John Lauritsen
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John Lauritsen, Harvard College AB 1963. A retired survey research analyst, he is now a full-time writer and publisher, who lives in Dorchester, Massachusetts. John Lauritsen has been active in gay liberation since the summer of 1969 - a member of New York Gay Liberation Front, Gay Activists Alliance, Gay Academic Union, and Columbia University Seminar on Homosexualities. He's written for many publications, including : New York Native, Christopher Street, Gay News (London), The Freethinker (London), SPIN, The Lancet, and Journal of Homosexuality.

[September 13, 2004] 'AIDS: A Death Cult' by John Lauritsen

John Lauritsen interview by  Gary Null

AIDS: A Death Cult (2003)


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J. Lauritsen & H. Wilson, 'Death Rush, Poppers and AIDS' Pagan Press USA 1986, ISBN 0-943742-05-6, 64 pages.
Death Rush: Poppers and AIDS by John Lauritsen (complete text)