Letter from Kihura Nkuba, African World Against Destruction. October 20th, 2003.

Kihura spoke at NVIC conference in 2002

Greetings, I bring you greeting from Uganda and Eastern Part of Afrika.

Just a small article writtten by the PAC on the people's reaction to immunisation here.

Please keep in touch. Kihura

While the Uganda police is hunting for Kihura Nkuba to question him for his remarks against vaccination, the 15th of October was the day of reckoning for the Uganda Ministry of Health and their erstwhile partners the so-called big three the World Health Organization, UNICELF and the USAID.

It was day when their massive immunization campaign was to be judged, when attendances expected to be over one hundred % were expected. The government had indeed done the unthinkable, it began by extending the immunizing age to a shocking fifteen years, then they decreed that all parents have to take their children for immunization regardless of their health status, they threatened those who would resist immunization with imprisonment, young and old male and female.

The Minister without Portfolio and National Political Commissar Crispus Kiyonga, himself a medical doctor and former health minister, directed the police to arrest anybody thought to be sabotaging the exercise, the minister of health, army brigadier Jim Muhwezi, with no public health background, the minister of information Nsaba Buturo who has probably never even looked at a vaccine insert, all directed the police to arrest all the parents or even children that resisted vaccination.

It was to be vaccination at gunpoint.

The small beautiful country called Uganda, spent nine million of its meager resources marketing this European product (the money spent would have build 120,000 protected water springs giving 30% of the country access to clean water, it would have built ten ultra modern research centers looking at, for example, pests that are threatening the banana crop, but government chose European impose priorities.

According to government, measles was a threat to national interest, claiming more than 40,000 lives every year (a statistic which is laughable since most people who get measles stay at home and treat it and the majority of sick people go to private clinics that do not keep records this figure was of course trumped up). This of course is a questionable statistic since the majority of deaths in Uganda are not registered and few parents remember any measles death. No point in registering a person once he has died. Forty thousand people are far much less than those killed in Uganda annually due to the civil war, dwarfs the figure for malaria, which kills a child every five second and for which governments is happy to ignore.

The health official, traveling in their full option four wheel drive jeeps (yours for only $US70, 000), adorning business suits of the best German design and being watered by the delights of American coca cola, have slept in every good hotel in Uganda helping the poor get the message of immunization.

At a daily allowance of two hundred dollars as per diem, this mansion physicians, most of whom run businesses selling clothes, shoes, cars, alcohol, internet cafes, clinics etc the joy of spreading the immunization message is a god sent. Where as the world bank and the IMF steals from the poor, polio campaign rewards the "poor physicians"

The months of July to end of October are to physician what the what Christmas or Valentine is to traders, with the start of the immunization day the boxing day of doctors.. The hungry are told that a vaccine is better than food, those in the refugee camps that it's better than peace, those in war ravaged areas that it will offer instant freedom, those who have aids are told in official government documents that it will help them with their condition, the naked are told that its better than clothes.

Everybody in Africa knows that once you have natural measles and you recover from it, and almost everybody recovers and people have natural herbs to treat measles, measles will never come again. Indeed the elders in Africa scratched their head trying to remember when evil spirit could have engineered measles to appear second time in a victim. But the government and the wisdom monopolists of the World health organization that turned a blind eye to cigarettes and promoted formula milk not too long ago, are telling especially those who have natural immunity to go and get their fair share of these purified measles viruses. These viruses are said to be so harmless that to prove it the health minister gave them to his son on a small spoon, this was of course the ultimate proof were waiting for. The president however did not given to his grand child who has just been born in Germany, although there were a lot of pressure that he does this, instead he administered the vaccine to somebody else's child.

The local councilors are given money, not as much as the district councilors, whose cut of the vaccine windfall is only surpassed by those of the big shots at the ministry headquarters. A notorious councilor from Bushenyi District, the district local council speaker, Odo Tayebwa, moves from house to house, dragging children hidden underneath their beds to be vaccinated at gun point. Odo Tayebwa says he is happy doing gods work. The radio and newspapers are given adverts of safe the vaccine is. "It has been tested by our ministry of health, says a triumphant voice from the government commercial and by unicelf and world health organization",.

The Ministry's director of its official testing agency (Uganda Drugs Authority) is in prison for knowing allowing into the country fake and expired drugs". The propaganda which would make Gobbles look like a senior saint, says that the test were carefully carried by the World Health Organizations, whose majority of doctors are seconded to drug manufactures and the UNICELF which represents the interest of European big business.

Uganda kings, queens some of whom cannot even read, are also paid by the ministry of health to tell the population that the vaccine has all the safety that comes with the loyal approval. No vaccine literature is provided apart from the propaganda material from the Ministry of health.

This year the government had an added bonus, for their main protagonist, the human rights campaigner for people's right to choose Kihura Nkuba, remained silent on the issue. Government at first thought this was a trick and went full frontal attacking him. When he did not respond, they told everybody that he had joined them. The Minister of information Nsaba Buturo said that he had cooperated very well. Health minister Jim Muhwezi described him as our friend and doctors on national radio told the audience that he had sued for peace with the ministry of health. Silently however Kihura Nkuba told millions of his supporters that he couldn't breast-feed them forever, that he had talked enough and it was time they made their own decision.

He was also assured that the people knew what to do and left to themselves would take decisions that were on his own interest. He quietly let it be known that people should not be afraid of going to jail, since it was the government that meets the cost of arrests, transportation and feeding and that the right to control one's body was a fundamental, right. He told the Monitor, a city news talk radio, that vaccination was like medical voodoo, that the doctors showed skills akin to witch doctors, that politicians who cannot mobilize their people to grow food were traitors and the government was doing what it does, listen to the Europeans unquestioningly.

"We are doing things to our children, that buffalos would never dream of doing to their calf's". Yet on the day of vaccination itself, the students whom they had targeted at school stayed at home, mothers hid their children in the bush, others were hidden under the bed. In most parts of the country particularly western and central Uganda, areas covered by Greater African Radio, the immunizers sat in classrooms without children as the boxes of contained the vaccines sweated in the chocking sun. The immunizers wore t-shirts bearing the words "kick measles out of Uganda" they had tops bearing the same message and plenty of American soft drinks.

What they did not see were anxious parents, or even children. At neighboring schools in Western Uganda, learners cut the wire mesh surrounding their schools and jumped to safety some swearing that they had better quit school than take the measles live vaccine. Some parents thought that this was polo vaccine disguised as measles.

The enthusiasm of government to give vaccines to a people that it normally gives nothing was seen as very suspicious.

The forcing of them to take a vaccine against a disease they know to be harmless and which they know how to cure in its harmful state was seen as government hell bent on killing its own population for the benefit of commanding whiteworld. All village people know that once you have recovered from measles you will never catch it again, but here they were telling people to vaccinate even those who have recovered from measles.

In other villages police armed to the teeth moved from house to house searching for children to immunize. Peasants pressed for time to plant their crops, have now got to spend five to ten days in hiding. Some physicians skeptical of the vaccine have also wrote vaccinations cards for themselves while differing the process of vaccinations.

In the capital city areas of Nakawa, Mukono and the City Centre itself councilors saw their opportunity to make money and sold vaccination cards to parents who did not want their children immunized yet wanted to protect themselves from health officials bent on destruction. They paid between 2-10 dollars for a vaccination card. Boba Boda rider (motorcyclists who carry passengers) taunted the immuniser challenging them to immunize their own children. "We are not sick they said, bring as some aspirins or anti malarial" In reply the immunizes pulled out their mobile phones and started talking to their bosses sodas in hand. "Are the sodas also tested by the world health organization"? the cyclists asks. "Take your drunkard ness away from here" charged the medical men of letters.

Journalist are agreed that in Western and large parts of central Uganda, government will have to agree with Kihura Nkuba on what to do. "It does not matter whether he does not speak. Until he says the vaccine is safe nobody will vaccinate voluntarily.

As for Kihura Nkuba, he says if the government can increase their income, their sanitation, their education then he would be prepared to negotiate. The criminal investigation department of the Uganda police is looking for Kihura Nkuba for questioning regarding his remarks he made against measles. They are blamed for poor results. The government has also put a brave face on the whole exercise saying the result achieved showed that 70% had received measles. Otherwise the poor farmers of Uganda have decided to defy their government again. They have not trust their doctors and have given thumbs down to the WHO, USAID and UNICELF. In so doing however they have harvested a cup of bitterness. I am sure that soon the world health organization will find something wrong with black skin and a mandatory vaccine should be in existence somewhere to help us get rid of it.

African World Against Destruction. kihurankuba@hotmail.com  October 20th, 2003.