Earth Energy books
Earth energy  Books revealing the medical conspiracy

Earth Currents: Causative Factor Of Cancer And Other Diseases by Gustav Freiherr von Pohl  [ISBN 3772494021]
Earth Radiation by Kathe Bachler [ISBN 0951415107]

Ley Lines and Earth Energies by David Cowan

Christopher Bird: The Divining Bud, New Age Press P0 Box 1214, Black Mountain NC 28711 USA
Pi in the Sky by Michael Poynder
Pi in the Sky: A Revelation of the Ancient Celtic Wisdom Tradition by Michael Poynder
The Lost Magic of Christianity: Celtic Essene Connections by Michael Poynder
Lost Science of the Stone Age: Sacred Energy and the I Ching by Michael Poynder

ANCIENT ENERGIES OF THE EARTH HIJACKED Book review and observations by Lifetraveller