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Tedd Koren's (free) newsletter: December 2002
Table of Contents
My paralysis
Last, Best Offer of the Year from Koren Publications
Mandatory vaccination (finally) challenged in federal court
Carbon-based life form speaks in Quebec
A tribute to America's educational system
Words of Wisdom
Latest CCE news
Chiropractor almost assaults MD, book saves day
Junk science - Danish MMR/autism study
Special article: Hello, Pain Control Center?       
God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to
act. - Dietrich Bonhoeffer, anti-Nazi German Lutheran pastor hanged by Nazis
as a traitor three weeks before the Third Reich fell in 1945. He taught that
silence in the face of evil is evil itself.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. - John Philpot Curran (1808)

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed - and
hence clamorous to be led to safety - by menacing it with an endless series
of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. - H.L. Mencken

This is a happy time of the year, or so it's supposed to be. But let's not
kid ourselves, it can also be a time of great stress, especially when
families get together. But such stresses aren't necessarily a bad thing.
These experiences can bring insight and growth. At times I think back of
influential experiences in my life and they weren't always comfortable.
Here's one.

My paralysis

When I was seven I had pneumonia. Dr. Iserson (MD) made a house call and gave
me a shot. It accidentally struck a nerve and I was left partially paralyzed
with unrelenting inner leg pain. I walked around our apartment grabbing
furniture so I wouldn't fall. When Dr. Iserson next arrived my grandmother
brought him to my bedroom to see me. "What did you do to my grandchild?" she
yelled at him. He stood there mute. She physically threw him out of our
apartment (really) and called the chiropractor.

After Dr. Friedland's first adjustment I could walk again. After the second
one my pneumonia was gone, and after the third I was as good as new. He
charged $5.00 a visit. Shortly afterwards a chiropractor customer at my
father's dry-cleaning store became a family friend. He'd come to our
apartment with a portable table and adjust us. Then we'd all have dinner.

Years later, I became a chiropractor and dearly wanted to teach patients from
a philosophical and scientifically-accurate perspective so I started Koren
Publications to help spread the word. I also got the attention of people who
hate DCs. They tried to stop my writings (and all of chiropractic patient
education) using the Federal Trade Commission to do their dirty work. Well,
as you know, that didn't work though it took 6 ½ years to remind them that
there is a 1st amendment to the Constitution (government bureaucrats are a
little slow). We're deeply devoted to giving you the best patient education
products in the world and we'll fight anyone who tries to keep them from
Tedd Koren, DC
PS. Years later I got to pay Dr. Friedland back, sort of. I made a house call
to a friend whose daughter had pneumonia. She was going to be hospitalized. I
brought my portable table and after two adjustments she was as good as new.
When I told that to an old timer DC he wasn't impressed. "In my day we got
rid of pneumonia in one visit," he said. "Yes, but she had been on a lot of
antibiotics," I told him. "Well, in that case I'll grant you the second
adjustment," he graciously responded.

 at <A HREF="http://www.korenpublications.com/">www.korenpublications.com</A>We're Attacking Mandatory Vaccination on a
Constitutional Level

Those faceless cowards who were behind the FTC attack are going to regret the
day they got Jim Turner, Esq. and me together. After helping us beat the FTC,
Jim and I formed The Foundation For Health Choice to fight for healthcare
freedom. And we're really doing it. THIS IS REALLY HOT NEWS: Our amicus brief
has been ACCEPTED in Federal Appeals Court 8th Circuit. This has the
potential of overturning all mandatory vaccination laws in the entire United
States! It is the first time our argument has ever been used and it's based
on a recent federal judge's ruling in New York Federal Court that stated you
cannot have a law that causes innocents to die, even if it's by accident.
Read all about it at <A HREF="http://www.foundationforhealthchoice.com/">www.foundationforhealthchoice.com</A> and please support our
fight. That means donate. It's tax deductible; do it before the end of the
year. It costs $2 million to raise one autistic kid - join us at $40.00 per
month (a fraction of that) and help prevent much suffering. Also you get
great free stuff. Please visit the site for more information.

Tedd Koren - First time in Quebec!

Hear me at 3 (Trois) Rivers chiropractic college, January 12th. If you've
never heard me give a chiropractic presentation in French you still won't.
It'll be 3 hours of Brooklynese. Come by and say "bonjour" or "aaaay." Call
800-644-1055 for information.

"Hey Dr. Koren, I saw you speak at the Palmer-West Lyceum. It was marvelous.
I had re-arranged my flight schedule so I could especially hear you speak.
Your talk was the highlight for me. You and Dr. Porteous were a breath of
fresh air at the panel discussion. Your humor and down to earth nature was a
definite treat." Dr. Parker B. Mah <A HREF="mailto:parkermah@hotmail.com">parkermah@hotmail.com</A>

Tedd Koren, well-known carbon-based life form will also appear at the Earth
locations listed below. For exact time/space coordinates please call the
contact number(s). (I think I've been reading too much science fiction).
Parker in Las Vegas, Jan 30-Feb 2nd (I'm speaking Friday Jan 31st).
Providence, RI, March 22/23, 12 ce credits. Rhode Island Chiropractic
Alliance, 401-738-6477.
Atlanta, GA, April 5/6. The Family Practice, 770-509-9938.
Seattle, WA, April 26/27, 12 ce credits. Washington State Chiro. Assn.
NY, NYawk, May 2/3. Breakthrough Coaching. 201-363-9443.
The Rock of Gibraltar, Europe, June 6,7,8. Contact Michael Pim, DC <A HREF="mailto:michaelpim@gibnynex.gi">
michaelpim@gibnynex.gi</A> I'm excited about being the main speaker at this
historic event - the first Chiropractic Seminar in Gibraltar. The Minister
of Health to the Chief Minister will be speak. Meet him, share your ideas and
help influence chiropractic in Europe. You can see Europe, Africa and three
countries from the four-star Caleta hotel overlooking the Mediterranean!
Approved for 15 ce credits in US and Europe. What a vacation! It's
inexpensive with parties and side trips to Tangiers (Morocco), Seville,
Granada, Cordoba (Spain); the caves of Gibraltar, the wild monkeys (the only
place in the whole of Europe), thirty miles of tunnels and St Michael's Cave
in the rock, enjoy tax free shopping, golf courses, beaches, and much much
more. This'll be a blast; Do not miss this opportunity. I'm bringing my
family. Space is limited so please book early to avoid disappointment!A
tribute to America's public educational system:Words of Wisdom

"That great American political impulse to do some thing rather than the right
thing has finally birthed the Homeland Security Department, in all its mutant
glory. It is hard to imagine that a 484-page bill could contain so many bad
ideas, but there is one theme that unites them: that the federal government
requires more information about private citizens in order to keep them safe
from harm. But that has it exactly backwards. Private citizens need more
information about their federal government in order to stay safe from harm."
See the rest of this great article at Reason Express Nov 2002 (5)49 <A HREF="http://www.reason.com/re/current.shtml#1">htt

The Latest with the CCE

The CCE, the Council for Chiropractic Eradication, (well, Education) is the
only federally-recognized chiropractic accrediting agency in the US (for
now). When the CCE took away Life's accreditation and refused to give it back
many DCs had had enough. After years of oppression, the organization that
investigates chiropractic education is itself being investigated. Over the
last several months, donations from supporters have been used to investigate
every aspect of the CCE.

Doctors for Excellence in Chiropractic Education (DECE) retained Swankin &
Turner, one of the most prestigious law firms in Washington specializing in
corporate and governmental agencies. Lawyers were dispatched to Wisconsin,
Arizona and Washington, DC to review every corporate filing ever made by the
CCE; minutes from every CCE meeting and individuals with knowledge of CCE's
inner workings were interviewed. The picture that emerges appears to be one
of gross misconduct, corporate illegality and political abuse,

To read the rest of this document please go to <A HREF="http://www.dece.org/">www.dece.org</A>. I think you'll
be amazed at what has been revealed, so far. If you CARE at all about the
future of the chiropractic profession, the teaching of chiropractic
principles at our chiropractic schools AND making OUR accrediting agency
accountable to OUR profession, then check out DECE's website and JOIN the

Late Breaking News: In a stunning victory for Life University, and a stinging
rebuke to CCE's accreditation policies, the New Jersey State Board of
Chiropractic Examiners provisionally approved Life's chiropractic program. In
a unanimous vote, the Board accepted the recommendations of its Site Team,
which performed an exhaustive on-site review of the entire campus.DE is Alive
and Well! The latest DE meeting date is February 20, 21, 22 and 23, 2003. For
information go to <A HREF="http://www.lifede.com/">www.lifede.com</A>.

Government Moves to Suppress Evidence Linking Vaccines to Autism
November 27, 2002. On Monday, Department of Justice lawyers asked a federal
court "task master" to withhold from the American public documents on
hundreds of lawsuits filed by parents of injured children claiming
mercury-induced autism resulting from childhood vaccines. Autism and mercury
advocacy groups expressed outraged at this legal maneuver by the Bush
Administration to conceal evidence linking the mercury preservative in
childhood vaccines with autism. "This cover-up attempt by the Bush
Administration at the apparent behest of Eli Lilly and others is appalling,"
said Michael Bender, director of the Mercury Policy Project. "All parents -
not just those with autistic children - have the right to be informed about
exposure risks from mercury that may affect their children. We have to ask:
what are in these documents that they are so desperately trying to hide and
suppress?" For info contact: Michael Bender, Mercury Policy Project,

Chiropractor almost assaults MD. Book saves day.

"Tedd - The dermatologist next door has become a patient. He said one day,
'I'm feeling better, do you guys have any research that demonstrates this is
not just a feel good thing?' I wanted to deck him but handed him your
Chiropractic and Spinal Research book instead." Jos. J. Ashton, DC, Canon
City, CO. PS He became a great patient. Thanks.
To see this great book/CD, visit <A HREF="http://www.korenpublications.com/">www.korenpublications.com</A>.

AAP Provides Form for Non-Vaccinators of Smallpox Vaccine For Children

Believe it or not there is a new form that pediatricians are using for
non-vaccinators. The article says, "By signing the form, parents are
acknowledging that they understand the purpose of the recommended vaccine,
its risks and benefits, and the consequences of non vaccination."
For a copy of "Refusal to Vaccinate" form <A HREF="http://www.aap.org/policy/re9707.html">

ADHD Patient
I get letters like this all the time. To see samples of the patient
newsletter and to order on-line go to <A HREF="http://www.korenpublications.com/">www.korenpublications.com</A>
"Tedd - Yesterday a woman at my networking breakfast asked me if I took care
of kids with ADHD. She said the patient newsletter had an article about
chiropractic and ADHD. Her 13 year-old son is on medication and she is
bringing him in. People are hungry for this information. I've been in the
habit of putting the 10-15 people that I meet at these meetings on my email
list, and send them the newsletter and no one ever asks to be removed." Peter
Stadelman, DC

Junk Science: Danish study "proves" MMR shots don't cause autism

"I'm an accountant by trade and figures don't lie, but liars can figure. The
CDC/NAAR study did not do the clinical science such as immune blood panel
tests, biopsies, etc. Taking numbers and coming to your conclusion that there
is no connection to autism and the MMR vaccine is not science. Also the
National Alliance for Autism Research (NAAR) who funded your study is funded
by Merck, maker of the MMR vaccine. The CDC promotes and regulates vaccines
at the same time.....this is a contradiction. The CDC therefore is only
interested in furthering the agenda of the vaccine companies over the health
and well-being of the families and their children."
- Raymond Gallup, Founder Autism Autoimmunity Project, <A HREF="http://www.autismautoimmunityproject.org/">

>From Alan Rees, Sweden: Many of you will have seen the headlines about the
Danish MMR study, which purports to prove that the MMR vaccine does not cause
autism. Needless to say, the study proves nothing of the kind. I have sent
the following e-mail to the authors of the Danish study (well, the ones I
could find):

For those of us whose children have been killed or crippled by vaccines, the
struggle is a most unequal one. We have to earn a living and look after
children who are severely handicapped, struggling to repair the damage and
get compensation. Meanwhile the culprits are given large sums of money to
conduct "studies" that show vaccines are harmless and that they are guilty of
no crime. They have no problem writing their own alibi and getting this
nonsense published. Our criticisms of this rubbish, written in spare time we
do not have, is almost never published. However, nowadays there is always the
internet. So I am relying on you all to spread the word…especially those of
you who are journalists. A critical analysis of this study is available at: <A HREF="http://www.motgift.nu/Div/SIEM/MMRE2E.html">
Read the junk science at <A HREF="http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/abstract/347/19/1477?ijkey=p4J.EJxP2/wIk">

Latest on Fluoridation

Chemicals commonly used to fluoridate drinking water may increase rather than
decrease tooth decay, according to a study published in a U.S. government
journal, "Environmental Health Perspectives."(1)

Children studied in fluoridated Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts, have
significantly more tooth decay than children living in non-fluoridated
Farmington, Maine, report researchers Gemmel et al., contrary to American
Dental Association assertions that fluoridation reduces tooth decay from
40-59%. (2)

Ironically, the intended decay-preventative fluoride chemicals,
silicofluorides, added to Boston/Cambridge water supply are linked to higher
blood lead levels. And lead is linked to cavities in Gemmel's study and
several others.

1. Environmental Health Perspectives, October 2002, "Blood Lead Level and
Dental Caries in School-Age Children," Allison Gemmel, et al. Access entire
article at <A HREF="http://www.fluoridealert.org/lead-caries.pdf">http://www.fluoridealert.org/lead-caries.pdf</A>
2. Ibid.
Also see "Dentists Show Fluoridation a Failure," NYSCOF news release Fluoride
Action Network
<A HREF="http://www.fluoridealert.org/">http://www.fluoridealert.org</A>
<A HREF="http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=healthNews&storyID=1808546">http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=healthNews&storyID=1808546</A>


Detoxifying Clays
I am concerned about the information you have passed on about CT scans in
children causing cancer later on. My son had 3 or 4 scans done when he was
nine. They were necessary because he had been hit by a pick up truck while
riding his bicycle and had closed head trauma and multiple pelvic fractures.
As a chiropractor we of course have done everything we can chiropractically
to help him and he is now doing great. Any suggestions on resources, such as
web sites I can visit to reduce his risk of radiation induced cancer? He also
had way too many x-rays of his left femur, which was also fractured. Thanks,
name withheld.
Response: Dear Doctor, I agree that you should be concerned about the amount
of radiation your son received. I found a woman in NC who sells special clays
that she claims can detoxify people from heavy metals, mercury, radiation and
other noxious environmental assaults. Health professionals whom I respect
speak highly of her products. Here's her contact information: Lau'ana Lei,
c/o Magnetic Clay Inc., Ashville, NC 828-683-4699 <A HREF="http://www.magneticclay.com/">www.magneticclay.com</A>

But It's Still OK To Give It To Old People…
Dear Dr. Koren, My name is Jeff Torda. I am a Jehovah's Witness Christian
minister and a professional Foot Reflexologist. Several years ago, I received
the first flu shot in my life. I'll never let these medical doctors poke me
again with a flu shot. I had adverse reactions that lasted a year - weakness,
headaches, body aches, dizziness, slurred speech, etc. Before I received the
shot I had to sign a waiver so the medical doctor wouldn't be liable for all
the pathology the flu shot could give. The most severe reaction listed was
death. I asked the M.D. about it and he said: "Don't worry! Nothing like that
could happen to you because you're still young."

Chiropractor Has "Brass Ones"
Dear Tedd, I practice in a pretty well-to-do town near Yale and BIG drug
makers like Bayer, Pfizer.... I care for a few of their staff including two
very intelligent researchers. Your recent Halloween newsletter stirred up
some interesting responses. My staff usually gives everyone a copy on the way
in or out but these two guys after a quick peek at it immediately gave them
back. I decided to have "Brass ones" and ask why. One responded, "That may be
contradictory to what I do for the benefit of the company and its purpose."
When I heard that I just remained frozen for a moment. I responded, "When I
have information that dispels conventional thinking, it is pertinent that we
educate the public for the benefit of their health. That is our PURPOSE.
People never cease to amaze me ! Happy Holidays! Luigi DiRubba, D.C. <A HREF="mailto:dirubba.chirodoc@snet.net">

Religious Overtones?
Dr. Tedd, I'd like to see your writings increase while reducing the religious
overtones…. I think we need to take the "religion" out of chiropractic
writings. They might not be the truth and may lead people down the wrong
path. Please, keep scientific and take away the theories (evolutional, new
age, etc.) Dr. Mike <A HREF="mailto:drmike@butlerchiropractic.net">drmike@butlerchiropractic.net</A>
Response to Dr. Mike: The greatest scientists have always been deeply
spiritual people, acknowledging that as they search into the mysteries of
life, entire worlds of awe are revealed. There should be no conflict between
science and spirituality. Tedd

You win some, you lose some department

Bridgeport Chiropractic(?) College says "no" to approving joint seminar of
Tedd Koren, DC and Sherri Tenpenny, DO because it's critical of vaccination
"Dear Dr. Koren, After reviewing the course outlines and supporting materials
you and Dr. Tenpenny forwarded to UBCC, we have determined that the programs
do not fit the current configuration of the Chiropractic College's
postgraduate needs and objectives. I apologize in the delay in getting back
to you. Sincerely, Richard Saporito, DC Postgraduate and Continuing Education
<A HREF="mailto:Ubccpostgrad@aol.com">Ubccpostgrad@aol.com</A>

Special Story: HELLO, PAIN CONTROL CENTER? by Tedd Koren, D.C.

"Hello, Pain Control Center."
"Yes, I'm calling for my father."
"Would he like to make an appointment?"
"Yes, my father had an accident and feels that you might be able to help
"What kind of accident?"
"He says that he was bent down in a stooped position and felt something sort
of 'give' in his spine."
"Can you put him on the phone? Is he there?"
"Well, he is here but he can't hear. You see, after the accident his hearing
faded away."
"Does he have any neck or back pain as a result of his accident?"
"No, he's fine except for his hearing."
"I don't think we can accept him as a patient. We specialize in
neuromusculoskeletal or spinal problems."
"But father insisted that I call you. He's convinced he needs a
"I'm sorry, but we do have a list of referring physicians in the area, some
of whom specialize in disorders of the ear who…"
"Father wants to speak to the doctor, or rather he wants me to speak to the
doctor for him. May I talk to him, please?"
"He's just coming out from a treatment room with a patient now, hold please."
(Long pause - on hold. Muzak playing)
"Hello, Dr. Mayo speaking."
"Hello doctor, I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm calling for my father. He
feels that you can help him. He was in an accident and…"
"You don't have to explain any further, my nurse told me the situation and
I'm sorry, but if he doesn't have any back or neck or related complaints, I
really don't think I can help. Did this accident happen recently?"
"Well, actually it happened some time ago, but this morning he woke up with
only one thought in his head - to see a chiropractor."
"How long ago was the accident?"
"A long time ago."
"How long is a long time?"
"Seventeen years."
"Seventeen years?! Look miss, I'm sure your father is a fine person, but
we're chiropractors, not miracle workers. Your father's problem…well, it's
just not within our scope of practice."
"But he is so sure you can help…"
"I appreciate the compliment. Let me give you the names of some excellent
ear, nose, and throat doctors. I know them personally. Now why don't you just
give me your father's name and address and I'll write a referral slip that
you can pick up at the office, no charge."
"Thank you, it's Mr. Harvey Lillard, 320 West 11th Street, Davenport, Iowa.

(Thanks to the late George Rullo, DC who gave me the idea for this article.)
Best wishes for a safe and joyous holiday season and a healthy and peaceful
new year.©2002 Tedd Koren, DC All rights reserved. If you received this in
error, please accept our apology. Please <A HREF="http://www.korenpublications.com/remove">click here</A> to be removed