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The incredible health transformation of Frank Ferrante (documentary)


Thursday, July 28, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) Ready to be inspired? Frank Ferrante is living proof of the healing power of live food nutrition, daily positive affirmations, gratitude, holistic health practices, and the support and compassion of good community. A former drug and alcohol addict living with Hepatitis C, obesity, pre-diabetes, and depression, Frank is today not only 110 pounds lighter and Hepatitis C-free, he is a vibrant image of what glowing health and happiness should look like.

Why does Frank's story matter? Because after watching it, you will be deeply inspired with the realization that you can change your life for the better. You will laugh, cry, and find inspiration over and over again with Frank's story of redemption, healing, transformation and love.


"May I Be Frank" the documentary

"May I Be Frank" is a new documentary film about the miraculous transformation of Frank's life in only 42 days. The full-length documentary is now available as a NaturalNews.TV premium video.

Click here to see the inspiring preview: (Warning, some mild, real-world profanity is contained in the preview video)

Frank's quest is a testament to the power, beauty and life-changing potential of healthy organic food, compassion, love, positive thinking and true determination. It brings a message of true hope, courage and renewal that is deeply inspiring. (This documentary is deeply moving. The courage of this guy is just jaw-dropping...)

Meet the "old" Frank

In the beginning of this film, you will meet the old Frank Ferrante - a boisterous 54-year-old Sicilian from Brooklyn, NY, living in San Francisco. While Frank has a great love of life, good food, beautiful women and a fun time, he is also a former drug and alcohol addict, overweight and fighting Hepatitis C.

Long estranged from his only daughter, Frank is suffering from depression, has been single for many years, is taking an assortment of prescription drugs and is constantly fatigued. Frank's instincts tell him life can get much better than this, but all he knows how to do is hope for a miracle. His zest for living has been diminished by his health issues, self-loathing and disconnect from himself and his family.

Frank begins to frequent Cafe Gratitude -- a raw, vegan and organic local cafe in San Francisco - where he finds a retreat from his suffering and soon establishes a fast friendship with the compassionate staff. One day he is asked the question of the day by Ryland, one of the servers - "what is one thing you want to do before you die?" - and Frank replies "I want to fall in love one more time, but no one will love me looking the way I do."

Drawn to the prospect of helping the Sicilian, Ryland and two other young men from the cafe, his brother Cary and best friend Conor decide to personally take on Frank's healing process as their personal quest, establishing a 42-day contract with the goal of his eventual mental, physical, and spiritual renewal. All Frank has to do is put his life into the hands of the 3 young men and trust them to guide his total transformation, the entirety of which was captured on film.

Watch the preview trailer of Frank's story at:

Personal transformation begins with food transformation

As you'll see in the preview trailer, Frank begins a healing plan composed of eating a completely raw, vegan diet, doing daily positive affirmations and spiritual practices, seeing holistic health practitioners, and receiving unconditional support and love, including from himself. These 3 young twenty-somethings encourage Frank's complete transformation, helping him reinvent his health, his weight, his relationships, his view of himself and the world, and his ability to love again.

What begins as a dedication to helping Frank lose weight and attain better health turns into a beautiful and moving adventure that has a truly profound impact on all of those involved. Frank's inspiring story allows us all to experience the true power of change. "May I Be Frank" not only presents to each of us the essence of the human condition, it shows what can happen when your desire to be loved, coupled with compassion and drive, is strong enough to change your world and the lives of others.

Check out this documentary! Watch the healing process that, in only 42 days, cures Frank of Hepatitis C, helps him lose over 60 pounds, changes the way he experiences life and allows him to rediscover his joy and strength.

Frank's moving story will empower you and undoubtedly help you reconnect with yourself, others, and the natural beauty and instinctive healing that is within each of us and the world. It will leave you with an open heart, open mind and soaring spirit. It will inspire you to WANT to take better care of yourself, and to be aware that healing and change are always within your grasp -- no matter what your age or current health condition.

Watch the preview trailer at:

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