FDA Approves Eli Lilly Drug for ADHD
The Associated Press
November 26. 2002 10:03PM
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - The first non-stimulant drug designed to treat
attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder won approval Tuesday from the Food
and Drug Administration.

Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly and Co. expects Strattera to be available in
pharmacies in January.

Lilly has tested Strattera on more than 4,000 patients, some for as long as
2 1/2 years. It has not been tested in children under 6.

Strattera is the first drug to be approved for ADHD that is not a stimulant
under the federal Controlled Substances Act. The drug comes in a capsule
and can be taken once or twice a day. Lilly said it provides full-day
relief from the symptoms of ADHD.

ADHD is one of the most common behavioral disorders of childhood. Although
not widely recognized in adults, experts estimate that 4 percent, more than
8 million people, have the disorder, Lilly said.

Scientists believe it works by blocking or slowing reabsorption of
norepinephrine, a brain chemical considered important in regulating
attention, impulsiveness and activity levels.

The most common side effects of the drug are decreased appetite, nausea and

In a separate decision, the FDA also approved Lilly's drug Forteo for
treatment of osteoporosis. It is the first drug designed to stimulate the
growth of new bone.