal and then made pregnant while lactating.  Bred to produce up to 12 gallons, many times more than they would produce in nature (the Pilgrim Father cows, c. 1620, produced up to a quart, so 50 times that now). Etc.  While being behind e coli that almost killed my son--he survived due to being breastfed.

And the dairy industry is behind the foot and mouth slaughter. During the 2005 Foot and mouth cull they shot 50 cattle in the back shed one by one, that was something also, as well as a hundreds of sheep in the next field but one, then burnt 5,000 half a mile away along with 200 cattle.  While spending months intimidating us so they could kill our pet pigs.  I am still pissed off about it.  Now they have changed to law so they can kill them without the intimidation.  50 farmers committed suicide, by the way.

Just a few pleasures of meat eating that most folk don't know about.

I think the chimps have 5% meat in their diet, mostly insect family.  That sounds about right, not the over 50% that seems to be the norm.

I always felt Veganism was a bit food nazi for me too, until I found out one of my favourite healers, Dick Shulze, was one, and he is a martial arts man also.  Maybe they were more so in the past.  Militant vegan stories reminds me of the militant anti-vivisectionists, although I have some sympathy for that, there isn't any other way, given the political situatioun, to effects any change.

We have to cull the deer here, and skinning them is another highlight of the winter.  

My wife gets pretty irate being surrounded by killers, they kill anything that moves round here, eg foxes, she has pet rescue foxes.  

As long as I feel better then raw vegetarianism is the way forward for me, whether I can stick to it is another matter.  And I don't care either what anyone else does, its their karma.

I do prefer the feeling walking on natural pasture that I find in parkland, lightly grazed by deer, way better than farm pasture.  Even better is the feeling with trees planted wide apart.  Oak and Hawthorn is the best, with areas of beech.  Bliss.  Vast areas are blighted in this country by intensive farming, hedge ripped out etc.  Deserts really, no trees.

With the way the Elite are killing off farmers we won't have to worry about them being out of work.  I don't know how you would make any money from parkland, but that seems to be their intention.

You are right about being tied to livestock, feeding on xmas day etc.  With the pigs here as well.

I think processed grain, especially wheat bread, does you in more than anything, especially combined with meat.  Real energy drain.

I just love the way my local junk food eaters chuck out their packaging as if the road is a dustbin, I picked up a McDonalds bag with 'do not litter' on the side.  I guess if you feel that bad from eating junk food you have to take it out on something.  But I do notice they don't do it outside their house.  I don't know which comes first--junk thinking or junk food.  Hand in hand no doubt.

I did read women stop menstruating on raw diet, I think I did anyway, interesting about the amniotic sac.


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Post Re: Human As Frugivore 
Interesting stuff chaps, thanks, you old(er) guys have some interesting life relections :~)

The Off Topic bit was just a question, as I wasnt sure how these threads were perceived by others, no offence meant John.

Thanks for clearing up where we all stand on posting such stuff Don, I'm glad it is mostly open house, as I have a great story about how crack cocaine can heal ... just kidding!

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Post Re: Human As Frugivore 
Raw meat story is interesting

old(er) guy  Smile

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Post Re: Human As Frugivore 
I should say the Foot and mouth 'saga' can be laid at the foot of the dairy industry, not forgetting the vaccine industry---Pirbright owned up to the last one  which only ever appeared in the farming press, but managed to get away with the one before

Assuming foot and mouth is based around a virus, some say it isn't  Time will tell.  Either way it is harmless in healthy properly fed cattle.  Sheep don't seem to be affected that much, yet that didn't stop them killing thousands, hundred thousand or more probably.  

and if the world wasn't run by psychopaths then the meat industry would be different, no doubt.

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Post Re: Human As Frugivore 
Good point about the wheat.  I'm beginning to think that the wheat supply is contributing significantly to the new chronic illness endemics. I'm interested to know if organically grown wheat is better.  In addition to the genetic manipulation by the chemical cartel, perhaps worldwide, Horowitz has presented documented evidence of biological weaponry having been applied to wheat crops, too, resulting in crystalline formations in the body (prions) that respond to specific frequency broadcasts, perhaps from the death towers in neighborhoods, which are evidently short-range transmittters.  This might explain why people in certain neighborhoods often develop the same sickness at the same time (headache, sinus congestion to start).  When chemtrails were still harming people the  sicknesses nearly always started with respiratory (lung) distress, since that bioweaponry had to be breathed in.

I think prions are  what David Wolfe refers to as 'calcification,' and any zapper evidently causes this stuff to dissolve.  I assume the creation of specific illness symptoms via resonant freq's with those crystals in the body would be only one of many functions for those new towers, at least until someone drops orgonite near them, of course, after which they're simply very powerful life force generators Cool that the corporate/paramilitary sewer rats are too stupid to then turn off.

John, you didn't exactly push my button by recommending channeling on my forum because you're a sincere, genuine person but I will take this opportunity to repeat some things that might apply.  If memory serves, 'Hilarion' is one of the names that MI6/CIA/Theosophy has assigned to 'St Germain.'  I think the channeling scam started on the larger scale with this one in the 1970s, after some early experiments with 'Seth.'  People are programmed to regard channelers as prophets.  I don't think Edgar Cayce would appreciate that, though Wink

DB had told me that it was 'Hilarion' who materialized in the backseat of his car on his way from Pluto's Cave and told him, 'If you ever come back here I'm going to kill you,' then disappeared.  Carol and I later gifted that cave, which smelled like decaying flesh, had a 'springy' sand floor (happens when you bury a body that then decomposes and produces a lot of gas) and evidence of bonfires ('bone fires').  The upper corporate/occult hierarchy of Mt Shasta's theosophical 'I AM' crowd had evidently use that cave for human sacrifice rituals and DB told Carrol and I that when they perform those rituals, 'St Germain' always shows up.

I think the last channeling books I took seriously were several bound volumes of a series that had a little useful information, most of which I'd read from reputable authors.  At some point, I think in volume 2, the author/channeler of the books shared a wildly innacurate historical claim, 'And then I woke up.'  The only other channeled book that held my interest was Barbara Marciniak's but I didn't find that the material she published was entirely relevant or applicable, though reading it had put me into an altered state, sort of like being stoned.  I suppose that's productive for some. To be fair, when there's a positive energy dyamic there may be information that's being assimilated on a more refined level by our consciousness but we're all challenged to have our feet on the ground and to do productive work, so when I read or experience something I want it to apply to my day to day life.  My sessions with James Hughes in the late 90s were very mystical and etheric but they improved my life in ways that I can easily describe.  Why not adopt this standard of evaluation?  The same is true of my interaction with dolphins.

A few years later, when Carol and I started having direct experiences with some of the subject matter (interaction with nice offworlders) that Marciniak covered we started producing practical, powerful inventions to share, for instance, and Carol's connections are conscious and direct, as are all of ours when we're paying attention to our intuition.  Only some people are skilled psychics but we all have intuitive connections to The Operators and are accountable for whether we will either focus on those or will choose to get distracted by channelers, etc.  The apparatus for scamming people away from our direct connection is vast and it has invaded the internet more thoroughly than it's invaded other media.

Carol's take on Marciniak's stuff is that the off-worlders who evidently want to help us through her simply don't understand people well enough.  Al Bielek said that the Pleiadians, I think the same ones she knows, sponsored Hitler in the beginning, for instance, then backed out some time after he renegged on the agreement and started targetting Jews.  He said that their initial concern was for the continued safety of the Nordic people, who are descended from them. Maybe some of the advanced races, offworld, simply can't comprehend humanity's ingrained tendency to lie and cheat, sort of like how the corporate Europeans ruthlessly exploited cultures in Africa, Asia, Americas and Oceania where people actually honored agreements. Maybe the  offworld races & species who are even more advanced than the Pleiadians know how to work around this tendency--I call those 'The Operators,' and they seem real to me. Maybe there are some Pleiadians among The Operators--who knows?

Also, good entities who may resort to channeling to convey information to people on this planet are now faced with the fact that the CIA, NSA and others routinely use that medium to very cleverly promote debilitating disinformation. That's kind of  like seeing our empowering information promoted by disinformation sites--ultimately counterproductive.

Years ago, Carol and I were invited to a small meeting in which a middle-aged psychic did some channeling.  We were both impressed with the energy in the room but came away with nothing specific, otherwise. The psychic told us that she'd done some psychic work for the gov't when requested (only the jobs she felt were legitimate), and she had a big American flag sticker in her car window.  Soon after that she got very fast cancer, refused to wear a zapper, and died. I think she was one of the last reputable ones murdered by the CIA for refusing to do their dirty work.  It's tough to find even a good, reputable psychic who will work well with other psychics. We're incredibly fortunate that way but this trend of independent but interactive pscychic work is not spreading as fast as I'd hoped Wink

When we met Kelly we were intrigued by his ability to speak a very foreign language spontaneously in an altered state.  When he was in Taiwan, years before, and more recently in Thailand, he met a woman in each country who conversed with him in that language, which Carol had immediately claimed was that of the Andromedans who gave us the notion of how to use orgonite and to create and apply some other inventions that we're all now familiar with.  The women understood what was being discussed but Kelly doesn't recall because he was in an altered state.  About a month after we met him, six years ago, I asked Carol to watch his energy while he was talking in that language.  She said there was blue energy coming from above, down into the top of his head and that this was communication from a more refined aspect of himself that is Andromedan.  

When she watches the energy of channelers, the energy comes into the back of their necks at the level of the throat chakra.  She said that this is why channelers are entirely unaware of where the energy/information comes from and even unaware of the quality of the information.  The brain is not in the loop in this case.  When the info is good, Carol sees it as a healthier color; when it's more typical CIA/NSA horse $#!+ the energy is murky or dark.  We decided not to pay attention to channelers, though Marciniak kindly promoted our zappers for awhile.  If one is psychic and wants to spend the effort and energy to personally look at a channeler to see if the energy is viable then I suppose that would be adequate screening but The Operators seem to be watching for opportunities to directly give us what we need if we'll pay closer attention to our own intuitive promptings than to be pulled into the channeling milieu where our instincts are dumbed down.

I mention this because I don't want our readers to assume from his Hilarion plug that anyone, here, except John is promoting channeling.  I do refer people to because he's sincerely trying to share usable information, especially books.  I don't think any of us escape being scammed by disinformants now and then, which is one of our present challenges.  There's more lying going on, now, than any time in history, I think, and it's probably on account of the demise of the corporate world order.   It reminds me of the way that the previous BushSr regime (his idiot boy's) made more and more noise about destroying Persia as it became more and more impossible for them to do so.  The current BushSr/London/TelAviv regime evidently still wishes to nuke Persia but 'If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.'

In that discussion when Kelly demonstrated his altered-state speech for Carol she told him that he was describing a tool that he could build that would help him consciously understand this language.  Her description seemed like a pretty typical Andromedan-inspired device along the lines of the Big Secret, Little Secret (?) and Powerwand.  He collected some or most of the parts, after that, including a piece of jade that he had to go to San Francisco's China Town to find.  Kelly, though mysterious, is surely a lot more interesting (and productive) than a boatload of channelers could be.

I hope this helps.


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Post Re: Human As Frugivore 
I think you are right there, must be my mid life crisis, I'll remove any Hilarion stuff.  

Reminds me of the zeta talk site come to think of it, I woke up there when they said:  "On May 11, 2002 and again on Dec 14, 2005 the Zetas stated that the rise in autism was not due to vaccinations but an adjustment to the increasing tensions in the world due to the Earth changes and the pending pole shift."

Hilarion says it is due to 'past life' stuff.

Jon Fox.  Fox=666 come to think of it number 2.