I was happy to see Red Flags publish the transcript of David Crowe's excellent lecture on HIV.  In 1988, I wrote a book debunking HIV as the cause of AIDS; AIDS Inc: Scandal of The Century.  Since then I have seen successive generations of people take up the sword and skewer the fraudulent research behind AIDS.

I want to extend one point David made about HIV testing. Because the blood tests yield so many positive readings as a result of cross-reaction with scores of irrelevant factors (e.g., alcohol, vaccines, malaria, malnutrition), any population that is cajoled into taking the test is going to see HIV and AIDS diagnosed in its ranks, and extremely toxic drugs will be prescribed---drugs that actually bring about severe and life-threatening immune suppression, the hallmark of so-called AIDS.

There is a closed loop here, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

An examination of the tremendous pressure brought to bear on gay men to take the HIV test reveals the ugly truth. ANY population subjected to the test would, by virtue of cross-reaction, yield many, many positives.  Left-handed carpenters in Toronto.  Cab drivers in Bombay.  Rock-climbers in Colorado.

The test is the key and the gateway into a medical holocaust brought about by the drugs.

Whereas immune suppression, without the label of AIDS, can be dealt with effectively, so long as each person who has that problem handles it by discovering the true factors (not HIV) in his/her individual case.  Malnutrition?  Street drugs?  Overuse of antibiotics?  Contaminated water supplies?  Debilitating parasitic infections resulting from a multitude of sexual partners?  Etc.

While researching material for AIDS Inc., I interviewed a doctor who had set up a small AIDS clinic in Africa.  He told me he "couldn't give drugs to patients because they were too bad off.  They were starving."  So he set up a small farm where food crops were grown, and first he did no harm by feeding his patients.  He was then shocked to discover that "all the patients' 'AIDS symptoms' disappeared."

Jon Rappoport