Organic Food

Indian State of Kerala Starts 10-Year Conversion to All-Organic Farming

May 19, 2010

The southern Indian state of Kerala has officially announced a new farming policy which aims to covert all agriculture in the state to organic methods over the next ten years. In the first phase 30,000 hectares converted, The Hindu Business Line reports, and then proceeds in a "phased and compact manner."

The policy advocates adopting a compact area group approach in organic farming by encouraging formation of organic farmers groups, clubs, self-help groups and cooperatives for the purpose of cultivation, input production, certification and marketing.


There is need for ensuring organic farming approach in all the watershed development areas and extend support, including capacity building and financial assistance, for soil and water conservation measures through ongoing programmes.

In order the facilitate the transition, the policy highlights the need to provide interest-free loans to small and marginal farmers.

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