Gordon Latto, MB, ChB

Former president of the International Vegetarian Union and of the British Vegetarian Society.  Member of 1952 board of NAVL.

 "The knowledge we gain from anatomy tells us in no uncertain language that by nature we were intended to be frugivorous, and to live on flesh foods violates the fundamental laws of our being . . . Flesh eating is the antithesis of love. We must work for the abolition of the slaughterhouses, those chambers of horror where so much unnecessary cruelty is enacted. We must try and liberate mankind from the chains that bind him so heavily and so forcibly to the fleshpots of Egypt, and lessen the appalling burden that rests on the shoulders of the creatures, our younger brothers, whom we forget are our younger brothers and fail to treat with brotherly love."---Gordon Latto (22nd World Vegetarian Congress 1973, Ronneby Brunn, Sweden).